By Chris Black,

The following completely unexpected success story from a pc who recently began Grade II, really shows how much gain is there to be had from the Grades. It’s also very rewarding knowing you have helped bring this about.

“Success Story

“Tonight I feel a peace I have rarely felt, the peace that I can (ul) confront or begin to confront anything completely on a gradient. Do you have any idea how peaceful one feels when you get that knowingness completely? Wow! PENNIES FOR DIAMONDS! That is what you get with simple and standard Scientology done very right. It is worth everything, yet it costs so little.

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By Lana Mitchell,

I wanted to share  an ongoing win I have had in the last two years, using and applying study tech with my oldest son, who is shortly turning 7.

Prior to starting the first year of school, 2 years ago, Shelby knew his alphabet and his phonics. We started games and drills on the same from the age of 2 and as a result,  despite being almost the youngest in his class of 19 children, he has continually been in the top 3 for literacy and reading skills. His passion for reading has been fueled actively by me reading stories every night, and getting him to read nightly too. In the last school year he read for 5 minutes or more for 300 nights — with his skills improving continually as a result.

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By Jim Logan,

Toward better results, I continue to study and practice the materials of Scientology and hone my skills as an auditor.

Recent study of the 4th London Advanced Clinical Course has given me an insight into the upward gradient of sphere of influence and how control and non-partisonship are so closely linked. It is truly such a simple but powerful datum in the auditing room, as well as in the interactions of plain living and concourse with beings in life.

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By Michael Moore, January 30, 2013

For many people currently trapped within the church of scientology life can be a nightmare.

Oh it started OK. LRH was around and the atmosphere was high toned. There was a purpose and people were happy and winning. People knew they were doing the right thing and, although some might have slipped occasionally, there was a technology to pick them up and help them on their way and it was ok to pick oneself up and continue on the high purpose line. Indeed, there was camaraderie, a sense of ‘let’s pull together’ and let’s get this planet out of the mud it thinks conceived it.

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By Mark Shreffler, January 29, 2013

In 1979 I asked Ron Hubbard his opinion of an observation I had made. Ten days later I surfaced from the resulting training order that he wrote for me. My life had changed forever. His instruction actually sounded the bell on my arrival as a player in this universe.

Ron had me extensively word clear the transcript of a lecture he delivered in the 50’s in South Africa. An edited version of this lecture was later included in a course designed for professional communicators, and I am sure this occurred because of the effect it had on me after this instruct.

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By Lana Mitchell,

I am convinced that hundreds, if not thousands, of Scientologists who have trained as auditors (whether as a co-auditor on TRs and Objectives, as an Assist auditor, as a Grad V, Class VI, Class VIII, Class IX or IX) are no longer auditing for the simple reason of invalidation.

The technology of auditing is a simple one. The use of a meter is not complex. The tool of Two Way Communication is a powerful one. And the rewards in assisting another, through the application of tech can never be understated.

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by Thoughtful

Any technology can be used for good or evil and Scientology is no different.

Members of the church have misused Scientology to harm so many people that their broken lives cast a pall of horror across the entire subject. But it wasn't always that way.

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L. Ron Hubbard
Dianetics 55!, Chapter Nine
Two-Way Communication

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