By Bernie Wimbush
Once upon a time I was an obedient, suppressed slave. I was in fear of disconnection. I would lose all my friends and contacts.
And of course it happened. I was declared to be a Suppressive Person. I sneaked off home, expecting my wife to disconnect, and what about the kids. Remember this is back in 1983 when the org did hold the upper materials. Figured they had real power.

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By Silvia Llorens
Not too long ago I had the opportunity to meet with some German Independent Scientologists. They have established a group, meet weekly, listen to LRH tapes, a couple of them are receiving auditing based on LRH´s materials, and pcs are winning.

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by Thoughtful
When I walked into a Scientology organization for the first time, I walked into a rented office building and up a staircase. At the top of the staircase a girl named Anita was sitting on a cheap folding metal chair, behind a folding card table.
Metal chair: $2
Card table: $10
Her TRs: priceless

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By Chris Mann
 In 1993 I had just joined staff at my Class V Org after having read Dianetics and some of the basic Scientology books. I had also taken a few Div 6 courses and it seemed like real good stuff if you know what I mean. 

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By Tom Martiniano
We had just finished our move into our new “BIC” building in downtown Detroit.  It was the springtime of 1973 and of the 203 staff there were only a handful who were upset that they didn’t get the space that they wanted.  There were others who were hoarding space and not willing to give up the acreage they claimed for their division. It was an exhausting move, but we finally got it all sorted out and done. We mustered up after dinner for the first time in our new building.  Everyone was standing there in their blue jeans and I can tell you there wasn’t a staff member there who’s TA wasn’t soaring.  

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By Jim Logan
We, as Scientologists, face today a situation that is a challenge.  The Church of Scientology under David Miscavige has become a stultified organization, so far off the ideal, rationale and ethic of the original Goal Maker and True Group, that it is barely recognizable at times as something to actually have anything to do with the subject of Scientology. 
On the other hand, there is a field, a large number of people who know Scientology’s capabilities and the results that can and are obtained with the technology, when practiced conscientiously and according to the protocols and disciplines of what is described by the 10 points of the policy Keeping Scientology Working.  

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By Lana Mitchell
When I was in the Sea Org at the Int base, we had “Source Night” on Saturday nights, and it consisted of listening to an LRH lecture and reading along with the transcript.

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By Randy Smith
Suzy has recently completed L-11, L-12 and Solo auditor training. And now, OT I, here in the Indie field!

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By Bernie Wimbush
It has long been a principle of auditing that you do not evaluate for the preclear. Apart from the fact that the PC is suffering from far too many evaluations, you might just be wrong.
One of the hazards of listing and nulling is that at the end the auditor calls the item: “Horse! That is your item!” Tone arm will come down with the blowdown and F/N. (It might do that on a wrong item because a false stable datum in a confusion will lessen the confusion.) Now if the PC says “Nay, nay, that’s not my item.” Guess what? It is not his item. If he accepts it, he will dramatize it. 
Also if he buys the wrong item, he will go down tone rapidly. The apathy of out lists!

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By Mark Shreffler
When you set out to disseminate you’re setting yourself up for a loss.
If you have to “gear yourself up” or prepare yourself for the experience, you have already lost the plot. Your attention is more on your tools than on what you want to accomplish with them - and you were born with all the tools you need!
The truth is, dissemination describes an activity that trees do naturally with their seeds, and the birds and the bees do without giving it a thought.
Isn’t it true that when you just allow things to happen, they go so well?   How many times have you been chatting with a new acquaintance who suddenly started talking about an issue that was really bugging him?  

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By Tara
OT 1 Success Story:  I'll first start by saying that I arrived here Clear and jumped at the first  opportunity to return to LRH I found, back in 1987, and joined staff  immediately to become an auditor. I accomplished that and much much more during my stay of 12 years before leaving in 1999. During that time, I  did manage to arrange my CCRD in 1989 and then arrange for myself  (through great auditors we hired at our mission - I was OES & everything I held from above almost) to get all of my Grades done and during my training to Grad V (plus some), some 100 hours of M-1 from a SHSBC student and KTL/LOC. On each and every process I've ever run, I milked it  for every single bit of charge I could get (something you can do when money/hours are not a consideration)!
But I could never go OT. And that's where I was supposed to go. I'd gotten through OT Preps twice in that 12 years but for some reason, I just couldn't move on (besides the money factor of being a staff member).
 Today, I am grateful that I never went further in the Cof$!

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Dianetics 55!, Chapter Nine
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