By Jim Logan

 Yet another time at the Int Base, when my name had been plastered up on goldenrod as being especially odious, I was executive C/Sed  to do a part of the Super Power Rundown called the Cause Resurgence Rundown (or as it was known then, the “Running Program”).  I talked this over with the then-Senior C/S International, John Eastment, as I wasn’t just going along with it, considering I had just routed onto Solo Two and was about to embark on the long awaited OT Levels.  In my discussion with John, I pointed out the executive C/Sing and he agreed -- but I could see in his face, and which he tacitly expressed, that there was no choice in this.  DM had ordered and we are to obey.  

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By Michael Moore

"We have long said that that which is not admired tends to persist. If no one admires a person for being right, then that person's "brand of being right" (will persist, no matter how mad it sounds)." LRH, You Can Be Right ABILITY MAGAZINE

So much attention is focused on what is considered wrong with scientology, both in the media and social networks, as well as from disillusioned scientologists, anti scientologists and others,  that what is right about scientology is very often overlooked. 

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 By Bernie Wimbush

To state the bleeding obvious, the Corporate Church of Scientology needs reforming – or maybe, from a different view, what is needed is to re-create our Scientology.

For the vast majority of Scientologists and ex-Scientologists we have cared a lot about our church. We have put in long hours for pay that is so low my children would not accept it as pocket money. And maybe some of us have given up trying to fix it... I know I did for a long while.

Maybe it isn’t important. Can I argue that it is?

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By Mark Shreffler

If you ever counsel or manage people, this posting will be valuable for you.

Many problems begin when we take on other people’s problems as our own.  This is a chronic issue in relationships of all descriptions.  Marital, business, government.  At the heart of this assumption of problems is the desire to help – the purpose we all hold in common – so it’s an instinct born of a very social, if sometimes misguided, impulse.

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By Lana Mitchell

Thank you to all who filled out my recent survey (yes, I was the author for those who were unsure). We had over 100 survey results in less than two days. As I believe the way forward for the field is open communication lines – no hidden data lines or mystery -- I wanted to make the results known to all. Here they are:

Question 1: As a Scientologist, independent of the Corporate Scientology Network, do you feel you are part of a cohesive group?

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By Lana Mitchell
The independent field is like a living organism in my view. It changes, it grows.  With the restrictive and suppressive ties of Corporate Scientology no longer holding us back, there is a decompression that seems to naturally occur, and then a resurgence in purpose and activity.
I am trying to get a grip on what this ever-changing field wants to do, to see what we can do to assist it accomplish that. So I put together a very short survey. Depending on results and interest, there may be more to come.
To be totally clear -- this is not an OSA /troll survey -- and no names or IPs are collected. Just 3 questions from little ol' me. Look forward to hearing what you think. 
(NOTE: The survey no longer being tabulated -- so the link has been removed. New surveys will be posted over coming weeks, where more feedback and views would be appreciated. Thank you to each of the 120+ people who responded. You can see survey results {and the original questions} on the article posted after this one)

By Lana Mitchell

My 3 year old took a tumble this last week and unfortunately I was not on location at the time to be able to do a contact assist with him.  A sad boy returned home with a huge fat lip, dried blood, grazing all over his nose, cheeks and substantial cut under his lower lip.  He refused to let anyone touch his face, even to wash the blood off. And he went off all hard food (I later discovered he had badly knocked a front tooth which was consequently sore).

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By Ingrid Smith

In 1962 Andy Warhol, a famous pop artist, painted 32 Campbell's soup cans. One of each variety offered at the time.

In an interview as to why he painted soup cans, his reply was that he had soup every day for lunch. Then he was asked by an art critic whether he really did the soup can paintings because “you had soup for lunch every day?” Warhol's reply: “Oh yeah, I had Campbell's soup every day for lunch for about 20 years. And a sandwich.”

 Not satisfied with the artist's answer, another art critic asked these probing and burning questions: “Why would painting a picture of something that one had for lunch every day be considered art? Why choose the soup over the sandwich? Why represent a can of soup rather than a bowl of soup?”

Why? Why? Why?

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By Steve Spargo

In 1994 I experienced my own personal spiritual wakeup call. I’d been given a PTS interview and told to “handle my Mum” for about the 12th time. I went home and did something unusual. I picked up the phone and had my first ever real and interested conversation with my mother.

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By Lana Mitchell

When I was “promoted” to work in RTC in 1994, I had no real concept of what RTC, as an organization was. I knew little of Scientology’s history – having only arrived in the SO in 1988 in Australia, and having started study in Scientology in 1986, after LRH’s passing. I was, to that degree, a perfect candidate for RTC. I was pliable. I was someone who could be told pretty much anything, and I would believe it.  Well… so it was thought.

But there was a problem.

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Moderator:  This is a striking public announcement  which I wanted to share because of its powerful message.  It is from a German Scientologist, who distributed this on German forums back in October of last year, and who sent it to me just today and was OK on it being published on this blog:
By Andrea Albrecht

andrea albrechtThe last few millennia on this planet have proven that homo sapiens face substantial difficulties when dealing with religion. The urge of Man towards spirituality is misused as an instrument of suppression. I do not need to provide more details as those reading are familiar with the facts. The formula is pretty simple: Whenever someone is seeking spirituality, you just hand out to him a god or a book, and this enables you to humiliate and dominate them at your full discretion!

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