By Tom Martiniano

I was the Qual Sec AOLA in 1980/81 and without many staff. So this also made me the Intern Supervisor for the Class VIII Course Held From Above (HFA).  This is also called the “Silver Cert Internship “ in which the best Class VIII auditors on the planet were made. And I was only a lowly Level Two classed auditor at the time.  Talk about baptism by fire.  But I was a seasoned cramming officer and confessional auditor with my basics totally in. My metering and TRs were honed to perfection and I could make a meter read when it should.

One day Manu Tupou, an actor from Hollywood came to see him in his office. His father was the king of the Fiji Islands, so he was royalty. He was also a regular cop on the original Hawaii 5-0 TV Series.  He said “I’ve been a Class VIII for five years now and I haven’t been auditing, in fact I am afraid to audit.  Can you help me?” 

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By Lana Mitchell

I learnt to audit by reading the material, drilling it, and then auditing it. This was done on the RPF and it gave me (a non-tech person up until that point) an instant reality on the simplicity and power of the tech. I audited hundreds of hours and had huge wins, as an auditor, helping another.

I am now training up through the Levels, putting in the time and hard yards to complete training, internships and then certification.  I am firmly of the belief that you make auditors by getting them to audit. Yes, there are always flubs and errors initially – but it is by auditing that one gains more and more understanding on the body of LRH’s work, and can develop the skills to apply those to assist another to a point of perfection. It is by applying the technology on rudiments, in session, that you see how it is only rudiments that prevent gains, and one becomes more and more proficient in their use. It is by applying two way communication in session, that you really see how it is that 2WC that allows case gain to occur.

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By Ingrid Smith

This is a major success story. And a belated one.

In 2008 I became very ill and almost died. As I later learned, this didn't happen overnight. There were years leading up to the physical manifestation of PTSness. As a Tech terminal, I learned all too well that SPs will attack auditors and C/Ses, as well as their PCs, especially as these PCs become Clears and OTs. I used to half joke that I had a big fat red target on my back as an auditor. It was continual attack, overtly and covertly. Ultimately, it was “death” by a thousand cuts.

Due to the above reasons along with soaring prices, I ran around for years with almost NO auditing and kept swimming upstream as hard as I could against a  vicious can't have that was being run by an “invisible” enemy. I just didn't take care of myself and charge built up.

It was the perfect storm of restimulation by years of suppression.

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By Silvia Llorens

Hello dear Independent Scientologists:

Dani Lemberger and myself want to share this video with you. This was done during a very uptone reunion of public and staff at Dror Center, Haifa on March 15.  The point here is that Scientology is alive, it is being used and it is very simple to do so.

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By Steve Spargo

My First Philosophy

A philosophy contains information about how a subject works as well as an approach to better handle that subject.

The first effective philosophy I ran into was written by Hashim Khan.  He outlined every key point to a successful squash game with stable data like:

* Good condition

* Strong attack.

* Have reason for every stroke.

Hashim’s philosophy made him the world’s greatest squash player and began a 30 year era where international squash was dominated by his own small circle of family and friends. I adopted Hashim’s squash philosophy as my own.  It helped me understand the game and gave me data that helped me come out on top when I was under pressure on the court.  For me, these are the key requirements for any philosophy.  A philosophy must answer questions and help you handle some part of life.

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By Mark Shreffler

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day - quite a talented and experienced auditor who did the Class VIII course with LRH on the Apollo.  The theme of our conversation concerned the comment Ron made on the “What is Scientology” tape - later edited to be used on the TRs course under the name “Scientology and Effective Knowledge.”

 He said, “Greater simplicity is greater communication.”

 It’s a simple statement with far reaching applications.  I remember getting letters from Ron and I think in all the years we corresponded I never got one longer than three paragraphs.  And it seemed that the more important the message, the shorter the comm

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By Natalie C.

A friend of mine had a baby a few months back. Her bub was not settled and though the new parents were obtaining advice from friends and family, they had gone through 4 months of heavily broken sleep and frazzled nerves trying to get their newborn to breastfeed and sleep regularly.

Having not seen her since before the baby was born, I called to find out how things were going and the new mom confessed on the phone that life was miserable. She was at the end of her tether and family life was stressed beyond what she had ever anticipated. She felt she had never really bonded with the baby, and instead of enjoying the last several months she instead felt resentful, confused and desperate. She had always envisioned having 4 children – but just 4 months with her first had her changing her mind. “I have had terrible thoughts (about the baby)”, she admitted to me. “I just don’t know what to do anymore.”

I went to meet the little one with the hope that I could, as an auditor and a friend, relieve the situation.

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LRH is very simply a genius.

When applied standardly everyone in Scientology wins and auditing with a Class IX tends to produce great wins - thank you Chris Black.

1. I realized I am CAUSE. I am responsible for anything that ever happened to me, willingly or unwillingly; knowingly or unknowingly. Even when I was effect, I had to decide that somewhere! Amazing that so much damage over the track can be undone in so little time with auditing; it allows you then to re-focus your energy and postulates and decisions towards SURVIVAL and not towards Death, effect, misery. It is so easy to change. Auditing requires time, yes. Energy, yes. Money, sure. Time off from work, yes. Focus, yes. And when it's all done --- you Move on Up a Little Higher in life, as Marty Rathbun puts it so simply and truthfully on his blog. It's what LRH wanted, for all of us to move on up a little step at a time and go free -- handle what holds us from becoming truly ourselves and happy again and then help others do that too, or at the very least - an arrested decline of our fellow man. And man is definitely in the soup.

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by Keith

It’s taken me a month or so to really come to terms with some recent auditing I had which resulted in the State of Clear being attested. I have been involved with Dianetics and Scientology since 1986. I did 10 years on staff as a technical delivery terminal, supervising and auditing and generally running around in Division 4 for the Church. (I had ended up leaving the Church in 1998 with major disagreements with their never ending technical alterations).

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5 Dec 1944 to 3 Mar 2013

by Bernie Wimbush

Kingsley was my next younger brother. There were 4 brothers each 3 years apart and not only closest to me in years but spirit. I remember vividly Dad cleaning the car in preparation to picking him and mum up from the hospital.

He and I were very competitive. I remember him coming home from school with a bag of marbles that I promptly won off him.

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By Lana Mitchell

Does the following sound familiar?

A parishioner is hauled into Ethics as they will not agree to signing a billion year contract with the Sea Org, and then put onto security checks (at their expense) in the middle of their NED program.

A preclear is forced to do lower conditions and to pay  monetary “amends” to the Church for acts admitted to in a confessional.

A student late for course by 10 minutes as he was caught in a traffic jam, is kept in Ethics for several hours until he signs a document that he will NEVER be late for course again, or he will receive justice.

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Dianetics 55!, Chapter Nine
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