By Tom Martiniano

Hi all. It has been intimated in recent articles that there is a new group coming. And you will hear much on this in the next short while. There are a number of the old guard who have banded together, to get the show on the road – and in accord with the coming announcement of this, Lana asked me to write up a series of articles based on a plan on how we move forward as an independent Scientology community.

Before I do that I want to lay down a few solid basics here.  I’ll do this with a good story from the days before the bottom fell out.  There are false datums and local false policies that were laid in just before the bottom fell out in 1987 that I want to bring to everyone’s attention so that we don’t go down this road again.

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By George Hamilton

I am not a highly experienced auditor – but my TRs are half decent and I know how to use and read a meter. And I care for people.

I have been off lines from the C of S for many years – but with the guidance of am independent trained C/S, I took a close relative in for a few sessions.

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By Natalie C

My brother, a non-Scientologist, told me a story recently, of something that had a dramatic impact on him, some 20 years ago. This story changed my brother’s view of the world, of responsibility, and his own role in our family. He has been applying a principle adopted at that time, ever since.

The story was that as a late teenager, my brother had been working for a roofing company where a number of Chilean labourers also worked. One day, after a hot day on a new roof, all the workers headed off for a beer and my brother was invited to the home of the Chilean workers. There, he was surprised to find that the 8 workers were living in a small apartment that was not furnished. Despite being well paid, the workers were sleeping on mattresses on the floor, and did not even have enough chairs for all to sit on.

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By Jim Logan

The other day I went back to study up on the experiments done in the late 19th Century on “Black Box Radiation”.  A Black Box being a theoretical absorber of all light, so it’s “black”.  The experiments with this device made up of an enclosed chamber that then had various elements heated up to various temperatures and being heated would glow at various colors, led to the laying out of the Spectrum of Electromagnetic Radiation.  There is “visible” radiation, the color spectrum of what the eyes are made up to perceive, and the spectrum above and below that narrow range. (See the List of Perceptics in Scientology materials for other senses of other parts of the spectrum.

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By Lana Mitchell

Today I want to talk about something that has been niggling at me for some time. 

Though I love the fact that in today's world, we can easily link up and connect people across the world through the internet -- I really think blogs, in general, are quite aberrated. And the problem, in my view, is all about communication.

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by Thoughtful

OT II doesn't get talked about that much, so I thought I'd give a little briefing on it. Actually this was sparked off by a request on the "It CAN be done" thread. I was the Solo I/C at FSO for about three years so I have a few stories.

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***Note from the Moderator.  This is an excerpt from a Steve Bisbey article in the RECONNECTION Newsletter of February 1984. The independent Scientology network originally started in the early 80’s and the similarities back then, to the scene now in 2013, is uncanny. I do not know the location of Steve Bisbey at this time, however I don’t think he would mind me reprinting his accurate technical letter from that time. If someone does know where Steve is in present time, we would love to hear from him.

By Steve Bisbey

Dear Scientologists,

I have been invited by the chairman of the OT Committee to write something in this issue of the Newsletter. I thought I’d take this opportunity to communicate to you what I consider to be some interesting observations.

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By Steve Spargo

When I was at school, I was intrigued by time travel and had read a lot of science fiction stories about it.  Being able to travel back in time and change something was an attractive proposition.  I had visions of approaching myself in the past just before I did some self-destructive stunt and whispering in my ear “Don’t do it!”  Or just before a particular school dance, slip a note into my hand which said “Don’t say anything to Julie about …” 

I was mainly thinking about preventing past mistakes and easing certain regrets.

Life Repair = Regrets Disappear

Then I discovered Scientology and had my desire to travel through time resolved in an unexpected way. 

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By Lana Mitchell

Many of you will recall that about a month ago I conducted a survey of independent Scientologists on this blog. Over a 2 day period we had more than 130 people respond, and the results were, at least for me, really surprising.

Prior to the survey I had become somewhat jaded about a future Scientology 3rd dynamic. I had been reading too much entheta online and had come to the view that creating a new group was not something that others wanted. Or at least that was the apparency.

But then I did the survey.

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by Thoughtful

chocolate-cakeOn the home page of iScientology.org you will see some key LRH references along with two principles that are integral to our movement: “Guaranteeing Scientology as a force for good” and “Keeping Scientology true to its own philosophic core.”

One of the concepts I've tried to emphasize from the outset is that Scientology without A-R-C is not Scientology. One could call it idiocy, or Miscavology, or invalidation, or suppression, or abuse — any of these names would be correct. But "Scientology" without ARC is just not Scientology. How could it be? “ARC” represents only the greatest single discovery of Scientology and sits at the very heart of the subject.

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By B.E.

As an independent Sientologist, I have completed the section of the Bridge from Solo 1 to OT 3 and can recommend strongly to everyone to do the same. This is an account of my wins:

Solo Course Part 1

It is not hard to do the Solo-Course, Part 1 outside the Church, if just done exactly per the checksheet. I was an auditor already and it was a good brush-up and lots of fun to work on the E-Meter again.  The living room became the course room, dictionairies were ready and a good friend became my twin for doing the drills. I was ready to start. Although the Solo-1 is not a small course, we progressed nicely. We had a schedule and kept it with discipline. It was an adventure. 

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