By Haydn James (T Paine)


Though L Ron Hubbard was clearly no saint and this is not an attempt to apologize for any of his flaws, I find it fascinating that we think we know the man, his life and what motivated him. It has always puzzled me why writers feel they can dictate a couple of hundred pages and in so doing sum up his life or anyone’s life for that matter.

Actually, I think a life, anyone’s life, has so many different aspects or threads to it that the best you could do would be to cover each thread one at a time. And each thread would probably take up hundreds of pages in its own right – if you were going to tell the story properly. I am a student of history and this was borne out when I looked into a figure at the court of Elizabeth I, a political player that came and went during her time. He was executed by her in 1601. Much has been written about him and all the reasonably priced books (on which the authors made substantial sums) still characterize and depict him as a shallow, inexperienced, naïve, “playboy of the western world,” as one writer put it. But I happen to come across a rare book that retails for $170, by a serious historian that took a decade, much travelling and research and four hundred pages to cover just twelve years of that man’s career. It told a completely different story and in great detail. It turns out that he was a great general, a major scholar and someone who clearly had the country’s best interests at heart given the context of his day (the rapid polarization of English politics in the late 1500s).

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by Mike Wreggitt


Hey, I wanted to introduce myself to the independent Scientology community.


Mike and friend in Georgia


My name is Mike Wreggitt. I’ve made a few posts a year or so ago on Marty’s blog, under my own name, but other than that I haven’t been too vocal. Also, I’m #140 on the Indie 500 list.

What I have been doing is I’ve been on course at The Courseroom in Georgia on my Solo 1, under the course supervisor-ship of John Aaron Williams.

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By Tom Martiniano

As I travel around and meet people, get in comm I run into Scientologists who used to be in the Church or who used to be on lines and are no longer moving on the bridge. I get in comm with them and I am astounded at the number of Dianetic Clears that are stalled and off of the bridge and unable to move in any direction. Some of these people are in trouble and some are in real big trouble. Some don’t even realize what a mess they are in.  But ALL of them need help.

I am helping as many as I can get out of this nasty non-interference zone that they are in and get them on to OT.  And it is surprisingly simple to do, actually. The Church just makes it complicated and costly.

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 By George

There is a somewhat whimsical reason for wanting to title my little piece of the pie as above, which I hope will become clear later on. The purpose here is to define Personal Ethics in the context of Scientology, so that Scientology is understandable and useable to the individual. Right off, please allow me to emphasize the self-determinism of personal ethics, and make the critical point that personal ethics empowers self-determinism.

L. Ron Hubbard’s definition of ethics, and its stark distinction from justice, is amongst the most easily, most readily accessible references. There’s no top-secret or complicated immensity about it at all. It is found in the published editions of the books Introduction to Scientology Ethics, at the very beginning of each edition.

"Ethics consists simply of the actions an individual takes on himself. It is a personal thing. When one is ethical or "has his ethics in," it is by his own determinism and is done by himself.

"Justice is the action taken on the individual by the group when he fails to take these actions himself." ("The Basics of Ethics", the very first page of text in the 2007 edition of ISE.)

"We are factually only here helping people to help themselves to better their conditions and the conditions of life. That is our total action." (ISE, 1974, "The Purpose of Ethics".)

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By Jim Logan

I started out this series with an article on Black Box radiation and the theory of absorption and radiation of energy as it relates to L. Ron Hubbard’s curiosity as to what the wavelength of thought was, leading of course to discovery of what “thought” actually is and an approximation of the wavelengths of various aspects of high level action by thought/theta.

Next in this series is the topic of memory and “engrams” and connecting up “radiation” with that subject.

In the first decade of the 20th century, Richard Semon, used the term “engram” to define a memory trace.  It derives from “write in”.  In the study of memory and its mechanics, the theory he held forth was that engrams were localized (written in exact areas of the brain) and not generalized, that is non-local and sort of spread around various physical, cellular locations.  That debate has continued to this day, with recent MIT experiments claiming to have determined they are local, while others at MIT are not convinced, and haven’t found any exact locations in the brain for what they still call “engrams”. 

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By John Aaron Williams 

Ron always seemed to lay out in Policy how the org was to attain the purpose for Scientology in a pretty straightforward manner. So, I am regularly amazed at how far off these basic instructions the C of S can go. The Ideal Orgs program is a good example of this: the continual events, regging public into debt, etc… 

Somehow these things bring about a “Clearing of the Planet”? Definitely not! 

Miscavige has ushered in a new age of the idea of “using policy to stop”. He listens to a tape (A Talk on Basic Qual) and decides that when Ron was explaining how to fix failed auditors that it meant that he should apply it to all students and auditors. That is “using policy to stop”. He takes a policy meant for one thing and applies it to something else it is not intended for. This is the definition of using policy to stop. 

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by Michael Moore

 Outside of the Church of Scientology there is now the Free Scientology World.  This is a world in which scientology is studied, used and practiced freely in many variations and forms without let or hindrance. A free Scientology world is not a world free from Scientology.  Instead it is a world where one is not bound to any church but is free to be a scientologist. This is an opportunity to create a new world.

This raises ones responsibility level as there is no one behind you tapping you on the shoulder and reminding you to stay on track and on source, apply ethics and conditions and continue up the bridge. There is only the tech, you and the agreements you hold.

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By Tom Martiniano

Lana is correct. There is nothing to fear except fear itself.  

I learned, over the past several days, very exciting news that there is an actual large movement afoot. 

Dave, hang on tight to your rods.  Public Scientologists are silently gathering in groups. They have small groups of 4 or 5 Scientologists (all in good standing) who are discussing what is going on with the Church and what to do about it.  These groups are like cells, they are separately together. In other words Bob knows 4 people who want reform and Sally is one of them, but Sally knows 4 others who want reform and so on. 

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By Lana Mitchell

You know we really do have great strength in the field. Far more than is recognized or acknowledged.

I mentioned in a recent post  ("A little secret" ) the fact there I see the Independent Scientology field very much like an underground network of renegades, talented rebels, and hopefuls. 

While the monopoly of Corp Scientology certainly had an iron grip twenty years ago, over recent times, as more and more people depart (very publically or quietly sliding off the radar) the grip has significantly loosed.

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By Bernie Wimbush

Ran across that old book “The Way to Happiness” today and it brought back some memories that I thought I would share.

Firstly, the trap of the goal ‘To be Happy’. I refer to this as a subjective goal, because it is what you mean it to be. You can flog yourself to death chasing it and others can use it as a button to put you at effect. If my memory goes far enough back, when we were running GPMs, that top item of who would have a goal to be happy, gives the item of ‘An Unhappy Person.’ Bit sad eh?

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By Thomas Price

Definition of Requiem : a Christian ceremony in which people pray for the dead.

While contemplating the current scene in the Church it stuck me on the causes of the demise of the Church and how we have come to this place. 

Looking back I believe the real boom in the Church happened during the 1970s. This boom was caused by the power and reach of the Mission network which primarily focused on getting new people into Scn. The expanding Scn mission network flowed people into the local Orgs and then up the line to ASHO and AOLA for higher class training and auditing. 

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