By Bernie Wimbush
We read in the paper of some old veteran being attacked in his or her own home and robbed of a few cents by a bunch of teenagers, and it’s so easy to call for a good flogging, bring back the cane and that today’s youth are all bad.
Wasn’t it Socrates who made the derogatory comments about ‘today’s’ youth a couple of thousand years ago? And so nothing has changed.

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By Steve Spargo
At High School my physics teacher taught me about this thing called Conservation of Energy.   It says that the Physical Universe always keeps its energy and mass.  Nothing ever disappears.
So I was pretty amazed when I learned that Scientology didn’t believe this was true.  It said that if a person could see something the way it really is (as-is) it would disappear from the physical universe (Axiom 16).

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By Lana M.
Based on the comments on the thread regarding groups, I feel impelled to provide more basic LRH policy on the importance of field auditors and groups – both to acknowledge those who are in the independent field as auditors, C/Ses and training centers – as well as to hopefully revitalize those who were at one point auditing and no longer are.
The following two LRH references from the 50’s show the importance that LRH placed on delivery in the field and how he expected us to work together, as Scientologists, to help each other all win:

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By Chris Black, Class VIII independent field auditor
I've been itching to post this success story as I saw it coming and I knew it would be good. And also, because I wanted a vehicle to post my wins as the auditor. So before I introduce you to a very wonderful and big being (and his success story), I want to say that there is nothing finer than auditing NOTs and NOTs actions on pre-OTs. My own personal space has increased dramatically; I communicate across distances with ease, and if I didn't have a body, I'm sure I'd be able to leap tall buildings in single thought (LOL). But seriously I feel totally privileged to provide a safe space and in-ARC environment in which to audit my pcs and pre-OTs. It is a beautiful thing.

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By Michael Moore

In an article in Ability Magazine in 1957 Ron Hubbard pointed out that,

“The isolated practitioner who hung out his shingle, and sought its work all alone would have to be a “one-man band”.

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By Lana Mitchell
I am proud to be a Scientologist – but frankly, it is not the name ‘Scientologist’ that is important to me. 
In a discussion some months back, on Facebook, the question was posed “When do you call someone a Scientologist?”  Is it when they have read a book and cognited on the workability of the tech? Is it when they are an auditor and have helped another? Does the person have to be actively training or auditing? If they have not read Dianetics, can they still call themselves a Scientologist? It was fascinating to watch the responses from people in answer to this question.
My view is that the question is a stupid one.

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As a note, for those who don't know, in 1982 DM launched a massive take down of the Scientology Mission network, crashing the 1982 Mission Holder's meeting like something out of Nazi Germany. CMO Int staff raided the meeting and began verbally declaring Mission Holders left and right — per Policy people can only be declared by a Committee of Evidence. But with "New LRH" at the helm who needs Policy? Anyway, these same missionaires from CMOI went on an insane rampage and one reason for destroying the management of Kingsely's mission was because they were allegedly involved in a squirrel practice called "de-dinging." Nevermind the fact that this same mission was huge and successful and moving a huge number of people up the Bridge. This was all published in a snow storm of electrifying Ethics Orders. That is what this post is about. In retrospect, it seems that 1982 was when HCOs were subverted by DM to be his personal mouthpiece for propaganda (black PR) against his enemies. — Thoughtful

By Bernie Wimbush,  February 12, 2013

I have been asked so much about this process that I thought I would try and explain what it is.

It all started from an eval Kingsley did. I don’t recall all of it but the Why turned out to be along the lines that staff didn’t WANT their product enough.  

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By Lana Mitchell
Welcome to our new home!
As part of a consolidation action -- and to help create a cohesive and integrated group -- the WordPress iScientology Blog has moved here to iScientology.org. 
This move was always planned  -- however as Steve Hall (Thoughtful) had a pressing workload, we went ahead and set up the blog on WordPress initially, until Steve could get work projects completed and make room for us here.

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by Lana Mitchell,

Two weeks ago we launched the iScientology blog.

This is not MY blog. Yes, I administer it — as someone has to — but this blog is the creation of a large and ever-growing number of independent Scientologists on several different continents. The intent was that a central place could be created which is a safe space for people who use and apply LRH tech in their lives, and wish to continue to do the same.

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By Mark Shreffler,

I have spoken to tens of thousands of people in seminars and workshops around the world, so public speaking is something about which I have some familiarity.

There are probably many things to know about it, but it’s really a very simple thing to do if you can remember the simple tip I’m going to describe below. This simple piece of advice will help you in audiences with your own staff or with rooms filled with people, or with radio interviews or presentations of about every description.

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By Tom Martiniano,

I saw Paul Harvey’s version of “So God made a farmer” during the Superbowl last week. But I couldn’t help but notice the parallels so I re-wrote it for the most valuable person on the planet. I actually had tears in my eyes as I wrote it because it is so true. Enjoy:

And on the 8th day God looked down on his planned paradise and said, “I need a caregiver!” So, God made an auditor!

God said I need somebody to get up before dawn and tend to the sick and wounded, work the rest of the day auditing, eat supper, do all of his admin and then go to the org and stay past midnight at the promo all-hands. So, God made an auditor!

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Dianetics 55!, Chapter Nine
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