By Lana Mitchell

Things have been very hush around here, with an apparency of inaction, while much has been going on underground.

I see the Independent Scientology field very much like an underground network of renegades, talented rebels, and hopefuls.  While the monopoly of Corp Scientology certainly had an iron grip twenty years ago, over recent times, as more and more people depart (very publically or quietly sliding off the radar) the grip has significantly loosed.

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By Bernie Wimbush

I did my first Communication Course way back in 1959. I really didn’t understand what I was doing or why, but it was the forerunner to the co-audit which I wanted to do.

I did TRs in 1961 on the HPA course and again at StHill in 1964. As a student instructor I got a better insight into how it was done and what could be done with it. Today, I think about it very differently.

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Jonathon Burke has put together the first independent Meter Reads Drill film. The film has been a labour of love and has been created through recording real sessions, with only a few “demo” reads.

Reviewed by many, tweaked, refined and made available – this film is the first E Meter Reads Drill film in the Independent film – and in the words of Dan Koon:  "Holy freaking cow, Jonathan! You did it! Wow. Really well done.  I think these reads are more real than the film in the church from my memory of it. Incredible....The church has nothing on the independent field."

As of today there have been 600 views of the film, from Italy to the US, from Russia to South Africa. The film has been viewed in 28 countries so far.



By Lana Mitchell

Thank you for your survey responses on study tech and word clearing. Here is another survey – on a famously touchy subject ... TRs.

Stories abound of people trying to get a Corp Scientology “TRs pass” in for months on end, or being on the Pro Metering Course for years, as they cannot get the needed meter reads or their videos keep being flunked for seemingly arbitrary reasons.

Then there is the notable RTC personae that church staff try to emulate -  that is almost cold and no ARC, and now seems to be the standard to judge if you have your “TRs in” or not.

And of course there are the wonderful descriptions of TRs by people who have no clue what they are or what they do (staring eyes, shouting at ashtrays, etc.).

Please take a moment to answer our survey questions on the subject (SURVEY LINK HERE) – and also read the below LRH description of what TR 0 is supposed to achieve.

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By Lana Mitchell

There are a few surveys we will be doing over the next week – so we can get a grip on where you, me and others are at on some key subjects – and to find out what people are thinking, feeling and wanting. The first is on the subject of study. And it is below this rather apt LRH reference on the subject of learning.

“All right, the situation with regard to auditing depends on another subject and that is a subject called study. If you can’t learn anything, why, then you can’t find out how to do anything. So just as I talked to you in the last lecture and told you that communication was not an end all of processing but was absolutely vital if an auditor was ever going to get to a pc to do something for him, so it is true that study operates as the door, open or closed, to learning how to audit.

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By Tom Martiniano

NOTE:  I was recently sent the below LRH quote by a reader, Thomas Price --  who correctly pointed out that current Corporate Scientology has lost the spirituality of Scientology and follows instead, the path of MEST – from basketball, to dances, bazaars – almost anything goes. A few hours later, I received an article from Tom Martiniano – which takes up the same subject and observation, in even more depth. I have included them both here – as they speak for themselves. Lana Mitchell

From PDC tape 35: The DEI Scale, LRH says:

“And you can get all sorts of things from a church now: anything but God.

“You can get basketball, bridge, bowling alleys, dances, bazaars – almost anything you want to.

“But don’t go in and ask for a hat full of God, because they haven’t got it to sell. It’s gotten inhibition and then scarcity, but if they gave you any God it wouldn’t be the idea – the spiritual idea – at all. It would be a piece of MEST. You can buy God: you can go down and buy a cross, and it’s MEST. It’s all solid now.

“Isn’t that interesting? Where we have desire, enforce and inhibit and out through the bottom, and you have a dying, if not dead, religion.” (L.Ron Hubbard)

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By Bernie Wimbush

I remember back in 1960 how I was impressed by the presence of the Scientologists who ran the Communication Course, the Co-Audit, and the HPA course.

I did the HPA back in 1961 as a very shy 20 year old. The course was 26 weekends. Both days were 9 to 5 and it was full on. Theory and practical. One girl grew more and more attractive as I started to lose my shyness and I got the courage to ask her out (frowned on by course rules at the time, but we behaved ourselves), but it was a demonstration in the real world as to how my life was changing.

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By Tom Martiniano

This is the second article in a series of articles on jump-starting our activity.  This article is about what caused the boom in the 70’s and how we can use this, today.

I had done an eval in the beginning of this year on what actually caused the boom of Scientology in the 70’s, as a lot of orgs were very close, if not already there, to “Saint Hill Size”.   There had been a lot of speculation on what caused this boom such as; “most of the people who attended Scientology back then were Hippies who were seeking spirituality”, or it was because “society was more lenient towards movements” or other Why-is-God type of remarks.   

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 By Steve Spargo

People will often advise you to be true to yourself.  Good advice.  But how do you do it? Scientology Axiom 37 gives some important clues:


It sounds pretty innocent.  But this axiom goes right to the heart of all the pain and misery you ever saw.

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By Jim Logan

In a taped lecture of 12 October 1955, COMMUNICATION AND INTENTIONS, DETERIORATION OF, the validity of knowing the source of a communication is discussed.   This follows from the Axioms and Factors. Where the author of a communication can be known, then an as-isness can occur. 

 It’s really that simple. Thought you may enjoy this one.

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By Berne Wimbush

* Bernie is a Class VIII, FEBC, OT VII. He has been off church lines since the early 80’s when he was declared by Miscavige. For the last 30 years he has continued to use and practice Scientology, taking basic Scientology principles and helping people from all walks of life.  This is an article that he originally wrote  in the 90’s for people who had never heard of Scientology, which I thought many of you would enjoy as it shows how easy it is to handle life’s problems using the tools provided by LRH -- regardless of whether you are a ‘Scientologist’ or not. LRH provides ample tools for handling life’s problems.  No matter where a person is on the Grade Chart, problems can be solved. Sometimes we forget how simple these tools are.  Lana Mitchell

Problems appear to be different depending on the awareness of the individual. At the highest level, a problem is always a solution to something and that something was a solution as well. You can get someone over a difficulty by simply getting them to look at what uses a particular problem could have. Keep asking for the uses until the problem changes and then do the same thing again on the new problem.

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Dianetics 55!, Chapter Nine
Two-Way Communication

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