By Haydn James (T Paine)


Though L Ron Hubbard was clearly no saint and this is not an attempt to apologize for any of his flaws, I find it fascinating that we think we know the man, his life and what motivated him. It has always puzzled me why writers feel they can dictate a couple of hundred pages and in so doing sum up his life or anyone’s life for that matter.

Actually, I think a life, anyone’s life, has so many different aspects or threads to it that the best you could do would be to cover each thread one at a time. And each thread would probably take up hundreds of pages in its own right – if you were going to tell the story properly. I am a student of history and this was borne out when I looked into a figure at the court of Elizabeth I, a political player that came and went during her time. He was executed by her in 1601. Much has been written about him and all the reasonably priced books (on which the authors made substantial sums) still characterize and depict him as a shallow, inexperienced, naïve, “playboy of the western world,” as one writer put it. But I happen to come across a rare book that retails for $170, by a serious historian that took a decade, much travelling and research and four hundred pages to cover just twelve years of that man’s career. It told a completely different story and in great detail. It turns out that he was a great general, a major scholar and someone who clearly had the country’s best interests at heart given the context of his day (the rapid polarization of English politics in the late 1500s).


The book, The Polarization of Elizabethan Politics, puts everything into the context of the day and tells only the verifiable facts and steers clear of propaganda (whether for or against as spouted by the man’s friends and enemies) – another pitfall writers fall into. History (the depiction of people’s lives or events), ancient and modern, is full of skewed and biased information. Take William the Conqueror. Even the highly respected Saxon Chroniclers (a major source of historical data) could not resist depicting him as the devil incarnate but at the same time they spoke highly of his wife (Matilda) who worked hand in hand with him. Though they were clearly happily married and remained faithful to each other until their dying day, the Chroniclers reported, as fact, that William “kicked Matilda to death with his spurs.”

And as I mentioned above, context is also important. It is easy to think of William the Conqueror as a savage villain until you look back and realize that the whole of Western Europe and beyond was nothing but a battle ground for warring tribes, each tribe trying to guarantee its own survival. That was the context in which William operated.

Many Threads

As with anyone, there are many threads to L Ron Hubbard’s life and career but I am going to touch on just one of them – tech development, as it may have influenced him and those around him. I cannot possibly do it real justice in an article but it yet may provide valid insight as to what actually occurred in Scientology from the 60s to the mid-80s.

Tech Development Thread

It may be thought that Scientology tech development was a linear line and that it was all developed, done and dusted and then issued in a finalized, completed form but that is not the case. It was a constant case of issuing and then later revising the tech as new things were discovered or as an area of tech was developed further and improved.

We now know that L Ron Hubbard was making Clears back in the late forties and early 1950s and that Book One could make them but he was not certain of that back then. In fact, he developed the Clearing Course in order to make Clears in the first half of the 1960s not realizing that he had been making some all along.

In the mistaken idea that only the Clearing Course could make Clears people were put through Power Processing and the Clearing Course. But realize that while some needed it, hindsight tells us others were already Clear as they had gone Clear on Dianetics. Putting such people through Power and the Clearing Course would be considered heavy out-tech today. So any tech trained person will surmise from this that a whole bunch of people (perhaps even LRH) were walking around with a wrong Clear date and  having received a great deal of unnecessary auditing (out tech) and all that that entails.

L Ron Hubbard also realized that there was something else on the scene and began to develop the initial OT Sections. Soon he had guys doing OT 1, 2 and 3.

LRH thought that OT3 was it, the big palooka, that the area of people’s cases that caused overwhelm and other major troubles was fully handled by OT3. He did not know at the time that he was wrong and that OT3 was just the open gambit, the first step when it came to handling that area of case. The truth is that OT 3, OT5 (Audited NOTs) and OT7 (Solo NOTs) all handle the same area of case and it takes all three to fully handle it but more on that in a minute.

Thinking OT3 was it and that that area of case was done and dusted, if  people ran into trouble with or after OT3 he simply had them do more OT3 (OT 3 Expanded) or had then run on Dianetics as part of OT3, or both. This would not be done today. Today Dianetics is forbidden on Clears and OTs as it messes them up. Today, after a person has paid their dues on OT3 they are shunted over to Audited NOTs.

Also back in the day, thinking OT3 was “it,” he developed what is now called original OT IV, Old OTV, Old OTVI and Old OT VII which I call “body building for Thetans” because they seem to be designed to solely boost the powers and abilities of beings.

So we now had a bunch of Scientology executives and others running around in the late 60s and into the 70s, some of whom had wrong Clear dates, some of whom had been audited on Dianetics after Clear and OT and had other unnecessary actions, many of whom were unflat on that area of case first addressed by OT3, and they were now doing what we know of as the “Old OT Sections” to gain a boost in power. In other words, they had more power but in other respects were unhandled as cases.

In 1971 LRH couldn’t get Scientology Worldwide (then management of orgs) to stop stat pushing income in orgs around the world no matter what he did so had to disband their operation at St. Hill in England. That pulled the Sea Org into Scientology org management.

I joined the Guardian’s Office (Legal) in the 70s and I remember many high ranking members of that office. They had done the whole OT line up and were powerful, they had real oomph, but they were also what I call wayward. For example, they seemed overly aggressive at times. I remember standing in a Guardian’s Office Worldwide meeting while the OT head of that organization railed against the Sea Org for twenty minutes, not to mention one GO executive smashing an e-meter to bits with his forehead in a fit of anger in the Guardian’s Office course room.

Of course, starting in 1978 NOTs came out and many OTs began to receive it but it is also clear that NOTs at that time was incomplete. Much of the basic tech was there but many of the rundowns required to deliver Audited NOTs were not fully developed. That did not take place until around 1983 with another major NOTs rundown development project occurring as recently as 1991.  For example, the steps that fully handle PTSness at the level of audited NOTs were not fully developed until the second NOTs project was done in 1991. That leads to the question, among others, as to whether LRH’s own NOTs was complete.

And around this time (1978)  LRH came out with issues on Dianetic Clear and how to deal with people who went Clear on Dianetics and issues that forbid auditing Clears and OTs on Dianetics because it is destructive to do so.

As mentioned above, this is a skeletal treatment of the tech development of Scientology but it is clear that there is a great deal of inadvertent out tech that occurred along the developmental way. And, as tech trained people know from experience, out tech often contributes to people “falling on their heads.”


Now, compare this tech development thread or “out-tech thread” with other threads that relate to the Church of Scientology and L Ron Hubbard and some things jump out at you.

Many of the things we object to about the Church of Scientology, heavy organizational ethics, security checking, the instigation of the Sea Org, the Guardian’s Office, Guardian Office crimes etc. all took root during these times of heavy out tech.

The whole “you are with us or against us” thing and the use of ethics began in the mid-1960s. The Guardian’s Office was formed in 1966 and their main crimes occurred a few years later – “fight fire with fire” was their mantra but it had no basis in real Scientology. The Sea Org (Sea Project) was formed in 1967 with its draconian rules which are contrary to basic Scientology tech, and we have oddball things happening on the Apollo in the late 60s-early 70s.

The heads of the Guardian’s Office began to receive their NOTs in 1978 (I was there) but, organizationally at least, I would say that is closing the barn door long after the horse has bolted – the FBI raid occurred a year earlier (in the summer of 1977) and the Guardian Office crimes long before that. By that time the game was up and soon LRH would be off the lines and in hiding, never to return. And you have to keep in mind that the False Purpose Rundown was not available or used until the early 80s so there was no in-tech way at that time of handling Clears or OTs with destructive purposes.

By the way, the same thing was observed with the executives of the big missions that boomed in the 70s which helps verify some of the data in this thread. They were powerful but too aggressive. It was observed that they started to “chill out” at least after they began their NOTs in the late 70s.

I’m not saying that out-tech, no matter how serious, justifies what occurred in the Church of Scientology over the years but I am saying that a fully detailed tech thread (the above is just a summary) along with many other detailed threads would lead to greater understanding as to what actually took place.


Richard Kaminski
+3 # Richard Kaminski 2014-04-04 21:57
Thank you, Hayden. LRH needed to complete cycles of technical development in order to establish stable points of reference. To outsiders this may look careless, yet without him banging on about standardization, tech research would have gone into chaos. It's fair to assume Ron had a grasp of the big picture even in the 40's, but there was considerable approach work to do first, such as TR's, Word Clearing and e-meter accuracy. And by leaving as full a hat write-up as anyone could wish for in the lectures and HCOBs, he provided a workable platform from which future tech development could benefit. His one lifetime attack and stride forward on this ancient subject is peerless.
-1 # Critic 2014-04-05 08:26
Haydn, thank you for your detailed article. If I understood it correctly, you explain the flaws of OTs with the out-tech applied to them. I guess (and I may be wrong) that you, like many Scientologists, expect an OT to be kind of perfect or super human, or at least to have no major flaws. That expectation is driven throughout the works of LRH, and with much exaggerations I assume. Many Cool Aid drinkers are holding to these expectations although most of them didn't have any personal experience of it. They are avoiding any instance that disprove these expectations and that is why they will not listen to anyone trying to show them the outpoints in the RCS.
Others who had an experience with Scientology and found flaws with OTs' or Clears' behaviour gets disappointed and leave feeling betrayed.
I, personally, didn't find any perfect OT, nor any magical powers, not to speak of using eyeglasses.
I am for lowering expectations and delivering higher results then expected.
-1 # Lucy 2014-04-05 11:52
Good article Haydn.
# Tim-S 2014-04-05 14:47
Evaluating the data within the context of the occurrences. This is a good, albeit brief, description of the developmental line.

Good article.
Carol Christie
+5 # Carol Christie 2014-04-05 22:49
Haydn, I am very glad you wrote this. I see so many critical comments about LRH, the tech, his methods, etc. This is a good way to see that he was doing the best job he could under the circumstances. It was a HUGE undertaking. Do you know of any other human that might have even attempted what he tried to do? Probably not - and we have the benefits of what he DID accomplish and can use as much or as little as we want. I am deeply grateful to him for the benefits I have received, no matter how anyone views me or my life - it's MINE, not theirs - and I am happy to have made the spiritual progress I have with the tech I was given.
Interested Party
# Interested Party 2014-04-13 18:12
Glad to see this blog updated. Keep it alive. It is an island of sanity.
-1 # Worsel 2014-04-16 22:11
Haydn, thank you for this article.
When reading blogs I am mainly interested in in increased understanding that could be considered group auditing - that is, data I hadn't been aware about abou what had been or is going on in areas and times I do not oversee personally.
I feel less interested when I feel I have met a kind operation telling me what I have to think or some propaganda for hate.
To include am understanding of the ongoings Rons actions had been an answer for, I feel to be an act of common sense. It increases my understanding. Thank you!
Dani Lemberger
# Dani Lemberger 2014-07-19 15:02
Your article is illuminating and vital. Steve, thanks for posting.
There is a lot of false, sometimes vicious, data going around, written by people who seem to have had little gains from Standard Tech. The void needs to be filled by people like you Haydn, who know the Tech and know a lot of its history.
I hope you and others continue to provide the threads until, eventually, the whole story is woven.
REAL Truth
-3 # REAL Truth 2015-08-24 11:28
"Though L Ron Hubbard was clearly no saint and this is not an attempt to apologize for any of his flaws"

FLAWS!? He was a major felon. (kidnapping his baby from the mother and threatening to cut her into pieces and dumping them into the ocean is "flaws"?) He wanted to take human rights away from people he considered inferior to his new "homo novus" for God's sakes. If that doesn't ring a bell that causes you to run screaming, well then one is either incredibly uneducated or, batsh!t crazy. How 'bout how he hounded and harassed that child Holocaust survivor for YEARS?
+2 # mike 2018-04-01 18:57
Thanks for the great post!

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