By Tom Martiniano

As I travel around and meet people, get in comm I run into Scientologists who used to be in the Church or who used to be on lines and are no longer moving on the bridge. I get in comm with them and I am astounded at the number of Dianetic Clears that are stalled and off of the bridge and unable to move in any direction. Some of these people are in trouble and some are in real big trouble. Some don’t even realize what a mess they are in.  But ALL of them need help.

I am helping as many as I can get out of this nasty non-interference zone that they are in and get them on to OT.  And it is surprisingly simple to do, actually. The Church just makes it complicated and costly.

Make no mistake, if you are a Dianetic Clear and have been for years, you are in trouble - and you know it. Going to the Church to handle it and get through this non-interference zone is unlikely because it will cost you tens of thousands of dollars for auditing on the subject of being clear. You might decide to lay this money down and get your clear cycle sorted out and you could drop as much as $50,000 on the Church only to find out you were “not clear” in the first place. All that money just to get invalidated.  I know the person who did just that and dropped that kind of money.

The amount of arbitraries on being clear in the Church are astounding. I know people who have stated the actual clear cog and not allowed to attest because the great “C/S in the Sky”, his majesty David Misravage has made an edict that there can’t be that many clears around. So blanket orders have been issued to ignore people who think they may have gone clear.

But LRH had developed New Era Dianetics in order to make Dianetics and R3R running more streamlined thus making Dianetics even more effective and people have been going clear by the bucketloads. I am finding them and so are other field auditors.  R3RA will and does make plenty of clears and they are pretty solid.

Sorting out the clear cycle with someone is not difficult at all. It only takes a matter of just a few minutes.  I handled a few within 20 minutes to a half an hour of auditing.  You see we Indy field auditors keep the inval off the lines and ignore the illegal, off-source definition of a floating needle and voila!  We have shiny new clears. And for real.

There is a problem too with OTs that are out here and stalled.  If you are OT, have been OT III or mid OT V for years and years, you are at risk. You need to get through the “Wall of Fire” and get onto Solo NOTs.  This too is easily done.  Once again we just get the inval off of the lines and get the OT cleaned up and onto his program and onto solo NOTS. And it is done cheaply. There are a few of us who will do it for little to no exchange just to get you moving, but you should exchange because you will be getting “Pearls for Pennies”.

Ex-Sea Org:  You have been told and reminded time and time again that it is not okay to have money
(unless you were an executive at CMO Int or RTC).  Now you struggle to get money to live and are unable to get the big money needed to get yourself OT.  In other words you are not going to be going up the bridge this lifetime in the Church. And the Church doesn’t care. They don’t care about you or your plight, they only care if you give them enough money to kiss your ass or lick your boots. So you have to be wealthy to go up to full OT in the church.

But even if you have the money you aren’t really going to go OT in the Church because they got rid of the original OT Sections 4-7. These are the real OT Sections where you do drills that make you OT and able to be “Cause over Life”.  And we Indies deliver these OT Sections and we make OTs.  In other words, we deliver the bridge as directed by LRH. Not the current Church bridge which is set up to only squeeze money out of you.

So far we have made dozens of OTs out here and they are all successful. 

You can find many good delivery terminals on this website under “Free and Able”.  Find one in your geographic area and get moving: Now. Find Independents who can and will deliver in the field. If you can’t afford it find one that will do it on credit or for less exchange or even “other” exchange besides money.  But please, move on the bridge. It is our chance right now to make OTs by the thousands and it is up to you to get there.

Thank you.
Tom Martiniano


Regular Dog
+2 # Regular Dog 2013-06-10 05:03
Great post Tom.
+1 # Nickname 2013-06-10 13:35
THIS ---> "But even if you have the money you aren’t really going to go OT in the Church because they got rid of the original OT Sections 4-7. These are the real OT Sections where you do drills that make you OT and able to be “Cause over Life”. And we Indies deliver these OT Sections and we make OTs. In other words, we deliver the bridge as directed by LRH. Not the current Church bridge which is set up to only squeeze money out of you."

Would you please give your thoughts on Grades 0 - VI and the Clearing Course?
Tom M
+3 # Tom M 2013-06-10 18:27
Yes, they are to be done. That is my thoughts.

ML Tom
+1 # Nickname 2013-06-11 15:22
Thanks. Mine too.
+2 # KFrancis 2013-06-11 09:20
Great post....have the money set aside and am making plans to get going now on OT V. Completed L-12 just a few months back and that was terrific!
+3 # KFrancis 2013-06-11 09:28
……I assume I am Clear but I did lose some confidence after I had twice been told by Flag I was not and was routed onto New Era Dianetics.

Nothing will blow you confidence faster that having the Mecca of Technical Perfection waffle around.
+5 # Hemi 2013-06-11 18:12
What a positive and encouraging post!! I can say, backed by my own experience, that doing the OT levels as an Indie is great, and so full of fun, ARC, Theta.And more than anything: results!! I have been messed up for many years, having done OT 1-3 in the CoS over huge ARC break and horrible ethics handling, barely surviving and unable to have/enjoy fully the wins from those OT levels. Then, 17 years in the dark, real dark. Then, Indie time: 4 sessions only, in a safe and able Indie Org (the incredible Dror Center in Haifa, Israel)by a great man, auditor and true scientologist Claudio Lugli - and all the mess resolved like magic and I got on OT 4, done the right way with incredible wins, and the most incredible auditor, Tami Lemberger. Now we are doing NOTS, OT5 with more wins than I can count.The most incredible level ever! What a level! Here's one of many success stories from Nots auditing at Dror Center, Israel, with delivery in both Hebrew and English:

Success story 25.04.2013

What a fun day, in a wonderful place, meaning Dror Center, and in a nice space, meaning, ME.
On the way the sea in a turquoise color like the in the Caribbean Islands, dotted with millions white wavelets all the way to the horizon.
Loving, smiling people. All of them. Peace and quiet. Very little PR, a lot of work and industrial peace.
Charming, beautiful auditing room, all for my comfort, so that I can concentrate on my case only.
Wonderful Auditor, Tami. Professional, full of knowledge and endless experience, and above all huge, un-ending ARC.
Beyond words. The comm. is open, anything can be said and discussed! No forbidden aspects, no threats, no sacred cows.
Not to mention camels..ha ha. One thing is fully there: Search for truth, relentlessly until found, observed and as ised.
And of course the incredible Ron's Tech. What a great thing when done the right way, the way he asked. The logical way!
2 short sessions today. Charming. Big things in my life move and change, and following suite are more aspects, in a chin reaction,
all in the deepest inner world. And I feel and know that something important is happening, that will continue to roll after the session,
more and more. My space gets cleaned up and becomes clearer, more spacious and with more quality. And all this inside me as a spirit,
in other words, in ME. 3rd session...not possible..it is time to contain, to enjoy, to grok and to...BE.
So Tami suggests some relevant study, which we do for a while, and it is...right ON!! More deep cognitions.
Down at the offices, word of thanks to the wonderful and conductor of this place, Dani and the whole incredible team: Aviv, Moti, Dima,
Carmela, Shahar, Don, Eitan.
An early return fro Haifa, straight to work. And there as if with a magic wand, a few successful actions with far reaching effects. Really!
And all that magic show continues until late night. -:))))
A day in the fantastic, spiritual , Dror Center 'summer camp'. What more can you ask?
Thank you from the bottommost bottom of my heart!!
dani lemberger
+1 # dani lemberger 2013-06-12 04:58
Thank you Hemi. Our purpose is to be here and make it possible for you and many others go OT!
+1 # Nickname 2013-06-13 16:30
Great success story. It really is so uplifting to hear such successes. How well you are doing out from under the Co$! How happy you sound!
Ingrid Smith
+3 # Ingrid Smith 2013-06-11 18:54
The really important thing is going OT. I am on Solo NOTs now-the most amazing auditing ever.I wasn't sure if I would make it this lifetime while I was in the C0$. I have been handling people who have felt the same way and now their Clear Cycle is fnally handled-2 of those are now on the OT levels that I am also delivering.
Of course, training is esstential in all of this.

There are those who would have you do otherwise-DON'T LISTEN TO THEM. They are either in abject apathy or not thinking of your best interests.
dani lemberger
+1 # dani lemberger 2013-06-12 05:03
This article is totally true and highly invaluable.
Clear and OT are easily attained when done correctly, simply, caringly. Meaning, applying Standard Tech to the pc in front of you, no other vested interests in mind.
This is done daily now by auditors and groups around the world, supporting each other in a safe and free environment.
# CommunicatorIC 2013-06-12 19:21
Off-topic, but a head's up to the Independent Scientology community. concerning the documentary about Independent Scientology, “Scientologists At War," to be shown on Channel 4 (UK), 9pm 17 June 2013:

Please be advised that members and/or agents of the corporate Church of Scientology have already begun to comment on the relevant Channel 4 forum located at:

Hat tip to WWP for this head's up:


If any of you want your voices heard, the discussion has already started.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-06-13 02:44

Thanks yet again for telling it all like it is! Looking at your latest response on KSW (Marty's blog,) and the sideswipes generated by some of his KMW (Keep Marty Working)(at sideswipes)policies, I just can't resist asking the reflex question:

...If rubbishing KSW is a great move to counter it's "thought stopping" then how come it hasn't Moved YOU On Up A Little Higher (on the Tone Scale! )Mr Rathbun?

Grrrrrr. Calvin.
Tom M
+7 # Tom M 2013-06-13 15:12
Calvin, KSW is hard-core. It keeps people from squirreling the tech. It is under attack right now and if I follow logic it tells me that the folks attacking it want to squirrel. That's okay, but go somewhere else and do it. If someone wants to be free with the tech - go ahead, but if you kill someone or maim someone with Black Dianetics or Black Scientology, you are no different that DM.
How a piece of paper can "stop thought" is beyong my comprehention. Telling people that they are the effect of words written on paper just kills me. That is such nonsense it makes my head hurt. Just silly nonsense.
And I am going to write another article about people being victims of Scientology. No one can be a victim of Scientology. LRH said in the Tape LRH Talks to Ethics Officers WW that if a pc gets sick after an auditing session he is PTS to the auditor and/or the C/S who apparently suppressed him with out-tech. Does that mean the auditor and/or the C/S are suppressive? No. They just committed out tech on the pc and he got sick.
So if someone had ill-effects from the "Sea Org" or the "Church" or "Scientology" it was not because of the subject of the "Sea Org" or the "Church" or "Scientology", it is because of people. A person suppressed our friend who got "harmed". People suppress people. I know what it says in C/S Series 79, but trust me, it always boils down to people. A group can be suppressive, like the IRS or the NSA but when you peel it back it is one person who dictates what to do.
Same with the Church, if you take out DM and his connections (SPs) you will have a calmed down scene that would be easy to reform.
LAPD got reformed. Germany got reformed after the Nazis were taken out. Japan got reformed after the head General killed himself. Cut off the head and the snake dies.
It is just insanity to say that KSW #1 cuts across thought.
I did business consulting for several years and what happens is that a guy developes good tech and makes really nice shoes. They become a hit and now people all over want them. He has to expand in order to fill the orders. So he hires people and tries to teach them how to do what he does. He tries to "Keep Bud's Shoes Working". It's the same with LRH: He busted his ass to get us good workable tech and all he is saying is "do it the right way or get the hell out of here." That's all. And people call it "thought control". My head actually hurts from this stupidity.
Anyhow, excuse my rant. I get so fired up sometimes out here.

ML Tom
Ingrid Smith
+3 # Ingrid Smith 2013-06-13 17:35
I hear you Tom!! If it weren't for KSW, I believe Scientology would eventually be long gone.It is the foundation of keeping Scientology here and STANDARD. Ron knew case, composed of non-confront, false data,other-intentions,implants etc.can get in the way and cause it to fail.Also,study problems. Anyone destroying that foundation does not not want Scientology to continue.

I handled someone on an OT level-he was barely on it and decided he was close to being done-just mild GIs. After a really good instruct, he is now really doing it and getting amazing wins in life. Did I invalidate him? Or, worse,put him under my thumb? NO!!!I don't want to run his life-I have enough going on with my own life!!!_I want him to run his life!!!! If I let his CASE determine what to do, I would be very very remiss and guess who wins-CASE!!!!!

I think it's about time case is no longer the winner!
calvin b. duffield
+1 # calvin b. duffield 2013-06-13 20:06
Tom, You brought tears to my eyes, man! tears of utter amazement! I've plugged in to what you've had to say ever since first reading your posts. Why? Because, very simply, you have HEART! In your case, heart the size of a raging bull. "Raging" is my "label" of affection for you, since you show so much heartfelt energy, and intent,to make things happen. No wonder these squirrels make your head hurt! Never mind "thought stopping," since their game is a LOT more suppressive --- it's just simply
Scientology STOPPING! Lethal for going up the tone scale, since you just end up proceeding in the other direction- death!

As I'm writing this, I'm filled with the total excitement of a little kid on Xmas eve. The reason? --- "Milestone TWO!" Our sweetheart, Lana, has just made the HUGE announcement with her latest posting.

Take a little "metaphorical" break Tom,for we are witnessing a live birth of something as dynamic and life changing as 1950's Book One, all over again! No need for any wasted energy, my friend, since you're going to need every spare bit you can spare from now on!

ML, Calvin.
Ronnie Bell
+2 # Ronnie Bell 2013-06-14 00:22
Quoting Tom M:
...a guy develops good tech and makes really nice shoes. They become a hit and now people all over want them. He has to expand in order to fill the orders. So he hires people and tries to teach them how to do what he does. He tries to "Keep Bud's Shoes Working". It's the same with LRH...

That IS the long and short of it, Tom. I find it saddening to see people whom I respect and have affinity for, railing against this simple, yet absolutely essential advice. Such people really ought to know better. I think my grandmother called them, "penny-wise and pound-foolish".

I'd like to remind those people that LRH never claimed that Scientology was a perfect route. On the contrary, he cautioned us to use the term, 'workable' to describe the Bridge. According to Ron (and my personal observations), Scientology is the only route that actually leads out of the soup, and back to a place where a person has a real grip on their own universe, life, and beingness. Why anyone feels an overwhelming urge to re-map that route, is a mystery to me, and something I can only speculate on.

I mean, if you think you've fully duplicated everything Ron wrote and developed, and you've come to the conclusion that you can build a better mousetrap, by all means, do so, but please don't monkey with an existing workable system and try to improve it. Go build your own Bridge, and see if you can get as far with yours as LRH got with his.

Frankly, it's my opinion that those who favor monkeying around with Standard Tech, either have crashing misunderstoods on it, or have never actually had real case gain. A third possibility is that they have other fish to fry, which is where DM is at.

As you said, words on a piece of paper won't stop anyone from squirreling, if that's what they're bound and determined to do - so what's this crap about 'thought stopping'? No one's stopping them from thinking or doing anything. They're free to do what they like, but results are all that counts. Their customers will truly make it, or they won't. I know that with Standard Tech, everyone will.

Thanks for the great post, Tom. It's exactly what I needed to read. I need a kick in the rear end to get moving myself.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-06-14 11:17
Nice duplication, Ronnie, and great to see you too, are excited about Lana's no-nonsense intent to put the ol'man's creation back into case gain shape.
I would ask you though, to consider a very real Fourth possibility, as causal for the "monkeying around with Standard Tech."

theo sismanides
# theo sismanides 2013-06-13 08:01
Tom you are a great guy and really want to help. I think though it's gonna take a lot more to get people moving.
Al Brown
# Al Brown 2013-06-26 02:41
Tom, Terrific post. I'll be following your advice.
Tom Nielsen
# Tom Nielsen 2013-07-20 08:42
I just found this site in the last few days and as someone who has struggled mightily in the NOI I see a light shining at the end of the tunnel. I am starting to work through the doubt formula as Tom has suggested just not sure who to use as a terminal at the church. I don't want to enval any of the fine upstanding people I know in the church. They are wonderful thetans. Well more to come and I'll find my way with some help.
-2 # Gulu 2013-07-23 02:38
Hello Tom
So, if you are clear/dianetic clear and have not moved on the bridge for some time, then you are in trouble, big trouble.
How does your comment align with DMSMH? Clear is the goal of this book. Is Clear not what Hubbard states in this book?
Is being Clear a danger? I have hear this comment numerous times and seem to think that if this is the case, clears are in danger, at risk or in trouble, then the goal of DMSMH is fraudulent. Clear is an absolute state according to DMSMH, yet Hubbard also promotes infinite valued logic and states that absolutes are un-obtainable. A contradiction of note.

Much like the CofS, your comments appear to mirror theirs.... Clears are at risk.
Is this not marketing hype to encourage clears to continue "moving up the bridge"?
+3 # Thoughtful 2013-07-23 09:27
No one is in trouble because they are Clear. They are much better off than they were before. The state of Clear brings a greatly elevated clarity of mind, self confidence and higher problem-solving ability.

People who are in trouble are in trouble because they have been suppressed by the Church, tricked, lied to, deceived, betrayed, messed up with gross out tech, reverse Scientology and black Dianetics. In addition, they are REALLY in trouble because they themselves supported and condoned an awfully destructive group = which is an overt act. Anyone who supported the CoS contributed to that destruction, and that is what really flushes a person down the toilet. Failing to take responsibility for their own overt acts.

So if someone some where is messed up, the paragraph above is why. It's not because they are "Clear." That is an uniformed statement.

Now, LRH did say Clears are "at risk." Who isn't? That can be said about anyone on this planet, in Scientology or out. So that is mostly marketing hype designed to get Clears moving up the Bridge. A lot of clears are quite comfortable stopping at that level. However, as LRH said at the very beginning, the Road to Truth is something you have to walk all the way. Anyone who stops IS at risk. So, the statement is true enough. But they are not at risk because they are Clear, they are at risk because there is more to go.

Hey, moving up the Bridge is a HUGE amount of work. It's not for the lazy. It takes considerable dedication and perseverance. Man, you got to study. You got to WORK at it. The good news is, there is a way out.

As for being at risk, that's even more true about people who have no tech at all. Really anyone is at risk from being on this planet and having a case.

The no-interference zone starts at OT I and continues through OT III. There, it is definitely not a good idea to stop. As for DMSMH being fraudulent, that is way too harsh. LRH didn't know everything about every other layer of case. As you move up the Bridge, you run into things.

For example, as one moves up in horsepower and can start to operate in life by thought (postulates and considerations) only then does one run into certain kinds of case. You don't hit this stuff at lower levels. You hit it at higher levels.

The Bridge is a journey. Like exploring the New World, it was not possible to know what they would encounter or even how far away was the Pacific.

What disparity between what LRH knew in 1950 vs. what he discovered later is abundantly clear in his record of research that has been preserved in it's entirety. A phenomenal degree of transparency is there because everything was recorded in books and lectures. In all fairness, what is remarkable is how accurate he was at the start, not how inaccurate he was.

Criticisms of state of Clear are missing the big picture that the state IS really something spectacular and very worthwhile.
Richard Kaminski
# Richard Kaminski 2015-10-31 07:26
Confirmed. Clear really is something spectacular and very worthwhile, and highly stable. Despite all the knocks and bullying I've had over the past 40 years, the state is beyond price. Clear has not been available in the CoS for many years now, you won't find it there. But if one were to follow the procedures exactly as laid out in DMSMH Clear is still available for free. If Ron had done nothing else after the publication of DMSMH it would still remain a workable system to achieve Clear. I warmly recommend it.
Richard Kaminski
Independent Scientologist
Chuck Beatty
# Chuck Beatty 2013-09-01 19:51
I'm no longer a Scientologist.

I want to say though, that Tom Martiniano is an excellent auditor.

In 1982 or 1983 Tom audited me on my "Clearwances" for Int, case supervised by Edie Hoyseth.

Tom has really excellent natural warm TRs, applies the Auditor's Code excellently, very easy going manner, and a near perfect comm cycle.

Chuck Beatty
this is true
Chris Mann
# Chris Mann 2015-04-12 12:52
Tom is still auditing independently. He did my Grades recently and I plan to continue as soon as I can get back out to Phoenix.

Robin Rhyne
# Robin Rhyne 2015-04-12 11:37
I'm very late to this party. But kudos and well said Tom!
Harold D
# Harold D 2018-09-15 14:44
This makes me glad I am starting out OUTSIDE the Miscavige Church.

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