By Jim Logan

I started out this series with an article on Black Box radiation and the theory of absorption and radiation of energy as it relates to L. Ron Hubbard’s curiosity as to what the wavelength of thought was, leading of course to discovery of what “thought” actually is and an approximation of the wavelengths of various aspects of high level action by thought/theta.

Next in this series is the topic of memory and “engrams” and connecting up “radiation” with that subject.

In the first decade of the 20th century, Richard Semon, used the term “engram” to define a memory trace.  It derives from “write in”.  In the study of memory and its mechanics, the theory he held forth was that engrams were localized (written in exact areas of the brain) and not generalized, that is non-local and sort of spread around various physical, cellular locations.  That debate has continued to this day, with recent MIT experiments claiming to have determined they are local, while others at MIT are not convinced, and haven’t found any exact locations in the brain for what they still call “engrams”. 

L. Ron Hubbard chose the same term “engram” over what he used in the Original Thesis of Dianetics a “comanome”, and it appears with the suggestion of others reviewing his Thesis, prior to publication of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health in 1950.

In Dianetics, the structural debate on the physical location in the brain was not pursued beyond noting that there didn’t seem to be enough molecules to record more than three months worth of memory.  Rather, it was assumed as a basic principle that “function monitored structure”, functions are determined as necessity, the structure accomplishes the function, the role a part was to play determined how the part was constructed. 

He left the determination of the “structure” to others to find*, while he pursued the “function” of the engram in life, and a means to resolve them, following the line of the source of the memory, the source of the energy that is contained in them and arriving at the variable of “theta” as the fundamental of any and all creation, including the created and re-creatable “quantum field” of a 3D motion picture with some 50 plus perceptics, the “engram”.

(*NOTE: The Effort Processing research arrived at the conclusion that “structure” results with contrary flows of communication, i.e., effort vs counter-effort, as summarized in the Dianetic Axioms.  A “ridge” is a deposit of counter flows that remains long after the flows cease.  Body parts are ridges. Membranes, walls, tubes with membranes, etc., all have a “shell”.  As well as the organs, and organelles, with colonies of cells, each with their own ridges resulting in perpetually created bits and so on.)

Various studies pursuing the engram before and after DMSMH, have sought the structural aspects of the engram/memory trace.  Korzybski’s work, Science and Sanity, in Chapter XI, Colloidal Behavior, is one such study from the 1930’s, points in between with the numerous technologies of “scans” and with modern work being conducted at MIT as mentioned above, for example.

Since an engram has been defined as a trace on a cell from its first use in Semon’s work, recent research and discovery by Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. , in the area of cellular structure and a breakdown of its actual operations has, in my opinion, gone a long way to clarifying the actual structure and role of an engram in adapting that structure, (or even mal-adapting it by restimulation of an early trauma to an area and enforcing that recorded memory trace or engram on the present structure. Or, even accounting for a more accurate theory of actual evolution, contrasting neo-Darwinian assumptions). 

Dr. Lipton has put out a number of videos describing his research and discovery of cellular function, and redefining the role of DNA from the “brain” of a cell, which he cogently proves it is not, to more of a storage place of the blueprints for how to build the fundamental building blocks of the structure of the body, every cell, every colony of cells, and the entire organic structure of a human or other live organism on this planet. 

I won’t attempt to re-do here, what is easily available on his videos as a full description

(I recommend The Biology of Belief as a starting point for his material), but I will summarize his recent material on “structure” and how that relates and connects up, and validates completely the work L. Ron Hubbard did on “function”  in the Original Thesis, and DMSMH and of course subsequently in the follow up to find Theta and the source of the creation of Mental Image Pictures, Facsimiles, Engrams, Secondary Engrams and those present time incidents of restimulation that “lock” onto them and bring them back into play affecting the body, its endocrine system and so on, via with the Mind.

What Lipton has  shown is that the cell is a stimulus-response entity, operating on “perception” as a stimulus, with protein production as a response.  On a MEST level, the cell picks up, senses, perceives, communication particles from outside the cell membrane, via specific receptors, “antennae” that are tuned to those particles.  These receptors then pass the message on through the cell wall, to other parts of the cell wall to “open the door” to receipt of the communication particles, and from there pass them on to other organelles  in the interior of the cell.  Inside the cell, proteins are made. These are chains of amino acids, each one with a characteristic electro-magnetic “charge” associated with it.  What you end up with a chain of amino acids with varying charges attracting here, repelling there, is a structure called a protein.  Each protein being a particular sequence of amino acids, taking on a shape due to the arrangement of these and their charges. These proteins themselves respond to particles of varying charge, shifting the structure in response and thus you have the mechanical motion, that ends up in the body moving and acting.  It is about the interaction of two-terminals, two charges, two differing potentials that affects the proteins, and brings about motion.  That motion gives all the activities of a body.

For some time it has been known that cells respond to “molecules” floating by, and this has been the communication particle that causes the chain of events of protein production. However, in science this is considered “matter”.  What Lipton says is actually operative is the scientific meaning of “energy”, that is, a massless force that does work or brings motion. 

Study of the energy defined in science as a property rather than a thing, in the area of sub-atomic physics, the “quantum” area, has shown that indeed, there are media of energy, types of sub-atomic particles that transfer this force from one area to another in “fields”. Indeed, there are fields, and they are operative.  The body area has a myriad of electro-magnetic fields, complexities, interactions, all sorts of stuff going on in and around it.

With Scientology, we find that the basic of energy is “postulated particles in space” that are “solid” only because life considers they are.  This data is being validated by current scientific experiment, of course.  (Any person who has ever had a good auditing session, and applied his field of energy to recreation of some event in life, released it with live communication (a new field duplicating),  and even popped off the postulates made in it, is familiar with this experience of  solidities going “poof” as they as-is.)

Lipton also goes on to describe that rather than “random mutation” in the DNA of specific parts of  the sequences of genes, that the cell actually adapts the production of proteins,  to respond to its environment.  It isn’t “random” but is specific to a particular stimulus which is perceived.  (Again, see the theory and practice of Effort Processing, and the Dianetic Axioms for the function of counter-effort in the building of the basic cell and the evolution of the cell up through colonies, particular forms, and so on, to deal with the perceived environment and build structures resulting in all types of organisms.)

It is a well established fact that cells respond to “radiation”*. That is, the DNA can be mutated by exposure to “cosmic rays”, and other very high frequency emanations.  On a quantum level the action level is absorption and emission of particular frequencies, continuously (in the Factors this is described as “reach and withdraw” of “dimension points”, i.e, the basic particles that make up energy, and thus matter.)

In other words, the cell will change according to what it perceives.  High level “radioactive” materials, which are emitting particles, can and do alter cells, and their manufacture of proteins.  This again, is the same observation that Lipton made as a cellular biologist and researcher.

However, Lipton extrapolates and says “thought” can affect the cells.  That is, what is perceived in the external environment goes through the “common sense” (as in a coming together of perceptions) of the “brain”, and therein lie “filters”. Via these filters, the thought goes on to affect the cells.  

By a simple example of perception of maps of the world, Lipton shows that perception does not always equal what is there (again, this is Kant and his study of the Aesthetic, meaning “sense”, and Korzybski with his “the map is not the territory”; the symbol isn’t the thing.)

What is perceived and communicated via the brain, can and does most often not either resemble or duplicate the environment.  In fact, earlier experiences can and do affect one’s perspective. Engrams are such filters, and they ARE “traces” that can and do influence perception.  Lipton then extrapolates that the filters can and do give specific perceptions (fear for instance, when there is no actual threat), that can and do affect the endocrine system that can and does affect the various cellular systems of the body, and results in the cell “responding”, and even adapting its actions to meet the environment. 

With the cellular response to perception of particles of energy, it follows logically, and experimentally, the observed “thought” thought responses, as thought itself is an “energy emanation” as it translates from the Static, into the Kinetic universe. It can translate in a body via emotion, affecting the endocrine system, affecting the cellular structure.  

While Lipton focuses on the material aspects of the range of acknowledged frequencies in the electro-magnetic spectrum, he also has become aware of and demonstrates with already established quantum physics science, that the “quantum field” is thus a potent energy and is perceived by the cells.

What is the fundamental “quantum field”?

Theta, manifesting as A, R and C. The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum  is way higher than science has considered, up to now, and was described by L. Ron Hubbard in the work Scientology 8-80, some 60 years ago.

An “engram” is a “quantum field” of attention units, theta quanta of awareness, created by a being, and existing as stored (not in the brain) , re-creatable mirrors of a physical universe event.  They are not “located” until called up again and recreated by the being, whereupon they can and do impinge on the body its glandular system, its nervous system, its communications and the cells and structures.  There are parts of these that are continuously created as “automaticities”.  All of them are composed of postulated particles in space, “energy”.  DNA isn’t so much the blueprint as the list of materials available.  The actual plans exist as memories of the theta, the life that animates the cell.  They aren’t traces on cells, until put there, as memory, by life itself, manipulating the MEST.

MIT won’t ever find a location, general or specific, in the brain for any engram, except when it is in restimulation.  And if it involved the brain in the first place.  

The repository for engrams as stored re-creatable potentials of energy, is the being.  It is life.  Theta.  With the ability to either recall and recreate, or keep in continuous creation.  And, since there is no limit on how many mental energy pictures a being can make, you can “store” an infinity of them, with nary a brain in sight.

Consideration takes rank over mechanics.  And today, in the study of physics, and now cellular biology, the functions of theta described thoroughly in Dianetics and Scientology has had the structure study just about catch up to it.  

Physical science and the humanities are coming together.  It’s happening on numerous fronts.  With a workable technology of the mind, and a means to rehabilitation of the spirit existing in Dianetics and Scientology, we have in our hands the means to a true enlightened age and judging from work such as has been done by Bruce Lipton, I think co-operative efforts are coming together boding a major push forward for all of us on this little blue planet.

 *BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF RADIATION, Mechanism and Measurement of Radiation, Applications in Biology, Photochemical Reactions, Effects of Radiant Energy on Organisms and Organic Products, Vol. II.



David Cooke
+2 # David Cooke 2013-06-02 08:41
Jim, we think along the same lines as regards lambda – but I'm impressed by the way you've neatly integrated theta to lambda to MEST in this essay. I hadn't thought of quantum physics as the reach and withdraw of dimension points – but it stands to reason, now that you've pointed it out.

It's time to challenge the 60-year-old cliché about DNA as the blueprint of the body. As you say, it's more like a list of the proteins that the cell will produce in response to various cues, either internal or external. Even a blueprint can't build a working structure from raw materials all by itself; there has to be a builder to interpret it. In fact, an organism is never built from raw materials like a machine. It begins each generation as a going concern. Each zygote at conception is already a fully functioning cell with its essential biochemical machinery running. Genetics is fine for explaining such things as the colour of a flower, but not why there is a flower there in the first place.

There might also be a distinction between the engrams of the GE and those owned by the thetan. Looking from the top down, from the thetan's viewpoint, an engram is just a section of the timetrack that he isn't taking responsibility for creating. But looking from the other direction, the GE holds engrams as valuable for building structure. And from early Dianetics up to his research on effort processing, L. Ron Hubbard was addressing the GE. The organism is the mind of the GE, a mind that records action – counter-effort and effort - rather than thought. I think biology is starting to reject the view of organisms as machines built to rigid plans, in favour of considering them more like analog computers that respond to an array of external counter-efforts with efforts 'calculated' to maximise their survival.
# SKM 2013-06-02 08:46
Jim, perfect!
# Nickname 2013-06-02 09:27
In following your very lucid description of complexities all the way down to quanum physics and back up again to theta, one cannot help but be impressed with the scope of life, even in a single human body, and the time involved in the creation and/or evolution of the structure and amazing coordination of function. Trillions of years begins to make sense. I wonder how many M.D.'s have gone to the depths you have explored. You erase any speculation at all in the relationship between a healthy mind and a healthy body. I'll have to read it all again, but I really like the upbeat conclusion. I definitely share that.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-06-03 10:50
The phrase and fact of "hope springs eternal" is part and parcel of the rehabbing of an intention, the purpose I think many of us share - to know and be able to take that knowledge and change, causatively, the conditions of existence.

The other day I listened to David Mayo describe his understanding of the material of the New Vitality Rundown from the development of it in 1975.

The RD itself is available if you search for it and consists of a thoroughgoing PTS handling, using problems and the handling of terminals and the valence shift that occurs in a PTS person.

Mayo didn't get how it worked. (Which by the way, belies his NOTs "contribution" or "authorship").

It is interesting to note in Lipton's material that he mentions "quantum entanglement" at a mental level.

The phenomena of "quantum entanglement" can be learned by searching for it. In a nutshell, it seems that once met up with on a sub-atomic level, particles thereafter have a connection that appears to be such that though separated by huge distance, you tweak one, and faster than the speed of light (electro-magnetic radiation and pegged by Special Relativity at "c") the other one responds in kind.

The Suppressed Person RD has (similar to the NVRD) a phenomena of the person who is the "suppressor" has the problem resolve though they are not directly audited, and originates a positive comm, or some manifestation that the problem between them and the PTS is dissolved. It's "spooky action at a distance".

The fact is, proven by the results of the NVRD, the Suppressed Person RD, the honest accomplishment of Step 15 of the NOTs RD, and myriad other aspects of application of Dianetics and Scientology tech, that raising the KRC and cause of one being, can and does affect other beings.

So, what we choose, what we put out, what we postulate, indeed, is what we get.

The entire "evil valence" itself, is one such creation. So, no need to ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee, and thee can attain awareness and so be cause over "evil". Here, and over "there".
Ingrid Smith
+1 # Ingrid Smith 2013-06-02 14:42
i remember going to the lawrence Radiation Lab with my stepfather who is a nucler physicist and being shown the bubble chamber and the atom splitter. Interesting stuff. He was part of the Manhatten project which is why I am looking forward to the day we can all sing hallelulah the physical sciences discover the Thetan and really know what a thetan is.
theo sismanides
+1 # theo sismanides 2013-06-02 17:02
Ingrid, I am still reading Jimbo's article... it's intense and I have to do a lot of wordclearing to get it... I got your comment much more easily, lol, and I wanted to say I am here and following you guys. Back to Jimbo's article.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-06-03 10:33
Yes, clearing the words to full conceptual understanding is the necessary action to getting the ideas being put across.

One word here, "radiation", for example means simply a sending out of "rays": a bunch of particles send out.

That's any type of particle.
# george 2013-06-02 18:42
Brilliant bridging Jim! I hope you send this to Bruce Lipton!
Jim Logan
+2 # Jim Logan 2013-06-03 07:18
I recently went through a tape from Oct 55, Stable Datum and the Study of Science, that suggests a method of integration of Scientology for all sorts of spheres, including of course, science.

I think for Dr. Lipton, that integration of truth is well under way. And that's whether he's ever read a single word of Dianetics/Scientology or not.
Sapere Aude
# Sapere Aude 2013-06-03 11:13
I would agree that the integration is underway. Great article above. I don't think we should be surprised when science finds and matches with much of what LRH wrote. If something is a basic truth then it has always been there. Others may find it. The application of the tech is what is most unique IMO.
Scott Campbell
+1 # Scott Campbell 2013-06-02 22:41
Speaking of Epigenetics... I have more engrams in my (astral)pinkie toe than you have in your whole (nebulous)body!

That being said, brilliant dissertation on the background and history as well as underlying theory of an Engram, Jimmy. You've obviously observed and understood this subject spherically instead of just circularly. It reminds me somewhat of how LRH worked in his research. Brilliant.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-06-03 11:20
Dang, you ARE a sharp one Scotty. Epigenetics indeed.
+2 # Sparks 2013-06-03 00:50
Brilliant piece of work here. Thank you for writing this, and for perceiving and studying all that went into this summary of correlations to "where" memory is store. Brilliant -- from the etymological root of "engram", to discerning what exactly is the hard rive (NOT the DNA, as you point out), you've done great original thinking and applied to to existing data.

Recent studies in biology are also calling epigenomes the "etch a sketch" of thought. Several science papers this year have presented findings that experiences can alter gene expression. For example, identical twins can share the exact same DNA, but vary in health, character, and other levels. Why? Because, finding show, their thought affects the epigenomes of their bodies (not the other way around).

L. Ron Hubbard was a great observer. He also had the courage to see what he saw and say it. I'm astonished about how few intelligent conversations there are about Hubbard and/or Scientology in our culture -- then again, considering what dominates the news headlines, perhaps it should not be so astonishing. Nevertheless, it's a shame -- then again, this culture has a history that its finest things are not grasped by the masses.

Anyway, thanks. A great read! And I can appreciate with admiration all that went into the observations and conclusions and expression of this article.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-06-03 09:52
The derivation of "comanome", can be taken as "sleep -rule/command". That is, commands given to the guy when he's "asleep", as in a moment of pain and unconsciousness, or the idea of these moments/incidents of pain and unconsciousness then "ruling" the computation and physicality of the person.
# Sparks 2013-06-04 03:20
So cool. Truly a cool tidbit of the evolution of the science.
# Keith 2013-06-08 18:40
Hey Jim,
Wow, what a great essay, thanks. You finally cleared up "quantum" for me. For many, many years I watched a program on the ABC called "Quantum" - it showed some pretty cool scientific stuff and also some wild, off the wall things that were extremely confusing. But since study tech and some nice gains in Scientology I know a lot more about life and what is workable for me and what I observe around me. I found I can pick my way through what is truth and what isn't to a far greater degree than as a stary eyed kid glued to the 'boob tube.'
I went back and read your earlier piece on the black box and Quantum fell into a place. At last that sticky piece in the bull pen got removed.
The science of life is at last catching up with itself and I'm sure there's a cognition or two of some magnitude waiting in the hallways of some universities and other places of "learned accomplishment." Truth can't hide forever, especially with people such as yourself doing what you do.
Cheers and tight lines.
Diana in Texas
+1 # Diana in Texas 2015-03-02 08:21
Great article Jim, thanks!
I attended a workshop yesterday, in which the term "engram", was mentioned, in association with Bruce Lipton's work/book. The speaker was a channel; Lee Carroll, channeling Kryon.
I googled Mr. Lipton + Scientology, right then and there. Your article came up.
I have been sampling several "other practices" along these lines, for the past year and am finding a global convergence of beliefs, which make clear to me, that LRH's tech truly is the fastest, most workable method, to achieve what we all want. Spiritual freedom.
In spite of the circus going on in the Church, thanks to you and the many out here, still practicing, Scientology is the best game in town.
Now, more than ever, it's real to me, that we need to "prepare to deliver", as I believe, the rabbit holes people are tunneling through, to find truth, will lead them to our doors.

Much love,
Richard Kaminski
# Richard Kaminski 2015-10-31 21:38
Excellent essay, thank you Jim.

And there I was, thinking Quantum Mechanics had painted itself into a corner...

At last we have a step forward in answering Descartes' conundrum: By what means can an immaterial soul yet have cause over a material body?
# Katia 2018-12-05 18:08
The current most advanced talks on these matters that I have found are the various channellings fron Kryon by Lee Carol on youtube, or in texts online or on their official web site-Kryon.com under 'audio'.

If you look for him with reference words such as DNA, the 12 Lawyers of DNA, Body Communication, Body Healing, or even Youthing, you will find stuff that noone else is talking about yet. It is sort of the missing links. Science disowned our 'junk DNA' because it could not understand it, yet he explains all of it and all its functions. That 'junk' is of a nature thatt cannot be measured by science yet. It is Quantum, it is spiritual. It is 8th Dynamic and 7th. It is also what holds all our memory both of the body line or the theta line. Being Quantum it actually means we can be by considedation aware of anything and any place not just inside our bodies but everywhere. Our DNA does not end here. It is in instant communication with all our cells at the same time, and with any other point in space and time... we hadve been messed with a ling time ago, so that this program, this DNA was dysfunctionall... but it is becoming activated now. I have personally experienced this and tell you guys- clearly well educated Scientoligists- that this is hot stuff. Get readdy for sonme exciting material, delivered in an unusual way compared to L R H's but believe me it is awesome.
What is coolest about it all is that he tells you that this can affect you as God ( and as we know ghrough engrams) too can and that this is a two way thing. So far, the energy levels of this planet inhibiited this but they are now high enough (higher tone level, higher thera) so that we can now successfuly command our DNA. We can be masters, and this is what beings like Jesus were- Masters of their own DNA. We have only 30 % ish of our DNA operational and someone with the state of Christ would be 100%. Many people on Earth are already above the 30% and this process has now momentum and is awakening in every body whether or not they are spiritually minded. This new revival will not make the world spiritual yet. It will bring a conscience of compassion which will in turn bring PEACE on Earth. This is not the end. This will be the beginning, the basis from which real change can begin to occur towards spirituality as until that happens all wisdom and technology can be weaponised...
Bu going back to what I was saying about receiving communication from God or DNA or the body, etc, ( all these things are within. In our oun DNA which is not mest particles but conscious) this can actually always potentially, be two ways. Two way. Communication. That means that we can now hear and talk to our body, our DNA, In Its various forms, from atomic levels and our cells and God inside. We are not stuck in the receiving position. We can work with it. We can ask it to stop reacting to bad memories and to instead forward positive memories. We can Ak it to drop karma ( the programiingvto 'learn' through karma can simply be dropped with intention!) We can ask it to activate the good experiences whole track, and also any wisdom we could use now... he tells us that we were once... many times before...we have been Masters (of our abilities before, OTs!!!) like Jesus etc, and that the record of this is in our DNA. Healing, being omnipresent, omnipresent, all knowing...bringing people back from the dead, parting the seas... (lol), is within us, is our innate potential. We can comand our DNA to do many things... such as to youth.
To command it we must must feel a very strong love ( like mother to newborn he says) lfor what he calls the innate, or the body or the Cells or God inside whichever, when we communicate to these things that are conscious and have them work for us for benevolent things. DNA is not just genetic nemory as our scientists teach you. It is not a final code either. It can be reprogrammed not only by external circumstances but by oneself and this will sound strange but he calls it engrams. Our instructing the DNA is an engram. Not in the Scn meaning but in the basic meaning of the word, an intentionaly made engraving of a thought an instruction writing -and this is done by consideration and communication with intention. With LOVE ( ok, call it ARC!) Everybody tells me I look 30 when I am 48. alsoi had two children the last couple of years. One 4 minths ago... another of my sons was a little overweight, he heard my explanation of this and appeared here a week later thin and fit I asked what he'd done and he at first said 'nothing', But the changes were so great that I iknew sth had happened andi had not suspected .. soI insisted sth had changed, what did he do? And eventually he confessed he had told his body to 'speed its metabolism'!. He is 19 but was 17/18 when this happened. He had never even read or heard Kryon. My explanation was enough...
This being is awesome. Everything I have learnt from him was for free and completely aligns with all that I have learnt from L R H.

I found this post because I felt there ought to be someone out there relating Kryon and L Ron Hubbard, and yes, I had always wandered too whatever happened to our memories, since I studied DMSMH. Where were they stored. Kryon tells you.
I have had surreal realisations and experiences from the learning of this wisdom he imparts. I invite you guys to have a peek.

Oh, do you know how L R H tells you how Africa will be where the next Great Civilisation will be born? Kryon tells you the same and gives you the explanation of exactly how this will come about and who will be the being spearheading and running this and when and how the kids of what LRH call in Rons Journal 67 the "12 men" i( who rule suppressively this world) will be more awakened and use the serious money in a non evil way at first and tge. A leader will unite all African Nations and run a civilization that wil run on spiritual values. Not money, not religion, but compassion - in business etc etc. This wil be in 70 years or so. Lee Carol himself has decided he will take this role his next lifetime.
Fascinating stuff.

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