By Lana Mitchell

You know we really do have great strength in the field. Far more than is recognized or acknowledged.

I mentioned in a recent post  ("A little secret" ) the fact there I see the Independent Scientology field very much like an underground network of renegades, talented rebels, and hopefuls. 

While the monopoly of Corp Scientology certainly had an iron grip twenty years ago, over recent times, as more and more people depart (very publically or quietly sliding off the radar) the grip has significantly loosed.

Some people have communicated publicly that they fear Miscavige, OSA, Corp Scientology, the Ethics Officer, or others that represent the suppressive group that the C of S has become.

But there truly is no need for fear or tip toeing around.

No need to withhold or to withdraw.

While the ogre may seem big, bad and ferocious, the truth is quite the opposite. Walk into a mission or church and clearly communicate that you do not support current management suppression and you will see staff shrink back, cower, and ask you to leave. Not that I am suggesting you do this -- but just to make a point - the persons who have cut the comm lines and have withdrawn are not those in the independent field. No -- actually it is Corp Scientology that overtly cuts any communication lines, and behind this action is FEAR.

Here is a wonderful quote Bruce Clarke sent to me today which is so applicable. Just had to share it:

5711xxx: Ability. Why You Should Come to a Congress. Vol IV p.189

"An insane group is one formed by the weak to protect them against the strong. A sane group is an expression of communication by those who could each one stand alone. "

"Also,there is no political "strong." Those who act so strong like Hitler et al. are really the weakest we have. There is no weak vs. the strong. There is the weak vs. the weak who have to act strong to fool people." LRH

As I mentioned earlier, there is currently a new group forming.

It is for those rebels, renegades and hopefuls who, as LRH describes, can each stand alone (and many have for a long time), but who together, as a sane OT group, can get up to all sorts of fun.

Write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to assist  - as I can use some assistance to get the last bits and pieces into place so we can launch -- and the more hands the merrier. :)



# Sparks 2013-05-25 14:03
Wonderful post. So true.
# SILVIA 2013-05-25 16:10
True, a leader -who pretends to lead but rather uses lies and threats as the means to achieve his hideous plans, will end fighting his own members. The tone level is so low that they themselves will drag each other way, way down. Lets focus on the successful talented rebels that are factually using LRH tech to better conditions and get to better and higher tones.
Bernie Wimbush
# Bernie Wimbush 2013-05-25 17:39
Good reminder. Te future is ours. Whatdoes the future hold for someone on te wrong side of hisory?
+1 # KFrancis 2013-05-25 22:32
Love and appreciate all the work you do Lana...
+2 # Espiritu 2013-05-25 22:57
I have observed the same thing. Although I am still under the radar for a couple of personal reasons, I have been very up front with org staff and connected Scientologists about my viewpoint. I tell them of the many personal wins I have had with the subject using standard tech and policy, how I know that it works wonders, but I also tell them that what I see going on now in the broad picture is not in-tech or on-policy....and I give specific examples with references. This seems to be a bit disconcerting to them because I am not antagonistic towards them or to my religion....nor even the church, really. It's just that the truths I communicate are difficult for them to confront.
They are definitely backing away when I communicate these things. But my hope is that as we continue to as-is the fear, more Scientologists will look and see for themselves and get de-PTSed.
# SKM 2013-05-26 10:22
I observed the same.
The Truth is communicated best with high ARC. It's not always easy since many of them are in so deep agreement (not-is) about the current events, but no reason to make the people wrong - it's far more workable if you just understand where they are.
# Keith 2013-05-26 02:01
Nicely said Lana.
My agreement with certain groups went by the wayside well over a decade ago. Never really thought of myself as a renegade or some such, but I do have some affinity with that identity. I just love those who look at the "and now I'm supposed to's..." with the eye of suspicion they deserve.
The future looks better everytime an individual adopts the truth.
Ingrid Smith
# Ingrid Smith 2013-05-26 12:47
A while back I had the realization that the people I can trust are the ones who have a high confront-they are the strong ones. They can confront their own problems and faults as well as others too.

The snively low confront characters will throw you under the bus at any given moment.

It took me MANY Liability formulas( deciding who are one's friends) to realize the above, which has lead to my becoming less and less of a victim. Hey, if I am going to be friends with an enemy I only have myself to thank for the ensuing grief.

Great post on pointing out the strong from the weak!!
# Nickname 2013-05-27 04:01
There is undoubtedly great strength in the field ... Lana! There are also many who dabbled and distanced, as well as experienced auditors who need some rehabili ... ooops! wrong word! ... open space and a qual div. It is hard to stop water from running downhill, or through a seive. It is even harder to stop a bubble from rising through water into the open fresh air above.

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