By Bernie Wimbush

Ran across that old book “The Way to Happiness” today and it brought back some memories that I thought I would share.

Firstly, the trap of the goal ‘To be Happy’. I refer to this as a subjective goal, because it is what you mean it to be. You can flog yourself to death chasing it and others can use it as a button to put you at effect. If my memory goes far enough back, when we were running GPMs, that top item of who would have a goal to be happy, gives the item of ‘An Unhappy Person.’ Bit sad eh?

And then in 1981 LRH writes this little book! I can remember thinking that I had to be at least a little bit naughty to have any fun, but as I look at it, that was the conservative Christian teachings which supported the idea that there was something wrong with enjoying oneself. Perhaps it was the Christian Church with the problem of the overcrowding in the nunneries for pregnant nuns, or the Irish Catholic girls getting pregnant to young Irish priests that finally got rid of the Pope’s harems and relegated sex to the evil taboo bin.

And yet this little book made sense. Simply looking after oneself results in a feeling of well being. And not having a nasty hangover the morning after was a much more pleasant start to the day. One can only wonder how precepts re children and parents reconcile with disconnection.

I was at Steven’s Creek when the book and rundown came out. I remember the excitement when I was one of two selected to do the course at Los Angeles. The auditing was so powerful that it totally changed my outlook on life in ways I couldn’t explain. And the cognitions kept on coming for months after.

I remember the excitement when we returned to the mission and started delivering the auditing to the public. And I bought my Jaguar. A real flourish and prosper.

Then roughly a year later, the infamous Mission Holders’ conference. “Do not harm a person of good will” says the precept, and in the first line ‘Despite the insistence of evil men that all men are evil’. So many good people were harmed by spurious declares. Sec Checks that really tell more about the person who ordered it than the person receiving the punishment.

And I wonder how DM reconciles “The Golden Rule” with current corporate Scientology practices?

Re-reading that little book revitalized my own road and pointed out the outnesses perpetrated in the name of Scientology. I recommend it to you.


+2 # Espiritu 2013-05-23 04:11
Yeah, that's the problem with the word "happiness". What is happiness to a psychotic? Slashing throats?

But Ron knew what he meant by the word and he meant what nearly all people mean when they think about happiness. This book does appeal to normal people. It is a good book. It is sensible. And applying the precepts in it does help one to create a happier, safer, successful life. I, too, agree that it is a beautiful work.
How does DM reconcile The Golden Rule with current Corporate Scientology practices? He can't. He can't even conceive of what the Golden Rule is because he can't really imagine himself standing in another persons shoes, apparently believes that he should be treated much better than anyone else no matter what, and doesn't give a rats ass what anyone else feels anyway. He is a psycho. He doesn't even apply TWTH to his own family.
So, we can just ignore him and people of his ilk, and apply it to our own lives.
Great post!
Do you still audit this rundown?
Jim Logan
+3 # Jim Logan 2013-05-23 07:21
I have a huge smile on the subtle point of "an unhappy person" as the identity of one whose Goal is "to be happy".

The simplest of observations LRH made, that are so profound and really do as-is what is actually in play among us girls.

Thanks Bernie, for all sorts of things :-)
+1 # Vertsurblanc 2013-05-24 13:51
Thanks for the article.

The course needs to be taught, not the booklet dished out so that a magical de-stimulation can happen.

In communities making up the bulk of the planet, poor, lacking eduction, millions with no parents, this booklet can be a revelation.

It has been sullied by cofs. It is identified with the cult.

But, thankfully, the above target audience usually doesn't give a dang.
Bernie Wimbush
+1 # Bernie Wimbush 2013-05-24 18:07
I must confess that I haven't audited the rundown for many years, ut a planning to. With all our modern societie's solutions to Happiness, this simple but efecticwe approach can make a difference. It may have been sullied by current cos practces, but there are more branches and I explain that I elong to the Reforming Church which opposes the evils the dying church practiced.

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