By Thomas Price

Definition of Requiem : a Christian ceremony in which people pray for the dead.

While contemplating the current scene in the Church it stuck me on the causes of the demise of the Church and how we have come to this place. 

Looking back I believe the real boom in the Church happened during the 1970s. This boom was caused by the power and reach of the Mission network which primarily focused on getting new people into Scn. The expanding Scn mission network flowed people into the local Orgs and then up the line to ASHO and AOLA for higher class training and auditing. 

The Mission network prospered in the 1970s because entrepreneurs (define: “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk”) were allowed to get on with the game. From my experience the Scientology Mission entrepreneurs were not motivated to make money but rather:

            To make a difference (to help), and

            To get on with the show without undue interference 

These entrepreneurs just wanted to run their own show and not have the boot heels of someone else pressing them down. They wanted to operate independent.

These entrepreneurs manifested the Prelogic Q1: “Self-determinism is the common denominator of all life impulses”. As long as the entrepreneurial Mission holder was allowed to get on with their game, the Missions flourished and such legends as Davis Mission, Palo Alto mission, and others brought floods of new public into Scientology.

As Mr Dan Koon has written before, the Scientology system could have been built around a large Mission network whose skill was bringing new public into the Church, and local Orgs with a strong Qual to correct the products from the field, and provide further training for those graduating auditors up the line. Then an upper org ASHO could refine the auditor product thru more rigorous training, and the Advanced Org could provide upper level auditing service.

The key was strong entrepreneurs who were allowed to be free, to get on with their purpose, and drive  new public into Scientology.

However once the RTC smashed the Mission network in 1982 with heavy ethics and control, it drove the entrepreneurs out of the Church and there was no one left with the initiative and drive to recreate the destroyed Mission network. And once the missions collapsed there was no flow of new people to drive into the Orgs. And just look at what we have now, a dying Church which is pushing its resources to build so-called Ideal orgs (buildings) which will ultimately be monuments to disastrous planning.

And the Mission network of the 1970s which was so proficient at getting new public into Scn, has now been replaced with high definition TVs and videos in the Ideal Orgs’ information center. It is all MEST now. Is it any wonder the Church is dying a slow but persistent death?

The Church needed a visionary leader to take the reins once LRH was gone. Someone who could look out 20 to 30 years, or more, and predict how the future could unfold, and plan accordingly. And someone who could recognize and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and promote the self-determinism of all Scientologists.

Instead the Church got a reactionary leader who retreated into the past, smashed any entrepreneurial spirit in the Church by demanding unthinking obedience, and therefore destroyed the pursuit of self-determinism that had once driven the true expansion of the Church.

And thus, here we are now. Like it or not, you as an individual, willing to stand up and speak your mind, may be the best hope left to encourage and promote Q1: “Self-determinism is the common denominator of all life impulses”.



Bernie Wimbush
# Bernie Wimbush 2013-05-21 17:12
Well said Thomas. Well, we will or are simply doing it again out of the reach of oppression and short sightedness.
Lisa Bladh
+2 # Lisa Bladh 2013-05-21 17:23
When I realized that the trust I had put in the Church in the past, was built on a non-existing vision of stability and expansion, I at first felt very much alone.
The burden of the future of Scientology laid heavily on my shoulders.

I did not know much about the independent field and from what I could see many individual voices with a lot of different viewpoints and ideas kept bouncing around. Nothing wrong with that. But for the future of an idea and a grass root movement, some sort of common purpose and activity is kind of needed.

As of lately I do not feel the same burden anymore, not to take away any of my own personal responsibility, but the difference is that I do not feel alone. I truly feel like I am part of a group, even if I have hardly met any of you. But through communication we are forming these visions together and from that people will start to act. And what you describe about the mission network will happen again. As a matter of fact I think it has already started, even if what we see now are in its early stages.

This is what I see. My hope for the future is that we from now on, as we build our new groups, will be better at defending and executing personal self-determinism and freedom of speech.

Thank you for a good article!
tony Dephillips
# tony Dephillips 2013-05-21 17:56
Superb post!! I think that the organization envisioned by Dan Koon could have been extremely workable.
# Espiritu 2013-05-22 02:44
Very good post, Thomas. This is a very accurate summary of the destruction of the orgs and how it happened. Ah, if only we had had a highly trained, on purpose leader to take up the reins, keep the Church (Scientologists!) together, and lead us forward along our purpose lines. Unfortunately, I believe there were a few vultures circling from a few years before LRH passed, thinking primarily of how to acquire POWER for themselves and not so much about our religion. One of them succeeded.
But a Requiem? Here's another thought: How about a Phoenix rising from the ashes!

Perhaps we might do with a bit of inspiration courtesy of John Belushi's character, Bluto, in the movie "Animal House", i.e.,

Nothing is over until we decide it is.



# Dan351 2013-05-22 07:35
In the 1970's the primary program heavily pushed in orgs was LRH ED 54 Int SUPERIOR SERVICE IMAGE PROGRAM NO.1


"It is no real concern of ours to try to hold the field versions standard. They mess up pcs and students. They always will. A militant org attitude to keep the field straight is silly. Let them flub as you are trying to control something you cannot."

"The whole message is, If anyone gets roughed up in field training or processing THE OFFICIAL ORGS EXIST TO STRAIGHTEN OUT THE STUDENT OR PC. ALL HE NEEDS TO DO IS COME INTO AN OFFICIAL ORG."

"A line to Franchises to the effect that the org will be happy to handle their rough cases or pcs if they send them in to the org (at the student or pc's own expense) will be received as very welcome news."

"The org is the benign source of the groups and Franchises and helps them out."


In 1982, LRH Executive Directive 54 Int was effectively canceled and replaced with the "militant org attitude" that LRH warned against.
+1 # T PRICE 2013-05-22 11:51
Dan 351 what a great quote from LRH thank you for posting
# Paul 2013-05-22 15:39
Fantastic post!
# Sparks 2013-05-22 16:32
Good point. Pan-determinism. and "a being does not owe his/her help" (what's the HCOB that points that out so beautifully?)
# Sparks 2013-05-22 16:44
Along the lines of the title of this article, the Requiem for Corporate Scientology, there is an intelligent article that lucidly summarizes and why-finds when religions turn evil.

This article (URL clickable, website on my name) applies to Corporate Scientology.

When religious beliefs become evil: 4 signs, by John Blake

SUMMARY of the 4 Signs

1. I know the truth, and you don't.
So how do you tell the difference between the healthy claims of absolute truth and the deadly? Scholars say to look at the results: When people start hurting others in the name of their religious truth, they've crossed the line.

2. Beware the charismatic leader.
Don't condemn the religion, condemn its abuse.
Countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt will often deploy imams (upper understanding members) to reach out to young men in prison who have adopted "Islamism," or extreme forms of Islam sanctioning violence against civilians, says Husain, who has written about Muslim extremism.
"The antidote to extremism is religion itself," Husain said. "The problem is not to take Islam out of the debate but to use Islam to counter Islamism."

(Same of Scientology)

3. The end is near
"A religious terrorist mistakenly believes that God has ordained or called him or her to establish the will of God on Earth now, not gradually and not according to the slow and finicky free will of other humans."

4. The end justifies the means.
Religion is supposed to be a force for good. Still, it's common that everyone from suicide bombers to venal church figures finds ways to justify their behavior in the name of some higher good.

It would merit permission to reprint the whole article! (Maybe they will allow it)

So, yes, those who love Scientology should get on with applying Scientology.

Along those lines, the great post by Lana Mitchell about the power of the communication formula is one example. So much help and relief is but an application away.
# Sparks 2013-05-22 16:48
Meant to say the post on Communication by Bernie Wimbush.
dani lemberger
# dani lemberger 2013-05-24 14:56
Very true, very well said

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