By Lana Mitchell

Thank you for your survey responses on study tech and word clearing. Here is another survey – on a famously touchy subject ... TRs.

Stories abound of people trying to get a Corp Scientology “TRs pass” in for months on end, or being on the Pro Metering Course for years, as they cannot get the needed meter reads or their videos keep being flunked for seemingly arbitrary reasons.

Then there is the notable RTC personae that church staff try to emulate -  that is almost cold and no ARC, and now seems to be the standard to judge if you have your “TRs in” or not.

And of course there are the wonderful descriptions of TRs by people who have no clue what they are or what they do (staring eyes, shouting at ashtrays, etc.).

Please take a moment to answer our survey questions on the subject (SURVEY LINK HERE) – and also read the below LRH description of what TR 0 is supposed to achieve.

“On this course we will be doing training drills that will help you to recognize the parts of communication and to apply the communication formula in life.  We call these drills Training Routines or TRs. 

“The first drill deals with the attention part of the communication formula.  It's called Confronting.  The word confront means to stand face-to-face; to bring into the presence of; or to face up to.  If you can't face up to someone you will have a hard time communicating to him.  If you can confront another person and just be there comfortably in front of him, it will be much easier for you to communicate with that person. 

“Just simply being there confronting the other person comfortably is a very basic ingredient for good communication.  But how many times have you observed people not fully just being there and instead, showing uneasiness and discomfort and so on?  How many times have you talked to someone whose interest or attention was somewhere else, who wasn't confronting you?  It is like talking to yourself, which is a profitless activity. 

“Examine people who seem to be very much alive, who are on the ball, who are interested, who have a ready, quick intelligence, and you will find that they also have a lot of energy, yet are very relaxing to be with.  When they look at you, they see you.  You do not get the feeling of being looked through as if you were not there. 

“These people have a high ability to confront.  They are easy to talk to and also are interested in you.  They can put their attention on something and maintain it without getting caught-up in all sorts of idle thoughts.  Their attention is outwards on their environment and not constantly turned in on themselves and on their own problems. 

“This is what we mean by confronting.  Being there and facing up to people and situations easily, without discomfort or effort.  That which a person can confront he can handle.  The first step of handling anything is gaining an ability to face it. 

“Actually, we are looking here at the basic anatomy of all problems.  Problems start with an inability to confront something.  Whether you apply this to yourself or your family, to school or business, you can always trace the beginning of any existing problem to an unwillingness to confront.  The less a problem is confronted, the more of a problem it will become. 

“Some people have the idea that if they don't look at their problems, the problems will go away.  This is a nice idea, but very unworkable, because the problems then pile up worse than ever. 

“Improve a person's ability to face up or confront and he finds he handles his life and his problems far better.  In fact, the problems seem to the person to be smaller, because he can confront them more directly.  Respect for yourself and others depends first on an ability to confront things.  So does communication. 

“Did you ever run into someone you couldn't really face up to?  Well, this first drill will help you handle that.  Are you ready?  See your supervisor.  LRH lecture 7510C22 An Introduction to Communication and Confronting – TR 0.


+1 # SILVIA 2013-05-13 10:32
Lana, thank you so much---it is very refreshing to re-read this LRH Tech. He is so caring, so simple and so practical. I love it.
Do well
Chris Black
+3 # Chris Black 2013-05-13 14:32
There's plenty enough LRH session demo tapes which give a proper TRs example and presence and lots of issues on the subject I can't fathom how someone would want to emulate anyone other than LRH - especially RTC! It makes me wonder what's going on these days in the CoS. TRs are a natural and easy ability to attain if one has no MUs and honestly did the courses and checksheets. And once one's TRs are in, they're in per LRH. Of course, drilling always helps, but if one got their TRs really in, they'd stay in. And they'd be natural if one studied LRH, not RTC or Miscavology!
Ingrid Smith
+1 # Ingrid Smith 2013-05-13 14:54
In this PL he explains how we ended up in our current 3D mess. "The basic thing man can't or won't confront is evil"..." These people who always rationalize evil behavior (he wasn't feeling well which is why he murdered the policeman,"etc.) can be counted on to voice some theetie-whettie (goodie-goodie) justification for somebody's thoroughly evil conduct".........One will also find that Miss Theetie Wheetie leads a horribly comples life--adjusting her thinking to agree with" air spirits" and leaving her family because there might be mice in the basement"
I can't even keep track of the wins,because there are so many,of those who have done TRs and done them correctly.
Chris Mann
# Chris Mann 2013-05-13 15:01
Cool. I have joked a few times that I did the "How to get a video past RTC" TR's course at Flag.

I'll fill out the survey.
Tony Dephillips
+3 # Tony Dephillips 2013-05-13 19:44
Thanks so much for this LRH quote. It reminded me why I loved studying Scientology so much. The guy is a friggin genius. I always loved a reference like this that is so crystal clear. I don't enjoy when writers are hard to duplicate. This is LRH at his best.
+2 # Worsel 2013-05-13 20:48
What I found usefull:
"Well, the subject of auditing is first recounted in a book called The Original Thesis. And the rule has not changed between 1949 and now. The Original Thesis is prior to Dianetics the Modern Science of Mentai Heaith. And I was glancing through it a moment ago and the last editor of it has not punched this up into the caps it deserves.
The reason why auditing can occur is that PC plus the auditor is greater than the PCs bank. The PC versus the auditor and the bank is overwhelmed. Now think it over for a minute and you'll see that the law has not changed in all these years. And you speak about basics. That is the most basic basic there is in auditing. The PCs awareness plus the auditors' awareness concentrated upon the reactive bank is greater than the bank. Inevitably and invariably. As an individual moves up into the upper OT sections, if he has made it into those sections, then he himself, all by himself is greater than the strength and power of his bank. This is peculiarly true then in the lower grades that it takes the auditor plus the PC as you would might add up ohms or volts or anything else, you know? Like the auditors volts plus the PCs volts are greater than the volts of the bank. Do you follow? It's that, you know? The auditors' apples plus the PCs apples are greater than the counter apples of the bank. Do you follow? It's just arithmetically true. ….
You can, immediately and directly then measure your ability as an auditor of uniting with the PC to handle his bank by the cleanness of the needle in the major actions of the session. Expect a needle to go D/N in the Ruds. We expect it to. We hit missed withhold it for sure will. But to have this happen in the body of the session means that the auditors' TRs went out. Now his TRs went out is another way of saying he ceased to be with the PC. Now we can give you the cycle of communication. We can gave you all of the various actions which you have to do. But there's one action which remains with the auditor. Is he versus the PC? Is he on the other football team? Is the cowboy somebody in the black hat sitting across the table from him? See? Is he trying to help the PC get through the bank or isn't he?…
What is Class VIII auditing? It is auditing the PC with good TRs. Now, do you sit there and say, "Let's see now. I have to love this PC. Therefore I'm womp womp womp womp womp. You're gonna audit over a hell of a false line. All you gotta have is just willing to help him out, that's all. If you're willing to help him out you're OK. And if you know how to help him out you're very OK. And if your TRs are very smooth they will stem from those other two points." (6810C10, Auditor Attitude and the Bank)
# TenFour 2013-05-15 17:43
Excellent survey. Thank you for being interested.
dani lemberger
# dani lemberger 2013-05-17 15:49
Good job Lana!
TR's are the most basic tools of Scientology. Were the first thing I did in 1980 when I got on lines. went exterior, huge wins, and became a Scientologist. I still love them and usually recommend as the first thing to do.

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