By Bernie Wimbush

I remember back in 1960 how I was impressed by the presence of the Scientologists who ran the Communication Course, the Co-Audit, and the HPA course.

I did the HPA back in 1961 as a very shy 20 year old. The course was 26 weekends. Both days were 9 to 5 and it was full on. Theory and practical. One girl grew more and more attractive as I started to lose my shyness and I got the courage to ask her out (frowned on by course rules at the time, but we behaved ourselves), but it was a demonstration in the real world as to how my life was changing.

I started auditing. We ran the latest processes but I needed more training. I knew that. Then the graduates from St Hill started coming back. Highly trained  ‘goal finders’ with a presence to boot. One could not help but be impressed with their TRs and ARC and everything.

The Wimbush family agreed that the Briefing Course was essential and we would use the family business to support us.  Kingsley went first in 1963 and we were soon getting letters from him which impressed us all.

Then my turn came. Kingsley was still on the course and I would meet him and see him graduate. There were reports in the press that Scientologists were sneaking into England disguised as tourists so it was resolved that I would get a stamp on my passport confirming Dad was born in England and as such I had right of entry. The passport was duly sent to the capital city and we eagerly awaited its return. The ship was booked and paid for, the course was booked and paid for. I just had to wait.

Three days before the ship was due to sail the passport was nowhere to be seen. Passport control was not interested in my problem. But Dad was. He raised hell. Got onto the local politician who he knew and the next thing was a phone call from Passport control to let me know that if I came in on the morning of departure they would give me the needed documents. And guess what, the passport turned up at the same time.

I shared a cabin with four other young lads, but try as I could, I could never get accepted into their group. Meal times were worse, no one spoke to me. The trip was a very lonely one for a 23 year old. The only positive thing was visiting foreign countries; India, Egypt, Italy, Gibraltar and finally England.

Kingsley met me and I was immediately impressed with his presence. The St Hill factor was obvious. He was no longer my younger brother. He was a Scientologist!

We did theory in the morning with tough checkouts, star rated all the way. Practical was in the afternoon in the Pavilion There, Herbie put us though our paces.

After dinner we were back again to audit for 2 ½ hours. Card tables were set up with less than a metre between them and we had to create the space for the session.

We started with 2WC. Two afternoons were set aside for a live lecture from LRH or a test on the previous one. LRH introduced each new student (which was on the recorded tapes until a few years ago).

I graduated 2WC and got to fly ruds and run repetitive processes. And they gave me a case that wouldn’t run. I checked the first rudiment and it read. TA at 6. PC couldn’t find it. Pink sheet from Herbie. I studied everything but nothing was coming to my aid. I thought about it for some time and decided that this was a long standing Scientologist and she would know if she had an ARCX break. Maybe the charge was on being asked a question? This was before LRH had put out the tech on what false reads are and how to detect them.

 Next session Herbie stood behind me, perhaps to check how his pink sheet went. I called the rud. It read with a beautiful instant 2cm read. “That’s Clean”, I called. The TA dropped 2 divisions and I knew I was on the right track. Herbie couldn’t contain himself “That Read!” he shouted. TA back to 6 as Herbie created a masterpiece of Pink Sheets. But it was too late, I knew how to make this case fly (just had to make sure Herbie was not around).

I was made a student instructor on the practical course and it was a real point of pride.

We used to have 2 days off on weekends and one day for getting groceries for the week and the other for touring. John Galusha would often invite me to go with them on their many trips in his old Jaguar. They were a real pleasure.

I bought my own tape player to get though the wall of tapes, and after 9 months I graduated. When one graduated one got to meet LRH and he asked me to make sure Perth were using the Clay Table work he had recently developed. We shook hands and I went to meet the ship home at Southampton.

It was a smaller ship and its passengers were assisted immigrants coming to Australia. Ten pound Poms as we called them. Again a 4 berth cabin and 4 young lads. This time, I created the group. They all followed me to the dance on the first night out. I led them to a group of 4 girls obviously from a 4 berth cabin like us and it was on. There was no real entertainment on the ship so we created a show for captain crew and passengers. We were amateurs but the ship loved us. The Captain sat in the front row and laughed with everyone as we did a skit on the dining room and I poured a jug of cold water down a girl’s front (in rehearsals the jug was empty.)

Gone was that shy 23 year old. Here was a Scientologist!

I couldn’t wait to get back to Perth.


Tom M
+1 # Tom M 2013-05-07 08:38
Bernie, what a terrific story. I was right there on the boat with the guys and the girls. How intoxicating it all seems. I can see arriving at St Hill, mystified and overwhelmed and then going through all that, meeting LRH and getting marching orders from him. Then going home a changed being. Beautiful story.
ML Tom
one of those who see
# one of those who see 2013-05-07 11:22
What a wonderful story Bernie. Thank you!!! Scientology history and what a wonderful testimony of it's workablility.
Sapere Aude
# Sapere Aude 2013-05-07 11:37
Great story! To have been able to experience and train at that time is priceless. Thanks for sharing.
# george 2013-05-07 15:18
Loved that story Bernie!! Picking up the false read like that, masterfull!
Bernie Wimbush
+2 # Bernie Wimbush 2013-05-07 16:39
Thanks guys. Really appreciate teh feedback. Magical times for me back then, bu we can make those times happen again for the people that follow us.
Tony DePhillips
# Tony DePhillips 2013-05-07 20:43
Great story!! Thanks.
Jim Logan
+1 # Jim Logan 2013-05-08 04:21
Of course, you passed TWC before you went on! The basics of auditing first. I'm studying hard the mid 50s material on TWC, and my auditing has changed, improved to what it really is - postulates and live communication. These fundamentals make it what it should be; a freakin' blast for all involved.

I can see you calling the rud clean, the TA BDing heavily, and the pc beaming too. And Herbie confounded by that 2cm read! Hah!

Great story. Well done on the cruise back home too :-)
Ronnie Bell
# Ronnie Bell 2013-05-08 19:14
Wonderful post, Bernie. All of the little details about your experience helped make the tenor of those times more real to me. I really duplicated how you and your family felt about the unfolding wonder of the tech in those days.

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