By Berne Wimbush

* Bernie is a Class VIII, FEBC, OT VII. He has been off church lines since the early 80’s when he was declared by Miscavige. For the last 30 years he has continued to use and practice Scientology, taking basic Scientology principles and helping people from all walks of life.  This is an article that he originally wrote  in the 90’s for people who had never heard of Scientology, which I thought many of you would enjoy as it shows how easy it is to handle life’s problems using the tools provided by LRH -- regardless of whether you are a ‘Scientologist’ or not. LRH provides ample tools for handling life’s problems.  No matter where a person is on the Grade Chart, problems can be solved. Sometimes we forget how simple these tools are.  Lana Mitchell

Problems appear to be different depending on the awareness of the individual. At the highest level, a problem is always a solution to something and that something was a solution as well. You can get someone over a difficulty by simply getting them to look at what uses a particular problem could have. Keep asking for the uses until the problem changes and then do the same thing again on the new problem.

Another way of looking at problems is that they must contain an unknown factor. This is easier to accept and so is easily useable. Each of the following can be used until the problem has gone (but don't mix the methods).

1. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM EXACTLY? Get the person to describe it in detail and then ask the question again. Keep at it until something is discovered. A new look or something.

2. TELL ME ABOUT THE PROBLEM. This method is much looser and the idea is simply to get the person to tell you what he has thought or done about the problem now, or in previous times (when he had it) until the unknown factor or viewpoint appears. This is true lateral thinking. He will get a new look at the problem and it will disappear. Question things he knows are "TRUE" and get him to explain why they are so.

3. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? and when answered IS THERE AN EARLIER SIMILAR PROBLEM? If it bogs down, get the client to tell you about it and ask again. Persist until the client has a realization on it and it resolves.

These three should cover most situations. You will know that you have handled the problem when there the person has no more attention on it.


David Cooke
+2 # David Cooke 2013-04-30 22:16
That's a lot of tech in a small space, and in language doesn't assume any specialised vocabulary. And even the important point "don't mix methods."
Tony DePhillips
+2 # Tony DePhillips 2013-05-01 00:00
Nice, useable tech. I like that kind of thing.
# Don_M 2013-05-01 09:08
Simple and useable. I like the data about an unknown factor and used to attribute resolutions that came about by talking to people to 'communication is the universal solvent' so this makes it clearer for me.

Lateral thinking was a new term to me (Lateral thinking is solving problems through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and involving ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic.)
Ingrid Smith
# Ingrid Smith 2013-05-01 12:06
Great article.Since I work with alot of new people, I'm very grateful to Ron for simple yet powerful tech to help in life. I show mothers how to handle their kids and business owmers how to handle their staff or their business and they think it is genius. And it is.
# Thoughtful 2013-05-01 12:22
Ingrid, Why don't you consider writing an article on what you tell those mothers and business owners. Such everyday techniques sometimes get buried by the sheer quantity of materials LRH wrote and spoke about.
Ingrid Smith
# Ingrid Smith 2013-05-01 13:22
OK-I will
# george 2013-05-01 15:33
Thanks Bernie! Excellent data!
# Vertsurblanc 2013-05-01 18:09
Great article Bernie (or is it Berne?)

I will use them. On lateral thinking, I find if I have a powerful lateral thought my head bumps into the wall. Just kidding.

I will try this article out with my staff who handle such issues daily.

Bernie Wimbush
+4 # Bernie Wimbush 2013-05-01 19:27
To give a little background on this article, it was written to solve a problem. When I started my group way back in 83 I hadd the problem of new people. I put on a salesman and proceeded to debug his sales skills using LRH tech. (Haven't seen that? Its a bit hidden, butI have summarized it elsewhere.) Well it worked so well I had more clients than I could handle. So I put on consultants and gave them a very simple way of creating magic. No meter, very little TRs and we rained t up as they moved mountains. In the begining I handled the 'difficult' cases, but very quickly found out this stuff worked on all cases in the hands of untrained well meaning consultants. I used to explain that you don't need to give solutions, jst let them clear the charge off it and it will resolve. All my training at StHil as a review auditor, learing to make C/S 53s sing, was wasted. The stuff worked so well we never needed review.
It really works and isn't dangerous. Have fun.
Sapere Aude
# Sapere Aude 2013-05-01 22:35
Bernie - First, thank you for all you have done to help your fellow man. Second - great description of how to help. Simple, basic, to the point and effective. Tis a reminder of the simple solutions we have been denied by the suppression of workable tech. I always enjoy when you post. What is next? hmm... I shall find out whenever you decide.
Tom M
# Tom M 2013-05-02 00:08
Nice Bernie, thanks.

ML Tom

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