By Tom Martiniano

Hi all. It has been intimated in recent articles that there is a new group coming. And you will hear much on this in the next short while. There are a number of the old guard who have banded together, to get the show on the road – and in accord with the coming announcement of this, Lana asked me to write up a series of articles based on a plan on how we move forward as an independent Scientology community.

Before I do that I want to lay down a few solid basics here.  I’ll do this with a good story from the days before the bottom fell out.  There are false datums and local false policies that were laid in just before the bottom fell out in 1987 that I want to bring to everyone’s attention so that we don’t go down this road again.

In 1986 I was the Sea Org Programs Chief in middle management.  I was in charge of the establishment and the actual running of AOLA, ASHOD, ASHOF, AOSHEU, AOSHUK and AOSHANZO.  I was also running FSO on the side.  Around August of 1986 Mark Yager (then CO CMO INT) sent Owen Starkey to me. Owen was running around in EU on the Freewinds Reg Mission getting donations to purchase the new ship to deliver OT VIII.  He was also telling FSO and AOSHEU regges that they were squirreling with their reg missions in the orgs. FSO and AOSHEU GI were crashing.  Owen was found to be at the bottom of the GI crashes. 

Owen arrived at my desk and I asked him why he was telling FSO and AOSHEU regges to quit regging and then tell them that they were squirreling.  He said to me:  “Because they are squirreling.” I said “You’ve lost your mind.”  Owen said to me with 100% certainty “Find the LRH reference on AOSHEU and FSO Reg tours to orgs. In fact find any references by LRH on reg tours at all.  Find it and then talk to me, otherwise you are talking out of your ass.”  I dismissed him back to HCO and I looked in my hat pack. To my utter shock, there were no references on reg tours by AOSH or FSO.  The only references I could find were “Goodwill Tours”.

A Goodwill Tour is where the AO or St Hill orgs send Sea Org members out to orgs on tour and ask the staff “What do you need?” If the ED says “I need a good reg” or “I need a good supervisor” the tour will stay there until they procure and post a “Good reg” or a “Good supervisor”.  

If the ED says “I need a real good GI week”, the tour will help them get it.  I was astounded that I had read these references before, but I kind of brushed them off thinking “well, that’s not what we do now.”

I pulled Owen back in and told him what I found. He said “Did you read LRH’s letters to me?”  I said “No,” He said “Well, then you’re not hatted as a Sea Org Programs Chief.”  So I went and found the letters to Owen from LRH and read them. 

There it was: LRH said that if you do anything but these goodwill tours, the orgs will dry up and the AOSH will dry up as well. In fact, in the advices LRH forbid AOSHEU and FSO to reg in these orgs.   But there they were in these orgs in force. There were AOSH or FSO tours in every major org in EU and the orgs were struggling.   So was the AOSH. 

I immediately sent out orders to send out Goodwill Tours and worked out a plan to phase out the Reg tours.  The orgs started to respond and as a result the AOSH went into a 2-year affluence.  Of course I got into trouble with upper management for knocking out the reg tours because what I cut across more than anything phasing out the reg tours was book sales.

This was right in the middle of the book debit marathon that drove every org insolvent.  I got my ass kicked by ASI for cutting across book sales. Who was running ASI? The person who currently makes empty orgs for a living; His initials are DM.  I was replaced shortly afterwards with another Programs Chief who was more friendly to reg tours and book sales and everything I did in setting up the goodwill tours was erased and book debits became the way of management. 

Orgs by the dozens went insolvent. ASI ran things and kicked our butts if we did anything to cut across book sales.  DM had established control in 1987, one short year after LRH’s death.   The ASI staff made plenty of money in their pockets from book sales.  The bonuses were what this was all about. DM crammed his own pockets with loot from insolvent orgs.

But the lesson was learned: It takes a farmers mentality to expand Scientology.

You have to plant seeds for the future in order to have crops in the future.

If you shortcut it, you will get no crops, no food and death will follow shortly afterwards.

DM thinks he can shortcut all of this “management nonsense” and slam-dunk the orgs there, PR the hell out of them and reg more donations based on the PR of these fancy Ideal Orgs. This gambit of his is one of the best scams of the 21st century.  It is a brilliant ruse to get existing Scientologists to pay big bucks and keep the show on the road. Orgs are very hard to kill because their very essence is survival.  The org staffs are getting brilliant at keeping the doors open and keeping on going. DM knows that these staff will keep on until they die themselves.  But DM did not read KSW and doesn’t understand that no farm can live without crops. At some point it will all cave in on them and DM will take his millions and go to Argentina where extradition is not allowed.

We need to have the farmer mentality. We need to plant seeds, and now. The seeds are pcs and auditor trainees.  We need to start making auditors and C/Ses now, now, now.

I am going to follow up with the next leg of this plan in a few days. Stay tuned.




+1 # Simple 2013-04-28 17:08
Tony DePhillips
+1 # Tony DePhillips 2013-04-28 17:29
Good stuff Tom.
I admire your tenacity.
+2 # SKM 2013-04-28 17:57
Tom. Thank you. That was enlightening.
Really - love this kind of group-engram running.
Tom M
+2 # Tom M 2013-04-29 09:18
More to come

ML Tom
Ronnie Bell
+2 # Ronnie Bell 2013-04-28 21:46
Right on, Tom. If we don't plant the seeds that become tomorrow's auditors and supervisors, what will be here for us to come back to? Certainly not what we initially found when we first ran into Scientology.

I look around, and see very few younger people in our movement. That's not surprising, given that Miscavige literally slammed the entry gates to the Bridge shut, decades ago. We elder Scientologists must hurry to pass the legacy of the tech onto younger generations. Talk about a Hill-10!

Since leaving the corporation, I've looked forward to a time in which the tech of Scientology has been completely freed from the grip of the mother church, and where completely independent groups and organizations spring up around the world. I'm certain that we're evolving to that point, but who knows when the moment of final emancipation will actually be?

They don't yet realize it, but the corporation is in the throes of its Reformation as we speak. They're shrinking fast, and can't survive much longer in their present ethics condition. When that final collapse comes, I hope to see independent orgs spring up around the world.
Tom M
+3 # Tom M 2013-04-29 09:21
Thanks Ronnie. The Church lost its grip on the tech when they let the copyrights expire in 1984. We are now free to use the tech as we wish. The only thing we cannot use are the trademarks and symbols. These still belong to the Church. The Church is dead and DM is running a cadaver.
ML Tom
Ronnie Bell
# Ronnie Bell 2013-04-29 15:27
I'd read about the copyrights being lost, but DM is still holding the name and symbols of my religion hostage. I'm looking forward to the day when we're free to put up a Scientology sign on our local independent Scientology org.

He can keep the RTC logo, the IAS name, and the stupid 'Ideal Orgs' banner.
+3 # Thoughtful 2013-04-28 22:15
Right on target Tom. And the reason DM tries to shortcut everything is that is part of his personality type — the psychopathic, sociopathic, or anti-social personality. They try to shortcut everything — a fact which is very well documented in the book, "Snakes In Suits" which is written by some psychologists who have spent their entire professional lives studying these types of remorseless, guiltless, loveless people who are very aptly called snakes.
Tom M
# Tom M 2013-04-29 09:23
Thanks Steve. Its also the criminal mentality: Something for nothing. I'm going to get that book. Sounds like where I was once.

ML Tom
Ingrid Smith
+1 # Ingrid Smith 2013-04-28 23:42
Tom-I love your article! I remember a Flag reg at a mission I was in, who in a very sleezy way wanted to only know the public with money-zero goodwill for anyone. As a field auditor I go to my PCs parties and events and I'm a farmer about it-planting seeds or at least creating good will- Plus, I'm enjoying myself along with everyone else.
There is so much of Ron's intentions being violated-it makes me want to puke.
Tom M
+1 # Tom M 2013-04-29 09:25
Thanks Ingrid. Keep planting. We need a new crop!

ML Tom
+2 # george 2013-04-29 02:17
Very interesting Tom, thanks. Ive wanted to audit for ages but every time I considered going into the nearest org, I just didnt want to put up with the reging and all the crap that would go with it. You can count me in!
Tom M
+1 # Tom M 2013-04-29 09:27
Thank you George. We are going to be setting up training facilities in just a short while. You can get your training soon and learn how to audit with the best of them. LRH said that one learns to audit by auditing. It is so true. That's how I learned. You're going to find out how easy it is to learn.

ML Tom
+1 # dan351 2013-04-29 08:58
How exactly do dm and ASI execs make money off of booksales? Are they given some kind of commission/bonus/royalty per policy?
Does ASI pay dm a salary beyond just Sea Org pay?
# TheWidowDenk 2013-04-30 11:55
I believe I can help out a bit with your questions Dan. I believe there are commissions paid to individual sellers on book sales. I believe there are royalties paid to ASI on overall book sales. I'm not sure of any money relationship between DM and ASI.
Sapere Aude
+1 # Sapere Aude 2013-04-29 09:12
Tom - Thanks for the story. The farmer attitude is what built the movement in the 50's. The books were read, the readers got together in groups to audit and co-audit and this grew up to the structure of field auditors, orgs, missions, etc in the 70's and 80's. As long as we don't cut the flow by our own actions I foresee the ability of the phoenix to rise again.
+4 # Worsel 2013-04-29 09:32
“There is a gradient Scale of Whys.
It's a question of what Why can one get in with what resources.
Yes, it would be great to have a $10,000 org in Chicago, but what resources have we got at the moment. Well, we can get up to a $100 org using what we've got. But at least do that.
There could be a whole gradient scale of Whys. You could get a gradient from, "Why: The doors of the org are closed all day. Handling: Open them. Have a receptionist there to meet the people who might accidentally wander in."
This could go as far as, "Why: They do not own the largest skyscraper in town, but are still in the third largest."
This gradient Why depends on the resources, so you have to know what's there.
If a wholesale handling of an org that has one and a half people in it treats it like it's full of FEBCs, you're going to fall on your head.
Another important thing is that the less resources you've got, the more of a genius you have to be, hence the importance of Bright Idea.!
(BPL 26 April 1976-II, Business Management Tech Series 12, Handling And Evaluating Orgs) (From an recorded LRH conference LRH of 6 August 1972, Handling And Evaluating Orgs)

There have been attempts in the past and there are various attempts currently to deal with the situation. In some cases the points as given in Data-Series “The Why is God” and No. 23 “Proper Format and Correct Action”, No-. 45 “Handling Resources” do not seem to have been regarded sufficiently, which may have resulted in feelings of hopelessness or desperation.

Obviously, such approaches as “get rid of DM” deal with a Why which would be to high a gradient, a gradient not within the realm of available resources. It would have been a proper Why for LRH as he would have had the resources of “sufficient authority” to say “You’re dismissed” and it would have happened. For us small folks this would be either a Why of the The Why-is God-Type OR it would have to be approached on a gradient scale as per Data-Series 45, “Handling Resources”.

Sure, DM has to be gotten rid of, as the chances for him to change look rather dim. But this does not look like a gradient within the reach of our resources, currently.

Any approach must be within the reach of available resources of the individual or group that does that handling.

“Therefore a Why must be something you can do something about. (See THE WHY IS GOD policy letter).
Thus the Why is limited to what you can control. It is NEVER that other division or top management or the bumps on the moon.
(HCO PL 17 February 1972, Data-Series 23, Proper Format and Correct Action)

As each of us does have different resources what can be done does have an individual aspect. Some possibilities may be common to many, like getting the materials for their next step, calling up a friend to twin up with and have a go.
To call up a friend and discuss the situation with him may be an easy to do thing. And it will lead to other things.
To tell the next IAS-registrar “no” and demand an LRH reference for his request could be an action, easily done. By this you may have caused more than you may see right away. (Maybe that registrar has a comm-lag of a year, who knows.)
There are many things, the only condition being that it must be something that you can do with what you have right now.

As I see it, concerning delivery of training and auditing we have an overall Danger-Condition (if not lower). Orgs do not perform their jobs anymore, delivering non-tech, if anything at all, stats down (mildly spoken). Therefore they need to be bypassed. To train auditors and deliver auditing is ongoing and is a plus-point since it is something we can be cause about. We can do it!

After a lot of thinking I noticed a big plus-point, possibly the biggest plus-point in the situation: YOU ARE ALIVE!
And from this one stem many other plus-points including that one that we can do something about the situation! And to plant seeds does look like a good action to me, certainly so.
# Paul 2013-04-30 18:35
Wow! That was a brilliant post! It had been a long time since I had read so much sanity!
Roger From Switzer..
# Roger From Switzer.. 2013-04-29 15:21
That's a brilliant Article !

You're pinpointing one of the Major " Why's" why Scientology crashed.

There are diferent Issues (Bpletters with references to LrH) that defines the products and purposes of Org Tours (Div 6 of an AosH) and this is " To bring down business into Orgs".
Owen together with Bertie van Hooken were legendary masters in that Specific area.
I was translator for about 10-20 of his events in Europe.
The only thing they did was a good enlightement lecture to raw public and then a lecture to the public of the Org. Everybody could then have an Interview with them. They didn't sell anything neither recruit. Just asked the people that were standing in row for an interview: What's your peurpose now ? Do it ! How can we help you ?
Even all staffs got an interview and Help !

I organized several times those events for our Org . And the house was Always packed full and everytime any stat went then into screaming affluence for weeks ! Gi highest ever ! Recruits highest ever etc... People joined the Sea Org and did their OT-Levels !

Nobody of the Tours people that came after Owen understood this ! I tried several times to reorganize those actions with the people after him. They never understood but were mainly after the money or recruits but of no big help for the org itself !
We had events with about 3-400 new people ! Or events for Scientologists with 2-300 people. Never seen that again !

If you want to revive the old tours Org and do the same succesful actions again perhaps I might be interested, but you would need honest speakers that know that times have changed and adapt their enlightement speaks to the realities of today !

Good Job tom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tom M
# Tom M 2013-04-29 23:01
Right on Roger. And thank you ever-so-much for your service to the public over the years. I know you and I know your power and dedication to delivering Scn. It is people like you who made Scientology a workable system. We are going to resurrect the Owen/Bertie approach and get help going everywhere. There are tens of thousands of broken Scientologists everywhere who need us and our service. Get it organized over there Roger and drive public down on delivery terminals in EU. Function monitors structure. Feel free to start. I will organize all you want to in order to get it going.

ML Tom
+3 # Sparks 2013-04-29 21:43
Thank you for sharing this experience and communicating the realitynthat purpose trumps all. There's a Chinese proverb I love that demonstrates the same truth. To paraphrase it, when one thinks only oa trees fruit, its care will suffer and when one simply loves the tree with (water and sun care) the fruit will naturally follow, but fruit cannot be the reason one handles thebtree, because if one is focused on the fruit, the care (and tree) suffer.

Another aspect of the phenomenon you illustrate is the brilliant Hubbard observation and definition of power as doing what you're doing when you're doing it.

It's honesty and integrity and power that are atissue here, and integrity is Wholeness (as opposed to corruption from the Latin root 'to break into pieces').

The bottom line product as I see it with Scientology is a helped being. That's the purpose behind the activity. That's what I admire about it and find useful.

This article and the previous one ( guuy who lost his pc) illustrate care and purpose. All else exists as a byproduct ( income, qual, etc).

Personally, this extends to my life. I don't take lunches with people with the intention to later disseminate or bring up something else later. I care about people sort of naturally (I think many beings share this as part of their Nature :-). So wherever I go, the only one not smiling and reaching and knowing they are spiritual beings is the occasional sociopath (I'm like a geiger counter with thise critters, they go rabid around me sooner or later).

One thing that has been missing from the scene ( beyond real life helping others) is a SAFE on-purpose place to refer to others. I have read many accounts of the Scientology Corporation pilfering and decimating and manipulating with Tone Scale and flattery to get that dollar, first and foremost. Heinous.

Really, when one cares and helps others, what's not to love?

Great article! And especially the communication and care about giving others help and tools that are real Scientology. Where ever we go,there are people. Water and sunshine the trees...the fruit will be dropping to the ground bountifully, carrying seeds!
Ingrid Smith
# Ingrid Smith 2013-04-29 22:15
Great post Sparks-I have found that business comes easily when the purpose is there and when it is done with love and care. Purpose is the KEY.
# Sparks 2013-04-29 22:51
Apologies for the clumsy typing, on a tiny keyboard. To clarify, meant to type:

"when one thinks only of a tree's fruit, its care will suffer and when one simply loves the tree with (water and sun care) the fruit will naturally follow..."

There are other mistypes, hopefully not too distracting!
Tom M
# Tom M 2013-04-29 23:03
Spread the word Sparks. Real Scientology is coming and with it is a new civilization of honest beings who want to help one another. Make it so.

ML Tom
+1 # Sparks 2013-04-30 01:35
Beings who want to help one another is pretty much the nature of beings, to do that. We see it everyday, even in the most horrible circumstances. I personally experience so much goodness in others who want to help others, and who respond with the soul to being helped.

That's why people naturally respond to tools that help them help others and that help themselves. It's Natural.

I just looked up the etymology of the word "Honest":

early 14c., "splendor, honor; elegance," later "honorable position; propriety of behavior, good manners" and also
"free from fraud"

(late 14c.), from Old French "honor received from others; reputation, character;" figuratively "uprightness, probity, integrity, virtue."

That too is natural and feels good and right and natural to earn the friendship of others. Compare the actuality of honest beings with the sham self-righteous, finger-pointing, chest-beating, condescending, accusatory substitute that some try to pass off as "honesty" (classically demonstrated in the film "Les Miserables" by the self-righteous Inspector Javert character)

Honestly, :-) there is a lot of goodness in people and a sense of honor, of wanting to do good, is an inherent part of most individuals.

Anyone who tries applying Scientology and sees another have a cognition -- what a wonderful thing -- indubitably wonders "how cool beans is this?" This tool that can lighten another's suffering so to the point.
Chris Mann
# Chris Mann 2013-04-30 08:36
This is very cool.

When I left a few years ago they were still doing these tours. I usually did the A/V and sometimes played guitar and sang some songs. Flag would really go all out with renting digital video mixers, stage lighting systems and a big production. Then they call in all the orgs public and reg them. I think the org gets a commission.
Tom M
# Tom M 2013-04-30 14:16
Chris - Of course the org gets a commission. Its like the mafia - "you help-a me I give a-you a little-a taste-a. Of course they take orgs public and ask them "Are you flying up the grade chart?" "Well, I'm doing okay." "Well, you aren't getting real LRH tech. We have real LRH tech and we apply it. You're just wasting your precious money here and this little piece of poop org." The public go off to Flag and the org continues to shrink and go into non-e. Instead of being the farmer and planting seeds in these orgs, FSO has the crow mentality and "picks all of the ripe berries from the bush" so to speak. DM keeps it all short-wired so nothing grows. Hell, Scientology should be really gigantic by now. But he keeps it small.

ML Tom
Chris Mann
# Chris Mann 2015-04-04 12:04
This is/was true. The tours steal the orgs public. I've seen it many times. It's true of all the "tours" FSO, ASHO, IAS, etc. They all steal the orgs public and GI and the Org is expected to support them fully by hosting events and even doing the call in for them.
# Keith 2013-05-03 20:35
Spot on Tom. Greed & Scientology do not mix. Scientology itself must be a tough subject to withstand the onslaught of DM so far and still exist but its true application is laser precise. We need lots of technicians ie trained people who know the actual tech. You only get them by good planning and sincere intention. Nice post.
Karen B
# Karen B 2013-05-03 20:40
Great article! Yes, to Goodwill tours! No to Reg Tours! I love Owen and am glad to see a bit of his viewpoint in this article. Thanks.

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