By George Hamilton

I am not a highly experienced auditor – but my TRs are half decent and I know how to use and read a meter. And I care for people.

I have been off lines from the C of S for many years – but with the guidance of am independent trained C/S, I took a close relative in for a few sessions.

This brother of mine is in his early 60’s and has been troubled with money problems.  Whilst he is a very capable man, intelligent and a hard worker – he has tended, for a long time, to dwell on money woes, while not taking effective action to tackle them. On top of that, he had suffered a major illness a few years ago and had been having trouble re-entering the workforce, and had been finding it hard to find his niche. And financial obligations were creating real stress in his life.

My brother had had some Scientology services – but it was so long ago (over 25 years) that he no longer remembered how to do a can squeeze, and we had to do basic word clearing on all commands newly.

I used basic Prep Checking – which is tool of a Life Repair. Such a simple process – using buttons to clean up a subject – and the one we took up was the most obvious one – MONEY.

We did 6 hours of processing over a period of a week. He enjoyed the auditing and FNed regularly. He had cognitions and spotted considerations he had been operating off on the subject, that had been holding him back, financially. It went well. It was simple and both of us had a good time – so I was pleased.

I have not been able to get him in session for the last 2 months as he has not only secured some good contracts, but he has also found himself work utilizing his skills and aptitude, at a good price – and he is absolutely loving it. He is still pinching himself, as he cannot believe his luck in “pulling in” the work opportunities which seemingly just fell in his lap. And best of all, he has not only found his niche, but he regained his confidence in himself and his ability to make money.

So – I guess I was too successful. I did myself out of a preclear – at least for now. And I was able to help someone dear to me, with some very basic tech that has improved his life for the better.

And THAT is Scientology.


Ingrid Smith
# Ingrid Smith 2013-04-26 12:56
Scientolgy works. Period.
George Hamilton
+1 # George Hamilton 2013-04-26 19:54
Thanks Ingrid.
The idea that you have to be a highly trained, interned, flubless auditor to assist someone else is such crap. My realization has been that LRH tech, even if applied not necessarily brilliantly, gets better results than ANY other tech that is out there. You just got to DO it. And the way you get to be a good auditor -- is by auditing (not by sitting around thinking how it is all too hard or something).
My considerations on this have really changed by doing this one auditing cycle. And there will be more!
# SILVIA 2013-04-26 13:54
Tony DePhillips
# Tony DePhillips 2013-04-26 16:13
That is so cool George!!
Ddin't LRH say something about working yourself out of a job? I recall him telling the pc to come back when you want more auditing. So nice to hear wins like this again.
I think part of the problem with the cult and with LRH to some degree was to make the tech seem so dangerous.
Thanks again.
Jim Logan
+2 # Jim Logan 2013-04-26 18:56
I recommend listening to some LRH auditing tapes again. And, with the background of an Ability Mag article from September 55, covering the actual rudiments of ANY auditing.

"Rudiments: One: Awareness of the auditor, the auditing room, that an auditing session is in progress. Two: Two-way communication on a casual basis.
Three: The delivery of the question. Four: Communication lag. Five: The
acknowledgment of the question. Six: The duplication of that exact question."

Notice the TWC is "on a casual basis". Covered in the tapes of the time period, including the London 4th ACC is that when TWO WAY comm breaks down in a session, there is NO session. So, you have to reestablish a two way comm. That involves A and R of course.

Listening to LRH audit you can hear this "casual two way comm". It is as far from "dangerous" as could be.

I think that what has been passed off as "auditing" by RTC and the absurd robotic "TRs" foisted off, has made it seem dangerous, yes. But aside from my own concern about doing it right, I've found that real TWC from even BEFORE a session, and that A and R of a casual chat, with a friend, somebody I like, and with Reality (not trying to be some sort of something) then sessions, application of the tech, is far from a danger.

DM's false paradigm of "flubless" before you ever get a chande to make a mistake is utter bullshit. It sure isn't LRH's Scientology training. Nope.
# george 2013-04-26 20:53
Beautifully said Jim, so true, thanks for working so hard to keep the line standard!!
Tony DePhillips
# Tony DePhillips 2013-04-27 05:36
Hi Jim,
I know LRH said some real great stuff about auditing and his own examples seem relaxed. My point was that he emphasized perfection and also some pretty stiff penalties for making mistakes. He also seemed to say that you were putting someones eternity at stake if you didn't do it right. I don't want to get into a big thing about it. I do think he did make it a bit more serious than it had to be made is all.
# SKM 2013-04-27 13:52
Actually I don't believe the environment was so dangerous as some people want us to believe.
Low-tone people will react to words and phrases literally and at some times someone can use phrases to do others in. I don't believe LRHs Scientology was so out of balance as you will find it in the Corporation today.

If someone wants you to believe it was all meant literally, ask yourself why this person is trying to create this kind of reality/agreement.

True, phrases can be abused. The same was true for the Bible, the Qur'an and I am sure with any other written wisdom.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-04-27 17:41
I know exactly what you are saying. All I'm saying is that the entire study AND practice doesn't have that as its prime emphasis. Far from it. The reason any auditing can occur is live, real, comm. If that is from some robot, it isn't workable.

Axiom 51 is why auditing can occur. Not "perfection".

There ARE importances. If they are altered then no auditing occurs. Under LRH auditing occurred, in spades.

Perhaps there has been some improper evaluation of what is important somewhere along the line?
Tony DePhillips
+1 # Tony DePhillips 2013-04-28 16:54
Hi Jim,
Thanks for your reply. I do know that LRH knew how to audit. That is obvious.
I also would tend to agree with what you said here even though I never studied everything LRH wrote on the subject. I'm sure some of my perceptions have been colored with all the "training" I have been subjected to. With the "golden age" of tech and being on Solo Nots, the whole subject got to be very dangerous. Anyways, I'm getting over it. :-)
# SKM 2013-04-28 19:01
Tony, you're not alone.
I came in the late nineties and auditor training wasn't "in" at that time anymore. We need to start over from scratch.
I only commented before because I think debating about KSW is not the correct target. If this was the why, things have had started to collapse in 1965 - but it wasn't the case. Actually the years that followed were the golden years of technological breakthroughs.

It's true that Scientology can be tough at times. You know it - after all, you have a tiger avatar. :-D
Tony DePhillips
# Tony DePhillips 2013-04-28 23:15
Whatever I discuss I already know that the tech works. I have had enough wins to know that forsure. LRh develped the tech. Whether he used others data or not is of no importance to me. All I want is to see the tech forwarded down the line. I appreciate all that are doing that. SKM I have liked your comments, I know that you are a good guy. You care.
# SKM 2013-04-29 11:05
Hello Tony, thank you.
I also want the tech forwarded down the future track.

For me "Keeping Scientology Working" means not only that it should be kept functioning, but also kept applied. Without training nothing is applied.
I can do only small things with the tech, but what I can, I do. And I want to make more training. Not for the sake of "ultimate perfection", but because all I ever applied (correctly) made me happy. I don't want to be a professional (doing it as a profession to earn my living) Auditor. I already have a job I love. But I want to know more of the tech so I can be of more help to my friends.
In DN55! LRH says that an Auditor, even without applying the tech in session but through his higher understanding and ARC with the people in his environment alone can raise the tone level of the environment. If there is something in Scientology I believe, than it is this concept. Because I have seen it for myself.
That's also why I want to share the information. Not in order to have a group or sect or cult, but to have more people around me who benefit from the information their personal lifes and those of the people around them.

Love to you,
Tony DePhillips
# Tony DePhillips 2013-04-29 19:53
Makes sense to me. :-)
Jim Logan
+2 # Jim Logan 2013-04-27 18:25
It's hard to express in a short comment here all that needs to be said, but I've got a little more on this topic of "perfection".

The very first thing an auditor has to be able to do is sit there, comfortably and not do anything else but be there and confront. No tension, no fears, no "if I'm not perfect that being will forever be done" sort of thing. That is an additive Reality to just being there.

Listen style is Level O. Instruction and Examination, Raising the Standards Of applies. "Flubless" listening.

I sure don't care about making mistakes when I audit. I make them. That's what cramming is there to address. I also don't want to make them so I study and drill and work like any professional at getting sharper with my skills and keep at it until I get to the level of ability where not only do I not worry about mistakes, but they aren't present.

I don't worry now. That's TRO. Auditing is communication with affinity and R. If the auditor's R is that he's under the gun to be perfect and flubless, then the R of the session is that, NOT what it is supposed to be - the application of live comm to the as-ising of case and WITH auditor and preclear on the same premise and reality.

One weekend, years ago in Toronto, me and my fellow Sups put some dozen brand new auditor trainees in session. Put them in the room in some cases, with the preclear and the folder, closed the door and flipped the "in session" sign over and off they went.

Each and every one came out of that room after those sessions just beaming. Sure, plenty of "mistakes", but in all cases they could be repaired and in all cases both auditor and preclear won.

Sooner or later if one has the conscience and pride for their own practice, their skills increase on a sound gradient and you've got the miracle of Standard Tech auditing happening. And STILL, "cramming is routine", even for Class XIIs :-)
Tony DePhillips
+1 # Tony DePhillips 2013-04-28 16:57
That's great!! That is how I think it should go.
# SKM 2013-04-26 16:51
Love it.
Bernie Wimbush
+1 # Bernie Wimbush 2013-04-26 18:17
Isn't it so easy and so effective?
Now your next PC. Just talk to anyone and listen for the button. Then offer to do something abotit.
Auditing is such fun.
Lana M
+1 # Lana M 2013-04-26 19:51
George - great story! What I like is the fact that you are simply rolling up your sleeves and giving it a go. I too have had similar wins. I had been backed off and worried that I would mess it up, and the more I audit, the more I train, the easier it seems to be.
Cheers- Lana
Lisa Bladh
+1 # Lisa Bladh 2013-04-26 20:24
Such a lovely story! It's indeed an inspiration to read. I am yet one of all those Scientologists that needs to be trained and take the leap as you have done. Congratulations!
+2 # TenFour 2013-04-26 20:26
Loved reading this.

BTW, commenting now about a couple of articles back, on the post about getting more comments on blogs...some people (and News) use the formula of creating controversy and stirring up arguments to get comments and stick people. They intentionally do it to generate a lot of comments, so it gets viewers like a traffic accident does. This blog doesn't manipulate readership like that, so the comments are real and for everyone there are hundreds of real people actually reflecting and perceiving.

Anyway, really good to read this. That is the stuff.
Lana M
+4 # Lana M 2013-04-26 20:34
Hey thanks TenFour!
Your point on traffic accidents is a good one. Arguments and upset and resentment are great ways to get readers, but that is certainly not our focus. We just want to work with articles and stories about real application of standard Scientology. There has to be a stable datum in the confusion of this world -- and that is what we choose to make ours. We also want to make this a safe space for those who feel the same way.
Lovely to have you with us.
# steve 2013-04-27 06:26
Bummer. But losing a preclear like that sure gives you a good feeling. Well done mate.
David Cooke
# David Cooke 2013-04-27 19:09
Excellent story, and scientology sure does work when it's applied. I always thought that's the way it should go, a pc has a win, goes out to use it, and comes back if and when they need more help.
# Thoughtful 2013-04-28 22:28
This is great George. One December in the late 1990s, maybe 1998, I was at Flag interviewing people on the subject of the Flag-Only Case Resurgence Rundowns, one of which is was originally called the Money Rundown, but was later called the Prosperity Rundown and then I think even this was changed to be the "Havingness Rundown." All those changes came from DM because he wanted to cover up the fact that we did anything to help people make more money. Anyway, we were collecting testimonials for a Flag tour video that I wrote. Anyway, just hearing these people talk about the rundown was enough for me to have a big cognition realizing that there was really no reason I couldn't also have money. The next day, I got a call from a fellow who had owed me $2,000 for about 10 years and had never paid. He told me he decided to pay me in full and he did. Pretty cool. That's Scientology.

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