By Steve Spargo

When I was at school, I was intrigued by time travel and had read a lot of science fiction stories about it.  Being able to travel back in time and change something was an attractive proposition.  I had visions of approaching myself in the past just before I did some self-destructive stunt and whispering in my ear “Don’t do it!”  Or just before a particular school dance, slip a note into my hand which said “Don’t say anything to Julie about …” 

I was mainly thinking about preventing past mistakes and easing certain regrets.

Life Repair = Regrets Disappear

Then I discovered Scientology and had my desire to travel through time resolved in an unexpected way. 

My very first Life Repair sessions handled some upsets I had with girls at high school.    I hadn’t noticed the burden of these failed relationships was so great.  After the auditing, it was gone and I no longer felt the desire to go back in time to make different choices. 

Scientology gave me a new way to live.  Instead of tiptoeing round trying to avoid mistakes and regretting certain actions, I could live with greater tolerance of mistakes and more resilience when setbacks occur. It’s a much more robust life.

On top of that, Scientology gave me the certainty that life extends long into the future.  Plenty of time to learn from my mistakes.

Another Perspective On Time

After a little study, Scientology provided yet another perspective on time for me. 

In the 1960’s, Ron mentioned a couple of times that time had slipped on him.  I was curious about that.  How could time “slip?”

I heard some stories from other Sea Org members about Ron that made me wonder even more.  A friend of mine called William Holman told me one. 

William was the cook on the Flagship and after the mess had been cleared he would be busy with a lot of dishes to wash.  A dozen or more huge mailbags would be brought in to the mess and Ron would come in to answer his mail.  At that time he had boxes in every Church and Scientologists all over the world regularly sent him letters.    I often wrote to him myself and amazingly, every letter got answered.

William said that he would wash a few dishes and look up and Ron would be finished a whole mailbag.  He washed a few more and then would notice two mailbags had been answered.  Ron never seemed to hurry, but his rate of answering those letters was prodigious.

There were other stories, but they all suggested Ron could get more done per unit time than most people.

The Phoenix Lectures

In due course I made a study of the Scientology Axioms and absolutely devoured the Phoenix Lectures.  I spent days poring over the basic considerations as-isness, isness, alter-isness, not-isness and how everything fitted together.  I paid particular attention to the chapter on time and thought that I’d finally discovered Ron’s secret.  Apparently, you can have as much production in a unit of time as you can confidently postulate.

Possibly that sounds ridiculously simple.  But after being knee-deep in the Axioms for a few weeks, my frame of mind was “Can I make this do something for me?”

The Experiment

Next morning I made a list of the things I was going to do.  A long list that was easily a day and a half of work but I said to myself that I could do it all today.  I vowed that I was going to do each cycle, one thing at a time, beginning to end and anything new coming in would go to the end of the list.

I gave myself a big “Start” at about 8:45am after staff muster and got to it.  I was a Flag Representative in Adelaide at the time and I had 3 Flag Reports on the list as well as numerous program compliances.


Something I wasn’t anticipating happened after I’d gone a little way on my list.    Somehow I had zoomed up the tone scale. 

I noticed that I had stopped using the lift a while before – too darn slow.  I just ran up the 3 flights of stairs to get some data from the Tech Division and ran back down feeling amazingly light and energetic. 

My communication was so light.  I just burst into Qual and announced I needed some information. Nobody ridged and I was in instant communication with whoever I needed to be.  My reports just flowed from my typewriter with a fraction of the usual backspacing and whiteout required.  When I needed a reference, the volumes just opened 2 or 3 pages from the one I wanted.  I hardly put a foot wrong all day.

I finished my list and thought to myself “WOW! I didn’t even stop for lunch I am feeling so terrific.”  It really was the most amazing thing to find that I could go upscale like that just living my life.

I had done a day and a half’s work and had a feeling it was time to go home.  I glanced at the clock and it said ……………………. 11:02am!

Since Then …

I learned a lot from this successful experiment.   I haven’t done as much as 14 hours work in 2 again, but I have some really good stories, funny and amazing,  of times when time has slipped for me. My overall production rate is higher simply because I am confident that I can get more done.

But the main lesson which I use over and over is about Tone 40 (execution of intention, positive postulate with no counter-thought expected ) – which is what I accomplished in my experiment.  Just doing what you are doing and getting it done, that’s the best way to drive yourself right uptone and be the master of your time.

Just Last Week …

Only last week I ran into a situation where I had to apply this thing for blood.  I was pushing my project along as usual and Bang, my Deputy Technical Lead resigns and goes off to a higher paying job.  Then my fellow Project Manager and one of our key subject matter experts goes off on 2 weeks leave.  Out of the blue, a client brings their Go-Live date forward by 4 weeks and I’m right in the kill-zone – unprepared.  Next my Technical Lead is ordered by the Dr to take 2 weeks off work.  Another key guy is ripped off for some  other project and yet another guy says he’s had enough and he’s going to resign.  Perfect storm.

So I just made out the list of things I had to get done and gave myself a start.  At the end of the day I felt energetic and revitalized.  Still falling behind unfortunately (laugh). But I did double what I thought I could do and am totally confident I am pulling my weight.   It’s a good feeling to be able to operate this way when the chips are down.

The Point

In 1957 in The Adventure of Communication, Ron said this:

“We have found the level from which to live successfully – Tone 40.  We have found the drills and processes by which to get us there.  High adventure requires high communication.”

An adventure is something exciting, unusual and sometimes dangerous.  We all want a little more adventure in our lives.   The safest way to get it is to achieve Tone 40. 

You don’t need auditing to get started on this.  Most of you already know TRs 0-9.  Do a little study, some drilling and run a few determined experiments of your own.  You can increase your speed of particle flow and halve the effort it takes.

I have been very successful with this data and if I can do it, goodness knows what you can achieve.


+2 # Thoughtful 2013-04-13 19:06
Steve, this is such a useful article. We need many more of these! This is exactly per the purpose of this blog — to rekindle what it was people originally wanted to be, do and have through the tech. Great article, thanks so much for writing it.
+2 # steve 2013-04-13 20:28
Thanks Steve. We can use Scientology to audit people and we can use it to live. Using it to live has been a passion of mine for a long time.
Ralph Hilton
# Ralph Hilton 2013-04-13 20:28
You have been trolled. Please roughly calculate how many letters would fit in a dozen large mailbags. Then calculate how long it would take to type replies to all of them at the rate of 1 letter a minute.
Lana M
-1 # Lana M 2013-04-13 21:36
I moderated your first comment as whilst your intent was good -- your comment came across as harsh.
I put this one through as Steve is sitting here, right next to me, and can respond to it.
Steve is not a troll and I am not going to allow a bunch of accusations and communications at 2.0 or lower to go through on this blog. Let's maintain some basic polite etiquette or things can degenerate. Whilst it is vital that we maintain open communication lines -- it is also vital that we maintain ARC in our comm.
Two way communication can resolve all -- so if you don't agree with the article then just state that, and why, and then Steve has a chance to respond, and you then, to his.
You were on the Ship and Steve was not --- however Steve, myself and many, many others have found that time is something that is a consideration and can be alerted and changed - so the point of the article is not actually about how much mail is inside a mailbag. It is on an altogether bigger topic of time and how we, as beings, create, alter and change it.
+1 # steve 2013-04-13 21:29
This article is about the fact that time is malleable and subject to a person's considerations. The axioms are not just a piece of fantasy and we can use them in our daily lives.

As for whether the story about Ron handling his SO1 mail is credible or not, William is a friend of mine and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt until I can query him on it. Unfortunately he is still stuck in the Church.

You can control time. Do the study and try it.
calvin b. duffield
+1 # calvin b. duffield 2013-04-14 01:28
Steve (Spargo) This is quite a stirring post you have laid out here. Thanks for the the entire content, especially the anecdotes about Ron too! Back in the early 70's ,having just begun my own Scientology journey,I too, was totally awestruck by the sheer scale of accomplishment produced by one man. The fact that every single letter sent to Ron was actually answered and succinctly, pertinently, in the minimum of time AND WITH THE MAXIMUM OF ARC TOO, struck me
as a truly incredible interaction with an exceptional being!

Moving on to your manipulation of "time"
in your experiment,-thanks for clarifying your techniques used, as I had, through sheer necessity, once done something similar. Your explanation in the positive use of postulates, shows just how it is / was possible.

Another helpful concept to factor in, as you have mooted, is the Axiomatic definitions of TIME.
One of the most agonizingly simple is just this one:- Scn AXIOM 8; THE APPARENCY OF TIME IS THE CHANGE OF POSITION OF PARTICLES IN SPACE. (and of course, factor in "SPEED OF..." to align with our considerations of living amongst "the rat race/need to "flourish/prosper!"

Steve, I have had very little training and perhaps 50 hours of Auditing, But as a young man starting out with my young family, including two young daughters, I left my poor paying job as a draughtsman, to drive municipal buses, as I could earn far more with unlimited overtime. This permitted my wife Dorothy, to study and train up to class V at our local org, and our young kids were ferreted between their friendly creche,the Org, and our home, where Ruth Minshull's "Miracles for Breakfast" served as a wonderful referencec in raising kids with some of the finest principles of raising kids, including the necessity of using 2-way comm and remembering to simply grant beingness, with full, unconditional ARC!

The long hours on the buses, included lengthy "timing point" stops,(often up to an hour or more,) were NEVER wasted!
I turned this into intense study time, during which I devoured, pored over, demo'ed and managed to DUPLICATE the essence of all the AXIOMS, LOGICS, and The Factors, Scales, etc, -- all as contained in 0-8 "The Book of Basics," -my very own "version" of The Holy Bible.

That time,(on the buses)was for me at least, genuine Academy Time (and I was being paid for it too, as a bonus!!!)

Nobody, nothing, can shake the certainty
I have gained from the study of 0-8, after the life changing HAS(Comm) Course
and TR's 0-9, together with my limited training/ auditing experience.

Incidentally, I mentioned to you before that I went on to open my own commercial gym and fitness training facility, which fulfilled one of my lifetime goals, and this gave us success and a sense of accomplishment beyond my wildest dreams.
(& still stay involved to this day!)

Being freed up to explore one's full potential, through the avenues afforded by the study & practice of REAL SCIENTOLOGY. is available to all who reach for it. And in a brand new unit of time, we are about to see a "rebirth" of potent,high ARC Scientology delivered to a community membership, free of the horrors and now fading memories of the former usurper/dictator,David MUSTdamage.

Thanks to you and all who share their wins,cognitions and successes in such a high ARC and THETA atmosphere.

ML, Calvin.
+1 # steve 2013-04-14 04:43
Are you on facebook? I couldn't find wouldn't mind hooking now and then. Your enthusisam for the tech is infections. Thanks.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-04-14 08:25
Great idea Steve! I'm sure that comm line could sizzle! Though not on F/B, You can get my E/M from Lana, whom I'm sure will
oblige. Looking forward to some TWC!
ML, Calvin.
+1 # Thoughtful 2013-04-14 10:14
Great comment and great story Calvin. For three decades I was mystified why DM had the CoS constantly working on redoing materials and books as if that was needed before we could start making auditors, Clears and OTs. The old green books from the '70s were more than enough tools to make it all happen. Redoing everything was "having to have before one can do."

And that is the best name yet for DM — David Mustdamage. Love that one.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-04-14 11:32
Steve, I'm always thrilled to have comm with you! Like a warm fire round a cold campsite. Except this campsite doesn't need any more heat--since it's already aglow with white hot ARC, man!

Oh!--about David Mustdamage,--I've always wondered what an IAS Convention filled with psyche's and psychologists would
have to say about him/his behavior?

They'd probably come up with at LEAST 50
new unidentified "conditions" (never witnessed previously!)
Ingrid Smith
+1 # Ingrid Smith 2013-04-14 11:43
Calvin, what a beautiful post and good to know more about you.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-04-14 13:10
Thanks for your ack, Ingrid. And, as said
earlier, I will be in touch.
ML, Calvin.
Ralph Hilton
# Ralph Hilton 2013-04-14 06:05
Hi Steve,
I knew LRH on the Flagship and was familiar with his amazing speed of particle flow. I experienced after doing OT7 particularly that I could do many things at rates unbelievable to most people.
Also over the years I have heard a number of people come up with stories that are unbelievable. Some of them I have personally observed.
However I think we will lose credibility if we publish things which are totally untrue per many witnesses. On the Flagship there were 3 cooks and a single hatted dishwasher. LRH worked on correspondence in his office quite distant and not visible from the galley.
Additionally such a feat as William is suggesting would require an average typing speed of 3000 wpm maintained over several hours. LRH was fast but that speed with a mechanical typewriter simply isn't possible.
steve spargo
# steve spargo 2013-04-14 19:17
Hi Ralph.
I get what you are saying about this. But it doesn't change the fact that I heard this story and it did "make me wonder." You say it couldn't be true and in return, I agree I cannot vouch for the story.

There are a couple of points that seem pertinent to me.

In my time in the Sea Org in Australia, stories about Ron and the ship were common coin. Des McMillan slept in the bunk below me and he told us many stories about the ship, Mission Into Time etc. Whenever Julia Hargreaves audited me I would ask her about Ron and the ship. Phyll Stevens would often tell anecdotes about Ron and the ship and you could hear a pin drop while she was talking about it. People were hungry for these stories. And they all supported the ideal of an OT Sea Org and how OT Ron was. These stories created an image of the Sea Organization that I have always found very attractive. It's all about a new way to operate and it's something I use in my life. This image to me is the real truth about the Sea Org - as opposed to the current reality of the Sea Org under DM. That is the biggest lie of all.

In addition to that, your comment seems to indicate an unfamiliarity with how Ron handled his SO1 line which gives me hope that perhaps you are wrong about this. William didn't go into specifics about this aspect, but I heard from someone else that Ron's SO1 line was managed very carefully. It apparently involved someone opening all the mail, attaching the envelope to the letter with a paper clip and then Ron dictated his response. After the responses were typed, they went back to Ron for a signature.

Again, I can't vouch for the truth of this story either. But I really can't imagine Ron opening those letters and typing all the responses. It's just not a good use of his time. So I believe your assumption that William was telling me that Ron was typing at 3000wpm is incorrect.

But I am certain of one thing. An OT typing at Tone 40 cerainly could type 3000 or even 5000 wpm. That is what it means when we say that considerations take rank over matter, energy space and time. One day we'll all be able to do that.
Ralph Hilton
+1 # Ralph Hilton 2013-04-15 04:58
Hi Steve,
I saw a confidential issue at Flag in the SO #1 office instructing staff on how to answer his letters. Yes, the letters were handled diligently by a staff of 4. Thus William's story of mailbags being handled by LRH personally in the crew dining area didn't make sense.

I know that it seems like entheta to dispute the reality of OT sounding stories but let me tell you another story:

LRH spent many years researching the upper levels of OT and this took a very heavy toll on his body to the point where it became an encumbrence to his further research. He knew that in order for Scientology to continue he would have to appoint a successor. He looked for a suitable person and then spent many years carefully training him to take over. He taught this individual much of what he knew about managing Scientology. This individual was personally audited by LRH on high as yet unreleased OT levels to ensure that if necessary, he could single handledly manage the whole of Scientology.

If I had posted the above to list of people in the CofS then anyone attacking my story would have been banned as an enthetan and most of the people on the list would have believed it.

It is the willingness of people to believe OT stories without verification that allowed DM to take over the CofS.

Bill Robertson succeeding in gaining a substantial following from people leaving the CofS back in the 80s. He told tales of his personal experiences with LRH and then started receiving telepathic communications from LRH appaudling his release of upper levels beyond NOTs that involved handling suppressive OT aliens telepathically. His stories were believed by many and they were led down a glittery path to a false bridge of delusory OT states. Instead of auditing Solo NOTs per LRH tech these people started helping Bill in his telepathic war against Markabians.

I hope the above helps to explain why I suggest scepticism when reading OT stories.
# steve 2013-04-15 07:16
ok Ralph. I'll take your point on this and be more careful with my anecdotes in future.
Ronnie Bell
+1 # Ronnie Bell 2013-04-13 21:49
I have no doubt whatsoever that Ron manipulated time in order to produce more each day. Just look at the prodigious amount of written words, lectures, auditing, and research he produced in his life. At one time or another, most of us have marveled at the man's unparalleled personal output.

I was told by someone recently that LRH holds the Guinness record for output as an author. I believe it. I don't know of anyone who can hold a candle to him in that sphere.
# steve 2013-04-14 04:45
Yeah, that man really produced. His production was impossible. Thanks for the feedback Ronnie.
+1 # Worsel 2013-04-14 01:15
I believe you have touched here Dynamic 8. I remember a definition saying it be "faith" or "trust" from a 50s tape. In the "handling personnel"-lecture from the ESTO-Tapes Ron talks about expecting people to do things for you, like getting well. And that that would have been the tech Jesus would have used, when he said "walk!" to the lame.
When I was in Flag Rick Shehee once told a story that Ron had told him to climb up a pole to do some work and that he had done so. And that later he had tried it many times but never had managed it to get up that pole. The only time he managed that was when Ron stood next to him and expected him to do so.
My personal definition of Dynamic 8 is "an absence of uncertainty or doubt" and that one could call also "trust" or "faith". And after your article I am ready to call it "Tone 40", also. Thank You!
# steve 2013-04-14 04:51
Thanks Worsel. I heard that story about climbing the mast in the storm too. The FOLO was rife with stories about Ron's Tone

For me, the power of the postulate and Tone 40 is fascinating. As well as study and drilling, I collected these stories for my Sunday Services.

Example: Newspaper report of a young mother near my suburb (Liverpool). Her child crawled under a car and knocked out the chocks. This 19 year old girl lifted the car off the ground with one hand and dragged the kid out with the other.

Call it necessity level, a miracle or whatever you want. Scientology has theory and drills that can help us achieve this at will.

And now you've made me think about it with reference to the 8th D. Thanks Worsel.
# Worsel 2013-04-14 11:12
Just this morning, when thinking about your article, something became clear to me which I would like to add. There is another relationship between Tone 40/faith/trust/absence of uncertainty and the dynamics: The more one narrows down identity, the less one is on the dynamics. Identity is a mechanism to reduce beingness. Therefore, Tone 40 etc. is related to the degree one is relaxed about identity - or in other words - can expand on the dynamics.
I thank you.
+1 # George 2013-04-14 01:27
Hi Steve,
I was standing next to a good friend of mine who was a bouncer for a restaurant when a drunk patron came up and started punching him. I saw it in slow motion and could not understand why the bouncer could not see the guy was wide open in the midriff. Probably not the most theta example, but it was a time of necessity, and time definately slowed down. A very interesting phenomena.
+3 # steve 2013-04-14 04:57
Yeah, I'm positive we all have these moments George. They amaze me.

I have one that happened in a bar too. I used to work weekends in a club. One night, there was this drunk guy sitting down in the billiards room and the bouncers couldn't get him out. He weighed over 200 pounds by the looks of it and he was unconscious. Three of our biggest guys tried for half an hour to get him out - including throwing water on him.

I went in to see what all the fuss was (it was closing time you see) and the problem looked formidable. But I had just finished my Comm Crse TRs 0-9 in the Church so I thought I would give it a go.

I went up to him, put my hands on his shoulder and said with intention "Stand up."

This unconscios, enormous guy STOOD UP!

Then, "Come with me" and he went meek as a lamb out to the front where I sat him down on the bench outside. Still unconscious.

The looks on my co-workers faces was priceless.
+3 # Espiritu 2013-04-14 03:59
What a great post! Such wonderful "magic".
"Magic" is pretty much how I would describe Life Repair from my experience, too. I was so amazed by the wins. I had thought that I would not have such wins until I got to the OT Levels.
Regarding "slipping time" and stuff like that. Wow. Those are wonderful wins! It seems that phenomena like this are actually quite real, if amazing.
I did not have the good fortune to meet LRH in the flesh (this LT), but I have heard several stories from people who met or worked with him. There is a common threat that seems to run through them all ...which is that Ron just simply LIVED the principles which he discovered and taught. From the reports I have heard, the results and phenomena that often went on around him were amazing and sometimes appeared to be "magical". For example demonstrations of "ESP" were commonplace. Come on people, we all DID learn on the TRs course that we actually communicate through intention, didn't we? But it still can be surprising when this is just done nonchalantly as if there is nothing unusual about it at all.
So, thanks for reminding us about the potential "magical" results that can occur by using the technology of Scientology. It is a very real thing.
+1 # steve 2013-04-14 05:00
Thanks Espiritu. I agree with about this stuff being magic.
+2 # Sparks 2013-04-14 04:09
Rapidity of particle determines power. If a person travels super fast, near the speed of light, it may feel like normal time pace" to that individual but the time he/she experiences is malleable and relative to people traveling slower. More time has happened for the people moving slower.

Quasi speed of light traveler may get to another planet in 2 days, but when he gets back to Earth, hundreds of years have passed. Technically, that person traveling faster got more done (and went further) than those traveling slower.
This was proven in a physics experiment with a clock that went around the planet in a plane, and when it returned the clock read slower. It's proven every day GPS satellites that have to have precise clocks, they have to be calibrated for this phenomenon (of traveling faster out in orbit), or they would go out of synch with Earth time.

So, heck yeah! Time is malleable! and relative to the observer. Not that one needs other instances to support personal observation, but reality-checks do pan out! If ones particle flow and intention and powered up, a lot more can be fit with the flow.

I enjoyed this article, the observations, the thinking and being outside the box, and the knowing that Life begins with LIFE (beings), and reality is the alter is.

Thanks for this blog and thank you for this interesting and revitalizing article.
steve spargo
+1 # steve spargo 2013-04-14 05:33
Thanks Sparks. You make some interesting points. It's been a while since I recalled my physics classes and yet they are so applicable as you have pointed out.
Jim Logan
+1 # Jim Logan 2013-04-14 16:16
Exactly what I was going to mention; the relativity of time. LRH accounts for not only that phenomena, but he embraced Newton's "absolute time" as well. It's not something "hovering" (8-8008) but is a basic agreement on the continuum's rate of change. The minute rhythm we all move it along with, in agreement, albeit on "automatic".

Einstein had time as "that which is measured by clocks". I studied his thought experiment in the paper on Special Relativity and asked myself; yeah, but what is "that" which is being measured by the clock? Extrapolating that and observing for myself, continuing to study it, work with it, and even do the experiment Steve mentions in the Opening Piece, well I'll be - the idea that time can be caused, that it can be postulated, that the mechanics of it include the speed of particle change and there you go - it's relative AND agreed. Scientology found the fundamental of what "that" actually is. So can any being. If they haven't, then they missed something on the way. Cause.
# Sparks 2013-04-14 20:04
Nice! Brilliant thought escapades!:)

Also nice to note it's quite an admirable aspect of Scientology in my observation and experience that one does not need to know anything about physics to be blown out of one's box (which then makes conceptualizing physics more facile if one chooses to do so). This benefit of the methodology is also due to the painstaking care Hubbard took in developing gradients (an admirable science in itself).

I agree, Hubbard dared to look and I've found it fascinating, as a fellow questioner and creator of realities, to listen to his personal process --the questions he asked, the strings he pulled. One example of this is when he recounts being going to the Psychology department at the university and asking people if they saw pictures when they remembered things.
Max Bleiweiss
+1 # Max Bleiweiss 2013-04-14 07:30
You reminded me of how I operated after I had done my TRs 0-9 as a newbie. Life was indeed more fun and adventurous. Unfortunately, the longer I was in the COS, the more I "learned" that MEST was senior, which is of course a lie. Thanks for the rehab!
+1 # steve 2013-04-15 07:19
Absolutely Max. The best days were the early days. When we got the wins and hadn't learned what the Church was preparing to teach us.

I'm determined to make a space here in Australia where people can discover Scientology the way it should be.
Ingrid Smith
+4 # Ingrid Smith 2013-04-14 11:39
OK Steve, now you really have me going on the subject of time because everytime I take a mental tour of Ron's accomplishmnents, I go into this dizzy, dropjawed state of how the f**k did he do this????

It wasn't just a staggeringly vast amount of brilliant notes, but a thorough library of who we are and how we can help each other. Just one little portion would get the Nobel prize such as Int. Last week I got someone through Int handling and got him out of excrutiating mental and spiritual torture (no exageration.)

When I hear of people refer to Ron as JUST a man and that seems to be their main focus, I challenge them to do even a teeny teeny bit of what he did and I will give them a whole life time to do it in too.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-04-14 13:05
Truly, truly staggering indeed Ingrid!
There has probably never been, or is ever likely to be, a better description of Ron,
.......than, "SOURCE."

Ralph Hilton
# Ralph Hilton 2013-04-14 17:37
LRH somewhere that I have forgotten emphasised the point that he was a man. I think he wanted to suggest that what he did is something others could do aswell rather than have people regard him as a God. I think he sometimes missed being able to just sit and have a beer with a friend who didn't sit in awe of him. Just my take. One man I greatly admired and whom I still miss is Alan Walter. After LRH he was to me the most knowledgeable person on the planet regarding the tech yet he retained an amazing ability to grant beingness.
# Sparks 2013-04-14 19:56
Speaking of time, one can use it well by only having a beer with those who are in awe of one ;-) Why waste R&R time with those too introverted and wrapped to see the admirable wonder of a creative genius? (the essence of any Being really being);-)
Jim Logan
+1 # Jim Logan 2013-04-14 18:32
I know what you mean with the jaw drop. I'm studying the whole course of research and development and just keeping up with him is amazing, let alone working as he did, in "terra incognito".

The "secret" to time mechanically is completing cycles of action. The more you complete the more time. He completed cycles of action and "made time".
# Sparks 2013-04-14 20:05
# steve 2013-04-15 07:25
Yep. Master Mariner, pilot, best-selling author, competition winning photographer, humanitarian, etc etc etc.
That man was impossible.

But I've always been aware of the fact that I'm a thetan just like him and should be capable of the same. He went to incredible lengths to examine and explain how he operated so we could do the same. I want to make sure he wasn't wasting his time.

I think this Tone 40 thing is a big part of the makeup. Interest is another. Ron was interested in everything.
Tom M
+4 # Tom M 2013-04-14 12:46
Your comment really bugged me, even though Lana, apparently, edited it.
At first I couldn’t spot what it was that bugged me and then I finally got it. It took a bit because it was what was most obvious and the one thing that we all are striving to get back because it was invalidated and then taken away from us by DM and C of S. This is the subject of ARC.
You violated one of the basic tenets of this blog - ARC. ARC is the BIG issue with us is because that is what we are restoring: ARC. Big time.
Let me tell you what you did there: You took Steve’s wonderful post and trashed the R in the ARC triangle. Realty. I don’t care if you were on the ship with LRH and I don’t care if you watched LRH do his mail every day while you were there. I am pretty sure that you did not watch LRH do his mail all of the time he did his mail on the ship. Could this event have happened? Yes. Could his story be real? Sure, why not. Maybe LRH wanted to observe the galley and did so while he did his mail. A very good Data Series PL spun out of his observation of the “Kid in the kitchen”. The point is that you went ahead and invalidated Steve’s reality and inserted your own. A simple ack would have done wonderfully and would have been in stride with this blog.
The point I’m trying to make is the point that we all enjoyed Steve’s post and the story about Ron. It rang of OT and the ability to be cause of Matter, Energy, Space and Time. It rehabs us. It is a reality we love. A dream, if you will. A lot of people don’t tell their OT stories just because of actions like you did – invalidation of A, R and C. This is what we want to steer clear of. Because if we invalidate their realities then for sure they aren’t going to voice their dreams and dreams is what is important here.
LRH talked about the “Incredibles” on the Class VIII Tape “Standard Tech”. He said that he had done so much in his life and experienced so much that it ARCX people with the stories being so incredible. So he stopped telling these stories. I don’t want that to happen here. ARC = Understanding. More people are reading this blog every day who have been invalidated off of the bridge. They have a dream, just like the rest of us, of having Scientology being delivered and a clear/OT planet as the result. That is the dream. I want them to understand that we all have experienced OT abilities and wins beyond our own expectations and we want more. We will have that civilization without war and without crime and it will come about because of our ability to have dreams of such civilizations.
Never, ever, ever invalidate another person’s dreams, ever. The best things that ever happened in this Universe, began with a dream. This is what this blog is all about.
If you are going to say “But this is my reality, why can’t I voice my reality?” then you missed the point. The point is that on this blog our reality is about an OT civilization. It is all about being positive and endeavoring. If your reality is about “being real” and “keeping things real” then post it on ESMB or other popular pseudo-Scientology blogs. That is not what we are here for. The very soul of Scientology is to dream and make those dreams a reality. That’s what this is all about.
I hope I explained this well enough, if not, Steve Hall for sure will be able to. ML Tom
Sapere Aude
# Sapere Aude 2013-04-14 13:16
Tom - I appreciated very much what you wrote. To Ralph - you have assumed the ship was the Apollo. Having visited the Diana, the first SO ship and the one LRH was in when doing Mission Into Time - I can well assure you that when standing in the galley doing dishes you look up directly into the main dining area which was the largest room on that vessel. I believe in the SO the tradition is followed that whatever vessel the leader of all the ships is on (in this case LRH) then that vessel would be called the "flagship." I don't have all the details and apparently nor does anyone else on the blog - the fact is that story may be more true than you seem willing to believe. Further, the story didn't say he typed answers - he could have written notes of the answer and others did the typing of the response.
calvin b. duffield
+2 # calvin b. duffield 2013-04-14 14:03
Firstly, to Ralph,
I sincerely hope you have managed to take
on board and finally allow the penny to drop for you, that THIS blog is intended
for persons of GENUINE goodwill. Nothing less will do, and I am looking forward to see an apology toward Steve from you.

That,if you recall from development done by Ron, while researching the "magic button" to clear an ARC-X which he deliberately caused during actual test sessions --by cutting comm, invalidation,
failing to ack. etc, etc.

He went on to discover that magic button to restore the ARC -- by asking THIS
question of the PC: "What have I done wrong? " ---- Bang! Correct item found!
opened door for handling, Charge soon handled, PC's ARC restored --result: back in session! Boldly taking responsibility
for this error on your part, takes some guts, but it genuinely could help you to be accepted here, IMHO. Thank YOU-Calvin.

Tom, You've said it all, my friend, and I
have seen your uncompromising approach can ruffle some feathers, but you just don'rt give a rat's ass or give ANY attention to that. You just focus on helping get people through whatever is holding them back and ultimately flying
on top of the tone scale, where every body wins. I thank you for your forthrightness, and hope that Ralph can indeed take stock and realize that we all
would like to have him share the innate
generosity of spirit with which he is surely endowed, along with his immense
training as an Auditor.

ML, Calvin.
Ralph Hilton
# Ralph Hilton 2013-04-14 18:43
Hi Tom,
First of all I'll answer another comment - Sapere the term Flagship assumes a fleet thus the Diana was not such.
I have seen many letters "from LRH" over the years and all but a few were typed. Writing replies is slower for an accomplished typist like LRH who could type at about 100 wpm which is fairly incredible in that he was creating the work while typing at a rate that only the best of professional typists accomplish.
What you appear to be missing is that being real is one of the 3 points in the ARC triangle. Steve posted something that was not real. It lacked ARC in that it was not real. Are you seriously suggesting that I should go to ESMB to find the reality part of the ARC triangle?
I have been posting on the internet since 1997 and have seen a number of people make strange claims about how things were in the CofS and gain a following based on those claims then draw people into their own agenda. We have seen that recently with Marty.
Thus when someone totally breaks the ARC triangle by posting a story that I know to be untrue from my own personal observation I will take them up on it.
When people post things which are unreal they create huge ARC breaks in a broader space.
You disdain the people on ESMB as if they are lower level beings.
I actually seriously think that you should look at what you have said and ask yourself if you are doing exactly what you accuse me of in your response.
I am quite aware of OT phenomena and have probably seen more of them of them than most here. You included.
I do know that LRH did not answer his mail in the crew dining area.
I work with many people daily and work with them to stay in ARC with the universe that we are actually relating to. That includes being real which is not the sole prerogative of ESMB.
LRH explained this in detail back in 1951 with Theta - Mest theory.
In 1980 or so Dianna Hubbard proclaimed that the World would be Clear in 1987.
Putting the dream of a Clear planet into reality will take centuries or possibly longer. The Sea Org contract of a billion years meant being here for however long it takes. I am going to be around for those centuries or the full billion years if that is what it takes. Are you?
My opinion is that when LRH said that "Orders of Magnitude" was the awareness level of a level above OT8 then he was talking about getting people up to a state where they could accomplish his levels of speed of particle flow and continue at that level for however long it might take.
steve spargo
# steve spargo 2013-04-14 21:41
What you're missing is that my post was indeed real for me. I didn't think it an implausible story at all - and still don't.

Nevertheless, you have the same right to post your reality.

I think the important thing is that we don't try to blow each other away with opposing realities. We share them and tolerate each other's reality. And maybe learn something in the process.

Sapere Aude
# Sapere Aude 2013-04-14 21:51
Ralph - I acknowledge your reply. I have no idea why you think I disdain anyone but maybe that was directed to Tom. The SO did have more than one ship when the Diana was in use. Doesn't really matter as you have a viewpoint and I merely was giving data to be considered. I believe the rest is between you and whomever so no need to comment further to me.
Ralph Hilton
# Ralph Hilton 2013-04-15 05:01
Sorry Sapere. Only the first line was intended as a reply to you. The rest was in reply to Tom. I should have written it more clearly.
Sapere Aude
# Sapere Aude 2013-04-15 07:52
Ralph - Got it.
# Sparks 2013-04-14 20:14
Thanks Tom for speaking and standing up for the essential qualities of life, creativity and seniority of the soul over Matter Energy, Space and Time.
# steve 2013-04-15 07:28
You did it for me Tom. Ralph explained what he was about. But I confess, I was a bit disappointed to find out one of my beloved stories about Ron might be false.
Tom M
# Tom M 2013-04-14 21:31
Ralph, thanks for making life more real.
M< Tom

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