By Lana Mitchell

Many of you will recall that about a month ago I conducted a survey of independent Scientologists on this blog. Over a 2 day period we had more than 130 people respond, and the results were, at least for me, really surprising.

Prior to the survey I had become somewhat jaded about a future Scientology 3rd dynamic. I had been reading too much entheta online and had come to the view that creating a new group was not something that others wanted. Or at least that was the apparency.

But then I did the survey.

The answers opened my eyes to the fact that a vast number of independent Scientologists feel like I do. Namely, they don’t feel they are part of a cohesive Scientology group; they would like to be part of a membership community that works to help establish resources for the standard delivery of Scientology and to introduce new people to LRH and his technologies; and the majority of people who responded to the survey wanted to be part of a supportive community, want to train and audit, and many want to work to deliver or disseminate Scientology.

I actually cried when I read the survey responses.

Remember this?

I did not realise how significant the loss of the Scientology 3D had been for me (and I am not talking about the crazy Miscavige cult – I am talking about the dear friends, the enjoyable projects, the shared purposes, and the excitement and fun of moving up The Bridge and helping others to do the same).

So, since the survey, I have been collaborating with a number of veteran OTs, that all know and trust, and there is a new group forming.

It is unlike any group that has existed to date. It is not a management unit. It is not in any way a new Sea Org. And it is certainly not some new RTC to police people.

The envisioned group has a transparent model unlike anything that has existed prior to now. It will essentially be a membership community of dedicated Scientologists, working together to achieve LRH’s aims for Scientology.

 You will hear more of this very soon, as we plan to open doors in the next month or so – but while we get the last vital establishment targets completed, I thought you may be wanting to know the broad strokes on this planned new group.

An admin scale has been worked out, in detail, up and down till all items were in alignment. We finalized the objectives and purposes of the group, the structure, the functions and also the checks and balances to prevent a C $ S number two.

You will be privy to all this information in the not too distant future, but as a first, here are the objectives and purposes.

They are to,

  • Preserve and protect and correctly use the original philosophy and technologies developed by L. Ron Hubbard in order to secure this path to spiritual freedom for all those who wish to walk it.
  • Foster an open enterprise virtual platform for a broad and supportive Scientology community, uniting people to use the tools of Scientology on a daily basis to better conditions in the world, and to help themselves as well.
  • Create and support an abundance of communication lines to achieve the aims of the organization and to maintain inviting, supportive, honest and transparent communications for any who are interested in participating or wishing to discover what we are doing.
  • Establish a training, quality services, internship and certification line, that makes Scientology training readily available across the planet to maintain the standard application of L. Ron Hubbard’s auditing, ethics and management technologies.
  • Provide support and service for Scientology Field Auditors, groups and organizations so they can obtain and maintain high technical standards and thus ensure their effectiveness and prosperity.
  • Initiate broad-reaching dissemination programs that individual members or groups can use to introduce people who are searching for answers to the ultimate questions of life, as well as those who are searching for methods to help others, to LRH’s discoveries, philosophy and technology.
  • Foster the training of standard auditors using only proven LRH methods that have already produced thousands of successful auditors.
  • Support an inter-faith program, promoting tolerance, cooperation, care and understanding as integral aspects to any movement that pursues ethical purposes.
  • Support the ongoing whistle-blower program on abuses and corruption of standard Scientology, to create a clear distinction between such and the body of work itself.
  • In accord with LRH’s Essay on Management, to build and foster a true group by:
    1. Creating affinity, group to group, and within the organization, and to create and maintain a high affinity with the rest of the world.
    2. Creating an organization that sets a good example for the better world.
    3. Persevering in the continual raising of organizational tone, toward the goal of the highest individual tone.
    4. Self-generating the organization into a model of efficiency in all its functions and programs, with high pride in the performance on the part of every individual member of the group, and working to correct any individuals, units, or groups, with hatting, word clearing, ethics, de-PTSing, cramming, evaluation, justice or other appropriate technologies.
    5. Make prolific use of the evaluator tech to always find correct situations and right whys that generate effective plans to move the organization continually towards its various ideal scenes.
    6. Guaranteeing the longevity, greatness and general survival of the organization and its members by exchanging in abundance with those it serves, and by continually building on the amount of theta in the group.

We are firmly of the view that the above objectives and purposes CAN be achieved, by a true group. And much work has gone into working out a foundation, structure and system that can will allow us to do this. It is a community group – not a new dictatorship or power struggle. It is simply a system that allows the members to direct and contribute and succeed in achieving the above.

It is actually really exciting and I have been bursting to tell people about this for the last few weeks. But, we are not quite ready yet.... so you have to be patient.

Stay tuned…

Coming to a blog near you…. soon.


+5 # KFrancis 2013-04-11 17:40
Tremendous news Lana! I can’t wait to hear more.
Reading that you cried upon reviewing your survey caused even my hard heart to well-up.
Lana M.
+4 # Lana M. 2013-04-11 19:12
I am not someone that normally gets glassy eyed, so to find myself sitting reading the survey results with tears streaming down my face was more than a surprise to me.

I think many of us, having belonged to a theta and OT group at one point in the past, crave to be part of one. I certainly do. LRH states that OTs do better with OTs -- and after personal exerience, I agree with him. To not have a 3rd dynamic group and agreed upon purpose makes me feel empty. I work hard on the 1st dynamic, and on the 2nd. I certainly put my all into the 5th and 6th dynamics. But I consider that unless there is dedicated work also on the 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th dynamics -- then we are to that degree incomplete. That diagram of LRH's with the concentric circles of the dynamics (with the 1st in the middle and the smallest, and then each dynamic getting a little larger -- till you get to the all encompassing 8th dynamic which is itself and also all the others)is a stable datum to me. To the degree that I work to operate and succeed on all dynamics, then things are on the up. Not one senior to or more important than the others -- but all dynamics flourishing and prospering.
I do believe that we have the chance to now create a new group that can assist us to achieve that.

Further, it is a model that allows people to contribute and initiate what they wish to, with the resources, or time that they have at this time. Many of us have young children and the extra randomity of this adds all sorts of excitement in itself.

Lots of fun ahead. And all of us will be able to choose how we take that journey, what degree we are involved and where we head to first.
+2 # SKM 2013-04-11 17:49
Exciting News.
I like the different purposes you defined.
steve spargo
+2 # steve spargo 2013-04-11 17:58
This has my support already. We need to get together again.
+3 # KFrancis 2013-04-11 18:14
Reading this again Lana I have to say I am very excited! I feel like we are going to get a chance to go back in time and get a “do over”. This time however we will have many people on board who will have learned the hard way and won’t allow the same mistakes to be made again. The fun factor and morale will be out the roof when this gets going!

Look at the tools that are available today that were not in the 60’s. We have a better meter, FPRD, NOTS, The Ethics Repair List and The Primary RD could be revived. The list of assets is long but maybe the key is that we will have experienced Scientologists who have lived through and saw firsthand how Scientology can be pushed off the rails and will steel themselves against ever letting it happen again. The future looks wide open and full of hope!
Ralph Hilton
# Ralph Hilton 2013-04-11 18:24
Hi Lana,
That all sounds good but you haven't said who "we" is.
There are 3 basic approaches to moderation.
1. Allow anything to be posted and leave it up to individuals to filter out those whose posts they don't want to read.
2. Post moderate in that one deletes unacceptable posts after they are posted in accordance with stated terms.
3. Pre moderate in that all posts need approval from a moderator before they appear.
When I started posting on the internet approach 1 was predominant and was quite workable.
After a few years practice 2 appeared and became the norm.
Marty was, I think, the first amongst Independent Scientologists or the "transcenders" of it to use pre moderation and he used it from my observation to create a false impression to his following by carefully allowing critical posts to go through that he felt able to reply to giving the false impression of openness while deleting all the posts that he could not handle.
He created a blog rather than a forum. People seemed to think that they were not entitled to free speech unless Marty graciously allowed them to post on "his" blog.
I would therefore suggest that for this venture to succeed a more open approach is needed and that a forum should be used with post-moderation rather than pre- moderation.
Lana M
+6 # Lana M 2013-04-11 18:37
Hi Ralph,
To clarify -- the new group is not a blog -- nor is it a forum. It is a membership community, online, that can speak freely and contribute freely. There is nothing like it that exists, now, or in the past.
Open comm lines is a vital point of creating a true group -- but also curbing entheta from destroying the group tone is another.
It will be exciting -- and ALL are welcome to be a part of it, once we open the doors. Aint no holier than thou attitude -- it is a group that follows the creed of Scientology. If you agree with our objectives and purposes -- then you are welcome.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-04-12 23:34
Absolutely Lana! We have seen just how destructive it can be to permit the unbridled free reign of entheta posts
and comments. Even newspapers, whose aim is to sell as many as possible, have to watch their content via editing. Offend the WRONG party, and they can be sued out of business!

You're going to have to repeat the above
moderation policy often, I'm afraid, as there WILL be posters whose agendas may override their actual reverence for the
ethos and purposes of this group.

That isn't to say, that anyone of us doesn't need a bit of castigating for getting "out of line," from time to time,
but if an admonishment doesn't get me to
toe the line, then I'm just effectively
spewing entheta and enturbulation and you have every right to boot me from the group! Even the blunt warning: "three strikes and you're out!" just doesn't seem to penetrate with some, and that's too bad and sad for them.

"Rights" are great, as long as they have mutual respect built in as a proviso!

+4 # Nickname 2013-04-11 19:01
Courserooms are needed. There are a number of field auditors who can deliver, but not many places to learn to audit under proper supervision for internships. That I've seen, many Scns have taken big losses, and some probably think there's something wrong with Scn, with their friends, or with them. Those are wrong whys. What happened is an insane person ordering people to drill holes in the bottom of the boat. Scientology done even moderately right is easy, and sane, and kind, and a lot of other adjectives on the positive side of things. Signed by Me, the Authority on Everything.
Lana M
+2 # Lana M 2013-04-12 04:35
Nickname - this is a truly valid and important point. I am currently training as an auditor and the fact that I have not been able to be under someone's watchful eye, not have an available cramming or correction line, not have an internship checksheet, nor the simple lines of Qual OKs and High Crimes, has been a problem. This new group will be wanting to make such lines and standard actions available to all -- and we will need help to do so.

We will initially start off a basic pilot line, and work through how to make the lines work (with existing resources, and across a planet). It will be a great membership project that people all over the planet can get involved in (either as auditors in training, or as auditors brushing up on their skills/tools, or as experienced Qual people who are helping others).

We predict this group will always have a number of large projects on the board, that we, as a membership community, are working to build and carry through on. And course rooms are an integral part of this.

Look forward to working with you ("The Authority on Everything") -- as we need each of our knowledgeable and experienced individuals!
# Nickname 2013-04-12 20:55
Pick up all the training you can, by all means. If you have a good C/S to work with you, you can do by-the-book auditing actions. The goal of training imo is to run the show yourself, and C/S and Qual and cram others with a great deal of care. This "Clear the Planet" thing was never anything to me but an indication Scn had gone off the rails. "A Class VIII in every org" is much more practical and useful. "Clear the Planet" my ass. And I was right, see?
Ingrid Smith
+2 # Ingrid Smith 2013-04-11 19:13
This is very exciting!!! All the points look GREAT! I will be very interested in seeing what develops!
Tony DePhillips
+1 # Tony DePhillips 2013-04-11 20:30
Hi Lana,
I think this is a great idea!!
I think that some bristle at anything that even remotely looks like the cult. And that is understandable. And the more keyed in you are the easier it is to A=A.
My feeling is that those that can, will DO. I was never an experienced auditor so far be it from me to try to tell others how to go about doing it. I will say I really like the idea of being able to train or get debugged again to become and auditor. I used to use lots of little Scientology things in life and recently started doing so again. For example when my wife and I visited her father in Florida I asked him to tell me about a fun time he can recall when he was young. I asked him other questions too and really got him talking and coming up the tone scale. There are lots of cool things that can be done to help people and I really miss talking about that kind of staff and this is a great way to get into doingness.
Thanks so much for creating this with whoever you are working with. You get what you put your attention on, right?
Lana M
+1 # Lana M 2013-04-11 20:40
Hi Tony,
You are very right. There is certainly a destimulation process that takes place when you leave Corp Scn (or get kicked out). We all seem to travel through the same steps of having to re-evaluate for ourselves if we have actually made gains and wins with the tech, and what our involvement in Scientology will be, into the future.

For me, when I was declared I thought that The Bridge was closed for me -- and that was a sobering but horrid thought that I took on, and decided I could live with. But, when I had a Class IX auditor offer to get me in session, clean up the BPC and get me back on The Bridge, the resurgence that took place was incredible.

I entered the Sea Org in 1988 as a Clear and I left in 2005 still at the same spot on the Grade Chart. There is an apathy that comes about eventually -- after you try and try and try to move, yet everything seems to make it impossible.

Since mid 2011 I have been back on The Bridge. I completed my OT Preps, retreaded my SOLO Course (for the 3rd time) and then did OT 1, 2 and 3. I am now co-auditing on NOTs and OMG -- life is SOOOOOO different now. Just amazing how the application of standard tech and the steady and thorough journey up the Grade Chart does wonders for one's production level, tone, games and enjoyment of life.

Yes -- you are right -- you get what you put your attention on -- and good things are coming. Real good!
Tony Dephillips
+1 # Tony Dephillips 2013-04-11 21:11
That's amazing Lana.
I'm very happy to hear that.
+1 # Mreppen 2013-04-11 21:14

Look forward to seeing the survey results. I too came to a sort of stale mate, on what you went through. In fact I have not been to this website in a few months or the "other" websites.

I still have my doubts, but time will tell. As anyone, I was turned off by the alleged conflicts that appear to have occurred, I just hope this will be resolved.
David Cooke
+1 # David Cooke 2013-04-11 23:53
Lana, I'm very glad to hear that capable people are planning to form a community group of scientologists. Your objectives and purposes have my full support.

While such a group would primarily be supporting the specialised activities of auditing, training and dissemination, do you see it eventually becoming a base for much wider applications of the scientology philosophy in society? Going back to the early days of Dianetics, LRH knew that his discoveries had the potential to revitalise such things as education, law, politics, in fact the whole civilisation.

A single datum such as "a person is a spirit, not a body" could change the face of society if it was generally understood and accepted. One of the failings of the old church was that, while holding for half a century the axioms that underlie all the sciences and humanities, it did not encourage their integration into these fields. If I wasn't so lazy, I might long ago have written up some applications to ecology and botany - and been comm ev'd for mixing practices, splintering and divergence.
Jim Logan
+1 # Jim Logan 2013-04-12 01:21
Good points. I've an anecdote on this. Annie used to hang with LRH in his Bluebird and chat after his regular sessions. In one of those chats she told me that LRH asked her what SHE would do about say, the situation of the beings who find themselves "psychotic", those in institutions cause they've shrunk back into delirium.

In other words, how would SHE handle the large scale scene of a particular aspect of society that needed to be dealt with to real results.

The "central org" is a set up for a specific series of actions on publics (various publics), but that's only ONE area of activity.

What about all the rest of the culture? What about the levels of literacy? What about drugs, economics that strangle the small business, what about vested interests that keep the entire scene in a state of PTSness to "energy"?

Lana's uncle is Jewish. He asked about her being part of an Interfaith group, with the aim of bettering society. Not as a CofS member, but as a Scientologist. In other words a cooperative effort by various religious people to make life better on earth. THOSE types of things need be done, and not as some sort of PR stunt aimed at aggrandizement, but for real and by people who care, including US, because we DO care.

These are the things LRH was asking Annie about. You are bringing the same points up. GOOD POINTS!

What Lana has worked on day and night (while handling a full life, including two young kids, me as a big kid, auditing, studying, jostling three jobs and the thousands of other things women manage to do in a given day)is an entity that would encourage and support anybody who wants to be involved in their Dynamics, applying the knowledge they have, to make this a better game.

Scientology is hope, and hope realized, for the man, woman or child that may lead a life of quiet desperation. Some, not so quiet in their despair too.

In its vast store of workable techniques, applicable truths and sincere means of dealing with life's problems, are the tools to effectively raise the tone and thereby free the ability that is innate in the wonderful basic beingness of ourselves and our fellows.
+2 # Thoughtful 2013-04-12 10:13
David, Yes, you are correct. A primary block on the natural flow of knowledge was that the organization made the 4th dynamic wrong for attacking them. In actual fact, the "4th dynamic" never attacked the CoS, only a few psychotic individuals did who were in positions of power. Becoming a cult IS a make wrong, and in doing that they fatally wounded their own reputation and authority so that no one took them seriously.

THAT is the problem with the Church. The on-going shenanigans of the CoS make it impossible for anyone to take them seriously.

A "Church" that displays aggression instead of compassion; that publicly lies instead of tells the truth, blocks dissemination and denies Scientology to millions of people. It is a suppressive act to allow the CoS to be a cult.
# SKM 2013-04-12 17:15
Ronnie Bell
+1 # Ronnie Bell 2013-04-12 00:18

I experienced a massive resurgence of hope, spirit, and purpose, just reading this post. I'm in that number of Indie Scientologists who long for the kind of group we once had, and who look forward to the day when we have flourishing Independent Scientology groups all over the planet.

In essence, the 'church' hasn't died, because it was never composed of anything but us. We didn't die. We haven't gone anywhere. We're right here where we've always been, and it's we, the free Scientologists, who will decide and command the future direction of this movement.

I'm of the opinion that that direction will more closely mirror the original goals that were set by LRH for this movement. That the organization he put in place to achieve those goals failed so miserably, is simply a brief moment in our history. As painful and destructive as it's been, that phase of our story is passing into memory as we speak. Soon enough, we'll reform in new units, under the newly emergent paradigm of independence. In fact, it's already happening.

I can't tell you what a wonderful feeling it is for me to know with full certainty that our group and the Bridge are here to stay, and that we can't be killed. Not even by the most diabolical creature imaginable. Scientology is the truth, because we are truth - and that is immortal.
Jim Logan
+1 # Jim Logan 2013-04-12 01:27
As a Catholic for the first part of this life, I learned that "church" meant the community of beings. How the heck can you kill a community of immortal beings?

You can't. The "church" isn't dead. It is alive and well, as you recognize, in US, and them, because it's an idea after all.

If somebody thinks they can kill a Third Dynamic, well, that somebody needs to sort out their own Third Dynamic, and some good auditing would help to pull apart that sour view.
+1 # Espiritu 2013-04-13 03:37
Ronnie Bell,
This one statement you made gives a beautiful perspective, ....that the situation we are in as Scientologists "is simply a brief moment in our history".
And then you point out the Truth that we ARE immortal. Looks like we forgot to "die". Yup, that's the way it IS. Looks like we're still here as a true group. While Miscavige is trying to conduct a funeral for the Tech in his Ideal Morgues, we will be out there delivering its benefits to the world. Guess who wins. We all do.
Lana M
+2 # Lana M 2013-04-12 00:23
Do I see it eventually becoming a base for much wider applications of the Scientology philosophy in society?
Yes. To be totally clear - absolutely!
In fact, I think that is a vital part of this group, not eventually at some undetermined point, but from the onset.
And we will be very much encouraging and assisting members to do this.
Lana M
+1 # Lana M 2013-04-12 00:28
Amen Ronnie!

We are truth - and that is immortal.

Someone suggested to me that the new group should be called We Came Back (no, that is not the new name!). It did give me a chuckle though. I told another person and he laughed and said -- We never left!!!

I think this group is the old guard, holding the stable datums there of Scientology for the future. Some of us a little weathered and have been through a journey and a half, but we aint killable (sorry Dave).

All of us reading and writing are the old guard. It is OUR group.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-04-12 01:28
Who's "old"?!

# twinkle 2013-04-12 05:55
We never left? Theravada as in the Buddhist branch means “The Teachings of the Elderly.
calvin b. duffield
+2 # calvin b. duffield 2013-04-12 03:30
Wakey,wakey everyone! Rise and shine, for a new dawn REALLY has arisen for you,for those you love and those you've yet to.. (love)

This post is equal to any beautiful sunrise I have ever seen, and as an artist, I have admired and pondered the beauty of many this lifetime!

Each of your comments appear as a golden highlight on majestic serene clouds.

Clouds which appear to move in an endless ethereal formation of patterns, that glow in admiration of the mighty force of the
brilliant dawning Sun below,-- without which, there would be scant life, as we know it.

And thus, a new dawn, a new day, unfolds and beckons us all.

Bravo to Lana, the new formative delivery
team, and every one of you witnesses.

And remember the perfect catchphrase by
Steve Hall -- "Scientology without ARC--
just isn't Scientology!"

ML, Calvin.
+2 # Thoughtful 2013-04-12 10:35
Haha, thank you Calvin for your enthusiasm. Yeah, the sun's comin' up!
+1 # Silvia 2013-04-12 07:53
Yes, all above great observations and what I back up a lot is the keeping this uptone. I also remember the "old" times where it was a lot of fun to be with friends, with public, with other members, going here, doing that...I think we are able to maintain a very high tone and enjoy it a lot. After all Scientology is not a "serious" thing, to the contrary, is something to do, get better and have big smiles once positive changes have occured for oneself and others. So, lets keep it with defined pursposes and goasl plus with a shiny smile!
Chris Mann
+2 # Chris Mann 2013-04-12 08:29
I am very excited about your project Lana. This is the kind of up-tone creation Independent Scientology needs.

Maybe it's just me, but I think I see it in others too where theres just too much discussion going around and around in circles and arguments due to lack of action, lack of forward motion. It probably adds up to lack of admin scale and a cohesive group so I think this "hits the nail on the head".
Tom M
+4 # Tom M 2013-04-12 20:21
Chris - and that's the differewnce with us. We are all thetans of action. We could care less about pendatic, philosophical yammerings. We have a usable tech to free people from their turmoil and we intend to see it broadly used. Lana is a goddammed genius and she is leading the way. Put all you money on her stock because its going out the roof.
ML Tom
Chris Mann
+1 # Chris Mann 2013-04-13 12:00
I like this Tom. I cant wait to see what comes next. Then I need to figure out what I can do.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-04-14 09:02
Chris, c'mon! You already know! Chime in with your newly added on music genre: "Country!" - then as the alternative "Country!" Oh,and did I mention,"Country ?"
+1 # steve 2013-04-12 19:30
one advantage our new group will have is the internet. We might be a lone Scientologist in a particular town, but we can be in comm with many with similar realities just by turning on the pc (the electronic one).

We need to make sure we capitalize on that.
Richard Lloyd-Robert
+1 # Richard Lloyd-Robert 2013-04-13 06:22
Awesome. Count me in. I already feel a rise in my tone and cause resurgence. I love LRH tech and am ready to start. Div Six is my speciality so let me know how I can help.
Lana M
+1 # Lana M 2013-04-13 06:39
Hi Richard,
Your help and initiative will definitely be needed. We will be looking for broad Div 6 programs that can be piloted in one area and then taken on by others and used in other locations. We will be wanting to take basic LRH principles and get them being used broadly -- whether that is workshops, seminars, co-audits, you name it.
Richard Lloyd-Robert
# Richard Lloyd-Robert 2013-04-14 08:52
As Steve mentioned some time ago I think the SA and HQS are fantastic gradients to new public but there might be a need for a program to reach out to existing but out Scientologist.
Scott Campbell
+1 # Scott Campbell 2013-04-13 07:42
Only one thing worries me... Will there be any place for lazy people in this group? I mean, where will I fit in?
Lana M
+2 # Lana M 2013-04-13 08:09
Scott -- you will always fit in -- no matter what, how, or when. :)
Scott Campbell
+1 # Scott Campbell 2013-04-13 09:22
We'll be on the next flight!
Ronnie Bell
+1 # Ronnie Bell 2013-04-13 11:48
LOL! Scotty, you've got great comedic timing. Thanks for the belly laugh!
Scott Campbell
+1 # Scott Campbell 2013-04-14 01:22
Where's my buddy?!!! You guys are coming with us, right?
Dani Lemberger
+2 # Dani Lemberger 2013-04-13 14:09
I am so happy to see this is happening. In december '12 I circulated a paper urging that we form a group.
I have been helped greatly by stellar individuals. Marty & Mosey offered Tami and me unlimited hospitality and total support when we made our first step out in June '12, then Mike & Christie, then Claudio & Renata and many more along the way with materials, advice and encouragement.
There's thousands of us, loyal Scientologist, dreaming still to make a better world. By some terrible fluke, Ron's Church of Scientology became Miscavige's labor camp of robots. United and organized CORRECTLY, we can make the dream come true.
Our group must be one based on voluntary membership, encouragement for each to practice Scientology as he understands it, high Ethics level, rising KRC. We all KNOW what is going on, we all have CONTROL over the activities and use of funds, we are all RESPONSIBLE because we are equal and elect our leadership.
I have transformed Dror Center a few years ago into a partnership were decisions are made my majority vote, and it's been booming since.
A group that belongs to all of us will boom and will supplant the decaying CoS.
Thank you all for being in this. We will win, Ron is proud of us.
Tony DePhillips
+1 # Tony DePhillips 2013-04-13 16:56
Great post Dani!
I appreciate all you are doing.
Gerhard Waterkamp
+1 # Gerhard Waterkamp 2013-04-13 14:16
The concept of an organization dedicated to assure the workable technology LRH has developed stays and becomes more broadly available is definitely a valid and needed one.
At the risk of being viewed negative I think there are some major steps to be taken to be successful with it.
The outpoints of the existing scene around Scientology are broadly discussed and known, but the analysis seems to differ greatly. Some think the outpoints are focused on DM, others take a much broader view and see elements, specifically in the later parts of LRH’s work, as the seeds for the outpoints. There is more and a whole spectrum in between.
It will be very tough to find a unifying platform on the basis of: “original philosophy and technologies developed by L. Ron Hubbard”.
The greatest common denominator I saw in the ongoing discussions was the workability of the technical procedures as defined in the grade chart. That seems to be the common ground.
And more practical thinking an organization where technical terminals work together to assure this grade chart is applied with integrity and all activities needed to maintain its workability. This is probably also a step of greatest value given the current scenario in regards to tech we have in the independent field. In my opinion this area would be worth to explore and bringing something forward could be very productive.
This boils down to very practical and simple things like the availability and participation in standard Qual actions that ensure the standardness of the application of the tech without requiring a “standardized” thinking in all aspects. Independent Scientologist should be allowed to be as diverse and free in their viewpoints, their thinking and livingness as possible. And as Silvia emphasized correctly we need to have fun with subject.
Independent Scientologists are at different stages in their process of awareness, understanding and freeing themselves from suppressive influences of the COS. If we shoot too high and too narrow it will only be a fit for a portion of independents and foster further diversionist behaviors.
Lana M
+1 # Lana M 2013-04-13 16:01
Thanks Gerhard,
I agree with you on the broad spectrum of views and the Grade Chart is that stable datum that can used to gain agreement and cooperation.
You are also 100% right on the importance of having standard Qual actions available that simply focus on correct application of LRH's technologies to move people on that Grade Chart.
I had a lengthy discussion with a veteran auditor a few months back which left a real impression on me. She pointed out that the way you make auditors and get people auditing is not by running some "KSW Campaign" (meaning you are either standard or you are squirrel - you are either doing it exactly right, or we are going to jump the hell all over you) but is instead achieved by making auditing easy and running a campaign instead that is about application of tech (with the view to making it easy for each and every person to learn and apply LRH tech correctly to achieve great results).
I think she hit the nail on the head and we took this up in part in an early article entitled "We all learnt to audit by auditing".
All the actions we take in this new group are with the goal of correct application of LRH's technology, based around the Grade Chart, and towards getting the best results. It is not about hunting for "squirrels" or trying to shame people, label people or libel people that are doing the best they can with the resources and experience they have had to date. It instead is about providing a set of services that anyone can access and use to become a better auditor -- whether they are new to the game or a seasoned veteran who has been through the traps and back again.
I think there are very few that would not want to be part of such a group. And of course -- as the group is a community-based one, the degree of our effectiveness and integration throughout the Independent field really comes down to us - the Membership Community.
+1 # Thoughtful 2013-04-13 16:58
Perfectly stated. That's a 10.
Gerhard Waterkamp
# Gerhard Waterkamp 2013-04-13 20:30
Hi Lana,
good points.
A few people in LA are thinking along the lines of building a group to provide, standard services in regards to the grade chart, specifically qualifications and training functions. Devising a program for technical people that allows them to participate in needed training and qualification and also a set of common standards from folder sharing to other forms of cooperation could lead to a certification. All this would allow anybody looking for services to understand upfront how much standard tech to expect from a certain source.
I could not agree more that non of this should be ever used to disqualify others, just a defined set of voluntary actions to assure standard grade chart delivery to keep the tech intact and working.
Ralph Hilton
# Ralph Hilton 2013-04-15 06:29
There are German materials available on www.stss.nl/.../ .
# Nickname 2013-04-14 01:56
Which one of the Grade Charts? And which procedures for Clear and the OT levels? Establishing that would be step #1, no?
Lana M
+1 # Lana M 2013-04-14 07:08
Nickname, there is nothing to be established. It is already covered thoroughly in LRH issues ie. THEORY OF THE NEW GRADE CHART HCOB, LRH ED 1978 The Year of Lightening Fast Tech Breakthroughs (for where NOTs fits in on the original OT levels), and see HCO PL Programming of Cases in OEC Volume 4. There is also the C/S Series, Class VIII Course, etc.
# Nickname 2013-04-14 07:17
Thanks. I have nightmares when I hear anyone talking about "New OT Levels" as I'm under the impresiion those are Co$ issue to "New OT VIII" which is, apparently, crash and burn territory. I wonder how many will want to re-tread the Grade Chart.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-04-18 17:10
The PL referred to in OEC Vol 4 above should be Gradation Program, Revised, 30 July 64.
theo sismanides
+2 # theo sismanides 2013-04-14 06:38
Lana and all interested, this is great, great news.

The big mistake of some people after leaving the Cof$ is that they have done an A=A=A with the 3rd dynamic, all Admin Tech, what a real group is all about and have wrongly thought that Scn can carry on in an unorganised way.

LRH put there the Admin Tech to protect the Tech Tech. Such a new group will rehabilitate the purposes of many Scientologists who suffer from post religious trauma. It's been a big loss to lose Scientology and its organisations.

So, Scientology is being promoted mainly through TRUE groups and NOT just Individuals.

It is my strong belief that such a TRUE group is being formed up now thanks to the dedication and persistence of some few people. I want to thank them.

From Greece which is under big time suppression in Europe together with Cyprus I make the postulate that we re-unite and help each other and other thetans on this planet to attain higher spiritual awareness.

We have the means and the resources. The vehicle is under construction. This is the best news we could get.
Richard Lloyd-Robert
+1 # Richard Lloyd-Robert 2013-04-14 09:02
Hey Theo,
Remember our discussion about this idea a few weeks ago:).
theo sismanides
# theo sismanides 2013-04-16 17:11
Hi Richard !

Yes, I do! Here it is! Hahaha!
# Sparks 2013-04-21 15:04
Outstanding article and statement. And love the photo with "Remember this?"

Yes, yes, yes, many people believed and trusted -- because it was, and is, Real. Pure and simple. No additives.

There is no greater betrayal than that of the dreams and hearts and goodness of individuals. In the instance of the hijacking of Scientology, all that goodness was usurped and used as bait, to disguise clever, cold manipulation by the infiltrating influences. It is huge, that heinous betrayal. Loss doesn't get more crushing. Fortunately, like all lies, the loss was temporary and it was ultimately conquered as an illusion; it was a challenge to emerge brighter, and stronger and ... The Dream, the REAL Reality of what is possible to liberate human anguish, the simplicity of goodness and happiness, the shared goals, mission and practice of something that produces results and really helps, is was and will be forever.

Life and truth win.

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