by Thoughtful

chocolate-cakeOn the home page of iScientology.org you will see some key LRH references along with two principles that are integral to our movement: “Guaranteeing Scientology as a force for good” and “Keeping Scientology true to its own philosophic core.”

One of the concepts I've tried to emphasize from the outset is that Scientology without A-R-C is not Scientology. One could call it idiocy, or Miscavology, or invalidation, or suppression, or abuse — any of these names would be correct. But "Scientology" without ARC is just not Scientology. How could it be? “ARC” represents only the greatest single discovery of Scientology and sits at the very heart of the subject.

It's not even because LRH said so. The reason I can say that is because affinity, reality and communication are the three component parts of understanding, and what is Scientology if not an effort to attain greater understanding?

So even if LRH himself had said in some emotional outburst, "to hell with ARC" that would still not make "hurting people" into Scientology.

The discoveries of Scientology are not something LRH invented. They are something LRH discovered. That’s why we call them “discoveries” and not “inventions.” The fundamental agreements underlying existence are not “inventions.” Therefore Scientology is not whatever David Miscavige or even what LRH says it is. The subject is what it is.

Perhaps some former members who criticize Scientology for its supposed "flaws" never fully understood Scientology in the first place. Perhaps if we were to roll back their track record we would reveal a person who grossly altered Scientology principles in a harmful way and adopted that as "Scientology." This new version of Scientology they invented would have then been used as the justification to harm people.

Fast forward several decades and now you might have someone who justifies their own cesspool of past crimes (instead of taking responsibility for them) by "lessening the overt" i.e. criticizing the subject and blaming it for their own harmful deeds, still pretending their corrupted version of Scientology was the real thing.

Yet thousands of people have read the same LRH issues and policies and never interpreted any of it as a license to kill.

Portland Chocolate Cake

I’m not much of a cook, but I could mix up a chocolate cake, then stir in a hearty portion of Portland cement. And when it hardened into solid stone I could still call it a "cake." But as soon as someone chipped a tooth on their first bite, would anyone really be so stupid they would say, "Wow, chocolate cake is the worst cake in the world! Chocolate cake is evil and will chip your teeth! I just want to warn people chocolate cake is a scam and a con. And Duncan Hines (the inventor of cake mix) was a liar with a false military record!"

No, there isn’t anyone that stupid. What there is, is individuals who have piled up so much guilt they now need to “lessen the overt” by attacking the subject to lessening the pressure that way. As LRH explained in 1960,

“When a person has committed an overt act and then withholds it, he or she usually employs the social mechanism of justification.

“We have all heard people attempt to justify their actions and all of us have known instinctively that justification was tantamount to a confession of guilt. But not until now have we understood the exact mechanism behind justification.

“Short of Scientology auditing, there was no means by which a person could relieve himself of consciousness of having done an overt act except to try to lessen the overt. ...

“...when the burden became too great man was driven to another mechanism—the effort to lessen the size and pressure of the overt. He or she could only do this by attempting to reduce the size and repute of the terminal. Hence, not-isness. Hence when a man or a woman has done an overt act there usually follows an effort to reduce the goodness or importance of the target of the overt. Hence the husband who betrays his wife must then state that the wife was no good in some way. Thus the wife who betrayed her husband had to reduce the husband to reduce the overt. This works on all dynamics. In this light most criticism is justification of having done an overt.” - LRH

None of this isn’t to say those same individuals were not ALSO victimized. They were. I’m not saying they weren’t. Their lives were destroyed by others. But why did they allow their lives to be destroyed by others? Why did they stand there and take it? How did they become so weak or blind that they couldn’t see their way out? Because of their own overts. I know. It happened to me, too. This is no “holier than thou” speech. And people who were simply victimized don't feel the need to lessen the overt.

“Lessening the overt” also occurs in the case of someone who has betrayed a person or group of people. You might one day see this if someone started to criticize not just the Church of Miscavige, but even those who had left the cult and courageously spoken out to protect others from harm.

Once, in Scientology’s history, there was a person who—while acting as auditor and case supervisor to a group of people who had left the Church—suddenly began to publicly criticize the members of his very own group. He was warning and complaining and nattering about his very own paying pcs—a remarkably flagrant violation of the Auditor’s Code: “2. I promise not to invalidate the preclear’s case or gains in or out of session.”

Make a test

Why do people stay in abusive situations? There is a theory called the “boiled frog syndrome” — basically if you plop a frog into boiling water he will jump out. But if you slowly raise the temperature he will calmly remain in the water and be boiled alive. But that doesn’t account for why people stay in an abusive situation like the Church of Scientology for one very good reason. People are not frogs.

Some psychopaths get people under their thumb by persuading them to commit harmful deeds. By compromising the victim’s own integrity, he becomes complicit in the crime and trapped by his own guilt. Now the SP can turn up the heat all he wants and poor Mr. Toad will not leave.

How do I know? Well, let’s make a test. Invite such a person do a proper O/W write up covering all the times he or she failed to refuse suppressive orders, or failed to go along with the insanity and actually harmed another person (or himself) when he was told to. What result could there be but a person freed from such past sufferings and hostilities?

Lots of ex-staff still have nightmares of being trapped in the CoS. The way to turn off such nightmares is simply to write up your overts. Failing to pounce on DM when he walked by. Failing to thrash his goons within an inch of their lives. Letting yourself be degraded. Letting them break up your marriage or family. Accepting wrong condition assignments. Putting up with injustices. Going with the flow. Not walking out. Failing to get others out of the CoS when you had the chance. Failing to leave when you had the chance. Failing to take evidence with you when you did leave. These are the things we continue to kick ourselves for. These are the source of nightmares. A nightmare is you kicking yourself for messing up and getting yourself trapped.

So if any of this applies to you, why not make a test. Do an O/W write up. After you are done, see if you can’t forgive yourself. For anyone this applies to, I bet you’d gain considerable insight, peace, closure and maybe even a playful sense of youth.

I started by simply spotting the points where I’d violated my own integrity early on in Scientology and that alone was enough to totally stop my nightmares a couple of years ago. After that, if I ever dreamed of Scientology (which became rare), it was generally about me tearing into them.

All the nightmares stopped. Instead I had some fun dreams like being back at the Int base, but now having the ability to open my mouth and devastate these suppressive group members for supporting and condoning a regime that manufactured an atmosphere of fear and intimidation through the intentional misapplication of Ethics. I was able to say things like, "Do you realize you are a degraded being? DM is an SP. He’s been an SP the entire time and you never noticed? Here you sit, imprisoned behind razor wire fences with cameras everywhere and security guards who's main job is to keep you in. You’re a prisoner with no freedom to leave. You can’t even call 911. Or have kids. Your corporation orders your children to be murdered before they are born. And you think YOU are going to bring people greater freedom? The orgs are EMPTY. How are you achieving any purpose? You’re not. You guys are the most suppressed, repressed, oppressed, backwards, enslaved group of pathetic prisoners on earth." They had no defense whatsoever against the truth.  

Wow, how fun that was.

I told a friend about this and it worked for him, too. He subsequently had a dream where he physically beat the crap out of DM. Now that’s a dream I want to have!  A few months later he had a dream where DM had been overthrown and was now giving up his crimes, though very, very reluctantly, which is what one would expect from DM.

In short, it’s only normal that your attention goes onto the abuse you received, which is a Flow 1. But the source of the hang up is actually Flow 2, what you did along with Flow 0, what you did to yourself. And there you have the way to make the problem vanish. (For info, others doing things to others is Flow 3).

O/W write up

So of course I had to test this theory by starting an O/W write up myself to see what I could find. Oh, it didn't take long to find stuff I had no idea was there. My ex-wife Sue turned me into Ethics in 1998 when I mentioned an interest in leaving the Sea Org.  That was a motivator (Flow 1) for me. I had forgotten about the time in 1986 when a beautiful Italian girl (who looked like Raquel Welch, but even more beautiful) invited me to leave the Sea Org for her. I turned her into Ethics. Ouch, was that ever stupid!

Likewise there was a time in 1988 when I was chairman of a Comm Ev on a young artist who wanted to leave CMU (Central Marketing Unit). I’m ashamed to say I angrily told her she was an enemy and I never even listened to her side of the story. Ouch!

As well there were scores of times when I failed to speak up despite witnessing an injustice. Failed to say anything despite outpoints. Failed to keep my own counsel, keep in my own integrity and Code of Honor. Failed to call the police. Failed to walk out. There were strong feelings of guilt and regret attached to every overt that I located, the very stuff of stupidity and blindness. (For info, nothing restores intelligence, perception and improves eyesight like cleaning up your own O/Ws). You remember how an o/w write up is done?

1. Time — when it occurred exactly
2. Place — where you were exactly
3. Form — what form of overt it was
4. Event — what exactly happened and any consequences

Then it just goes 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, etc. FAST. If you spent any time on staff or in Scientology, you may find it hard to write fast enough to keep up with the gush of material. This is how you can heal yourself. Why not free yourself?

As LRH points out in numerous lectures, what matters isn't what other people (including in the CoS) consider to be overts. It’s what you consider to be an overt. The only overts that matter are the instances where you violated your own moral code. Those are the transgressions that hurt.

By getting you to violate your own moral code, a psychopath can get you to forget you even have your own moral code. So you can be more easily manipulated.

I shall write another article when I finish my o/w write up and let you know how it went.


The fact that many people do go ahead and commit harmful acts on themselves and on others when told to by an authority like Hitler or Dave Miscavige or their local IAS Registrar is more a comment on the general low ebb of personal awareness in our culture.

Scientology is not a belief system. But one of its maxims is that most people out in the world ARE asleep already. They became that way long before Scientology came along. That’s what the subject is there for—to gently wake them up into higher levels of awareness which is accomplished by training (study), ethics and auditing. People are at a low ebb. Many of them don’t really know what personal integrity is, not in a way they can reliably use. Some people wake up slowly and so may go on being quite groggy for years in Scientology. They haven’t woken up fully.

Groggy people do stupid things. Like harming others or themselves on command. Or because “everyone else is doing it.” The only solution is to do what you can to wake yourself up more fully. Maybe grogginess is also why some people get such towering misconceptions of Scientology, like assuming ARC is only for auditing sessions. Or eight dynamics are only for public (not staff). Or a dictator can replace the org board. Or “command intention” supersedes common sense.

One of the things that galvanized me in deciding to leave the Int base was a book, not by LRH. The author said something brilliant: “The problem with Earth is it’s populated entirely by victims. Stop being a victim and take responsibility for yourself.” That woke me up.

Career Nazis?

A very few may not have any guilt or remorse for their harmful acts. They may not be even remotely sorry for what they did. If so, their motives would be different. Their motives might simply be to go on suppressing people in plain sight like they always have done perhaps even by pretending to be lessening the overt (since it’s currently in vogue) and thereby tricking ex members into providing a safe haven.

No doubt certain SS Officers or Gestapo made a big show of criticizing Nazi policies wherever they went after the war. “Terrible thing, Nazism.” They simply don’t mention how they used the subject as a license to kill.

Part of such camouflage would be to be seen far and wide as a victim of the former group. Such a person might steadfastly ignore the advice of experienced law enforcement personnel on how to immediately END any harassment since they were themselves using the harassment to establish their cover.

That doesn’t mean everyone who wrongly criticizes anything or anyone is a sociopath. Far from it. Miscavige and his cronies constantly accused people of the wrong overts—non-compliance with RTC—whereas the actual overt was harming people by following DM’s orders. What better way of making slaves than by constantly misdirecting them to false overts?

Of course all that would just be reverse Ethics. And through it, Miscavige and friends effectively killed many decent Scientologists.

So if you ever encounter someone attempting to justify their own war crimes by lessening the overt, i.e., wrongly criticizing Scientology tech and/or Scientologists (some of whom may have even helped or steadfastly supported that person) while also refusing to apply any tech remedy for the situation, there you may have you finger on a legitimate 2 ½ percent CoS war criminal.

After WWII was over, hundreds of Nazi officers had to hide. Some hid in Argentina. Some hid in the USA. Some hid in plain sight as professional psychologists and mental counselors.

Unfortunately for the Nazis, Simon Wiesenthal never forgot the people they callously helped murder.

If you ever meet such a person who refuses to atone for his or her war crimes by coming clean and getting honest and straight, who instead starts to publicly attack his own pcs, you are certainly justified in refusing to forget your friends and family members whom they helped kill.

— Thoughtful



+4 # Maurice 2013-04-08 16:47
Great write-up, Steve - one of your very best. I was VGIs while reading it. I can certainly attest that what you say is very true. I've had loads of overts show up and get handled in my solo auditing since leaving the DM-run church in 1998. E.g., violating my Code of Honor, failing to blow a lot sooner, failing to walk out of a 6 month check session, staying connected to a suppressive group, etc., etc. Thanks for laying it out so eloquently.
+5 # Thoughtful 2013-04-08 17:17
Hi Maurice, thank you for confirming the benefit of these incredible tools. I am looking forward to the inevitable life-changing wins that result from the use of Scientology ethics tech.
calvin b. duffield
+2 # calvin b. duffield 2013-04-08 20:33
Steve, thank you! Thank you for packing soooo much theta into that article, that it is already overflowing out of the "container" and running out over the floor, out the door and into the street! It looks familiar, smells familiar, and guess what? I think you already know what I'm talking about!

---The tantalizing aroma of that freshly baked chocolate cake -- of course !!!!!

Jokes aside, you have just done a fantastic job of taking a lot of "groggy heads" and gently, but firmly, turned their position to be able to look in the mirror! Some WILL thereby, recognize the source of their "misfortune" is looking squarely back at them, duplicate your advice and act on it-- to their eternal credit and salvation -- while others will
simply squirm in front of the mirror and
still go on thinking ( by the mechanisms of ser facs and "transcending" ) that this will somehow avoid all the pent - up guilt, without confronting the full extent of the times, places, forms and events, thereof, with the attendant benefits, as fully covered in your article.The choices? USE this Tech on oneself --- and WIN! Or just carry on
being miserable! tch! tch!

Magnificent job, man!

ML, Calvin.
+3 # SKM 2013-04-08 16:57
O/W write-ups are a technological miracle, for sure. I remember when I handled a lot of this life time "amnesia" by O/W write-ups alone.
Lana M
+6 # Lana M 2013-04-08 17:07

Thank you for a superb article.

I left the Sea Org in 2005. As a result, things changed drastically for the better for me, but I was confused, introverted and unsure about both myself and what I had experienced (and been part of) at the Int base for 13 years.

I made a lot of case gain when I spotted that DM was behind the noise, enturbulation, injustice, alter-is and out-tech I had witnessed. But I still was unable to shake the PTSness to that person and to the group (which unquestionably has become a suppressive one).

It was the recognition that my own personal integrity is senior to all, that resulted in relief. I had violated my personal integrity so many times -- not speaking out when I should have, being party to suppressive acts, permitting another to harm the group and the individuals in it, condoning misapplication of basic tech and policy. All based on some imagined or considered threat to my own survival -- yet it was this very violation of my personal integrity that stuck me to the suppressive and made me PTS.

In late 2010, my former husband informed me that if I did not recant my declaration of independence as a Scientologist, then he would divorce me (after 26 years of marriage with two children, one 4 years old and the other not even 1). After 3 months of procrastination, I decided to make a change. I told him no. I held to my personal integrity and since he left, life took a major change for the better.

My prior inability (or refusal) to take responsibility for my OWN overts, left me effect. At the point where I decided that the only way out is to recognize my own participation and support of the SP and corruption of the church that I was able to step outside of the PTSness and do something about remedying it.

I have taken your advice and started newly looking at this whole mechanism and how this relates to me, my past in the SO and at the Int base, as well as my application of Scientology in life. It is already proving to be revelatory!

Thanks again for such an accurate and helpful article.
Ralph Hilton
+5 # Ralph Hilton 2013-04-08 17:26
Perhaps this is a touch heavy .. I knew one of the auditors and the i/c of the Crackerjack Unit which audited the CMO. Both independently told me that most of the CMO (not the early messengers who were on the Apollo) came up with past lifetime Nazi identities, were difficult to audit, withholdy and had high TA.
To put things a little indirectly I consider that anyone who publicly attacks David Mayo in a place where he cannot speak in his own defense has not confronted his own misdeeds.
Quite a few have used the approach you mention:
"Part of such camouflage would be to be seen far and wide as a victim of the former group. Such a person might steadfastly ignore the advice of experienced law enforcement personnel on how to immediately END any harassment since they were themselves using the harassment to establish their cover."
What might also be noticed is that they tend to cover up for each other.
It is sad when such people refuse auditing and seek to "transcend" Scientology rather than confront their misdeeds.
Ralph Hilton
+5 # Ralph Hilton 2013-04-08 17:30
I should add that I consider O/W write ups an inadequate tool for fully handling overts and withholds and that the FPRD approach is more workable. The key to resolving O/W is the prior confusion to acting that way.
Jim Logan
+6 # Jim Logan 2013-04-08 17:50
I agree and by empirial evidence, the prior confusion to the various "solutions" that not-is, rather than as-is that confusion is a key discovery. It is laid out in a tape The Prior Confusion, 3 Oct 61 and underlise the FPRD, Ser Facs, Epurps and all manner of aberration.

A KEY discovery of Scientology. The relief to be gained with this KRC and Tech is nothing short of a miracle.
+3 # SKM 2013-04-08 17:58
Hello Jim,
I'm glad you're here and thanks for the reference.
Jim Logan
+5 # Jim Logan 2013-04-08 19:44
My view is that a thoroughgoing Bridge, would have to include a study of the ACCs. These lectures began after the PDCs. They lay out the Axioms, describing the woof and warp of what we've got going here.

The Axioms on Stable Data for instance, and the lectures from 55 in the ACCs cover the tolerance of a confusion and how to play the game so one doesn't get messed up with fixed ideas, solutions that are the next problem and so on. By 61, the tape I referred to, has a background of material from the mid 50s and it comes up again in the brilliance of the Problems Intenstive. It comes back around in the study of the SP valence, PTSness, S&Ds, and again in CS Series 22, Psychosis as a "solution to a problem" the "evil purpose". It's a study that frees one from the "inevitable" and truly makes one able to ride this game winning.
Ralph Hilton
+2 # Ralph Hilton 2013-04-08 18:07
Yeah, the Old Man had his shit together. He said it in DMSMH. After all what is an engram really but an excess of confusion with force laid in.
+3 # KFrancis 2013-04-08 22:25
Ralph and Jim you are of course correct that the Prior Confusion is the earlier beginning on the chain but what of the PC who lives out in BF Egypt and there is no auditor to be found? In perfect world we would all have access to an auditor and have the funds to exchange.
The beauty of the O/W write up is that you don’t need anyone else and it can be done anywhere and at no cost.
Steve, I have had some of my greatest wins in Scientology just sitting down with pen and paper and the O/W issue as given by LRH. It was in fact my first “Solo” if you will.
# Bluebonnet 2013-04-10 17:01
Exactly KFrancis!
Thanks for a great article Steve!

Tony DePhillips
+6 # Tony DePhillips 2013-04-08 17:45
I agree that if a person confronts thier own overts and takes responsibility for them, they will get better.
There is a lot of precious tech in Scientology. I am glad that I found it.
calvin b. duffield
+2 # calvin b. duffield 2013-04-08 19:41
Tony, yes indeed! May I say welcome to the "other" side of the blogging experience? Great to see you popped in and so hope you'll do so more often?
Tony Dephillips
+3 # Tony Dephillips 2013-04-08 23:09
Yo Calvin!
Ingrid Smith
+3 # Ingrid Smith 2013-04-08 23:35
Hi Tony!
Tony DePhillips
+3 # Tony DePhillips 2013-04-08 23:53
Hi Ingrid! :-)
Bernie Wimbush
+4 # Bernie Wimbush 2013-04-08 18:07
What a great artcle. Criticism ca only be leveled at what is done in the name of Scientology, not at the subject itself. As you pointed out it is only a series of discoveries. These discoveries are only as true for you as you can use them.
And on overts, they are just a source of charge. The underlying truth is thatyou cannot hurt a thetan, but you sure can get him to buy into an entheta game so they can stuff themselves up nicely.
It is our Scientology, not anyone elses. Lets play to win. DM is on the wrong side of history and needs to do an O/W writeup as suggested.
+2 # SKM 2013-04-08 19:11
I'm not sure DM is capable of enough self-criticism allowing him to recognize (or even think) he should correct anything.
Jim Logan
+7 # Jim Logan 2013-04-08 20:27
Nope, he isn't. He computes that his actions are survival oriented. He's "right" and that he is still surviving is proof of how right he is.

The odd bit is that "survival" is of an identity. He's BECOME something and as a something, survival is the game. Just back of that identity is the immortal being, a nothing which can't do anything but "survive". Such is the irony, the paradox, the reduction to absurdity that the Solution to the Problem (of survival) begets.
+3 # Name 2013-04-08 20:39
Excellent article and pertinent analogies. The last 2 paragraphs crescendo and lift off with an ethics (personal help & power across the board of life) runway into the flight of real freedom.

You say it like it is.
Personal responsibility is my friend. Cheers!
+2 # Thoughtful 2013-04-08 20:59
Thank you my friend.
+2 # Beautiful 2013-04-08 20:44
This blog post is music. Pure music.
Chris Mann
+2 # Chris Mann 2013-04-08 21:54
I believe you are on to something here.
It might help to step back and really look at actual products too. What's the goal and what is the end result?
Attack, make wrong (lessening the overt), attack, make wrong, attack, make wrong in some sort of cycle is what I see. What is that exactly- I don't know, other than it's just not my kind of game.
Ingrid Smith
+3 # Ingrid Smith 2013-04-08 22:34
A comm such as yours Steve, is like a very fresh breath of much needed Scientology air. I feel I can breathe again. Thank you.
There are alot of books on how to be a nice little homo sapien. What Ron pointed us toward is OT !! That is what I want! Where the space is huge and fun! His discoveries are staggering.
Lessening the overt is lessening oneself and the game. it's soap box material-some old, same old
+2 # Thoughtful 2013-04-11 14:51
You know there are so many areas where there is just NO handling unless you know Scientology. For example, I had a friend I was trying to help but who could not process what I was telling her. No matter what I said or did, she couldn't think how she could possible do what I was suggesting. Actually it involved going in to a job interview and telling them how much she wanted to earn. Finally I realized, "False Data!" Instantly, I smoothly went right into False Data Stripping — especially since a meter is not necessary. "Have you been given any false data regarding talking about your income?" Boom, right away she thought of something. "Where did this datum come from?" "Where was he when he told you that?" "How did he look at the time?" etc. Seconds later, the datum blew and her indicators came in — laughing, smiles, etc. The next morning she went into the interview and not only was hired, she got one of the highest salaries for anyone in her profession in the entire city. That was just a little Debug tool. I could have talked until I was blue in the face, but without blowing the false data, she would never have done what she did.
calvin b. duffield
+1 # calvin b. duffield 2013-04-11 15:35
Steve.....jeez man! People, get this!
Here, and I do mean here, we get to present miracles, all as par for the course. When suppressive elements are stripped out of proceedings, the power of unimpeded THETA becomes CAUSE! It's recollections like yours, Tom's and Ingrid's, just to mention a few, along with the commitment of Lana to host this site, that are the proven formula to bring back the winning times and genuine ARC into the Game.

Thank you ALL here,for breathing life into this vital new Independent Movement.

+1 # KFrancis 2013-04-08 23:09
Time, Place, Form and Event… 1-2-3-4, - 1-2-3-4. “This is how you can heal yourself”.

Well said Steve!
+1 # Worsel 2013-04-08 23:21
Amazingly I became interested in the subject of OW-write-ups recently.
There seems to be one point changed and missing since a while. I remember, when we did OW-write-ups in the early time (about '73-'74) we had always a 0-question. That was the subject or difficulty being handled. You still find it in the Tech Dictionary under "Withhold System".
It introduces the cycle of action and a specific purpose into the action as one would always consult the 0) to see of the point was handled now or if another overt or withhold should be found and written up. In later times in the '90s I have not seen this applied anymore.
Ralph Hilton
+1 # Ralph Hilton 2013-04-09 15:41
The 0 question now is DM, management and counter-intention thereto. Other O/Ws are of little interest.
+1 # Worsel 2013-04-08 23:45
How I came to get interested in OWs was when I studied the lecture "Identity" (6 January 1960).
Any ability goes along with the ability to withhold it or there would be no control and thus no ability.
"You have to break down compulsive, obsessive withholds and overts. You have to break down this automatic structure to clear a case all the way and make an OT! You have to take those overts and withholds which are out of the control of the individual and put them back into the control of the individual. You’re breaking down overts and withholds to reestablish responsibility and the ability to do and to withhold. These are abilities. And if you just broke them down endlessly and never put them back again, never restored the individual’s ability to withhold, you, of course, would have just an irresponsible mass of junk. Scientology and Scientologists would not be a Third Dynamic, they’d be a mob."
+3 # Worsel 2013-04-08 23:59
and another quote from "Identity", 6 January 1960, a lecture which I recommend.
Ron explains how a member of a group could do overts for the group, as an identity of that dynamic (like registrar, ethics officer, citizen, soldier or even his name etc.) and so never connect it with his OWN responsibility.
"...identity is the most irresponsible mechanism a thetan has."
# SKM 2013-04-11 13:49
Thanks for the recommendation, Worsel.
I just listened to it.

Here a small quote from the lecture:
Well, you didn’t do that on the backtrack. You slaughtered enemy armies in the name of the Sultan. You’ve saved people in the name of the Messiah. Get the idea? You didn’t do it!
And yet you did it, who else was there? Was anybody else there? Kind of on your track, look around, see if anybody else was present when you dropped that lance and made an attack on the enemy lines.
+1 # george 2013-04-09 00:23
I think youve really found the gold nugget with this one Steve!!Thanks!
+4 # Silvia 2013-04-09 01:49
Corect Steve, totally correct.
When things were very bad at FSO in 2007 and I did not see the light anymore I sat down and wrote OWs. This is what snapped me up to PT again and I was then stronger to plan how I would leave that SP envireonment and I did leave.

As far as Scientology - it is part of LIFE itself, is not because LRH said it, it is simply part of a high level of LIFE and has truth in it.
Yes LRH is the Source of this presentation of principles and procedures that work, but in the final term each individual is the Source of his or her life. How each one decides to go on, is fine and should be allowed to do so as long as it does not harm himself or others. If the person wants to wear yello hair and his life is well, so let it be, this does not hurt anybody.
Another thing that could help an individual is, after OWs restudy the materials that were missed and landed the person inn that condition. Clear the MUs and having that tech will protect you and or make you able to handle such similar situations.
Thanks again for the write up - SILVIA
calvin b. duffield
+2 # calvin b. duffield 2013-04-09 11:30
Wow, Silvia, said like the sage you are!
Gaining the wisdom is certainly a very empowering benefit from having worked with such resolve and strength of purpose as you dedicated your life to doing (and so very fortunately for us, STILL do!)

Indeed, I feel especially honored and
privileged to be able to have comm with you. Your shining light of integrity is
bold and clear for all to see.

Thank you for all you do and who you are!

ML, Calvin.
David Cooke
+1 # David Cooke 2013-04-09 02:26
Thanks Steve, for another lucid article that goes straight to several important points. Like, how completely rational criticism of the C of S can morph into irrational natter against the subject of scientology itself.
I've said 'Ouch' too, recalling the times I spoke up for the bullies and against people who I now realise were saying the very things that I had thought. And I couldn't understand why the bullies were never articulate in their own defence, but merely brazen in their silence.
+1 # steve 2013-04-09 04:23
About 25 years ago I found myself in a games condition with a guy over a girl we held in common. He was in another country but I was quite enturbulated by the whole scene. Until I remembered what you are reminding us of here. I just looked to see what I had done to that guy and omigod, it was right there in front of my face even tho it happened a very long time ago. It blew immediately.

So what you are saying here resonates with me very strongly.

One thing I can add. If you study LRH's data on help you will find a very interesting datum. Overts are not effective in the presence of successful help. In other words, if you are helping and you know it, you don't get this whole ow phenomenon occurring. Try it and you'll see what I mean. OW mostly impacts you when you have already started to withdraw your help.

Thanks for a great article Steve
Ralph Hilton
+3 # Ralph Hilton 2013-04-09 07:46
for the data on help and O/W.
Dani Lemberger
+5 # Dani Lemberger 2013-04-09 15:59
Thank you Steve for a touching, brilliant article.
Those who fail the test of taking responsibility for past misconduct, can we still be pan-determined and give them a hand out?
We really do have one common enemy. Let's all work together to rid us of him and save Scientology.
There'll be eternity then to squabble and bicker!
+6 # Thoughtful 2013-04-10 01:23
Dani, Thank you. It's not really about bickering or making anybody wrong, it's about keeping Scientology true to its own philosophic core -- Understanding: Affinity, Reality and Communication. The Church that exists today is a product of the opposite: no understanding: i.e. tone levels below death (like owning bodies or worshiping bodies), total unreality, and a brutally arrogant refusal to communicate. These elements are NOT Scientology. Yet for decades the old regime attempted to cover their tracks by redefining Scientology as containing such elements. They justified their actions by claiming suppression was “on Source.” And now one of the very same people who did that is going to say we need to change Scientology because really it included all these bad concepts? No.

In fact, the old regime did such a good job at alloying Scientology with various forms of entheta that many, many people became convinced that Scientology was indeed full of shit.

Maybe the old regime did it because they were a pack of SPs. Maybe they did it because they were just so groggy and stupid they didn’t know which way was up. I don’t know why they did it. That is for them to figure out.

But the "shit" they mixed into Scientology was not inherent in the subject in the first place because how can you have a subject who’s entire purpose is the creation of understanding, have elements within it that destroy understanding?

It would be like driving a car welded to an 80-ton anchor. Does it really take a genius to see the anchor doesn’t belong? An anchor doesn’t fit within a car’s admin scale. It’s an outpoint called “added inapplicable.”

So such elements were ADDITIVES. So the solution isn't now to change the whole subject because Larry Wright said so. The solution is strip out the additives. It’s easy! Guess what makes it hard: un-handled O/Ws.

All organizations have some criminality and abuse, because sociopaths are distributed throughout the population. But the fact that sociopaths existed in an organization and produced chaos doesn't necessarily mean the organizational philosophy was corrupt. It simply means (1) the people responsible for catching and evicting such people were non existent, or (2) utterly incompetent, or (3) they were themselves suppressive. LRH tried to give the Church a fighting chance by putting people on post (an entire organization called “RTC” was given the hat) who's entire product was to root out such SPs and keep the tech pure. But “RTC” turned out to be the biggest, most colossal, super sized failure in the history of Scientology organizations. Since there were people expressly posted to do this job, that leaves the cause as either #2 (incompetence) or #3 (suppressive).

I wasn't going to write anything more on the subject, but someone keeps motivating and I noticed some people were getting enturbulated. Even I got enturbulated and got sick for the first time in a couple of years. I know PTS tech and after 3 weeks when the condition was persisting I took a look. I saw that a piece of the Int base had followed me up the track. And when I saw that, the illness completely blew and I was completely well. I went from sick for three weeks to completely well in seconds.

Still, I wasn’t going to say anything until I noticed several others had gotten enturbulated and so it was time to speak up. This article was simply to provide insight to anyone who had gotten confused. I spoke up on principle, as a public service. Not because I'm personally upset.

Throughout this long cold winter since DM arrived most people simply wanted standard tech and were denied. Now that we can actually deliver it, that's what we should do. make it available to who ever wants it. Not mix in some earlier practices and this and that. Hey, I'm a Scientologist. It never even occurred to me that I couldn't or shouldn't study other subjects. I thought that was Scientology was FOR — you use it as a flashlight to go explore other subjects. I’ve ALWAYS used it for that. And lots of others have done the same thing.

Scientology is defined as "knowing how to know." Life is all about learning. The whole insular idea that no one needs anything but Scientology is itself an additive that came from RTC. We don't need to now fix that about Scientology because it never existed in Scientology in the first place.

I have no time to waste on bickering. However, as it says on Scientology-cult, there comes a time when silence is betrayal. Hope this clarifies.

Lana M
+4 # Lana M 2013-04-10 02:17
I want to add something here also -- the reason WHY I left the Sea Org it finally dawned on me (I finally woke up out of my stupor) that the church that I was working for 24/7, supporting and dedicating my every day's efforts to, no longer resembled in any way, the philosophy and principles that are Scientology themselves. It was not that I betrayed my group in leaving -- I actually woke up and realized that whilst I had joined one group -- over time it had morphed and transformed into something altogether different. And I had been so stuck inside of it, I could not see it. I had morphed too -- downwards. I had, scarily enough, become part of a real "cult" and had not seen it.

Scientology is not a cult. Never was, never will be. But the church of Miscavige is.

Further -- on the subject of recent enturbulation in the independent field -- I started getting upset back in December, when it seemed that if I communicated my passion and love for Scientology, the body of work, I was labelled as being a "true believer", a "zealot" and all manner of other names. If I defended myself or others the attacks got nastier. I had no game or any desire to get into such a game - so I dropped the entheta comm. I created this new community blog as a place where people who have the same beliefs as I can communicate freely without having to defend or justify that we feel Scientology works.

There is no time for bickering here. We are just getting on with the job of delivering and dissemination and there are some imminent VERY BIG projects about to surface which you will hear a lot about in the next few weeks.

Projects that all can get involved in. Projects that are only limited by the imagination and ability of OT (which is none really). Stay tuned!
Ingrid Smith
+5 # Ingrid Smith 2013-04-10 12:21
Thank you so much Lana for creating this much needed forum. It was getting hard to navigate through the rotten tomatoes being thrown for being a Scientologist. I saw others really getting charged up too and for what?? Helping people with the Tech,loving the Tech, using it corrrectly-this, of course, is considered an "overt" by the aberrated personality.
Ralph Hilton
# Ralph Hilton 2013-04-11 17:55
Thank you Lana. :-)
# SKM 2013-04-10 11:52
Steve, you said:
"So such elements were ADDITIVES. So the solution isn't now to change the whole subject ... "
I agree, but don't you think that there are some "additives" in Scientology (in the policy) which were additives for a span of time to handle a situation and that some of those additives were never withdrawn and that this circumstance was a great reciept for the sociopath DM to further his purposes?

I also want to stay true to the core principles of Scientology. But in doing so, I recognize many stuff in the materials is ingrained solely for the purpose to protect the old church and we don't necessarily need to implement all of it in the open field in order to help further the goals of Scientology (in fact we even violate the policy in the moment we attack the church and we justify it saying "we need to, 'cause it was taken over by a SP").

We have technological materials, philosophical materials, corporational policy, administrative technology materials (org bds, admin scale, data series etc.) and so on.

I still think everyone should study as much of it as he thinks he wants. Everyone can use study-tech and judgement in order to understand the data. But do we really need to implement all of the "old solutions" in order to help our fellow man? And by doing so, one by one, help to achieve the goals of Scientology?

I know we need centers, orgs if you will, in order to train auditors, for cramming and also for services. But maybe today we can have a different model of centers. We just can't re-establish the old church based on policy, because the policy itself handles problems from a different unit of time on the track.

Or maybe I just didn't understand your point too well.

Kind regards,
+3 # Thoughtful 2013-04-10 13:48
SKM, Of course I agree with you. To clarify (and I apologize for the long answer),

1. Regarding the additives that LRH himself installed into Scientology, I like the analogy about the car welded to an 80-ton anchor. That would be like someone becoming hysterical because, "But what if it was GM that welded the anchor to the car?!? OMG!!!" General Motors makes mistakes too, same as you and me… and LRH. No doubt LRH did wrongly weld a few anchors onto Scientology. I don’t think that would be cause to decree that “Automobiles are no good. There’s so much more we can learn from horse wagons." No, if it were your car, you wouldn’t be a robot; you’d just cut the anchors off and drive down the road regardless of who put them on. And if Scientology were your Scientology, you’d also just cut the anchors off regardless of who put them on there. It’s pretty obvious and easy to do.

But apparently some people can’t admit that the problem was always easy to solve. Is that because such an admission would completely ruin their credibility for having failed to do the right thing for 25 years? So they are STILL waving a bony RTC finger and croaking, “Beware! It can’t be done! I hold that ego-centricism is quantified with quantum overtones of chronic cognitive digestive dissonance leading to corresponding judgmental dysfunction!” I thought we had a Scientologist there but somehow he turned into a psychologist.

And where does the freedom to cut the anchors off your car take us? Exactly to the first datum most people learned in Scientology: What is true in Scientology is what is true for YOU. That’s why I have said from the beginning, in the Independent movement we have finally arrived back at the very beginning. In the Route to Infinity Lectures LRH explains the symbol of the circle being with us for a very long time, and he points out that at the top of the circle zero and infinity meet. That is the threshold to Independence. We’ve all come full circle and arrived back at the beginning.

So none of this is to say some Policies don’t need to be fixed. I’m just saying, as I always have, that fixing that stuff is easy. And the reason I say that is because when I did my eval of the entire situation in 2008, most of the outpoints did not go back to LRH. Most went back to DM and his enablers. Some went to LRH. But the WHY resides in the area of the predominance of outpoints. And the WHY opens the door to a handling. In other words, if we handle the WHY, the rest is EASY to deal with. Scientology is EASY to fix. What makes it hard are the line of thugs standing in the way blocking it from being fixed.

2. The idea that we have to implement ALL of the “old solutions” is an idea that itself came from RTC. LRH never said that. He himself cancelled scores of policies. So that idea is also an additive. He even gave us a Qual division to correct the organization. And he gave us KSW Policy — does that mean to blanket enforce everything? No, it doesn’t say that and the crashing MU is the word “Scientology.” Before one can “Keep Scientology Working” maybe one has to first have a conceptual understanding of what Scientology is. And no one in RTC knew that because they thought ARC — the very foundation of Scientology and the source of all it’s power — was a joke.

To someone with a conceptual understanding of what Scientology is, KSW means to keep in everything in that creates understanding and ruthlessly stamp into oblivion the things that block the growth of affinity on all dynamics, reality on all dynamics, communication on all dynamics, and understanding on all dynamics. So KSW itself isn’t even a bad policy, it’s just been implemented in reverse for 30 years by a pack of yellow rats.

Did you know that many of LRH’s issues had an expiration on them? Some per LRH were set to expire in a year. But DM and his renegades in RTC ignored such expirations so they could establish more justification for his criminal acts. And the entire time he was pretending to be enforcing all the old solutions, he was actually doing nothing of the sort. There are no doubt many issues that he and his treacherous renegades suppressed that you’ve never even heard of. Like the LRH CBO that forbids International events — because they were found (in 1978) to crash org stats (because they took everyone off post). Where was RTC in keeping that tech pure? Where the f**k where those arrogant, haughty, cold-chrome-steel con men in keeping THAT LRH tech in place? These renegade “Scientologists” in RTC crashed org stats since 1986 with a relentless schedule of off-policy “International” events. I’ve never heard a single person in Independent Scientology say we needed to implement all of the “old solutions.” So that is a problem that does not exist, aka a “no sit.” No one wants to blanket-style re-implement all the old solutions.

The compass that leads the way out is the ARC triangle. If some element leads to greater understanding on all dynamics, then we keep it. If it does the opposite, then cut it off.

Contrary to the plaintive bleat of sociopaths, people do not start out as decent people with a conscience and then magically turn into a sociopath with no conscience. If you look at DM’s record, he was poison from the start. Before you and I ever heard of him, he lost millions of LRH’s money on bad investments and then secretly paid back the accounts by getting ASI to become hucksters of soft-core porn — worthless prints of paintings for LRH’s books. Those “collectible” prints, sold at $10,000 a pop, cannot be sold on eBay. They are trash. And I know plenty of people who were crush regged to buy them instead of their Bridge. ASI made millions selling trash instead of making auditors, moving people up the Bridge to Clear and OT! So here was DM, a snake from the get go. Just because he picked up the ball and ran backwards with it doesn’t mean anyone who picks up the ball is going to run the wrong way, too, because somehow the ball is so defective. Hope that helps.

# SKM 2013-04-10 15:07
Hello Steve,
yes it helps. Thank you for clarifying.

And I agree, we don't need to use old policy which was set in place in order to protect the old organization.
The old organization is gone. The current "official" is about to dissolve.

Speaking of "why's" is a different story. What is the situation?
If you are about to start something new, there is no need to search for "why's". It's better to set new purposes to achieve the goals.

If you want to get rid of Miscavige, than again, why looking for "why's"? This wouldn't resolve the situation inside the church (even if it was the correct why), because if you want to apply the "why", you need to have some command about the area of the situation (which is not the case).

Fighting other Independents won't help either, even if they did add up to the situation of the corporation, because they have no influence on the scene inside the church.

I see 3 possible purposes for Scientologists:
1) Strenghtening of delivery (training, cramming, processing)
2) dissemination
3) getting rid of Miscavige to stop abuses under the banner of Scientology

I think the most Independents will agree in #3. But this shouldn't be the most point of interest.

#1 and #2 need both to be done in present time. We all need a good differentiation between the Corporational Scientology and Scientology the Subject.
Scientology itself is not judgemental.
The Corporation of Scientology often was.
Working in present time and looking at the treasures we have is much better than looking who was responsible for the demise of the corporation. Monopoly was. It is just not save to monopolize Scientology.

The monopoly had its benefits as long as LRH was alive. From this moment on it was obsolete.

That's my take.
And I am sure you will agree on several points.

Please don't be too serious about some Scientologists who learn some new words ;-)
I think it's their way to find connections to society.
And maybe even he is speaking the truth - it can hurt, of course - and if he's not, than what communication is good for? We're free to disagree - we are no longer in the cult. Are we?

I like this blog and the programs you guys are working on.
And I really like you and appreciate what you are doing, Steve.
Why looking for "Why's" if we are starting from scratch?

ARC to you!
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-04-10 17:19
On the finding of a Real Why a departure from the Ideal Scene, isn't that what you are referring to with the idea that "old solutions" need not necessarily apply to new circumstances?

A "why" is a technical term, from the Data Series. In this case, the 3D and its functioning to accomplish the delivery of valid services is the circumstance you are describing. Those "old solutions" were put in place to deal with the same thing.

So, in any periodic sweepout of old rules, laws (the "now we'er supposed to kind, not principles) and sort out of policies, one would be looking for "why" that didn't work, and come up with a workable solution.

I think you'd agree, "why finding" as per the Data Series is something we do, routinely, in any situation that departs from the ideal, on any Dynamic, and the better one gets at finding the Real Why for a departure, the easier a closer approach to the Ideal Scene is.
# SKM 2013-04-10 20:51
Dear Jim.
Yes, I understand. I am familiar with the Data Series.
I just don't understand what the situation is right now for what you would need the why.

When you start with an Admin Scale, you know what the goal is, the purposes, you've got the Ideal Scene defined, you don't necessarily start with a "situation". You write a programm and you write the projects and then you are going to do it in order to come closer to the Ideal Scene(s).

There may be some current why's like the lack of correct materials, instructional films for training and stuff like this.
The lack of this materials can inhibit training.
But considerations of a single individual?
Not even Miscavige can stop us from the application of Scientology.

"A "why" is a technical term, from the Data Series. In this case, the 3D and its functioning to accomplish the delivery of valid services is the circumstance you are describing. Those "old solutions" were put in place to deal with the same thing."
Yes, there is a set of important policy which can be used in order to accomplish a better delivery. As stated before.
With "old solutions" I mean the stuff which was implemented to keep the corporational monopoly. Also the concept "only Church Members are Scientologists" is part of it.
Why not have 3rd dynamics (plural)? This is actually the "situation" we are in right now and the "why" for this is some corporational policy. And now, even if you used this why and you were in the position to handle it, we would wind up back in a corporational structure. One big 3rd dynamic. And this is not necesserily good. I don't want to go back :-D.

I think the fact that we have "more than just the church" (more 3 dynamic's based on Scientology principles) is not a "situation" but a natural progress toward a more ideal scene.
Preserving the materials and training and delivery is the most important task right now.
So really, thank you for being here and for doing what you do right now.
Don't listen to the critics - if there are any.

Jim Logan
+1 # Jim Logan 2013-04-10 21:58
Yes, I agree wholeheartedly on many groups, starting small, growing as more want the service provided. Lots and lots.

More terminals, lots of comm, applications here there and all over da place. Yes, 100% yes.

The PL, WHAT IS POLICY? offers that exact solution, when the organization loses sight of what it's about, and that's to strip it back. Basic purpose, simple lines, get service going, produce results, and off you go.

Down Under there was NO group last year, and this year we're up to a dozen, practicing, auditing, training, and just hangin' out jabbing about life, motorcycles, nice long legs and quantum mechanics.
# SKM 2013-04-10 23:35
Love it,
thanks you for letting us know this. And for giving a good example!

You also duplicated me totally.
Back to simplicity. Actually that's what Scientology is about.
Former Black Hat
+6 # Former Black Hat 2013-04-09 18:48
As someone who attacked the subject of Scientology for years, but never had auditing, but now has had auditing and experienced what it can do, I could never, ever again attack the subject. Just no ways one can do that, knowing what it is, and can do.

I found this post to be courageous, honest, clean and incisive, and duplicated it 100%, at all levels. From someone who has the guts to think for themselves and not just follow the sheep.

Only someone who is clean, open and upfront, and who is honest about their personal experience with Scientology, as well as their personal experience with Radical DM Squirrelling and brutality, could write a post like this - no hidden agendas, just telling it like it is.

Congratulations and thanks for an excellent article, LFBD here.
+5 # Thoughtful 2013-04-09 19:42
Wow, FBH, I am stunned. What an incredible perspective you must have! Thank you so much for the compliment. This blog is intended to be a platform for you as well, so if you'd care to publish an article some day telling more about your unique insight, experiences, and what you learned along the way, I can't help but think it would be a fascinating and really valuable story that lots of people would benefit from reading. — Steve
Former Black Hat
+1 # Former Black Hat 2013-04-10 05:03
You are most welcome, Steve, and the props are fully deserved. It is good to know that there are people like you and others around with their honesty and integrity still in tact, and who are not denying their past gains in Scientology simply because it has now become the 'fashionable" thing to do.

From my background, I know all about that Agenda, and have been saddened to see many duped into this. But you and the others here really give hope and inspiration to others, to maintain their integrity. (Integrity IS more important that one's life).

And yes, my background is pretty unique, or at least, is an unusual perspective, and I may well write it up in a while for this blog, if you feel it would be of benefit and interest to others. In the meantime, thank you again, to you and the others here - keep up the wonderful work!
Tony DePhillips
+8 # Tony DePhillips 2013-04-09 18:57
I really enjyed the article Steve.
It sort of rehabbed me on the ethics tech. I personally have never enjoyed o/w write-ups but I have enjoyed sec checks when done earlier in my career and against my own moral code. Later, after getting onto Solo Nots in the cult the sec checking was against their morality and I started losing. But having been an Ethics officer and having studied those materials religiously I have had many great gains personally and by helping others to become more ethical (personal choices) and to have better integrity. I also realized that I am largely who I am today because of the gains I got through studying and auditing with Scientology. It is VERY true that Scientology without ARC is NOT Scientology. I am willing to let others go through whatever they need to to sort themselves out and grant them beingness as long as they are not acting as an enemy to my friends. I don't feel we all need to be on the same page, but the common denominator is that my friends are those that are forwarding the tech in a benevolent fashion into the future. If those people are getting good results and making people happier and more free then I am on their side.
+1 # Thoughtful 2013-04-09 19:49
Thank you Tony, I think you have definitely come to the right place because forwarding the technology in a benevolent fashion is what we are about. As Scientologists used to say decades ago, if it's not fun, it's not Scientology.
Ingrid Smith
+4 # Ingrid Smith 2013-04-09 20:33
All of us let a crazy SP take the ARC and fun out of Scientology. Fortunately, it is not a permanent condition. Ron gave us so much data on suppression that even I, when I was in my groggy condition saw the indicators and finally connected the dots. We are very lucky as we do have Tech to perceive with, even if it takes a while-There are many civilizations that are no longer with us because they had NO idea why they ended up extinct.
calvin b. duffield
+3 # calvin b. duffield 2013-04-10 01:36
Excellent,Ingrid. Of course, Ron so often gave dire warnings about the dangers of becoming confused and being mislead away from the narrow pathway he taped out of the "labyrinth," that seemingly endless mire of traps and cul-de-sacs leading one into "the sticky dark!" One of the most unfortunate drawbacks for us all including Ron himself, IMHO, was his very
own prolific writing! Because of the unprecedented "mountain" of writing he had produced, under the banner of Scientology,(even "The BASICS" contain an
inordinate amount of precision knowledge, that, collectively are mind boggling in their scope of such a vast range of individual studies, research and discoveries!)

Having amassed such an enormous quantity of powerful, life - altering technology, in the specific case of Scientology,has
perhaps, complicated the task of spotting the "devil in the mix!"

Unfortunately, though Ron had directly warned that "Scientology should never be allowed to fall into the hands of a monopoly,....because if used incorrectly, it has the power TO DESTROY mankind,"...
we see today, the effects of his dire warning having been at least partially

Cloaked in a camouflage suit, it has been relatively easy for David Miscavige to appear to have been carrying out "command intention," amongst an ocean of policy letters, conflicting "Source" directives
and an "totally ON SOURCE" Sea Organization, created by Ron to carry out
his mission of "the Aims of Scientology"

Unfortunately, "The Wolf" had crept into the Commodore's uniform over 30 years ago
...... and because of the unquestioned actions of Ron's "APPOINTED SUCCESSOR"
was, able to pull off, -----through unparalleled stealth, ---the 180 degree
reversal of Scientology.

And he did it by the cunning, cherry picking of selective, powerful control elements within the unquestioned structure itself.

And now the Executioner has put out a decree calling for his head.

Steve Poore
+5 # Steve Poore 2013-04-09 22:42
VERY GOOD POINTS STEVE! Thanks for posting this!

Behind every Lie is A Problem, an un-truth, there's a persistence which won't as-is. Since Theta is Pure ARC, you (the theta being) naturally achieves an Understanding - Easy, it just flows. The great thing about being out of the cult for most of us, is we can fully and truly live with the truth, and just BE truth, and NO LONGER LIVE A LIE! For those who can't, they will continue to be trapped.

As LRH said, ARC is sacred.
Tom M
+5 # Tom M 2013-04-10 09:29
Aah Steve. How courageous of you. I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, I was on the road for a week. Even terrorized Int a little.
You are spot-on and tracking with LRH. He made a tape for Level Two and he said (Paraphrase) "I know there is going to be a lot of angry people after this and some are going to quit but I have to say this to you" You are responsible for your own condition. Oh my God." He went on to say that a person is totally responsible for what he has done and that he should just take responsibility and he will clear. I can't remember the name of the Tape but it is on Level Two.
Steve, your uncanny ability to zero in on what is laboring and find the why, then communicate it in lay still takes my breath away. I love you and I love being your friend. Keep popping articles like this and we shall be getting Scn back on the rails in no time.
ML Tom
Blog reader
+1 # Blog reader 2013-04-10 13:41
I reread this article today. So much in this! What you say here I have observed with someone who initially started out attacking David Miscavige under the pretext of defending Scientology, and then real colors showed through as the person (once getting a following) began to covertly minimize and try to reduce Scientology. Really insidious. Quote:
No doubt certain SS Officers or Gestapo made a big show of criticizing Nazi policies wherever they went after the war. “Terrible thing, Nazism.” They simply don’t mention how they used the subject as a license to kill. Part of such camouflage would be to be seen far and wide as a victim of the former group. Such a person might steadfastly ignore the advice of experienced law enforcement personnel on how to immediately END any harassment since they were themselves using the harassment to establish their cover.
Ralph Hilton
+3 # Ralph Hilton 2013-04-10 14:29
One thing that comes to mind reading over the thread is the weird datum that the KRC triangle is senior to ARC so to hell with ARC get your effin stats up!
I came across it when I first joined the Sea Org back in 1972. It seemed to justify all sorts of behavior.
The KRC triangle is like a tower on a rock - demolish the rock of ARC and all that is left is a sociopath on a detached tower.
+1 # Thoughtful 2013-04-10 14:35
Hi Ralph, Yes, I also heard that datum from Dean Stokes in 1979 — he had put it into his own tape that new staff were to listen to when they joined staff. A completely false datum.
tony dephillips
# tony dephillips 2013-04-10 15:54
Good one Ralph.
+3 # Mreppen 2013-04-10 15:46
Great article. I might add that everyone who was on Staff should get the Ethics Repair List. I've been co auditing it for some time now. Not that I exec C/Sing it for all. But it really does calm you way down. Oh and you will run more Flow 3s than you ever have in your life.
+1 # Thoughtful 2013-04-10 15:59
Wow, cool Mike!
Ralph Hilton
+2 # Ralph Hilton 2013-04-10 16:11
I've run it on a few people. There is a squirrel version around. The original is run on 4 flows.
+1 # Tara 2013-04-10 17:33
Awesome article.
Max Bleiweiss
+4 # Max Bleiweiss 2013-04-10 17:34
Great write-up Steve and oh so true. In the past year that I discovered the truth about DM and the COS many of my stable data were shattered. But despite those revelations there is at least one stable datum that never wavered and that is that Scientology works for me.
One of the things that astounded me at first was learning that some SO/staff Scientologists that had been in the Church for decades left proclaiming that they really didn't get much out of the subject, if anything. That left me with a mystery until I finally realized that they had had very little, if any actual tech applied to them. Some of these people have written books. It's very sad. And as you stated some might experience a great deal of relief just by writing up their O/Ws.
With your viewpoints and those of the commenters here, I definitely see the makings of a true Scientology group, perhaps for the first time for many of us. Very exciting!
Ingrid Smith
+2 # Ingrid Smith 2013-04-10 19:05
Max-Alot didn't even get KSW 1-3. They got some strange stuff.
I think we are headed toward a great 3D.
# Mreppen 2013-04-10 18:25
I have the real original copy of the Ethics Repair List from 1978- all 4 flows, saved on my desktop. If anyone wants it, email me at .

I have been RPF'd 5 times and Comm Eved 11 times, I certainly needed it.
# Thoughtful 2013-04-10 19:07
Hi Mike, Great idea — in fact, why don't you post it on this website so people can see it!!
tony dephillips
# tony dephillips 2013-04-10 19:16
That would be nice. I could start self listing on it. :-) (joke)
I would love to see it.
tony dephillips
+4 # tony dephillips 2013-04-10 19:38
I wanted to comment on something. I think Marty has done some very great things and deserves support. I think he has flushed out some very good ideas on how things went wrong, all needed and wanted at least by me.
Recently I have gotten to the point where I no longer wanted to hear the out-points with other Independents or the tech. For me I needed the other flow of what is right about other Indies and Scientology. I guess you could have people endlessly picking the subject apart and directing others to study this or that in order to understand it. And that can be ok for those interested.
I do know however that there are a lot of people who have been taking pc's up to higher levels WITHOUT doing all of that. Even in the cult, I would see auditors taking in pc's and hatting them and them reading LRH books and doing TR's and such and having HUGE life changing wins. LRH said that it was a "workable system" not a perfect one.

I agree that in the cult the flaws, errors, injustices, stupididty etc all got to be too much for me and I was willing to give up my eternity to get away from that insanity. :-)

I think whatever system Marty may seem to want to create may work for him and others. Maybe his version is for people above my IQ level? I don't know.

I do know that I do value all people that are doing good things with the tech. I may not agree with all of them or their rules or whatever. I think some may need correction and the right place to do that is in private with good ARC because they are people of good will unless proven otherwise.
I would actually love to hear about how some auditors take a new pc and get them started up the Bridge and the kind of wins they have. The planet has some pretty good sized problems and every person that is helping to bring others up is amazing.
Wouldn't it be cool if there were thousands of auditors out in the world and you could be in comm with them and pick the one that seemed right for you? Where you could go and get trained with ARC and intelligence at an affordable price? I believe there is a lot of room for different service platforms and mockups as long as we don't lose the valuable tech that we know is workable.
Ok. That felt good. I'm done.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-04-10 22:10
That post was as "clean as a wolf's tooth".

My respect and thanks to you for the real thing when it comes to the Code of Honor, in practice.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-04-10 22:33
P.S. Tony, in the interests of as-isness, or at least providing sufficient factual data upon which to evaluate, write to me and I'll have a TWO way comm with you. We can go over what actually happened "in Vegas", so to speak ;-)
Chris Mann
+1 # Chris Mann 2013-04-10 22:14
I'm not following everything lately and I'm not sure I ever fully understood the whole enchilada, but I don't suspect my intelligence is to blame. I think Marty is intelligent and someetimes when intelligent people start writing interesting things come out. Things that can expose us to different viewpoints and ideas. At this point I have no problem with people communicating their opinions on Scientology, LRH and all that.

I feel I'm getting better at letting people disagree. I think how we react to various tone levels, particularly momentary dips is our choice. If someone gets angry and yells you don't have to become angry or ARC broken for example.

Some things I don't like, (and some may be misunderstandings or buttons on my end if you know what I mean.) are:

People holding a viewpoint they are convinced is superior to my own and trying to enlighten me to my own stupidity.

People with a fixed, self serving viewpoint and no ability of self examination (n. 1. An introspective consideration of one's own thoughts or emotions.) To me this means listening to others and learning or even, god forbid, being a little bit wrong about something.

Anyone who says the very survival of Scientology into the future is dependent on an acceptance and adherence to abandonment of past actions, concepts, policies and tech, at their discretion and based entirely on their random thoughts and opinions or the subject- no matter how much piano they can play. (This group right here is but one example that proves this is utterly false)

Actions that result in enturbulation, ARC breaks, disrupution of the 3D, lessened application, disrepute for the subject itself within and out of independent scientology.
Jim Logan
+4 # Jim Logan 2013-04-10 22:43
Hear, hear on that last bit. If I don't want to participate in the slaggin of LRH, Scientology, myself even, and a low scale mockery of higher scale points, surely I have the inalienable right to not participate. That's simple Code of Honor stuff.

I prefer not to engage in unseemly arguments with the uniformed. It's my choice. I have the power of choice. I do choose. And I can re-choose or un-choose, or whatever choose, I choose.
steve spargo
+3 # steve spargo 2013-04-10 23:58
New pc's? Not just those same old one's rehabilitated for the ninth time?

Yes, that's what I am hanging out for too. New blood. I want to see the wins of a brand new pc after doing Life Repair when he finds out that girl didn't ruin him forever.

I want to see someone on his first TR's course discovering it really is possible to get on the bus and look those people in the eye.

You'll see all that and more on this blog before the year is out.
Tony DePhillips
# Tony DePhillips 2013-04-11 08:49
Tom M
# Tom M 2013-04-11 00:27
Great comment Tony. I agree.

ML Tom
Tony DePhillips
# Tony DePhillips 2013-04-11 13:48
Hi Tom!
I started to read your story about Manu Topou. Very impressive credentials.
calvin b. duffield
+1 # calvin b. duffield 2013-04-11 00:59
Fully duplicated AND understood Tony!
You helped me to feel good too. Isn't it just amazing what the proper completion of a simple comm cycle can do to lift the spirit? BTW, I think that rediscovering one's ARC and love for others, will NEVER
emerge by trying to "integrate, evolve and transcend "- but rather to just stick to what Ron discovered: Hyper-critical
hostile, fault finding, nattery, ridgy
attitudes are all just symptoms of O/W's!
( The entire subject of Steve's post )

IQ has nothing to do with it! Getting in session with a totally trustworthy auditor, who has the fortitude and TR's to help a hitherto resisting individual to OFFLOAD the whole effing pile of O/W's
--- has everything to do with it!

This applies to ANYONE who inherently recognizes the value to themselves of having clean hands to have a happy life,
Marty included.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-04-11 01:48
Tony, come to think of it, when true OT's are, in themselves, restored to the "state" of true integrity, surely they then are in a better position to TRULY "let go" of the aforementioned hostilities, and to just grant beingness to one another? No invalidating, denigrating and attacking one another on the playing field-- UNLESS it is in a spirit of play (of course!)
and free of that abberative malady called

As Steve said so emphatically, Scientology without ARC (or fun!)just
isn't Scientology.

So how about it, bitter, twisted, defrocked apostates, shall we go ahead and have some fun with this? I mean to say "move on up a little higher" (on the
Tone Scale) or just remain sullen, ARC-X
and miserable?

Uptone games anyone?

ML, Calvin.
Archie 10
+1 # Archie 10 2013-04-11 02:41
Good advice here.

Don't remain sullen, ARC-X and miserable.

Join uptone Calvin as he invalidates, denigrates and attacks - all in a spirit of play of course.
calvin b. duffield
+1 # calvin b. duffield 2013-04-11 05:16
Archie! Thanks for chiming in --just love
the 1.1 touch! Are you sure this is the best you can come up with? Sorry I have no sympathy(1.2) In fact,I hate you(1.4) No, make that extremely angry Grrrr (1.5) In fact I think I'll put your nose out of shape (pain-1.8) So if you want to have a go- let's!(2.0). Come to think of it- Ho hum- this is getting boring (2.5)I think I'll just stick to what I do best thanks, power-lifting, no need to change(3.0) Say, I'm keen to do do 350 on the bench press for 5 reps, keen to spot me?(3.5) Thanks,CLANG! Now for your turn!--come on-- that's it! PUSH, PUSH! Another rep! Go for it! Yes!You got it! (4.O )Clang!

Well done! I'm done too!
Richard Kaminski
+2 # Richard Kaminski 2013-04-11 11:07
Well said, Tony.

It's remarkable that I too, had to 'give up my eternity' in order to survive. I was close to suicide trying to make right the insanity of the org's handlings of me.

As for the planet's 'good-sized problems' (nicely put), all of us have tools we can use, no matter our training level. Like LRH says, never to forget we are dealing with the individual who is right in front of us. That's my own basis to start work. LRH had fantastic guts in the early days with Dianetics, knowing then that it wasn't the complete package. I can show a little guts too - who knows, it might even work out well, very well. Except that I don't have to do the research, because he left us a locker overflowing with useful tools already tested and proven, including some very clever tools for the advanced user.

Each of us has a sphere of influence and a bit of ARC. Seeing a glimmer of recovery of self in someone's eyes is the most magic I can think of.
Tony DePhillips
# Tony DePhillips 2013-04-11 13:47
Thanks Richard.
Ingrid Smith
+4 # Ingrid Smith 2013-04-11 12:32
Tony-I have got nothing but wins from new people.I have spent over 20 years in the field and most of that time has been with new people. They were never subjected to the brutalities of the Church-just lots of ARC and pure Scientology Tech and they loved it. I was in network groups and Chamber of Commerces and all knew I was a Scientologist.
In fact I built up my practice, when I was in Colorado, in one network group. I started with giving assists which the members LOVED!! I had 3 women give unsolicited wins all in one meeting.I gave talks on all kinds of areas of Scientology and believe me they found it great and helpful with their spouses, children and business' One woman after a while came up to me and said that they used to have a psychologist in the group and no one liked her, but they really like me.
Even if there was some ridge on Scientology, it was quickly disintegrated by ARC-simple!!!!!!
Tony DePhillips
+1 # Tony DePhillips 2013-04-11 13:46
That is amazing Ingrid!
I have always been impressed with auditors. Their patience and the simplicity and workability of the tech.
I used to have a strong purpose to be an auditor. But the cult beat it out of me. I was auditing on Solo Nots and doing the pro metering course at the same time. I was on the pro-metering course for over two years and never finished. Loss after loss. I wondered how can I be this bad and still be auditing on Solo Nots? It became what LRH describes as a suppressive rendition of a subject. I will need to get that handled sometime.
I can see you would be a great auditor. so full of ARC and caring and strength. A perfect combination.
Ingrid Smith
+2 # Ingrid Smith 2013-04-11 14:19
Thank you so much for your beautiful acknowledgement Tony.I hate the way the Co$ has suppressed people out of becoming auditors-Auditing is truly an amazing activity.I never get tired of wins and indicating F/Ns. I know of no other activity that has more wins per unit of time than auditing.
Tony, in the right hands you can be rehabbed so quickly, that you will be jumping for joy and hollering at the moon.
Tony DePhillips
+2 # Tony DePhillips 2013-04-11 15:12
Maybe I will come and see you one day.
I have the three swing f/n grinded into my very core. While on Solo Nots I would be auditing the procedure and have a lot of attention on getting three swings. So much so that I would kill my f/n. I told the c/s and of course nothing was done about it other than throwing me back into the meat grinder course room. doing what? Drilling f/ns and clearing mu's on f/ns. Only valid if you cogged on the rythmic repetition. Then on your refresher you would be sec checked on falsifying worksheets. So If I had doubts about f/n's they would come up as overts.. I got to the point where I felt a little ethics officer was on my shoulder 24/7 watching and evaluating my life and auditing. It was truly horrible and I still don't think I am over that.
Ingrid Smith
+3 # Ingrid Smith 2013-04-11 16:01
OMG you poor thing. Yes, please do come by. Where do you live?
Ralph Hilton
+1 # Ralph Hilton 2013-04-11 17:51
It is my opinion that a good auditor can see the F/N on the first return of the needle from falling and an excellent one can note the change in the speed of the needle falling and observe it before even the first full swing.
Has anyone ever seen a success story or know anyone who ever had a win from being audited by DM?
LRH defined the F/N correctly. DM corrupted the tech. An F/N bypassed leads to a rising TA and a tightening needle and I daresay there have been quite a few of both since DM redefined the F/N.
calvin b. duffield
+1 # calvin b. duffield 2013-04-11 13:58
Beautiful recollections, Ingrid. Just a really clean statement of what Scientology can actually do in the hands of an auditor who practices with excellence. These are the kinds of feedback that build confidence all round, and THAT is what working with real ARC can do. Bravo, Ingrid.

ML, Calvin
# Mreppen 2013-04-10 22:25
Steve I tried to cut and paste it. Will send you the link via Hush mail
+1 # Thoughtful 2013-04-10 23:12
Okay to download Mike Reppen's copy of the original 1978 Ethics Repair List, go up to the navigation bar at the top of this page, hover over "Resources" > "LRH References" then click on "Ethics Repair List." Thanks Mike.
+1 # Mreppen 2013-04-10 22:12
Hear you Tony, These times are interesting. I have no ill will to Marty as well.
+3 # Espiritu 2013-04-11 03:46
What a great post! And great comments. The ARC (Understanding)just glows off the screen. The subject of Scientology is alive and well.
And for that matter, what a great site! I really can't think of anything else I can add to this love fest at the moment, so I'll just quietly add a little more pure admiration from yours truly to this wonderful celebration of Scientology and Theta itself.
+1 # KFrancis 2013-04-11 07:06
Steve just a terrific post and followed up by even more in the comments.

Marty’s name has come up here and so I would like to just ask this. Otto Roos stated that LRH made the error of not taking advantage of the very tech he discovered and penned for good of mankind. Otto wanted to get Ron’s folders completely sorted out and then have Ron into session and winning. It apparently wasn’t allowed to happen.

So my simple question is this-Is Marty making this same mistake? The fact is I don’t know. I am all aboard and support that he is getting Independents and others into session and bringing about wins but, is anyone C/Sing and auditing Marty’s case? Is anyone auditing the auditor? The Ethics Repair List is available and gawd awful amount of more tech is readily available. Is it being used and if not why not?
Ralph Hilton
+2 # Ralph Hilton 2013-04-11 17:32
Marty refused auditing from a Class 12 from what she told me.
I met Otto and don't think he was actually up to the job of auditing LRH. Otto was declared SP by LRH personally. He has also made various false declarations regarding the research on OT2 and falsely attributed LRH's work to himself. Otto has been out of the CofS for over 30 years and has not to my knowledge made a single useful contribution to Independent Scientology.
LRH was in a far higher case state than anyone around him. An auditor needs to be in at least as good case shape as the PC.
Personally I think Marty has an agenda which is not in the best interests of Independent Scientology. When he heavily attacked David Mayo was essentially the point when I decided that he was not a person to support any longer.
Sadly there is a long list of people who have worked to undermine Independent Scientology since the 80s.
Here we seem to have a higher toned group and I hope we can sort out a positive direction to move in and detach from those who want something other than a sane society.
Marty and others have put a lot of attention on attacking the CofS. LRH said Flourish and Prosper. Let DM have the money and the buildings and just put the bastards on ignore. We have the most valuable thing in this universe and I have for many years chosen to devote my attention to the tech rather than warfare against the CofS.
If we put our attention on using the tech and building up auditing and training practices then when people eventually leave the CofS there will be somewhere for them to get help.
DM has nothing of value and fighting him just gives him the attention his depraved mentality craves.
We do not at all need to transcend Scientology but we do need to transcend the desire to exact retribution upon DM.
+5 # Thoughtful 2013-04-11 17:59
Ralph, Exacting vengeance is a dramatization of a false purpose. That doesn't mean we don't need to speak up however, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME kicking open the Bridge to Clear and OT. The reason it is important to blow the whistle is to protect people who are still in the witch pit.

If you saw some child being beaten by bullies or a woman being raped in the park, would you really walk on buy and not even call the police? Of course I know you would not do that. Instead you would intervene and that's what we have been doing with the CoS from the start of Scientology-cult.com in early December, 2008. That will remain an ongoing project and it will remain a big part of who and what an Independent Scientologist is because it's part of the Price of Freedom — continual alertness and willingness to fight back. But that does not mean we need to, at the same time, bust open the Bridge, start making auditors in volume, and Clears and full OTs who have also done all the NOTs rundowns for the first time in history.

Putting in ethics on the CoS was the original action that led to our current success. It's not about retribution. And I've already told you this, so I'm not sure why you keep making this point, which IS an OSA line.

Believe me, OSA wants nothing more than for us to quietly do our own thing and stop exposing their crimes. But it is exposing their crimes which also gives us ethics protection with the public at large.

Cleaning up the CoS is OUR dirty laundry. It is OUR responsibly. The point is to do both. OR at least support both programs.

I'm going to ask you again, please do not criticize our program of whistle blowing. People are still being harmed on a daily basis. They are suffering. We can't just let them boil in silence. They are trapped.

And our efforts have brought hundreds of people out of the CoS by enabling them to understand what is actually happening. Scientology-cult supplies missing data from eye witnesses without which it is very difficult to grasp the magnitude of the evil afoot.

Everyone does not have to blow the whistle, but I'm asking you to not knock the program.

The key question of Scientology is would you like others to have gains similar to your own. The other side of the coin is "would you like others to have similar losses?" My ex-wife was persuaded by RTC to abort our child without even consulting me, the father. I cannot let that happen to anyone else if possible.

So please stop knocking the program of getting ethics in on the Church. You are correct that the most important part is to push forward and re-open the Bridge.


# Espiritu 2013-04-12 03:00
I really appreciated the pan-determined overview of the Scientology scene in your reply to Ralph.
One of the results of the abuses of OSA the out tech and off policy in the COS has been to create a false idea of what Scientology actually IS in the eyes of the public.
EVERY person who has done things to enable people to understand that the COS is NOT the same thing as the Subject of Scientology, has contributed a very valuable service to every Scientologist. Especially to practitioners. These actions have and continue to safeguard the Tech itself.
Ralph Hilton
# Ralph Hilton 2013-04-12 15:50
Hi Steve,
My comments were on the subject mainly of Marty and his following and I was responding to an earlier post where his name came up. I was not accusing you of that dramatization but do perceive it somewhat in Marty.
+1 # Espiritu 2013-04-13 03:04
Hi Ralph,
And, when I said that "EVERY person who has done things to enable people to understand that the COS is NOT the same thing as the Subject of Scientology, has contributed a very valuable service to every Scientologist", I was including Marty.
Even if you have decided that the guy is a devil, it would be unfair not to give the 'devil' his due. Marty has contributed a LOT to the public being able to differentiate between the organization and the religion. This is vital for the future of Scientology and deserves appreciation, no matter what one's opinion is of his religious viewpoints.
Ralph Hilton
+1 # Ralph Hilton 2013-04-13 06:09
I don't dispute that Marty has done some good things and has made many valuable contributions. It is not particularly his religious views that have stirred up recent controversy but his transcendental redneck approach to communication with those who disagree with him. For 4 years Marty has nobly attempted to educate the not quite bright such as myself in how we should correctly think about Scientology.
What I would like to progress toward is having a strong group who can communicate about disagreements without resorting to Ad Hominem.
# Espiritu 2013-04-14 03:18
Hey Ralph, first you acknowledged that Marty has done some good things and made many valuable contributions to the Independent Movement.
Then you made what seems to be a somewhat snarky comment directed towards him when you said,"It is not particularly his religious views that have stirred up recent controversy but his transcendental redneck approach to communication with those who disagree with him. For 4 years Marty has nobly attempted to educate the not quite bright such as myself in how we should correctly think about Scientology."
Then you said: "What I would like to progress toward is having a strong group who can communicate about disagreements without resorting to Ad Hominem."

I agree with your last statement completely and regard it as a very worthy goal to attain to.
But, don't you feel that in applying that principle to your posts, it might not have been better to leave out the Ad Hominem statements that you yourself made referring to Marty?
I think that it would have been more conducive to higher ARC. That's what I am saying.
Ralph Hilton
+1 # Ralph Hilton 2013-04-15 19:26
You are quite right. I was dramatizing a bit.
Please note that I said that it is something that I progress toward rather than something that I personally have attained. I do not have a high opinion of Marty at this time. He appears to still suffer from a "Karmic imbalance" which causes him to pull in lots of motivators like the attack on his ranch.
One day I will reach a higher OT state and refrain from such humanoid interchanges- I'm not there yet and still have bad thoughts about giving Marty the sort of SRA that he freely gave out in earlier times.
I'm working on transcending :-)
Even if the above might sound a little sarcastic, it isn't.
Richard Kaminski
+2 # Richard Kaminski 2013-04-11 11:39
Great article, Steve, and bang on the button. Clean hands really do make a happy life. Facing up to our own past misdeeds and especially violations of the Code of Honour, truly is the path to a better way of life, not just for ourselves but also for the ones around us, and maybe even further than that.
Former Black Hat
+1 # Former Black Hat 2013-04-11 14:39
Yes, I am lovin' it too - the post, the comments, the feeling. And it has cake too! :) You all rock, and thank you.
Ronnie Bell
+3 # Ronnie Bell 2013-04-12 00:32
Steve, this post is without doubt, one of your finest contributions yet. There's so much food there for commentary, I hardly know where to begin.

I could dissect it into twenty different blog posts and spend days commenting on each one. Lordy, brother. You have truly outdone yourself with this. I only wish the old man were able to see everything you've done in defense of the tech and our people. I think he would weep in awe struck appreciation. I do.
+1 # Thoughtful 2013-04-12 10:18
Thank you Ronnie. Your comments are always an enlightening treat. I think I said what needed to be said. Now we are going to hopefully move on to other matters.
Scott Campbell
+1 # Scott Campbell 2013-04-12 22:53
Excellent article Steve. I like how you differentiate between discovery and invention. Great point. If something is "dis-covered", this implies that it was previously "covered".

And that is the essence of Scientology itself. It's basically "False Data Stripping" on all four flows!
calvin b. duffield
+1 # calvin b. duffield 2013-04-13 00:34
Excellence all round, Scott! Great analogies to be found right here, on this
new assembly-point of gather-ing Indies.

The one you've just made is another! (great analogy!) In fact,-- "False Data Stripping - ON ALL FOUR FLOWS!" is right alongside Steve's -- "Scientology without ARC-- just isn't Scientology!"

I think these "catchphrases" are outstanding as Indie PR "interest-hooks"
as they sure do invite thinking/looking!

Is this a "REAL SCIENTOLOGY" site, or what, Scott?

ML, Calvin.
Scott Campbell
+1 # Scott Campbell 2013-04-13 07:39
Hey Calvin,

Thanks for the nice ack. I know what you mean about a "REAL SCIENTOLOGY" site. It has that "True Group" feeling - like back in the "good 'ol days" when we used to work hard and play hard in Scn - and it was fun and satisfying!
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-04-13 11:43
De javu 'bru....
pissed wizard
+1 # pissed wizard 2013-04-13 16:59

I just found this blog through your fb post and have to say thanks, thanks for picking up the ball and running with it, thanks for showing me that perhaps, this is not the end of the road... one gets just a little overrun on false leadership... anyway its good to see the same guys and gals here as was there. Seems like a nice place, guess Ill hang around.

+1 # Thoughtful 2013-04-13 17:03
Hi PW, Spread the word, more to come! As they say, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Lana M
+1 # Lana M 2013-04-13 18:16
Welcome PW,
Love having more people join our open house. All are welcome here. Much is happening so stay tuned!
Cheers- Lana
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-04-14 10:54
Hey PW, welcome to the ARC blog "Ain't Really Communicating - 'till you're here!"

ML, Calvin
Just Me
# Just Me 2013-06-21 21:40
Steve, somehow I missed this post by you. I must have been working or living my life at the time you wrote and published it. I have just become aware of this post of yours.

I completely disagree with your version of what Marty and Monique endured for 200 days. I wonder why in your great courage to trash them you didn't have the courage to actually name them, thereby taking complete responsibility for your ... jealousy?

Did you mean this to be your declaration of independence from Marty? If so, it's a pretty transparent piece of work. People who are this upset with someone aren't very independent or free of them.

I hope that one day you find a purpose in life that has at its core something other than being someone's victim and seeking revenge.

Good luck,

Just Me

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