By B.E.

As an independent Sientologist, I have completed the section of the Bridge from Solo 1 to OT 3 and can recommend strongly to everyone to do the same. This is an account of my wins:

Solo Course Part 1

It is not hard to do the Solo-Course, Part 1 outside the Church, if just done exactly per the checksheet. I was an auditor already and it was a good brush-up and lots of fun to work on the E-Meter again.  The living room became the course room, dictionairies were ready and a good friend became my twin for doing the drills. I was ready to start. Although the Solo-1 is not a small course, we progressed nicely. We had a schedule and kept it with discipline. It was an adventure. 

Solo Course Part 2

The adventure, next part. I gained certainty in Solo-Auditing on a very smooth gradient. Wins were an extra bonus. 

New OT 1

OT 1 I found very refreshing. I gained a completely new viewpoint to life and my ARC to others raised tremendously. 

OT 2

Many things happened on the study of the materials. I had lots of cognitions about the traps one can get into as a being. But I had no clue of the things to come in the solo auditing.

For me as an auditor Solo auditing on OT-2 was very easy to do. Certainty to audit returned fast and I experienced for the first time the enormous masses one can blow in Solo-Auditing on this Level.

OT-2 is a big Level and one could consider it an assembly of many single OT-Levels summarized under this name. I have been on it for over a year and have been in session almost daily. Day for day I felt things becoming lighter and often I experienced things occurring in life that were directed at in the very next list. Auditing and life seemed to develop hand in hand. From day to day there was new relief and while taking one gradient after the other I shovelled off tremendous amounts of masses.

My observation increased enormously and my understanding of others, too. And why they were caught in certain patterns and structures, like group think. Others noticed the changes in me and were impressed. Life itself became more intense.

Each day I gained more certainty and stability as a being, inner calmness and balance increased more and more and many of my perceptions I could identify much more clearly, than before.

I did this Level, as it is described in the materials by Ron and have not omitted one single process of the many. It is very important that as many people as possible do this Level that way – not just for themselves.

The last process of OT-2 was the crowning masterpiece of the processes. Every few seconds huge packets of charge and track were blasted away. There are no words for the amount of relief. One does have to experience it. 

OT 3

This was powerful auditing and my reality regarding war, drugs and many illnesses of mankind increased enormously. The auditing was very refreshing and I lost lots of masses.

Now I have tremendous ARC and understanding on the dynamics and toward other beings and men. I have found a very wonderful inner calmness.

These levels are for everyone, not just for a small wealthy circle. It really is very important that everyone gets these levels. 

It is not just so that it is possible to do these Levels outside the Church and that it can be done. Inside the Church structure it is completely impossible to get these levels in their original form.. 

Thanks a lot to Ron and to all others who have contributed (my C/S, twins, etc.) and who make it possible to do these Levels.




# Silvia 2013-04-06 10:56
Congratulations and VWD. Yes, Scientology at all Levels is for any one that wants to have it and is there to bedelivered.
Carry on with your next Levels and wish you more wins.
# B.E. 2013-04-07 04:02
Thanks, Silvia! Just started on New OT 4. :-)
And we even managed to do this with no money involved. Since we had no money we activated an extra portion of initiative. The exchange was delivered by giving auditing which is the only true exchange that can be for auditing anyway. Worked very well. Everybody progressed and had fun. :-)
Ralph Hilton
# Ralph Hilton 2013-04-06 15:11
I have so many times come across people leaving the CofS who did OT 1 to 3 in a month or so. They short-change the Pre-OT to get their money for OT4.
With a good run of a year or so on OT2 one is well set up for the next levels :-)
# B.E. 2013-04-07 04:23
Ralph, you are right. OT 3 was very smooth and without any difficulties. And OT 4 starts out just like a carpet of wins. :-)

I learned, that in the very first period of OT 2 - before the attestation system was introduced - there had been a checking out of the processes to make sure there was no charge left. However, this produced a slow on the completion line, because there are so many processes. (Just imagine an examiner who can only attest 2 persons a day.)
In my eyes the almost complete omission of this Level since decades is a major cause for the current situation inside the Church. Just imagine the charge audited away that underlies - and enforces - such pattern as "group-think" (including middle class PTSness) or "overt-motivator sequence". This would be a very much different group. In fact, it would be one, I think.
# Simple 2013-04-08 08:03
Yes, I found it astounding that someone would take a year to do OTII. From what I saw at AOLA, it was mostly a week or two tops. What do you do with such people when they have gone on to higher levels?
# B.E. 2013-04-08 14:32
Reality is proportional to the amount of charge taken off the case.
Therefore I'd suspect those persons approach the higher levels with a different reality.
I don't want to go into details here, but is is really a big level. In 15 sections there are several thousands of commands to be run and some section can have up to 86 separate processes dealing with different subjects of life. I do not know how they can let someone attest to the completion of that Level when this person has only a very partial understanding of some of the subjects dealt with. To me seems to be similar to letting a pc run a wrongly understood command.
I know of two persons on higher Levels who went back to complete the steps they had missed in the Church - with big wins.
# Simple 2013-04-08 18:22
# Nickname 2013-04-06 21:43
Congratulations on your achievement. It proves how much faster and easier it is to do the OT levels out from under the suppression of the church. Happy to hear of your successes. What is the date on the Grade Chart you are going by?
# B.E. 2013-04-07 04:37
It was so much fun! Your question is not easy to answer. We did the New OT 1, the one Ron issued after the Sunshine RD (beginning 80s), OT 2 has never been changed, only the application has shortened, OT 3 we used a version after '78 (no use of Dianetics after Clear), instead of OT 7 processes and OT 3 Expanded we started New OT 4 and will do the NOTs-Levels next. Hope that answers your question?
# Nickname 2013-04-07 09:06
Nice to hear you're moving right onto NOTs. There've been various Grade Charts over the years. A number of people favor the 1970's version.
# B.E. 2013-04-07 16:11
We have discussed that and we found it a valid reason to not repeat the same errors that had brought LRH in difficulties in 1978.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-04-07 01:00
wonderful write up. Another huge step taken in freeing ones self from the constraints of the time track. Savour the freedom, you have earned it.
# B.E. 2013-04-07 16:13
# steve 2013-04-07 06:16
We have a couple here who have started on the same lineup and this will be very encouraging to them. Thankyou for sharing this story.
# B.E. 2013-04-07 16:25
Such things were the main purpose why I wrote that up. If you or they need any advise from our experience (or our C/S), feel free to give Lana an email where you can be contacted. I will be glad to direct to references that helped us.
Sapere Aude
# Sapere Aude 2013-04-07 10:01
Congratulations! Your wins were refreshing to hear. I know you will enjoy the journey - both what you have done and what is yet to be. Thanks for sharing.
# B.E. 2013-04-07 16:44
Thanks. We thoroughly do so and think that everyone should use this chance. :-)
Ingrid Smith
+1 # Ingrid Smith 2013-04-07 12:30
I have a Pre-Ot on 3 right now and it is a real eye-opening, incredible experience for him-I have another in the wings to start OT1 and to continue on up. It is sooooo much fun to be delivering these levels.
I am on Solo Nots myself-every session is like going in with my x-mas wish list and getting what I want-sorry Santa,I still love you though.
The way to let the SP win is by not doing these OT levels-the most valuabel Tech we have for freeing man.
# B.E. 2013-04-07 16:57
It was/is such a relief to do them! Such an adventure! Such fun. I compare it to a walk on a carpet of wins.
This is one of the references that helped us that I would like to share. Ron writes it comes out of the OT VIII materials! (Capitalization is taken from the original):
"As man all to easily specializes in stops, he tends to stress what SHOULDN'T be done. While this enters into it, remember that it's a STOP.
A stuck picture or a motionless org are similar. Each has behind it a failed purpose.
That law (it comes out of OT VIII materials) is so powerful it would practically revive the dead!"
(HCOPL 14 January 1969, OT ORGS, Management Series, Vol 2, p. 427)
# KFrancis 2013-04-07 23:34
“A walk on a carpet of wins”

What a great phrase and one I am sure LRH would appreciate both as a writer and particularly as an auditor.
# B.E. 2013-04-08 14:39
I liked that, too.
It was a coin with two sides. Before it turned into a win it was piece of work to be done, so possibly could be considered to be the backside of a win. :-)
Tony Dephillips
# Tony Dephillips 2013-04-08 23:13
Great to hear wins!!
# B.E. 2013-04-12 21:05
Ronnie Bell
# Ronnie Bell 2013-04-12 00:53
Thanks for the encouragement, B.E. I've been sitting at Clear for longer than I care to admit, and realize that the things that plague me, are very likely handled by the OT levels staring me in the face.

I was stopped from moving onto the OT levels when I was in the church. During a six week period of intensive reverse auditing in 2005, I was invalidated down into a blackness that was soul crushing. I spent the next several years in a state of, well, operating like an invalid. It's only been in the last year of being an Independent, that I even felt like it might be possible for me to move forward on the Bridge again.

Thanks again for posting your wins on Solo through OT III. It gives me some motivation to open the Solo course pack that's been sitting on my desk for months now.
# B.E. 2013-04-12 21:34
Great to hear. Please continue. A stop needs to be accepted to become a stop. Do not accept a stop or give agreement to being stopped. Circumstances that need to be handled can show up. If such come up identify what they are and handle them. If they do not need to be handled ignore them. Do not ponder about things. Decide and then do. Create some interest. Keep at it. Use the resources you have. Use your comm lines. Get help from friends. Organize your activities to have space of time for it and utilize this space of time.
A failed purpose can only become one by your own postulate. Refuse to make such postulate. Whatever it is consider it just a circumstance to be handled and you will win. And while you progress life will grow easier and easier. The Bridge is there. It is open. It can be done. Don't accept a stop.
# Thoughtful 2013-04-12 22:13
Gosh, this is so fantastic. What a great story. I was the Solo I/C FSO for several years and I always used to think of OT III as the birth of a thetan. On OT III, the being really comes into his own. Beautiful to see. Congratulations again, this is wonderful news. Thanks for setting a good example!
# B.E. 2013-04-16 00:26
:-). We thought this would be the best answer to the situation. And having done it, I am certain that it is.
Steve, when you were Solo I/C, how long was the average time people spent on OT 2? Could you say something about that?
+1 # Thoughtful 2013-04-16 09:01
Well, I'll first say that New OT I made a big improvement in the way cases ran on OT II. Cases that ran the original OT I would normally run into trouble and need review auditing mid OT II. But those who did New OT I just went through OT II very smoothly without any hiccups or review auditing. So I definitely recommend New OT I. It seems like most people who did New OT I audited a couple of weeks on OT II after they completed the theory. Some of course could go longer. Nobody went through all the materials to the very end. I'm not a C/S, but they'd normally get what I understood to be the EP after probably about two weeks. I'm guessing a bit, but that's what I recall. We did get one case sent in from one of the AOs who had been on OT II for a year. We thought that was incredible and were shocked to hear it. I did a debug of her auditing as the Solo Consultant and found she was doing the procedure incorrectly —- that's what made it take so long. She finished pretty quickly after that plus probably some review auditing.

As I recall, of the people who did the original OT I, a big problem was a tendency to overrun OT II.

The Solo I/C at Flag was really a Tech Sec over three departments, 10, 11 and 12 i.e. Tech Services, Training, and the Solo HGC. I held the posts of Solo Director of Processing and Solo Consultant from above which is normal for Flag. Hence it was my job to debug auditors and watch them like a hawk to catch any BIs — sinffles, a slight cough, etc. — and pull them right into an metered interview.

In the interview, I'd find out when the sinffles started and what happened before, watching / steering by reads. And once we find what it was, indicate the BPC (by passed charge). For example, if they said, "I think maybe I bypassed a win" LFBD. I'd say, "I'd like to indicate you DID bypass a win." Where upon the TA would blow down more and FN coupled with Very Good Indicators on the pre-OT.

Often the problem was a bypassed an FN, and this procedure would rehab it. It was fun to do.

The C/S would of course also send Solo auditors to me who had BIs show up in session. And the same pattern generally is what we did.

If I couldn't rehab whatever it was in the interview, they'd have to go in for a review session with an auditor. But normally I could find the bug.

Once girl on OT II was sent to me to "find out what happened in session." She was BIs and her needle had packed up. I was following the usual routine getting her to look at "what happened just before" that. At one point I was looking downward at the meter when out of my peripheral vision I saw a blinding light right where her head was — obviously I'm talking about a theta perception. And I thought to myself, "Good lord, WTF!"

Same kind of white light as from welding but it looked like a ball of intense white fire about the size of a marble and lasted about 2 seconds.

I didn't react of course because auditors are trained not to react to things that happen in session. But when I looked up, her face was bright, BRIGHT red, and she was grinning from ear to ear and obviously shocked and could hardly talk. She said, "DID YOU SEE THAT!?!" Where upon I said, "I sure the fuck did!" And we both had a huge laugh. She was shocked, exhilarated, super-keyed-out happy, all at the same time because she had realized she was done and had overrun the level. I would normally indicate the bypassed charge. It was a "WTF" moment with a thousand exclamation points after it —- that's what showed on her face. She could hardly talk, her eyes were wide and mouth open and then line-charging with laughter.

What I thought was a blush on her part however turned out to be a sun burn because it didn't go away. Her skin stayed redish the rest of the day, and when I commented on it, she told me "You're all red too!" and darned if it wasn't. And we laughed some more. My arms and face were red for an hour or hour and a half. You know, how when you're sunburned and you press your finger on your skin and it leaves a bright white circle — like normal sunburn.

The problem was that she had overrun OT II and then gone a bit BIs (bad indicators - indicators in the pc that show something is wrong). We located the point where it started, then when I asked what happened just before that, she located the point where she had released (and subsequently overrun) and the charge that had built up burned off all at once, which can happen.

I did some research on this and found that LRH does talk about that happening now and then when he was researching into OT in the early 1950s. Facsimiles can ignite and burn releasing radiation.

Anyway, when was the last time you were talking to someone and they thought of something and as a result you got sunburned? Lol.

Any source of charge powerful enough to do that (and more) is something you ought to get rid of.

I've got MANY stories like this which is why people can natter and jabber and invalidate the OT levels all they want, they will NEVER shake my certainty that this tech is powerful and this tech works. There is an immense amount of charge that New OT I, OT II and OT III neatly deals with. In the level of NOTs LRH calls it "living lightning." But as that story illustrates, the living lighting is also being dealt with on OT II.

OT II is what enables a person to run OT III. Without that level done fully it is generally NOT POSSIBLE to run OT III. I'm not going to go into it here, but OT II does something to the case that enables OT III to work. Another reason why people who haven't done any of the OT levels stupidly poo-poo OT III — well, of course it's unreal to them.

OT II is a hell of a level, fun to run and very exciting wins with huge case gain. Hope this little briefing helps.
+1 # B.E. 2013-04-16 14:37
Great story! Brilliant! It does help.
I am not a C/S either but we had a firm decision to follow the materials exactly and we did what we read. It required confront with regard to the amount of work but we said, "If we want to do the OT Levels by Ron, we have to do the OT Levels by Ron". And we did what he wrote.
It does seem to make a difference if one audited this Level as an Auditor or as a PC. This attitude influences the question of overrun strongly. When I audited what was supposed to be audited, I never had any difficulty with overrunning. I was the auditor.
Wins on this Level can be so big indeed that I can imagine easily that someone feels EPed at many points. I had about 100 major EPs! I had periods when I was on a win and couldn't audit and I can see that it could be difficult to have someone on a win for two weeks in Flag when people are there for a limited span of time.
On the other hand I have seen (or read about, or heard about) many persons on higher OT-Levels who have difficulties in exactly those areas of life, they should have cleaned up in the later (often unrun) processes of OT 2. It is not my intention to invalidate anybody's wins, in the contrary, I want to have them have the full load.
It is my opinion that incomplete delivery of this Level is one of the major points of downfall of this group. With this Level in I cannot see how group think, concern about ethics or out ethics and the ramifications of strange regging could be a subject at all. I think it is a major technical Why.
The question if this Level is a Release-Level, that ends when a certain area of charge has been keyed out, like one of the Lower Grades is not without reference; it is not. The target is erasure and Ron is not vague about that.
I read a report that in the very early time the items have been even checked out by the examiner before completion. But that was stopped because it killed any flow at the examiner when he or she could only complete one or two persons a day.
Steve, if you want I can mail you the references I am relating to. But these would not be proper for a public discussion.
+1 # Thoughtful 2013-04-16 15:48
Hi BE, It's a fascinating discussion. And I want to emphasize that my story was not intended to illustrate the perils of overrun, bit simply to illustrate the vast amount of charge that one is dealing with on these levels. To tell the truth, I always was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to run everything on the level. You are the first person that I have heard of who did it all. Pretty cool.

I will say this: One of my duties as Solo I/C was to hand out the "platens" (the printed items that are to be audited by Solo auditors on OT II). These were kept in a locked file cabinet in folders. I had to reach into the folder and pull out the correct sheet and give it to the solo auditor. It was not advised to look at these platens. Even after I had audited OT II and III, I was amazed that anytime I did glance at a platen (sometimes unavoidable when handing them out or putting them away) I would experience an intense flash of heat. It happened every time and never went flat in three years. I asked the C/S about the phenomena and he referred me to a Class VIII lecture where LRH talked about this very phenomena that I had experienced, saying it basically happened because the charge was so great. That's why the materials are audited bit by bit, flattening off the charge as you go along.

Anyway, I will tell you this, the heat flash was always instant, strong and quite unsettling, kinda like getting shocked by 110 volts. i.e., not particularly fun. It sure gave me a healthy respect for those materials, kind of like fishing into a bag with a rattlesnake in it.

The thing I always thought was so amazing was that you could look at a piece of paper with hand writing on it, and experience that physical phenomena. I mean one could look at a page torn out of any book for 10,000 years and never get anything but cross eyed. But here was this phenomena which I'd never heard of. And only after I asked about it did I discover that LRH had talked about this exact thing. It's because the materials are that hot.

That gave me a lot of reality from which to enlighten people on why they needed to do the OT levels. LRH says in RJ67 that after the great catastrophe that occurred on this planet, it has since been a "desert." And then I'd point out to them that they still had this charge unhandled in their case. The point being if the charge was great enough to turn a planet into a "desert" what affect was it having on them?

In a practical sense, it was quite easy to understand what "desert" meant as an analogy. I put several hundred people through the Wall of Fire and after OT III, invariably the pre-OT would return home and simultaneously take up guitar lessons, get elected to the school board, write a book, and three other projects — all in addition to the normal life they were living before. In other words, whereas before the OT levels, the person's life was defined in a rather narrow sense; after OT III their activities bloomed and blossomed like the flowers in the desert after a heavy rain. They freely took up all kinds of pursuits.

I even saw this in my own life. One night, after a session of OT III, I was sitting alone outside about midnight and it was so peaceful. And suddenly I got the idea of me communicating to the entire world and pointing out to them the way up the Bridge.

Boom! I started my writing career the next day. I'd never written anything in my life. Never had any interest in writing (it seemed like a horrible chore). Within a few years I became the Senior Writer for the CoS.

Similarly I took up motorcycles. Never had any interest at all before. Went out with Mitch Weigand and brought home a dark blue Honda 650 Nighthawk. Mitch taught me how to ride after hours in the parking lot of Clearwater City Hall. I'd never even ridden one before.

I also soon went back to Dallas during "libs" and brought back a ski boat. We used to water ski in the mornings by the Sandcastle and along the Causeway, then go to post.

At night after post I'd go swimming or dancing or racing at 100+ mph through the empty back streets of Clearwater or Tampa, basically having a ball.

I also liked to go up to the 10th floor of the FH, climb up on the bannister and hang ten off the side of the building. Normally I would have been petrified but that fear reaction was just gone. I couldn't believe how drastically my life changed from OT III.

Freedom from overwhelm and life was no longer a desert.

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