By Lana Mitchell

I learnt to audit by reading the material, drilling it, and then auditing it. This was done on the RPF and it gave me (a non-tech person up until that point) an instant reality on the simplicity and power of the tech. I audited hundreds of hours and had huge wins, as an auditor, helping another.

I am now training up through the Levels, putting in the time and hard yards to complete training, internships and then certification.  I am firmly of the belief that you make auditors by getting them to audit. Yes, there are always flubs and errors initially – but it is by auditing that one gains more and more understanding on the body of LRH’s work, and can develop the skills to apply those to assist another to a point of perfection. It is by applying the technology on rudiments, in session, that you see how it is only rudiments that prevent gains, and one becomes more and more proficient in their use. It is by applying two way communication in session, that you really see how it is that 2WC that allows case gain to occur.

There are many more auditors out there, in the independent field. Far more than people realize. Many, many, many people have trained in the past – whether that is as a Book One Auditor, Assist Auditor, Class IV, Grad V, Class VI, and some seasoned old Class VIIIs, IXs, and XIIs.

There are many reasons why people aren’t auditing any more – but it sure makes a smart solution to kick starting the independent field delivery to get those people brushed up and auditing again.  To get them back on that horse and winning the race again. Not so that they can go out and start a practice (though some may), but so that they are able to use and apply those basics to friends, family and anyone around them.

There are plans in the works to get a program rolling to do just that. We have some known and trusted standard auditors, C/Ses and Qual experts who will be able to help people not get back in the saddle, but get back in the race and brushed up on their TRs, their metering and auditing procedures. And we are NOT talking about Golden Age of Tech 1, 2, 3 or 102! And we are not talking about some expensive “ethics and correction” program.  We are talking about simply finding out what invalidation occurred, getting confusions/misunderstood found and cleared, and getting basic cramming tools applied.

Sure will be an easy thing to do – and something to get excited about.

Here are two simple LRH references, from the Class VIII Course, that show why we are going to be initiating such a program:


It was discovered in the Sea Organisation that proven high calibre good standard Class VIII auditors suddenly without any apparent reason ceased to be able to audit well, made gross goofs and backed off from auditing completely.

Its source was traced back to INVALIDATION.

The cases on whom it occurred were handled very speedily, very simply with ASTOUNDING RESULTS.

The remedy was simply asking them in 2 way comm who had told them they couldn't audit. No meter, no complications, just very simple 2 way comm.

One of the cases was in fact handled in a room full of people. This case was black in the face and most adamantly refused to audit and ARC broken to the extent that she PHYSICALLY WALKED AWAY from the idea.

The question was simply asked: "WHO told you you couldn't audit?"  or WHO told you that your auditing wasn't any good?"

Answer: "Nobody did"

"OK. WHO told you your auditing wasn't any good?"

Answer with sudden misemotion: "You all did"


(BRIGHTENS) ..says a name.

OK ... did somebody at some earlier stage tell you you couldn't audit?

No...but so and so told me that I wasn't doing any good in such and such...ooooooh..line charge...my mother always told me that I couldn't do...bla bla bla...

Very bright now, still slightly hesitant…OK..

When is ALWAYS? ; When I was 6 ...BINGO.

Back to auditing, and ... getting; WELL DONES , and pc's WINNING, auditor getting STANDARD sessions and STANDARD results.

And that is ALL there is to it. We are talking here about the Class VIII auditor giving this assist and the Class VIII auditor receiving it. Scientologists of this calibre and standard of training can be expected to have the awareness and ability to bring these results about.

The length it took for these actions was from about 3 to 5 minutes.

The Class VIII auditor is an outstanding target for invalidation. BEWARE!! The actions described above were done virtually off the cuff by a Class VIII auditor on other Class VIII's, and were done when the INVALIDATION factor was isolated as the common denominator.


Now, to give you some idea of how tech goes out in your area, you yourself at this stage of the game, undoubtedly have a reality on it. But maybe at some later time no reality will exist on it.

You knew you had TR 1, you had TR 1 down sometime way in the past. You had it -- that was the way it was. Somebody came along and he flunked you for it, or somebody said that wasn't the way you did it. Somebody said that was the way you did it a long time ago, but that isn't the way we do it now. Something happened that knocked out your TR 1. So you had it once, and now somebody cross questions it, invalidates it, it goes by the boards, and you somehow or other got to reacquire it again somewhere up the line.

Now one of the ways that is happens is, in the research line two data are stated at different periods of research which seem to be in conflict. The earlier data happens to be correct, the second data is there because somebody re-mimeographed and misspelled the bulletin. So, somebody comes along and says the second datum is correct. They interpret the material. The material, since time immemorial, has needed no interpretation. Just recently, in trying to teach some materials I found this astonishing fact, that I was trying to tell people it was the simple basics, the very simple basics, that made the auditor. But the trouble with auditing is, it was too simple. And their grasp of the subject was difficult because they thought they were trying to grasp a lot more than they were trying to grasp. And it was trying to grasp this simple thing, and grasp that simply and continuously, and I'll be a son of a gun if the zone and area of trying to apply this didn't say, "Don't pay any attention to basics. What you want to study is the upper theory of the thing." LRH




Ralph Hilton
# Ralph Hilton 2013-04-01 16:15
Hi Lana,
It seems like you learnt to audit the same way that I did. A couple of months after learning to audit on the RPF I was a review auditor even handling review of botched L10 and did that for 4 months until I graduated.
Lana M
+1 # Lana M 2013-04-01 17:34
Thanks Ralph. For me, I had a consideration that auditing was hard, or a complex subject. Doing the RPF I got to see how it really isn't -- it is just a matter of having those TRs and Metering in, and then things just fall into place.

There is real value in having that simple line to simple study and drill and then apply references -- and when that is followed up with the full training line-up, and an internship, Qual OKs, etc. then you both have the knowledge and the ability to apply. The results say it all.

In the independent field -- in its fragmented forms over the years -- there are well intentioned people (and of course a handful of bad eggs) and I am convinced that by having a trusted Qualifications line that will assist people to really use and apply auditing tools standardly, we will be able to rapidly move forward -- individually and as a 3rd and 4th dynamic.
Bernie Wimbush
+1 # Bernie Wimbush 2013-04-01 17:52
Great article Lana.
A wise old client once remarked t me that t was important to make mistakes as by making mistakes one learns and so progresses. As an old review auditor I am firmly of the opinion that nothing can't be fixed. All of us who learnt to audit still can. The basics haven't changed and believe me, it is far easier to audit out side of corp Scio and PCs make much faster gains.
Lana M
# Lana M 2013-04-01 18:18
Wise words Bernie.

And isn't it funny how easy auditing really is, outside Corp Scientology (without the PTSness, heavy ethics and out-tech)?

We have had many veteran Scientologists here for service, over recent months, and our stats of floating needles, floating Tone Arms and completed actions are in affluence. We are just doing the usual. Auditing for the person in front of us (no executive C/Sing) and honing our basic auditing skills with each and every one. The standard lines -- auditor, C/S, D of P, Examiner, etc.

Just wonderful -- and tons of fun too!
+1 # george 2013-04-01 23:57
Hi Lana, great article. Ive been wanting to audit for ages and really just feel like I can now because all the arbitraries are gone in the Independent field. Thanks!!
Lana M
+1 # Lana M 2013-04-02 00:32
Thanks George -- superb! You can get checksheets through iScientology website and stay tuned in for news on upcoming Qualifications lines.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-04-02 01:39
Excellent basic shepherding of the way to "get there" Lana. And like you say, getting back on the horse, is a pretty nifty way of
ensuring you do. Providing you're FACING the right way, of course!

ML, Calvin.
Lana M
# Lana M 2013-04-02 01:52
Ha!!! Good point Calvin! Facing backwards is not a comfortable ride and just adds confusion to all :)
# SKM 2013-04-02 10:59
Thanks for the article and the references.
I like the idea you just presented.
+2 # Silvia 2013-04-02 12:48
Yes nobody like an auditor. LRH states that the auditor is like a race horse, he needs his periodic drills or goes sloppy. And like a race horse auditors are very, very valuable. I worked with many of them and up until now my best admiration goes to each one of them. All thos who want to join the game are welcome, and very needed. And Lana excelent on your training. Silvia
# Scientoblogger 2013-04-02 12:56
Great, wise article, Lana !
+1 # Silvia 2013-04-02 13:32
Lana, this is great. Auditors are the best people in the planet. I worked with many fine auditors throughout the years and therte was nothing more msatisfying that seeing them FNing and wining after a simple cram action that consisted inflying their ruds, WCing,drilling and then happy as they could do a good job on the pc. Auditors are indeed very, very valuable and =should becared for. VWD on your training. SILVIA
Ingrid Smith
+1 # Ingrid Smith 2013-04-02 18:23
Great article Lana! The world needs more auditors! Thank you for getting the intention out there!
steve spargo
+3 # steve spargo 2013-04-02 19:17
Things are stirring round the world. Checksheets are appearing, people are delivering again. Old hands are being debugged and soon we'll start to see new auditors being made. Scientology is coming back.

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