By Natalie C.

A friend of mine had a baby a few months back. Her bub was not settled and though the new parents were obtaining advice from friends and family, they had gone through 4 months of heavily broken sleep and frazzled nerves trying to get their newborn to breastfeed and sleep regularly.

Having not seen her since before the baby was born, I called to find out how things were going and the new mom confessed on the phone that life was miserable. She was at the end of her tether and family life was stressed beyond what she had ever anticipated. She felt she had never really bonded with the baby, and instead of enjoying the last several months she instead felt resentful, confused and desperate. She had always envisioned having 4 children – but just 4 months with her first had her changing her mind. “I have had terrible thoughts (about the baby)”, she admitted to me. “I just don’t know what to do anymore.”

I went to meet the little one with the hope that I could, as an auditor and a friend, relieve the situation.

Cooper, the little bub, was alert but clingy. I walked around the room with him and had him look at and also touch objects in the room.  He listened and followed the commands quite willingly, and became more attentive as the process continued. I explained to his mother that a Locational Assist does wonders to help a baby or toddler or child stop crying. She had explained how sometimes, of a night, the baby would start to cry and it would take her 3 – 4 hours to get the crying to stop (yet all the trips to the doctors had found nothing physically wrong with the child). Cooper and I walked around the room – engaging in conversation on all the objects we discovered – with me ensuring that I got a response to each command and gently taking his hand and directing it as needed. His mother commented that she was surprised as Cooper is not normally comfortable being held by strangers, and normally has to be held by her or have her in sight at all times.

Cooper smiled at me and happily did the assist.

We then did Reach and Withdraw from mom, with the baby. I held Cooper and we had him reach for mom (helping him at first) and then I would step back with him and we would withdraw from mom. Each time we progressed a little further away from mom till we were walking of the room. Cooper loved this assist. As we got closer to mom each time he would squeal and laugh, and then chuckle as we hid from mom in the other room.

Once taken to a good point, I lay Cooper on the rug on the floor and I showed his mom how to do a Body Comm Assist. Cooper cooperated perfectly, in fact, he relaxed completely and just beamed up at us. His mom originated that it was such a simple process, but clearly worked, as Cooper was relaxed and happy (apparently something she was not very used to). When I had finished the assist on the baby, I gave her a Body Comm, so she could experience it herself and so that she can tell her husband how to do it and get him to give her one every day.

I left with a hug and a kiss and told her I would be back in a few weeks and to call me if she needed anything.

Last week I called her to ask how things were going. She enthusiastically told me she had been doing that “body touchy thingy” with Cooper three times every day, and he just loved them. Actually, she said, it has changed everything, as it is like their own time together (mom and bub) and she does not know why, but both of them have relaxed with each other and really enjoy the time. He is sleeping way better, and life in the family has improved for everyone. I told her I would come check on her again soon and give her a few more tools to keep things progressing.

Such simple processes - but so powerful.

My friend has never heard of Scientology and there was no plan to get into a detailed discussion on the subject itself -- but certainly, by giving her some basic communication processes for both her and the child, conditions have been improved for all. And I suspect that she will want to know more (which I will happily give her).

Thanks LRH!


Bob Dobbs
+1 # Bob Dobbs 2013-03-23 15:03
That is a really nice story. Thank you.
calvin b. duffieldI
# calvin b. duffieldI 2013-03-23 15:10
Very nice story, Natalie!

You did a great job of guiding all involved through the most essential steps of just getting into comm. And the outcome must have gotten the family into a new dilemma of a more welcome kind! ---just what WAS that magic you managed to work on the baby???????

AS you hinted, you probably have some explaining to do.

Truly beautiful outcome!

And yes, thanks LRH and YOU Natalie!

Natalie C.
# Natalie C. 2013-03-27 04:05
Thanks Calvin,
The magic, as you know, is simply the power of the communication cycle. It was amazing to watch a new mother, who was desperately but unknowingly, out of communication with her newborn, establish affinity, reality and communication through the process of a Body Communication Assist.
The relationship between a mother and a child is so important -- and I think anything we can do to assist, foster and improve that link can only be a good thing for all concerned.
calvin b. duffieldI
# calvin b. duffieldI 2013-03-27 11:26
Yes Natalie, truly amazing! A full 50% of the gains of Scn come from the training, as we know, but watching that "50%" unfold in such heartening circumstances must have been extra special! You certainly taught me something new ---"Body Comm"--and I'm so pleased that Steve Hall published the process, at the bottom of the comments.

That's the beauty of the SCN Toolbox!
There are seemingly always additional Tools of "Magic" stashed away, just waiting for use on those otherwise "woe is me occasions."

ML, Calvin
# george 2013-03-23 15:47
Yeh that body touchy thingy will work every time, loved the story.
# SKM 2013-03-23 17:52
Love it. It's always a pleasure to welcome a new born!
# Espiritu 2013-03-24 02:30
That's what I call walkin' the walk, Natalie!
Looks like that new mother has become an actual Scientologist per the definition of the word .....she's applying LRH Tech!
Well done!
Natalie C.
# Natalie C. 2013-03-27 04:12
Thanks Espiritu,
You bring up a good point. My view, particularly based on the Creed of Scientology, and on LRH's Essay on Management, and the policy letter What We Expect of a Scientologist is simply to get tech applied in life, to themselves and to those around them.
It does not matter what it is called, whether the person knows you are a Scientologist, or whether you tell them about LRH. What does matter is that the tech works, and when applied -- even in a flubby or rough way -- brings about incredible results.
Why would you leave someone in trouble, with an unsolved problem, or at effect, when there is tech that can used to give them a hand? A tool that can assist them to improve the situation?
I realised -- when I was declared a suppressive person and outcast from the Church -- you can take the organization away from me, as well as my family and friends, but you cannot take away my right to use and apply this technology to help myself and others.
In my view, it is APPLICATION of LRH's tech, in this crazy confusion that Corp Scn is creating, that gets people through and back on top.
That is the way out -- the way through!
+1 # Hemi 2013-03-24 05:15
What a nice story! How simple and beautiful to help and be helped.
How a simple (but very able) intention and act can cause positive ripples teh result of which...who knows. The whole future of this baby, and his future babies might have changed, for the better...
Tom M
# Tom M 2013-03-24 08:59
Natalie, the perfect Scientologist - improving conditions in her environment. Just sit back and think about all of the lives you changed for the better in that one scenerio. My hat is off to you. Thank you.

ML Tom
# Silvia 2013-03-24 11:17
Natalie, this is a fantastic story and the result of it even better. I am so glad you did what an auditor knows what to do, which is use Scientology's tech and you got an excelent product. VWD and thank you for sharing this with us.
# tunedal 2013-03-24 12:22
Good news for that kid and the mother. Great story.
Jim Logan
+2 # Jim Logan 2013-03-24 15:55
This is what it is all about. No bright lights, fanfare, blaring horns announcing, but just straight ahead application and life is better all around. Thank you for this.
# Sparks 2013-03-25 21:04
I enjoyed reading this. Scientology at work doesn't need a dog and pony show. Just by itself it is what it is. That is the crystal beauty of Scientology as a methodology. There has been too much yammering and noisy significance chewing about it, from trying to serve in on gold-plated-faux-jewel encrusted platters to pondering its navel! This story and experiences like it cut through to the reality.

Reach and withdraw is a great way to gently foster a person into communication and control. The same thing you did with the baby and his environment, I knew a tap dancing teacher who started students with reaching and withdrawing from their tap shoes. She had them performing in record time.

Cool beans.
Natalie C.
# Natalie C. 2013-03-27 04:17
Thank you Sparks. I agree completely with your view. Who needs a dog and pony show --- or continual yammering and noisy significance chewing about the tech? Just get out there and apply it, in life, to others, and wow! Then all the rest of the noise falls away.
Reach and Withdraw is such a simple but powerful technology. I have a friend who used it on their daughter when she was learning to drive a motorbike-- getting her to reach and withdraw from all part of the vehicle. That was years ago now -- and she has yet to have an accident, and is an expert driver -- even on a bike that is huge in comparison to her own size.
+1 # Thoughtful 2013-03-26 14:41
What a great write up. I found online instructions for how to do a Body Comm. Here it is in case anyone needs to know how to do this amazing technique from LRH.

The Body Communication Process is used when a person has been chronically out of communication with his body, such as after an illness or injury, or when the person has been dormant for a long period of time.

The Body Communication Process does not in any way replace or alter Touch Assists or Contact Assists. Where a person has been injured or has specific areas of the body where an assist is needed, the Touch Assist or the Contact Assist should be used.

This process may be done only after any necessary medical attention or other necessary assists have been done. It is not done in place of these.

The purpose of the process is to enable the being to reestablish communication with his body.


1. The individual lies on his back on a couch, bed or cot. Doing this assist on the clothed body with shoes removed gives satisfactory results. Any constricting articles such as neckties or tight belts should be removed or loosened. It is not necessary to remove any clothing except for heavy or bulky garments.

Where more than one session of this process is given, the body position may be varied to advantage by having the person lie face downward during alternate sessions.

2. Use the command “Feel my hands.” (“Feel my hand” on the occasion where only one hand is applied.)

3. Explain the purpose of this process to the person and tell him briefly what you are going to do.

4. Have the person close his eyes. Then place your hands on the individual’s shoulders with a firm but gentle grip, using an agreed-upon firmness, and give the command.

5. When the person replies that he has, acknowledge him.

6. Place your hands in different positions on the body, giving the command and acknowledging the person each time after he has responded. Touch the chest, front of chest, sides of chest, both sides of the abdomen at the waist, then one hand going around the abdomen in a clockwise direction. (Clockwise because this is the direction of flow of the large bowel.) Continue with both hands on the small of the back, one on each side and lifting firmly; one hand placed over each hip with firmer pressure on these bony parts, then down one leg to the knee with both hands and down the other leg to the knee with both hands, then back to the other leg and down over the calf, the lower calf, the ankle, the foot and the toes and down the other leg from the knee to the toes.

Woman getting assist with another's hands placed on hips and communication restored
By placing the hands in different positions and getting the person to feel them, someone who is ill or injured can be brought back into better communication with the body.

Then work upward in a flow towards the shoulders, down each arm and out to the fingers, both hands behind the neck, one on each side, sides of the face, forehead and back of the head, sides of the head, then away toward the extremities of the body.

An infinite variety of placing of the hands is available avoiding, of course, the genital areas or buttocks in both sexes and a woman’s breasts. The process proceeds up and down the body, toward the extremities.

7. The process is continued until the person has a good change, a cognition and very good indicators. At this point the assist may be ended. Tell the person, “End of assist.”

The assist should not be continued past a cognition and very good indicators.
Sapere Aude
# Sapere Aude 2013-03-26 22:13
Thank you very much for this reference. Having used this to fantastic results I can say I found it to be effect and thus true. I have not seen the reference or LRH written instructions for years. Thank you very much!
Natalie C.
# Natalie C. 2013-03-27 04:19
Thank you Steve!

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