LRH is very simply a genius.

When applied standardly everyone in Scientology wins and auditing with a Class IX tends to produce great wins - thank you Chris Black.

1. I realized I am CAUSE. I am responsible for anything that ever happened to me, willingly or unwillingly; knowingly or unknowingly. Even when I was effect, I had to decide that somewhere! Amazing that so much damage over the track can be undone in so little time with auditing; it allows you then to re-focus your energy and postulates and decisions towards SURVIVAL and not towards Death, effect, misery. It is so easy to change. Auditing requires time, yes. Energy, yes. Money, sure. Time off from work, yes. Focus, yes. And when it's all done --- you Move on Up a Little Higher in life, as Marty Rathbun puts it so simply and truthfully on his blog. It's what LRH wanted, for all of us to move on up a little step at a time and go free -- handle what holds us from becoming truly ourselves and happy again and then help others do that too, or at the very least - an arrested decline of our fellow man. And man is definitely in the soup.

2. With the rehabilitation of being Cause comes a desire to do things and reach for people and to help. To fix things that can be fixed through ARC and action. I no longer wish to harm people, I no longer wish to do stupid things (and I have found there are many things that can be qualified as stupid). I have a renewed desire and ability to reach for people I used to be afraid of, or reach for people who harmed me, or reach for people I harmed - it's just a clean hand reaching out. I don't expect to be whacked by the person on the street, I don't expect to be sick, I don't expect bad things --- I always walked carefully and a bit nervously... always careful. Not anymore, I am just happy and I'm just plain not worried. In fact, PTSness (after Grade 1 and 2) is a word that I don't even think about. I know what it is, I know the mechanism --- so what. I am farthest from PTSness as I have ever been. I am CAUSE and very much in control. So many people on my Facebook complaining of their cold and strep throat and broken legs. I watch it with amusement from a distance, not because it's funny, but because I know what's happening - I understand completely the mechanism of the overt/motivator sequence and why they suddenly got fired or they suddenly can't sleep or they can't get a job and the world is against them. Again I am full and understanding CAUSE on the mechanisms - it is a wonderful conceptual viewpoint and knowledge to have.

3. I don't blame people for bad things they have done. What is the point of blaming someone and repeating the fact they made a mistake, just caves them in more. Believe me, they know they are caving themselves in, if not - they will get a subjective reality on it at some point later. I have become very aware of people's spaces and what lies behind grief, regret and worry and if I have the chance to gently get people to spill their overts/withholds I will. I'm laughing here because I got a picture of someone holding a huge bag full of thousands of withholds and each weighing 1 lb and my thought was "Why are you holding on to those? What a waste of energy and time. Let me help you." - LOL - Well my bag is empty. It's a new life. I have a very kind disposition now, less aggressive, less pissy, less withholdy, less blame going around (no blame actually) and my dynamics are wide open. Also, I am less nervous, I used to be in a hurry, now I move if I need to. Otherwise I can comfortably BE.

4. I have no body issues, no problems, no worries.

5. Waves and waves of energy have emanated from my body and me for the past few days and I have addressed items and terminals I had attention on forever So much relief - I always thought we were done but there was always more to address - and it has been wonderful. Relief, relief, relief...sigh...more relief - it was so needed.

6. My voice dropped a register during auditing. I had a higher pitched voice before and I just calmed the hell down during this auditing. I sound manlier, I talk slower, I don't mumble my words so much, I listen attentively to others, I am interested in others, I am confident, I am eager to CREATE on the dynamics again. I was unwilling to be Responsible before, now I welcome it. It is a big 180 degree shift on my viewpoint of life and how I tackle life.

I am very happy, I am really ready to go back in the workplace and see changes happening there with terminals. Curious to talk to my 2D (we are currently separated), curious to talk to anyone. I perceive many things around me and I want to find out what is happening, I want to look, to see, to experience; not hide and worry and be effect – that is totally over.

My face changed, mass blew right of my face, I feel like I got a face lift and reconstructive surgery. My goodness. Anyways, I will end it here. Oh and I perceive differently with my vision. I see layers of vision. It is a change of vision, it is a rehab of the Objectives wins I had before but to make it simpler to understand the MEST universe is right in front of me and closer and in full 3D, I AM the MEST universe if that makes sense. It's not some nebulous weird thing that's over there. It's right there in front of me. Sometimes I say hi to it and smile and admire it, it seems to like that. hehe

Grade 2, longer than other Grades. Worth it? LOL, yes. Very worth it, your life will very likely NEVER be the same again.

Thanks again to Chris for the auditing, and of course to LRH. We did a lot, and it ain't over yet!




Jim Logan
+1 # Jim Logan 2013-03-21 21:40
Now there you go - a real life changed conditions and the rest of us are way better off with so much reach restored.


The prescription for hostilities and sufferings in life, applied and boy, oh boy, oh boy the joy emanating is palpable.

Thank you both, preclear and auditor Chris for making this whole thing happen, for real, not just talkin' about it.
David Cooke
+1 # David Cooke 2013-03-22 00:40
Congratulations on your brilliant success; and thanks for sharing this articulate and analytical account of it!
+1 # Espiritu 2013-03-22 01:47
What a wonderful success!
Scientology is where it's at
....and is alive and well!
Thanks for doing this!
calvin b. duffieldI
# calvin b. duffieldI 2013-03-22 01:53

Caring, should be a two-way street, and I have seen the process begin, for me at least, by the examples of others.

Indeed, we learn from those we associate with and I am privileged to work with some of the most caring persons I have ever met.

Having an auditor who REALLY does care, ensures that one is going to get,or even surpass the gains possible from their auditing.

It is clear that Chris Black is numbered among those truly valuable group of elite auditors who really can deliver one back to their true beingness!

And SL, not too shabby a performance by you either, friend, in reaching for and attaining the relief that was made possible by Ron, in his brilliance!

A whole bunch of REAL caring, all round!


+1 # george 2013-03-22 01:53
Excellent wins, thanks for sharing.
+1 # SKM 2013-03-22 05:50
Beautiful Wins!
Congratulations and thank you for sharing.

# tunedal 2013-03-22 10:41
Very nice to read this success! I love it. Congratulations!
Chris Mann
# Chris Mann 2013-03-23 13:38
Very cool man. Those are some awesome wins.

Grade 2 was the last thing I did about a year ago. Reading your wins renews my interest in doing the next grades.

For me it was like- can you like yourself? I mean, can I look at myself as a being and like what I see. On this level I think I learned to see beauty in myself as a thetan which is something I had lost at some point.
Tom M
# Tom M 2013-03-24 09:03
Excellent! I love it.

ML Tom
# Sparks 2013-03-25 21:19
Congratulations on this forever-yours gift! Just stellar stuff.

BTW, I share your admiration for L. Ron Hubbard's body of work. It is something that could not have been accomplished without love. I like what Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says about genius: Quote:
Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.
The way the Scientology Grades and other components of the Grade Chart work together is down to the basic fundamental precepts and observations work together beautifully with congruity and ease. It's common sense. That begins with being there.

Hubbard did not invent "being there" -- he invented methodologies that prevent or interrupt or obstruct one from Being there in the fullest degree.

It's a handy dandy body of work that man developed. It's not a surprise so many people love and admire him.

Again, congratulations!

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