by Keith

It’s taken me a month or so to really come to terms with some recent auditing I had which resulted in the State of Clear being attested. I have been involved with Dianetics and Scientology since 1986. I did 10 years on staff as a technical delivery terminal, supervising and auditing and generally running around in Division 4 for the Church. (I had ended up leaving the Church in 1998 with major disagreements with their never ending technical alterations).

Through one of Michael Moore’s communication lines I had in the form of an email account I noticed an email from Lana inviting any Scientologists to drop by to visit them and talk about Scientology or even to arrange some auditing or maybe just for a cup of tea. I responded and soon had a chat with Jim Logan and since I had gotten as far as Solo NOTs on Church lines, anyone I could have a sane two way comm about that fiasco of technical misapplication was like a breath of fresh air. I was very keen to see what was what with Jim & Lana.

Interestingly, and I don’t think Jim quite understands what he did when he simply asked me to look again at the technical aspects of the level of Scientology of which I should be conversant. Having now met someone who is uncompromising with their viewpoint that if correctly applied, Scientology does deliver what is says it does acted like a stable datum. So, I looked at the data again and soon realised the only problem with it was its misapplication. I had had fantastic gains in the past but for over 20 years I was wandering around pretty much in a fog, telling myself and believing all sorts of weird things.

I took the plunge and decided to have some auditing from Jim. Without PC folders and a hazy, not so happy recall, or memory of time, locations and what I was run on in the past we attempted to piece together my life as a Scientologist and reconstruct a pc folder. It wasn’t particularly easy for me as long term body problems coupled with the financial left over perils inflicted at the Church muddied everything up. Jim was patient and although I felt like I was being bounced around the room at times we got enough for the CS to work out where to start. We got some sessions going and began on a road I had no idea of where it would lead.

What actually came up needing to be handled astounded me. The CS ordered a date locate on going Clear. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that having already attested to Clear well over 2 decades ago.

Well... if there’s ever been a standard CS ever issued it was that one! For suddenly I got very confused about everything and had to put complete trust in the auditor, the CS, L Ron Hubbard and my ability to breathe – I quickly developed ever reason under the sun not to believe what my mind was beginning to tell me. The date went beyond this life and into the past. The location was not this country but exactly the other side of the planet. No matter what one may think about this technology the meter does not lie, nor does it act on its own. I was the one holding the cans and a damn fine auditor was monitoring the dial. Then I ran smack bang into the biggest ARC break I think a being could ever experience. My body truly didn’t know what to do with itself, it cried and sobbed and image after image flooded in. It actually took me some time to look at what was happening. It went on for what seemed a long time, so long in fact I finally told myself, geezes! What in the hell is this? That was exactly what was required. I had separated out enough from something and actually began to look at it.

What I was actually looking at was the invalidation of the State of Clear and the end of cycle of one body to getting another. In that couple of moments of session and with much bouncing around in the chair I became aware of just what a being can do with the power of a postulate under duress. It’s not really a good thing to self invalidate but I had no idea the consequences could be so dramatic and long lasting.

As I mentioned earlier it’s taken a month or so for a lot of associated charge to blow off and reorient myself. To me at this point in time the State of Clear is the closest thing to an absolute available in this universe. Yet it is the beginning of the clarity of another – you! To now have the subjective reality and begin to see the effects and phenomena of the remaining 7 Dynamics is pretty astounding if not a touch daunting – there’s some work to be done to ensure this state remains Clear and that forward progress is made. Nothing remains static in the MEST universe.

In that session I also noticed something else while all the reactions and session phenomena unfolded; I looked across at the auditor and saw this guy sitting there in comm with what was going on. A strange sort of feeling swept over me. I was not alone; someone was with me sharing the same space and time. Wow! The magic of as-isness. The auditor’s code is one enormously valuable state of beingness, for without it this case would be wallowing with self invalidation for eternity, it’s just so easy to self invalidate it amazes me.

Also, another point of almost equal importance is the Code of a Scientologist. Although Lana & Jim may have a beginning 3rd Dynamic of technical delivery; their delivery of actual Scientology is done with adherence to the Code of a Scientologist. For that code has as it product, sane conduct. I can’t thank them enough for providing that sort of environment, it’s so noticeable.

I could rave on for a long time about what has been occurring since this Clear cycle but in essence to know exactly and honestly where you stand on the Bridge is priceless. For truly then the way forward can be walked. The path of standard tech is indeed a narrow band but I no longer have to tell myself or postulate anything else or even wonder about it – I just know.

Standard tech does exactly what it says is does. Thanks Jim, Chris & Lana; you are a fine example of what LRH would be proud.




+1 # steve 2013-03-20 08:45
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Well done Keith. And well done Jim and Lana.
So many Clears coming out of Gundaroo recently!
+1 # Keith 2013-03-20 17:40
Thanks Steve. You know the most remarkable thing about Theta - it's got no mass to it, so unbelievably light.Jim & Lana rock!
Chris Mann
# Chris Mann 2013-03-20 09:30
This is really cool. It's theta.

And I want to say that Lana and Jim, and others too I can feel there is a stable theta or something you are creating. I don't know if stability is the best word. I'll probably think of the ideal word after I submit this.

You are just being there and holding your space and creating calmness and theta.
+1 # Keith 2013-03-20 17:42
I agree Jim & Lana have a remarkable ability to hold their space. I felt very safe in it.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-03-20 13:09
Wow, amazing story, Keith! I really duplicate the confusion that had you suspended in time for what must have seemed like ages.Well, thanks to some wonderful auditing, c/s'ing and the support of Lana, you have FINALLY emerged
with your state of Clear validated.

Marvelous, and congrats to all who made it possible. For now....just enjoy!!!

+2 # Keith 2013-03-20 17:47
Thanks Calvin. There truly isn't anything like a Scientologist being a Scientologist. Without Jim & Lana doing what they do I'd still be stumbling around having to mock up being so right about the confusions.
Chris Black
# Chris Black 2013-03-20 13:24
Keith, hearty congratulations on your accomplishments, your wins, and for your trust in the auditor and C/S. I loved reading your story here. Simply wonderful and theta. Thanks for sharing it. :)
+1 # Keith 2013-03-20 17:52
Thanks Chris. I've always known the tech works. It's hard to even think otherwise when you've personally witnessed the wins people have from it. What I really learnt is that theta the solver is a huge potential in all of us. Sometimes there's a little bit of a comm lag that's all.
+1 # Silvia 2013-03-20 14:44
CONGRATULATIONS AND VWD!!! on this fantastic win.
I concur, standard tech does work when properly applied.
I wish you more wins on your next steps of the bridge.
# Keith 2013-03-20 17:57
Thanks Silvia.
I wish you well on your travel up the Bridge too.
# vertsurblanc 2013-03-20 16:11
# Keith 2013-03-20 17:58
Thanks vertsurbanc - it was lots of randomity and fun. Really feel alive.
Jim Logan
+5 # Jim Logan 2013-03-20 17:13
I'm a little reticent to comment on this one, with all due consideration to the Auditor's Code. BUT...

The wins have been mutual :-)
+1 # Keith 2013-03-22 06:20
Hey Jimbo, you did a damn fine job, thanks man.
One of the wonders of the tech is you really don't have to do anything else except what is written in the HCOBs. Sure it takes a bit of effort and study to gain the simplicity of the application but it all boils down to simply getting in comm and applying what has already been proven to work.
It's such a waste that so many disregard so much potential by grappling whether the tech actually works or not while unable to spot the ARC break created by misapplication.Gee whiz Qual is an important aspect of life's Org Board!
The lightness of being is such a fleeting thing if one dwells with the seriousness of failure.
Gundaroo will now be a name thought of with much reverence. The time track points forward as I see it.
# Sparks 2013-03-25 21:22
Pure and simple, made me very happy to read this. :-D

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