By Jim Logan

 Yet another time at the Int Base, when my name had been plastered up on goldenrod as being especially odious, I was executive C/Sed  to do a part of the Super Power Rundown called the Cause Resurgence Rundown (or as it was known then, the “Running Program”).  I talked this over with the then-Senior C/S International, John Eastment, as I wasn’t just going along with it, considering I had just routed onto Solo Two and was about to embark on the long awaited OT Levels.  In my discussion with John, I pointed out the executive C/Sing and he agreed -- but I could see in his face, and which he tacitly expressed, that there was no choice in this.  DM had ordered and we are to obey.  

I’d run across this sort of thing before then.  An RPF assignment is decided by the God of that particular universe, and his will is agreed upon and obeyed.  Having to deal with this at various times I adopted the idea that if I was going to go along with this (and I always made a self-determined or as much as I was able to, a pan-determined decision on these things) then I’d make the most of it. If I wasn’t going to agree, well, then more goldenrod was in the offing, which always seemed to garner a wider agreement that I was indeed “bad”. Very, very, very bad.  To the bone.  And in trouble agin.

 On the RPF assignment I took the view that I’d just had my study/auditing time doubled to 5 hours per day and shared this with my twin, Paul Grady, that we’d been “sentenced” to more study and auditing, so that’s how we approached it. We won.  Getting in hundreds of hours of auditing back and forth, doing the entire 8 Dynamics of FPRD, the full AKH Series Hubbard Causitive Leadership program, complete with Introspection RD and 35 hours of Op Pro by Dup, given and received.  On top of building a large portion of the Base, upping our carpentry skills, and getting in pretty good physical shape to boot.

On the Running Program, I took the same viewpoint.  I wasn’t going to put John Eastment in the middle of Dave and I, where he’d get squished, so I agreed to being “sentenced” to an LRH Rundown, and went about making the most of it.

While doing the process, on the little breaks that are part of it, I’d pick up somehow (didn’t know then how, but I do now) somebody was “watching”.  Frequently, I’d look up the hill and there was CO CMO I, (then Mark Ingber), alone or with someone else, keeping an eye on me. Or IG Admin, Marc Yager, watching me run around the pole.  I was in direct view, at that time, of the Villas, and DM’s offices. Dave would park on his little blue Yamaha up there on the edge of the highway, putting out “negative waves”.  It became kind of a fun thing for me, to not look up, but try and perceive the attention I was getting, and then look to see if I had done it.  More often than not, and especially as the process started to really “bite”, I’d spot the Watcher.*

 As I ran, and as I gained, I began to explore this whole idea of perception of thought, and in particular, agreement.  I became aware of lots of chatter on the radio so to speak, and began to take over control of the tuner, adjusting it to either not pick it up, or as I got better, to hone in on a station.  All the while running around that pole more and more at ease, less effort and getting better and better as a being with a body.

 I remarked to the Running Program In-Charge, a NOTs Level old timer, Clive Hill, “gee Clive, there sure can be a lot of noise up here at times”.  He smiled what I thought was “knowingly”, and directed me back to the track to “keep running”.

Now, this longish lead up is to a cognition I had recently while studying along on the 4th London ACC.  I came across a sort of casual remark by Ron on electronic societies and a central “thought control” transmission station, with the citizens equipped to pick up the central thought, and agree to it.  Disagreements were picked up at the control tower too.  They’d be dealt with.  The whole society, the group, was formed on a central thought or series of thoughts, a moral code etc., agreed to, and of course that is what any group is; thetans with agreed upon thoughts.  Some idea, some goal, some purpose, some something, agreed upon by the thought units, makes a group.  Disagree too often, and you aren’t part of that group. 

Any being, here, has a Group Dynamic.  It manifests with ARC.  The desire for communication and terminals to have that communication, to share agreements with, and have some contact with other life.  Those with no group, however small, seem to make up for this by talking with themselves and so still make the attempt to associate with “others”.  The urge to survive as a group is a very fundamental urge it would empirically seem.

My recent study, and this remark, is the inspiration of my cog.  All those years ago at the Int Base, a whole bunch of that stuff that I was getting while I ran around that pole, was DM’s “central thought” and the various “thought police” watching me, and the enforcement of group agreement (as to what are “right thoughts”) that I was very aware of, but somehow or other, being recalcitrant, educated in the PDC’s and the power of “agree-disagree” I just didn’t seem to fold up to and agree!

It was even more ironic that the very Rundown I was on, itself was restoring with every time around the pole, my own causative determination of my own course, and even LESS agreements enforced unless I decided to agree.  (Dave, no matter how you try in that goofus SP valence to thwart others, it is outplayed thanks to the truths laid out in the actual subject.  Yes, I was declared and expelled by you with the Cause Resurgance Rundown, the Running Program as the last thing I did there, to EP.  That’s pretty darn ironic don’t you think, Dave?)

Now, to be honest, the amount of force put into making me agree was upped, and upped and upped, and I will say that it bowed my back, it pressed me with force and it hurt to an extent of near overwhelm, and I caved in pretty bad.  I didn’t agree though, and held out a last ditch of my own power to hold a position which held all through that time, and what little spark was left, eventually with the truths of Scientology fanned into a flame.  I’ve since returned to that locale, done Reach and Withdraw to full results, and very much “let go” that particular place in space.

The Advanced Levels of Scientology, with a well done and honest peeling of the layers below, bring one to the awareness of just how powerful considerations really are, how they create time, matter, energy and are the source of it.  How space, a universe, is brought about, and how agreements, those things which thetans as individual infinities are capable of making, can bring about cooperation in a game, and as they drop down the scale, can become enforced to a “reality” of “thinking right thoughts”.

As one frees up, he’ll run into this level of life as thought.  One session at a time, sometimes in huge bundles, sometimes in single releases, life is freed to create at will, and old time “thought control” falls away.  Free to consider, to agree, or disagree at will  -- power of choice restored.  Individualities of infinity, where the twain may or may not meet and begin again an agreed upon universe.

Any group is formed with a thought, thunked by somebody, and agreed upon. If you don’t, you may inspire the wrath of that particular God, and even be under compulsion by the residents of said-universe to agree or you aren’t part of that universe, with stones as insults hurled. You have become a “baddie”. 

It is ALL part of a game.  Make it fun.  It isn’t so serious as it may appear, especially when you consider that all logic is rationalization and turns on an absurd premise of an immortal being seeking to survive. The greatest pretense is pretending it isn’t all pretense. 

I’m hungry, time for some toast with Vegemite and thinly sliced Tasty cheese. Ymmmmm.

Dang, it’s a good day. Thanks Ron Hubbard :-)

* Please don’t take my wins as any sort of hidden standard or data line on the EP or gains to be made on the Running Program.  When and if you do the RD, you’ll hopefully study the full materials and if done right, get the full EP.  I did and it’s still there, stably as an ability gained.



Tom M
+2 # Tom M 2013-03-17 16:01
EXACTLY! Good job Jimmy! It's a game: Quit yer snivvlin all ye victims!
You had me right up to the Vegemite (yuk). And I was CO ANZO for 9 months. I never tried it with that cheese, though.

ML Tom
Jim Logan
+2 # Jim Logan 2013-03-17 17:32
Chris Guider turned me on the the cheese. Another factor in my turnabout was finding out that the original goop was skimmed from beer vats. Now, if it is from beer it must be some sort of blessing, and with a change in my consideration, I began to enjoy the stuff, which I'd previously figured was "dinosaur marrow".
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-03-17 21:40
Great article , Jim! You clearly demonstrated just how to overcome the most intolerable "punishing" conditions, to a point where you could simply have them. Brings to mind that old adage; "You can't always choose your circumstances, but you can always choose your attitude to them."

It works like a bomb! I use it often nowadays. VERY empowering stuff!

Ps. Is this Vegemite stuff similar to Marmite? Great on toast,btw!

Feelin'the luv all round,
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-03-17 23:35
Cheers Calvin :-)
steve spargo
# steve spargo 2013-03-19 22:34
If you can learn to like vegemite, then pretty soon you can learn to speak Australian too.

Meanwhile, I think it's great how you maintained your personal integrity in the face of some serious opposition.
Jim Logan
+1 # Jim Logan 2013-03-17 16:02
NOTE: on the tape, Tolerance of Unknowingness, of 17 Oct 55, the comment was rather about the assignment of thinking to a central control. Turning over one's thinkingness to some other thing. Maybe a brain, the governement, whatever. My cog was a ramification of this, as expressed above. The tape itself should be consulted for full data being relayed.
Lana M.
+3 # Lana M. 2013-03-17 16:13
This whole premise of "thought control" is very real to me. At one point, when at Int, it had become such a prison that even thoughts were deemed to be overts. People would be hauled over the coals -- called out in front of 200 other staff -- removed from post and demoted to a lower org -- all based on "thoughts" (no actual overt, no doingness, no action).

It is this corruption of the basic freedoms of an individual that to me, clearly shows how the basic subject and philosophies of the subject had been twisted and corrupted to be something entirely different to what LRH had detailed in books, lectures and bulletins.

Here is a toast to thinking your own thoughts. To freedom to be, do and have as you wish. And to practice your spiritual beliefs to attain Clear and OT.

As I move up The Bridge the whole subject of thoughts, telepathy and life force has changed and continues to grow. Thanks LRH!
calvin b. duffieldI
# calvin b. duffieldI 2013-03-17 21:48
Hear,hear! More power to YOU mate!
Chris Mann
+1 # Chris Mann 2013-03-17 21:00
It seems like a desire for communication or any of the parts of ARC can cause you to change your R, or accept other R that you know is incorrect if you arent careful.

For example- I play music, but I moved to an area of Tennessee where there are only three kinds of music- country, bluegrass and country. Actually, make that four- there is also country music.

So if I want to play in a band or something, thats about it. So hey, maybe it's not so bad. Actually it is terrible, horrible music that only uses three chords and it's just awful, but I'm starting to like it.

I know this isnt exactly what your article was about, but it got me thinking.

"Peer pressure" and things like that are related to this. You've got your friends, relatives, peers or whoever telling you "hey man, just get with the program". I had a good dose of that right before I was declared for coming out Indy.
calvin b. duffieldI
# calvin b. duffieldI 2013-03-17 21:45
Interesting, Chris. BTW, What IS your genre
if I may ask?
Chris Mann
# Chris Mann 2013-03-17 22:57
I'd say right now it's classic rock with a bit of country.

I wrote some songs about Scientology a while back. Most of them I wrote and recorded in less than a day, but some turned out ok.

Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-03-17 22:52
That is what I'm talking 'bout. "Peer pressure".

P.S. If you can manage to toss in some Western (like maybe a little Texas Swing), that country spruces up right nicely.
Chris Mann
# Chris Mann 2013-03-17 21:25
Oh, one more thing and this is related to your article.

I re-studied KSW1 yesterday and it is about Scientology. It is addressed to and is about Orgs and Scientology/Scientologists.

You guys will be relieved to know it doesnt say anywhere that we need to "kill the squirrels" or stop people from reading non-scientology books.

It turns out it's just LRH's thoughts on what we can do to keep scientology working.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-03-17 22:55
Whew!!! That's a relief. No need to kill squirrels. Boy, and here I was, coonskin cap, long rifle and all.

LRH ED 53 Int, Superior Service Image among others goes over this whole thing too. No need to worry, just keep on keeping the tech working and it will all come out in the wash.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-03-19 20:44
That should be 54. LRH ED 54 Int.
# Thoughtful 2013-03-18 10:09
I wonder if anyone has done a write up of the Cause Resurgence Rundown? Maybe Dan should compile something. I read the advices on it and recall LRH saying this is something anyone could do at any time — just find something to circle around and go around until you feel better. The theory being that it enables a being to sort of "unwind" energy flows and is very therapeutic. I always wanted to do the rundown but never had the chance. It seemed like the I/C's job was mainly to tell people to "get back out there and run" and wouldn't be that vital. But there might be some details you guys could write up. LRH said ideally one would do the process as a thetan alone, unencumbered by a body, by finding an object in space and simply going around and around till you feel better. I got the idea this process is one that lasts some weeks however, not minutes or hours.

Part of the theory was the simple observation that — as anyone versed in cosmology knows — we are right now sitting on the surface of a planet which is spinning at about 2,000 mph which is itself orbiting around the sun in a solar system which is orbiting around other systems, which as a group are spinning around the center of the Milky Way galaxy, which is itself orbiting around other galaxies in a galactic cluster. The whole thing makes for a very complicated motion. That's why running around a simple stable object offers a chance to a being to examine energy flows, energy masses, and mental image pictures, and unwind. The whole of that factually results in a resurgence of the state of Cause.
Lana M
# Lana M 2013-03-18 11:10
I did the Cause Resurgence Rundown and it was simply spectacular. A key point of it was that you were to keep your attention on that central object. I found, as I worked my way through the Rundown, that my anchor point on that central object (the tree) allowed me to swing out and to require less and less energy on my part to keep the body moving. While my body was running, running, running it became easier and easier. I felt energy and strength and power being created as a result of that constant effortless swing. Occasionally it was in such quantities that I could feel blue electronic energy arcs that would extend from me to that tree, with sparks and cracks.

I for the first time, realised the power of little simple 'ol me, without the body. Got total reality on it. Saw it. Felt it.

Bloody amazing.

I always loved running. But that was not it. It was this point of being able to unwind and then literally recharge as a being. Resurgence is a perfect name for it.
# Thoughtful 2013-03-18 11:22
Fascinating Lana. That is a rundown I will do for sure as LRH did suggest it as a solo action anyone could do at any time. Here's the amazing thing: LRH said all anyone needs is some space and a tree or a rock or a pole. So DM spends 100 quadrillion dollars on a building meanwhile denying the rundown to people for 30 years.
steve spargo
# steve spargo 2013-03-19 22:26
That's very interesting. Is that all there is to it? Running round an object? A pole? Tree?
Dan Koon
# Dan Koon 2013-03-18 10:59
Jim, wonderful article. The Running Program, however, is not part of Super Power. Super Power was laid out by LRH in 1978 and the Running Program in 1982. The top floor of the SP building in CW is meant for the Running Program space, however. Maybe that is where the mix up started. Anyway, LRH said that long ago, long long ago, the Running Program was a therapeutic effort LRH undertook to rehabilitate people who had been roughed up by life. The origin of it was that some guy had pissed LRH off and LRH began chasing him. When he finally caught up with him, the guy had turned sane and that gave LRH an idea to help people by having them run around an object out in space. Going round and round this object, while keeping attention on it, enabled a person to view his energy flows as compared to a stable datum (the object in the middle of the track). The idea was to do round and round it until one snapped out of whatever one was stuck in. That is the simplicity of the rundown. You keep going round and round a pole, or tree or rock or whatever while keeping your attention on the object and you keep going and eventually things begin to straighten out. The running track in the SP building was meant (last time I was involved with the project, which was the late 90s!) to be rubberized to make it easier on the joints and kept cool to people did not get overheated. The space was to be dimly lit except for the pole in the middle that would be lit. I wonder whether any public will ever get to do it. I don't imagine it will be a very popular rundown as it is very strenuous. One builds up to running on a gradient, starting with walking, then walking and jogging a lap each, then jogging, then running and jogging a lap each and finally running. Minerals are a necessary supplement.
Lana M
# Lana M 2013-03-18 11:13
Lovely to have you here, Dan. Your technical expertise is such an asset in the indi field.
# Thoughtful 2013-03-18 11:17
Yes, LRH was chasing him round and round a rock in space. Then LRH started delivering it as a therapeutic action and he said it was really the only predecessor of Scientology on the track, wasn't that correct, Dan?
# Thoughtful 2013-03-18 11:25
BTW, is there a point for the person to reverse direction each day or something like that? In other words, he or she runs clockwise on day 1, counter-clockwise on day 2, back to clockwise on day 3, etc. I remember he said one will have to have decent nutrition, vitamins and minerals because the body is going to have to build muscles up to be able to do the rundown.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-03-18 16:41
Oops, yes that is maybe where I got the idea it was part of Super Power.

The hardest part of the RD in my experience was the walking! My legs were so stiff for a couple of days, I could barely get to the bus in the morning. That settled out and as the gradient of jogging to running went up, I had no real issues physically. Any of the "tech" of running applies, like stretches, limbering up before hand and such.

It's such a simple process in itself, and the really good physical shape you end up in seems to be a bonus. I felt like I'd rebuilt the body aside from the other positive gains.
Mark Shreffler
+1 # Mark Shreffler 2013-03-18 14:42
Boy, I've got to come here more often! This was an incredible read from Logan to Koon and all points in between. Thank you, everyone. I agreed and learned from everything except the vegemite, but now think I'll give that another try while thinking "it's just licking a beer pan!"
Dani Lemberger
# Dani Lemberger 2013-03-18 16:03
Fascinating Jim!
We don't have vegemite in Israel so I'll skip that, just an MU for me.
To the serious stuff. My observation is most people want to be told what to think. Over years, I was saying at Flag that DM is a lunatic, destroying Scientology. This being said repeatedly to my auditors, Qual consultants, MAA's. Hundreds of hours of FPRD and sec-checking couldn't remedy this idea - DM the lunatic destroying Scn.
A sweet young MAA, Martin Stillhard, was pulling his hair out and gasped, "but Dani, why do you have to think this way?" His idea was thoughts are on order or controlable. I needed the permission of some authority to think this or the other.
Most people want to stay in agreement by thinking what's acceptable. would we have Scientology if Ron had asked for permission for his ideas?
True, a group is created by individuals with agreed-upon ideas. But a great group can only expand and rise to power when those agreements are by your own power of choice and you become pan-determined because you decide, self-determinedly, to care for this group.
As head of a group, this is what I foster among those around me. We as Scientologists will win only if this is how we treat one another. We have a group because each of us decides himself, each day, he wants to have the group.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-03-18 17:10
YES!! That's what happens, the power of choice recovered, when you audit and train people in their own considerations and thereby give them the power to change their considerations.

Thorough training in the Axioms gives a being the basics of how this whole shebang goes along. ALL auditing arises from these fundamentals. And the kicker is, they are the being's own considerations.

When you transfer your own power of thought over to something, someone, well, it's no wonder...
# Focus 2013-03-18 17:25
This is one rundown which caught my attention years ago when I heard about it. I just broke out laughing when it was described - only LRH could cut through all the complexity and come out with something this simple. This one really interests me - I wonder if one could do it out in the field without much supervision? Clock-wise or counter clock-wise or does one change it up every now and then?
# sparky 2013-03-19 17:57
Pure awesome!

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