By Bernie Wimbush

To state the bleeding obvious, the Corporate Church of Scientology needs reforming – or maybe, from a different view, what is needed is to re-create our Scientology.

For the vast majority of Scientologists and ex-Scientologists we have cared a lot about our church. We have put in long hours for pay that is so low my children would not accept it as pocket money. And maybe some of us have given up trying to fix it... I know I did for a long while.

Maybe it isn’t important. Can I argue that it is?

The failure to get the message across and Scientology principles in daily use does affect us. Each time I go flying and I and my baggage are examined and I have to remove my belt, it reminds me that there are terrorists who believe that they will go to heaven if they kill the infidels, meaning me and you. Those of us who know what that means can smile and say that serves them right! But the atrocities committed on little girls and women by the Taliban in Afghanistan means we send young men and women to risk their lives in war. And have you ever been close to a teenager addicted to herion? Soul  destroying!

I won’t bore you with the negative influences in our lives. Our society puts so many unworkable solutions into place that it is easy to despair.

Don’t we have the solution?

I suspect many have not seen or recognised the miracles that have been produced by the tech.

Isn’t the price of freedom, eternal vigilance?                                                                             

As the old joke goes: There are some that make things happen, there are those who watch things happen and there are those who wonder what happened.

This is our blog. It is for the community. It belongs to all of us and Lana should be acknowledged for giving it life. It is designed to revitalize those who have been stopped by illegal declares, off policy actions and the like, and to get the movement moving. To re-create our Scientology. LRH's standard Scientology.

We have all had wins using Scientology, so how about writing in and thus encouraging others to use what they know to make this a better world? We have all used or applied technology in some capacity to improve things -- otherwise you would not be here reading this blog. How about sharing your experiences?

And get moving on The Bridge. There is some exciting stuff on the upper levels and it has become affordable. There is some exciting stuff on Life Repair.

I remember back in 1959, I was learning about tone scale and stable data and all sorts of goodies, and I lamented to a friend that there was so much to learn that I might have a hard time putting it all into practice.  Some 54 years of practice has shown me that this Scientology stuff can fix anything. 

Please do communicate. And don’t worry about the consequences. DM will become a toothless tiger while independent and free Scientology gets on with it.

Note from Moderator: Bernie Wimbush got news that his brother, Kingsley Wimbush, passed away this last Monday, in California USA.  I have posted Bernie's article, but due to Kinsgley’s passing, it is highly likely we will not have Bernie responding to comments at this time. I have asked him for a eulogy for his brother, to send to all, and I am sure that when Bernie has an opportunity, he will do this. I certainly wish Kingsley the best on his new journey. Kingsley is yet one more person who used and applied Scientology tech to help thousands in the late 70's and early 80's. And my condolences and love to Bernie, on his loss.



calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-03-15 00:26
Bernie, news on Kingsley's passing from this life is shared amongst us. We feel your loss, and offer our condolences.

That's the trouble with MEST bodies. When they pack up, they deprive us of our friends and loved ones, leaving a hole that is so bloody hard to fill. Make that impossible! Still, at least he's free now
and able to contemplate the next chapter.

Hope you are doing okay, Bernie and feel for you and family, mate.

ML, Calvin.
+1 # tunedal 2013-03-15 04:43
Letting the church go to sleep or reclaiming it for LRH. I used to think that the only thing we can do is to start fresh outside, which we did here in Stockholm, by the way. But letting the church die, what a waste of funds! If there is a way to get the church back on source then that would be something worth fighting for, I think.
+2 # steve 2013-03-15 06:57
I agree with this. We need to focus on creating our life right now. The Church isn't contributing to our future right now. If it gets its act together then I am happy to consider their application to rejoin our group of people who want to survive on all 8 Dynamics.
Bernie Wimbush
+1 # Bernie Wimbush 2013-03-15 17:53
Thanks Calvin. Life goes on.
tunedal, I agree that it is so tempting to do nothing, but the more we insist on getting the message out the more people on the inside will question the rediculous goings on.
Iagree with Steve, there are many people inside who are doing bad things, not because they are evil, but because they do not nknow the other way. Lets show them.
+2 # Thoughtful 2013-03-15 19:55
I was astonished to find out that the generation of Scientologists who left or were unjustly purged from the CoS in the early 1980s also called themselves "independent Scientologists." I was also astonished to learn from Michael Moore that these original "Indies" also exerted many efforts to decry and expose the abuses that were going on in the Church. All of us who left more recently owe a measure of gratitude to those who went before us and who in many ways prepared a place for us to arrive.

For example, many of DM's stronger retaliations against whistle-blowers were expended against this earlier generation and as a result we have inherited a safer environment.

And where would we be today if we did not have the OT levels for example? That was a product of Kingsley's generation. So it is with respect and gratitude we wish Bernie our condolences and it is with affection we wish his brother Kingsley luck and success as he embarks upon his next great adventure. Hopefully we will see him again very soon.

I never had the chance to meet him. I was a fairly new Scientologist when David Miscavige and SP friends destroyed Kingsley's booming mission in California and then covered up the villainy with flagrant lies and black PR.

It was an unhappy event but not an unhappy ending for every chapter of human history is followed by new chapter. And the story never ends.

So, instead of sadness for the loss of a brother and the loss of a friend, we should acknowledge a life well lived, and cheer Kingsley onward. For at the end of every life's story, at the bottom of the page, three indelible words remain "To be continued."
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-03-16 00:57
Yeah, what Steve said above. Thank you.
Mark A. Baker
+2 # Mark A. Baker 2013-03-16 03:42
Quoting Thoughtful:
I was astonished to find out that the generation of Scientologists who left or were unjustly purged from the CoS in the early 1980s also called themselves "independent Scientologists." ...

No kidding.

Those of us who left in the '80s did so precisely because of what was seen as the final onset of an unethical management system. Many tried to stop or prevent the evils from within before they were forced out by others in deference to grossly unethical and frequently illegal demands of higher management.

One who in particular bore the extremity of viciousness which church management could bring to bear was David Mayo. The reality regarding the church history is much worse than is commonly professed by those independents who accepted the lies until only recently.
Lana M.
+1 # Lana M. 2013-03-16 06:05
I have edited your comment in accord with the moderation policy of this blog. It is correct that there is much to be learnt about what occurred in the 80's - and Tom Martiniano's detail on an article of Bernie Wimbush a few weeks ago gave just some details of the severe infiltration, corruption and lies that were occurring at that time. There is, without question, much to learn and uncover on what has occurred in the past.
I have removed your recommended reading and link, as the purpose of the publication is to put Scientology, the body of work and the Founder up for ridicule and rejection. This is a blog for Independent Scientologists and you can promote the publication and link on other forums and blogs if you wish. It will not be accepted it as we have personally observed evidence that contradicts the authors "research".
Jim Logan
+1 # Jim Logan 2013-03-15 19:57
I am a Scientologist and that means I apply the materials I know to life, including "in" or "out" of some viewpoint of dimension. Way back when, in the 4th London ACC LRH defined "interiorization" as being in a fixed space. Well, space is a viewpoint of dimension, and is considered by a being. Recover to them the ability to change their own considerations and they can live better.

That's the aim I follow along with.
Bernie Wimbush
+2 # Bernie Wimbush 2013-03-16 17:49
May be if I didn't sleep I could keep up with you guys!
What has become clear to me was that in the early days we made the distinction between the actual subject and the abuses. My belief was, and still is, that you cannot become free and toe the line to actions and policies that oppress.
We have at least two strengths.

1 - LRH the founder. You can find dirt on him or we can invent some, but look at the numbers that he is responsible for joining the cause. If we weaken LRH, we weaken ourselves.

2 - The subject of Scientology itself. The power of what LRH put together, however he did it, is an incredible strength and the more we can distinguish the real subject from the abuses of our own minds and in the minds of others, the stronger we will become.

For instance if the press says Scientology is bad because it splits families, it is up to us to say, no it is not Scientology but DM mis-using the subject.

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