Moderator:  This is a striking public announcement  which I wanted to share because of its powerful message.  It is from a German Scientologist, who distributed this on German forums back in October of last year, and who sent it to me just today and was OK on it being published on this blog:
By Andrea Albrecht

andrea albrechtThe last few millennia on this planet have proven that homo sapiens face substantial difficulties when dealing with religion. The urge of Man towards spirituality is misused as an instrument of suppression. I do not need to provide more details as those reading are familiar with the facts. The formula is pretty simple: Whenever someone is seeking spirituality, you just hand out to him a god or a book, and this enables you to humiliate and dominate them at your full discretion!
Thus homo sapiens catches a glimpse of truth, but it is – at least on this planet – far from reached as the new religion has become materialism. The system using bread and circuses does still work and hence we have a civilization consisting of elbows, drugs, atomic power, ozone holes, doping, pornography, media, governments, authorities, control, consumption, stultification, and whatever else you may care to say about it. Man is fixed on materialistic manifestations by the current systems. Self determinism and spirituality fall by the wayside.  
And this is what you get when you give plenty of rope to the church institutions. Religious freedom is granted by law but what about the freedom to act? I don’t dare to mention freedom of thought. Here you have those romping about who do not accept the fundamental laws of the universe, those who trigger responsibility only to others, and last not least those, who use power and money as cause of complacency or alleged hideaway on their way to eternity.   
My experiences in Scientology – which do not particularly differ from others who are reading this blog --  may be also representative for the intrigues of other churches, religious communities and fundamentalist religious fanatics.
Nevertheless money has the believers firmly in its iron claw-like grasp. Things today are quite the same as in the past, when religious activities even escalate to a blunt call for murder on behalf of god. Well, we have almost overcome the time of religious wars in this hemisphere – not to mention some smaller skirmishes – but the maliciousness and hypocrisy of power-hungry religious leaders is still obvious and of topical interest.
The churches say: other practices have to be wiped out – and change their own technology!
They say: You have to help others – and treat their own staff badly!
They say: Dictatorship should be tackled – but are being a dictatorship in themselves!
They say: We have to support democracy – and reduce it in their own house!
They say: We want peace on earth – and yet sow discord causing people to leave!
They say: We fight for Human Rights – and torture remorselessly!
They say: We are experts in communication – and yet cut comm lines!
What about if everyone who has eyes to see, would really look?
What about if everyone who has ears to hear, would really hear?
What about if everyone who has a mouth to speak, would really raise his voice?
What about if everyone who has a mind to think,  would really understand the truth?
What about if everyone who has a heart to feel, would really create immeasurable ARC on the dynamics?
We would create islands of reason in a sea of unreasonableness.
Islands where people understand each other.
Islands that grow.
Islands which converge up to a point where the unreasonableness is totally eradicated.
How long will we be only spectators?
The time is now to turn towards true values. A lot of clever humans, i. e. Mr. Albert Einstein, who once said: “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”  
There is still much room for doingness!
This is why I dissociate myself from any kind of institutionalizing of faith!
With effect from the 28th of October 2012 I publicly announced that I have formally renounced my membership in the church of Scientology. This was not a decision that was taken lightly, because I grew to love to a lot of terminals in the Org during my staff time. I, however, do not accuse anyone, I do not regret anything, I leave without any resentment, but not without the request to everyone to watch carefully, to question your own deeds and to keep you own integrity. Thanks to all who have accompanied me with their ARC.
The Eighth Dynamic is free!
I will be helping others to attain spiritual freedom!
I certainly won’t miss my eternity!
From now on I am an independent Scientologist!
I would like to end with a quote of my fellow writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: “If you accept someone as he is,
he would remain the same,  but if you treat him, as if he is what he could be, he would become what he could be.”
Similarly we should take into our hearts: If you blame someone for what he is,he would change for the worse,
If you do not allow to let somebody to be how he wants to be,he would be destroyed.
aka Andrea Albrecht
aka Heribert Anderssen


calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-02-28 00:06
Well Lana, this message by Andrea, impacts
right down to the bone! Just as sobering as it is chilling, in the way that she has said it.

One can only draw the inference, that there is just no room for complacency.

The other perhaps, point of concern, is how to use this information effectively,
if one wants to see REAL change taking place on a scale that makes a significant difference. There is no point going down
any roads of doomsday prophets and naysayers, since that solves/d nothing.

Massive scale group participation, with the same old message that Ron had repeatedly tried to hammer home since his breakthrough with DMSMH and it's attendent solution...AUDITING...remains
the most viable answer to the sum total of man's overwhelming problems!

The implementation of this tool(auditing)
remains the most pressing problem to be solved, on this planet. Despite all the efforts of so many gallant attempts to accomplish this, I remain convinced that
we have a breakthrough, waiting in the wings, which will take "THE" message out
far & wide, in a display of REAL sanity,
and compassion! We have the tools, we even have the broad systems of mass media
at our disposal......we just need that
"Spark" to ignite a revolution based on
taking people to their own Eureka moment!

We had a guy out here in South Africa, a
potato farmer, who managed to pull 70,000
people to a bare plantation, to hear his message. Simple stuff, really. Husbands,
love your wives, Wives, love, honor and submit to your husbands, etc. But the responses he got were stunning. All attended free of charge, and were only required to pass on the message of Christ;........LOVE! We can do the same!

One vision I've had since the fist day I blew out on TR-O, was to spread this amazing experience to the entire population ---en masse!

Large gatherings of people, in their thousands, twinned up, sitting cross legged on the grass, with the stated
purpose of learning to "just BE there."

It need not cost the participants anything, except their travel to such a venue.

Remember how liberating was the Woodstock experience?

Perhaps it's time we brought back something on which to REALLY get "HIGH."

Just imagine!

ML, Calvin
Andrea Albrecht
# Andrea Albrecht 2013-02-28 04:12
Quoting calvin b. duffield:
Massive scale group participation, with the same old message that Ron had repeatedly tried to hammer home since his breakthrough with DMSMH and it's attendent solution...AUDITING...remains
the most viable answer to the sum total of man's overwhelming problems!

There is nothing more to add - except "START!"
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-03-01 12:45
Thank you for that Andrea. Perhaps this "idea" could now have a couple of creative inputs from our group to see how this concept could be fleshed out to make a real impact?

We're talking about people having real fun with this--- the way it's supposed to

Of course, once the TR-O is INNNN, one can then let rip with the (TR-O)bullbait!

Imagine the impact of a park full of people, laughing their collective heads off, in a mad session of hilarious bullbaiting?

And the whole game is of course, a delightful mystery sandwich teaching the
gamut of TR-s to E.P. The ability to communicate! Then one really can say--

Now I have learned to "just be there"(and
communicate, just as a bonus!!!)
....."What's next?"

And away you go..on to your next step!

Feel like fleshing this out, anyone?

ML, Calvin.
Andrea Albrecht
# Andrea Albrecht 2013-03-10 13:09
Calvin, it took me quite a while to think about you said. I decided to do something about it. I will use my talent to write for truth and understanding. So just give me a few weeks to reearrange 1D matters and then I will publish a mag or whatever, what wakes people up, make them think, realize and change things to the better instead of serving tech on a silver plate. Tech needs to be applied, not only consumed and commented. BTW: VVD on your TR Completion. Have fun!
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-03-13 19:24
Thanks, Andrea. I actually blew out during my first TR-O session in'71. The impact was life changing for me, as it has obviously been for tens of thousands of others, over the years. Here we have what can be the single biggest potential life changer in the lives of people across the planet.

Simple,powerful,mass removing,cognition giving, key out,one-shot potential auditor maker!!

I'm looking forward to any ideas that you come up with, as you obviously speak from a huge amount of experience.

ML, Calvin.
Boyd H.
# Boyd H. 2013-02-28 01:53
I want to point out that the subject of organization can reach an artificial climax too easily these days by way of "all or nothing".

The church isn't making auditors at a rate to ensure the subject's future into the next generation.

To those who say there's little hope for Scientology, I say deal gradients on all fronts inside and out.
Lana M
# Lana M 2013-02-28 02:03
Boyd -- such an astute observation.

The Golden Age of Tech was supposed to open the door to making the needed number of auditors and has had the complete opposite result. It is virtually impossible to get through auditor training these days within the C of S.

In a recent, in-depth conversation about training auditors in the indi field, it was pointed out to me that you make auditors by getting them to audit. It is a gradient approach. It is a simple process, building on skills and competence, with thorough internships and a rock steady Qual. Not a hard process at all.

What occurred in the 50's with Dianetics can occur again -- and we can also make Scn auditors in vast numbers. We have the checksheets and there are course rooms and systems being established to make it a simple and doable process.

Those who say there is little hope for Scientology are generally auditors who have been incorrectly/unjustly ousted -- or people with no or little auditor training themselves. We can help both and the world looks a lot brighter.
+1 # steve 2013-02-28 06:13
Scientology cannot die. It is the truth and it will always be there for people to see and use throughout eternity.

If you talk of hope, it should be for need to keep hope alive for ourselves, our families and friends.

If you have hope, get some training. Your hope will get stronger.

Get audited up the Bridge to NED for OT's and your hope will become a rushing flood of intention.

Get your friends on this route too, and our hopes will have a very good chance of being realized.
# Silvia 2013-02-28 07:34
Hello Andrea, good write up. Now, the other comments;orgs, delivery, group talks, training of auditors. If we go into "lets do everything corrrectly, step by step" I am afradi we will go nowhere. There are many people all over the world doing Scientology here and there, with or with no groups and considering coordination amongst us all will go nowhere. However, your offers on give a talk to many people, or just get two guys to study DMSMH and start co-auditing and continue making other auditors this way; later on groups will arise and further training/auditing will ensue. Any motion that assist the delivery of Scientology, even if small, will eventualy gain power and will culminate in a benefit for the many. In the meantime we keep communicatiing through this blog, auditing if we can and the concept of "no hope" is irrelevant because 1) we are communicating and 2) we are doing something about it.
Andrea Albrecht
# Andrea Albrecht 2013-03-10 19:00
I have a talent, I can write. Not really in English, but in German. And I will communicate and I will do something about it. So the word is my tool to accomplish it. The word is strong enough to let people look at things, realize the truth and then will be able to decide. I guess that will do it.
Bernie Wimbush
# Bernie Wimbush 2013-02-28 17:11
Thanks Andrea for your observations. Looking at your list I am reminded of the old GPM terms and opterms.
Is religion, and spirituality all part of the trap to keepm us down involved in mest as we appear to be?
Auditing is the only answer to get rid of charge. It is that that holds us trapped and doing crazy things.
If we wait until we can do it perfectly, we won't ever do it.
A lot of engrams got run from those who simply reas DMSMH and did it even poorly.
If we fight the Corp Church we take our eyes off the ball, create a game andproblem that will hang in time and achieve nothing.
Lets just geton with clearing the planet.
The CoS tells us to be careful... that's suppression. LRH gave us a gift. Let's get busy and use it, it is te most fun you can have...
# Silvia 2013-03-01 01:32
Bernie, completely agree with you. DM is just a distraction, his group is going to be destroyed by themselves and their eternity of obvlivion is their problem, not ours.
We have plenty to do, to study, to joyfuly deliver the tech and lots of pride and honor...plus a lot to enjoy in life and eternity.
Andrea Albrecht
# Andrea Albrecht 2013-03-10 19:04
Yes, we should apply "Signs of Success" when it comes in terms of CoS.
Theo Sismanides
+1 # Theo Sismanides 2013-03-09 03:41
Andrea, beautiful essay and thanks for coming out. We are many now. I am out since 1999 when I got proof that Miscavige and his enablers, the so called Management, were not applying LRH. You can google my name and find my write ups in the Freezone.

The risk we are running now is dispersal and distances. All around the planet there are many people who want to do something. But there should be focus points so that those people get contacted and into communication.

We have had very bad examples of that in the past. Insanity reigned. I believe now we have the chance and freedom to do it right. This is the ultimate test. There is nothing impeding us anymore. We are many and we are more sane now. On top of it there is no Suppressive over us. We have to just organize this in the fullest sense of the meaning. Organization is not bad. For some, it got a bad name because of Miscavige. But those did not know their LRH on Organization. Organizing is a beautiful thing and it helps human beings regain their pride. Being on one's own is just effort and there is no pride there except for the insane: "Look, I am doing it all by my own". LRH was sane enough to understand that the forward progress of Scientology depends on sane organizations applying and promoting the Tech.
Andrea Albrecht
# Andrea Albrecht 2013-03-10 19:08
Yes Theo, I already mentioned it: We should align all resources we have. There is a place we can get the certifying done, cool. We have auditors and sups in volume, let us use them. We have the Tech, let's apply it. We have the rating system scientologyreviews.com/, supports qual functions. Now! All we need is to get them all together, and we could set up a virtual org board and everyone can take over what he likes and as much as he likes – as a volunteer. Shoulder to shoulder! Come on! And whatever you might think now, do not use the word "but"! It is as simple as that!

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