By Bernie Wimbush
Once upon a time I was an obedient, suppressed slave. I was in fear of disconnection. I would lose all my friends and contacts.
And of course it happened. I was declared to be a Suppressive Person. I sneaked off home, expecting my wife to disconnect, and what about the kids. Remember this is back in 1983 when the org did hold the upper materials. Figured they had real power.
But the weirdest thing happened. My family didn’t disconnect. My Mum Eileen, said some very rude things to certain persons and sealed her own fate. I was offered a job by one of the public, but the hassle was too much for him and I eventually quit. But others wanted to talk to me. Some staff wouldn’t accept it and called me to tell me.
As my green card hadn’t come through, I had to return to Australia where my conservative brother Doug (who had a chunk of money in the org) put us up at his peril. They left him alone.
The local Mission Holder in Perth, Eddie Mace broke from the org and insisted I come round to tell him my story from my perspective.
From the org’s perspective the action was a disaster. I thought it over and really concluded that disconnection and Keeping Scientology Working don’t fit together. Thetans naturally communicate. Some beings are vexatious to the soul, but he doesn’t have to make a big song and dance about it.
And here is another rub I don’t believe you can disconnect.
When we started my centre we decided to act OT. You know how sometimes the phone would ring and we would simply know who called? We would answer the phone with the person’s name. You would be surprised how often we got it right. One day Kingsley called from USA ad I answered the phone “Hi Kingsley...”. “How did you know it was me?” I pointed out that big brothers know everything so he shouldn’t be surprised. I had also heard some very quiet pips that don’t exist nowadays. Guess what, every time he called, I got it right. Never told him.
But it showed me that telepathy is alive and well. I remember when my eldest daughter was pregnant the first time, I knew long before I was told.
I know many have close friends and family  locked in the church. People that won’t communicate. But what if we followed LRH’s advice and sent them a telepathic message, good roads and fine weather? Or even sent a letter? What is going to happen? They probably won’t answer – but if we keep communicating good roads and fair weather it would minimally be enough to drive an ethics officer to distraction!
Many, many have had friends and family disconnect -- and I think the solution is to just keep communicating to them. It is very hard to stay disconnected from someone who just keeps sending you nice communication. 
As a being, it is very hard to remember not to communicate!


Lana M
# Lana M 2013-02-27 00:24
Thanks Bernie. This whole topic of disconnection is a fascinating one. I was encouraged/directed to disconnect from my father many years ago, as a botched PTS handling. The upset it created was shocking. It took years to later iron it out and restore the ARC between myself and my father - and in that circumstance he was completely confused about why I would have done something like that (considering he had never been a Scientologist).
Since that time I have had many people disconnect from me, as I was declared a "suppressive person" so those within the Church cut the comm lines.
The crazy thing is that whilst such people may no longer originate communication to me, there is nothing stopping me from communicating to them - through whatever means. And I have found that the more I continue to communicate to various people, the harder it is for them to stay "disconnected". Particularly when my communication is nothing but ARCful, pleasant and polite communication.
I really do believe that we, in the indi field, can really disable any "disconnection" policy by simply being there and communicating, regardless of what the other party is trying to do. Not sinking to the same antagonism or nastiness - just using TRs and good comm, it does become that universal solvent that LRH talks of.
# Silvia 2013-02-27 06:01
I agree with both, communication IS the thing that we should preserve, use and, like Lana said, the more you do it the better it gets.This remind me of the Chapter Truth on Scientce of Survival where is noted (not verbatim as I don´t have the book with me roght now) that if it serves a purpose to tell the truth go ahead and do it and, vice versa, if it serves not purpose just drop it. As noted by you above the purposes to keep communicationg are true for you..so lets keep talking.
Bernie Wimbush
# Bernie Wimbush 2013-02-27 16:09
Thanks Sivia,

There is so much that LRH talked about communicating tha I do not believe that disconnection is part of my Scientology. So the most powerful communication is the truth and if we keep speaking our truth, it will communicate.
Bernie Wimbush
# Bernie Wimbush 2013-02-27 16:29
Thanks Lana,
One of the earliest things I seemed to have learnt about PTS handling was, that if the PC disagreed, didn't do it or showed other BIs, the action was wrong.
Years later, working on the refund line at Steven's Creek, I found that most upsets and refund requests came from incorest PTS handlings. Once we sorted that out, the GIs came in and the refund request went away. Reduced refunds to single figures. (about 3% if I recall correctly.)
And for the trully suppressed, what about the Suppressed Person Rundown. Can be a bit long, but what a spectacular EP? They call with friendly com from out of nowhere.

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“As the only crime in the universe seems to be to communicate, and as the only saving grace of an awareness of awareness unit is to communicate, we can readily understand that an entanglement of communication is certain to result. What we should understand – and much more happily – is that it can now be resolved.”

L. Ron Hubbard
Dianetics 55!, Chapter Nine
Two-Way Communication

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