By Chris Mann
 In 1993 I had just joined staff at my Class V Org after having read Dianetics and some of the basic Scientology books. I had also taken a few Div 6 courses and it seemed like real good stuff if you know what I mean. 
One day I saw the staff stuffing envelopes and I wanted to help out. I didn’t even know you could "join staff", so I was thrilled and honored when they asked me to join. The lady who recruited me said a lot of things and towards the end she said "...and we are going to get you some auditing". I don't know if I was just lucky or if it was because the person I was replacing was going into the Sea Org, but soon I was in session. 
Something happened in I believe the first session that was pretty amazing.  Well, in hindsight, it's pretty routine, but for me right then it was huge. 
I had left my job to join staff and even though it was amicable, some mysterious upset about it came up that didn’t make much sense. We ran it back a couple times to earlier-similar incidents until we got to something that happened when I was five that was very upsetting at the time, but I had not thought of since then.  And that’s when it blew. 
I guess it was just spotting that I had that stuck there that did it, but man did it feel good. The auditor probably said "your needle is floating", but I don’t think I heard it. 
We left the auditing room and I think I was levitating. Someone in the hall did actually say "Dude, you look like you are floating".  You probably shouldn't evaluate for PC's on their way to the examiner, but that one was ok.   
I think the reason I remembered this now is because, for me it had a lot to do with KSW. That was the moment that I knew what I had been reading was true. I then knew from personal experience that it worked and I will forever have that certainty. Of course, there was a lot more to come, but that was the start of something. That turned an interesting concept into reality and made me want to continue. I suspect the future of Scientology lies in that.  On a personal level- one person at a time.
Of that particular time that is the stuff that means something now. The fact that the org was in shambles with a leaky roof, PTS staff or that some people thought it was a "cult", or there were critical books- all that faded away and it turns out the only important part was that session.  


+2 # tunedal 2013-02-24 02:32
Love the story, Chris. Some friends and I talked about how good it was to be introduced to LRH and how we are now getting back to the natural, relaxed contacting of individuals. Introducing someone to LRH is so rewarding.
calvin b. duffield
+1 # calvin b. duffield 2013-02-24 02:50
Chris, thanks enormously for sharing that real life win. That eureka moment when you realized that Scn really worked, and you wanted it to continue. At the end of the day, Ron left us a precision set of tools,with which we can build a world of friendships, understanding, success and the meansto helps others do the same.

It really is up to us, Chris.It all seems to come down to the willingness to HELP.
Jim Logan
+1 # Jim Logan 2013-02-24 05:26
Wow, that's freakin' cool. Thanks Chris.
+1 # SKM 2013-02-24 08:08
Great story Chris.
Thanks for sharing.
The initial realisations about the workability of the tech are amazing, indeed.
+1 # Thoughtful 2013-02-24 11:23
Thanks Chris, you just inspired my first article for this blog. Love your post and totally agree.
+1 # steve 2013-02-25 02:40
Great story. Those first days were the best. I remember when I was doing my Comm Crse. We had about 14 students on the coffee break. There was a hole in the floor and the place was pretty grotty. But we all had a cup of tea or coffee and we were laughing, celebrating what we were calling the "year of Scientology." This was 1977.

Thanks for your win.
Chris Mann
# Chris Mann 2013-02-25 10:39
Thanks everybody.
# Artful 2014-01-06 14:42
"That turned an interesting concept into reality and made me want to continue. I suspect the future of Scientology lies in that. On a personal level- one person at a time."

Now there's an idea worth noting.

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