By Jim Logan
We, as Scientologists, face today a situation that is a challenge.  The Church of Scientology under David Miscavige has become a stultified organization, so far off the ideal, rationale and ethic of the original Goal Maker and True Group, that it is barely recognizable at times as something to actually have anything to do with the subject of Scientology. 
On the other hand, there is a field, a large number of people who know Scientology’s capabilities and the results that can and are obtained with the technology, when practiced conscientiously and according to the protocols and disciplines of what is described by the 10 points of the policy Keeping Scientology Working.  
In that field are some practitioners who are very able, and some who have gone off the well-marked path, a la Safeguarding Technology.  
LRH ED 54 Int, Superior Service Image, allows the field to “stray”.  It does.  That issue also envisions centers of Standard Technology, where any errors experienced in the field, can and will be sorted out.  
In today’s milieu, with the “central org” gone astray from the tenets and technologies of Scientology, there are others forming up islands of sanity, where you can get a better quality of delivery and which will function as that “central org” described in the above LRH ED. 
In today’s milieu, the dictum “bypass a broken line”, applies, as the CofS under Miscavige is in large measure and in many, many areas, a very broken line for delivery of L. Ron Hubbard’s brand of Scientology.
Times are interesting.  And in these times some may feel a failed purpose, or wonder what, if anything we can accomplish in the world around us, to offer the hope that something CAN be done to better man’s lot. 
I studied this tape (below are some quotes) that I wanted to pass along as some assurance that what you do, every day, to just be in communication with a good application of the TRs, with auditing in all sorts of ways, DOES affect the world around you.  
We, applying our skills, with ARC, with KRC worked on to improve our abilities, ARE doing something, every single day.
In this very, very long game we play, to help our fellows relieve an intolerable burden, you, your groups of whatever size, your application of whatever skill level, all of it, DOES work and is going toward a brighter future for us all. 
“Well now, it's not that we're big or it's not that we're important, but that we are in communication. Got that? We are in communication. We are known as a terminal – might not be a horribly big or important terminal, but we are known as a terminal. And as such, today, we are auditing solely on the basis of existing.
"I want you to take a good look at this, see? Auditing is taking place on the Third Dynamic by the sole reason of our existence. You know, we're so used to having to get that rifle and pick up that bowling ball and go through a lot of MEST motions, one way or the other, to get a game on the road. I'm not saying we should all relax, but this is quite significant that we are auditing. We are communicating from a fairly high static. We are communicating. We are known.
“What are we accomplishing? Communication! 
“Now, just at the fact that you exist between auditor and preclear as an auditor brings some hope -- just that, no more. That you are communicating is beginning to as-is a lot of the problem.
“Well, if you were in a trap and the trap was just so big and your motions in it were just so limited -- you couldn't move around much -- and you believed that there was no slightest chance of ever discovering a modus operandi to leave that trap, you wouldn't (as trappers would have you believe) then decide to accustom yourselves to the trap.
"Trappers always kind of want you to believe that too -- that if you really shut off any hope, why, then you'll be more comfortable in the trap. This is not so.
"All right. Let's compare that to being in this trap as thoroughly trapped but with some vague idea of a terminal exterior to the trap that was working to get you out.”
“But it would still be better to have the idea there was at least somebody outside there who might possibly, someday or other, yank you out of the trap than to feel that there was no possibility of anything ever existing like this. You follow me?
“So this thing is afloat today in the society – Scientology -- good, bad or indifferent. It's at least an exterior terminal to the trap. Follow me? And there's communication possible -- communication is possible.”
L. Ron Hubbard, taped lecture, ESTABLISHING OF THE AUDITOR, 10 October 1955, London 4th Advanced Clinical Course. 
I recommend the full study of Dianetics 55!, the 9th American ACC and the London 4th ACC for all the data on 
the incredibly powerful tool of communication.  It is live communication that makes it possible to bring about a change in MEST without causing a persistence in MEST, which makes auditing possible. 


# KFrancis 2013-02-21 06:59
What are we accomplishing? Well a lot apparently. I got this in a note from my field auditor just two days ago:

“Last year I audited 1750 hours. And that is the most hours I have ever
audited in 44 years as a full time professional auditor!”….A Field Auditor

I thank the stars for the fact that auditing is still available outside the church. Imagine waking up one day with no hope that there was auditor to turn to-Horrible thought.

The game is just getting going in the field-Imagine the future!
Scott Campbell
# Scott Campbell 2013-02-21 22:41
What a coincidence! My field auditor also audited 1750 hours last year! HA!

With stats like these and guys like Jim, Lana, Haydn and the innumerable others out here "delivering the goods", we can't help but win.

Jim's right though, we need Indie Central Orgs.
Boyd H.
# Boyd H. 2013-02-21 23:55
"Trappers always kind of want you to believe that too -- that if you really shut off any hope, why, then you'll be more comfortable in the trap. This is not so...." -LRH

I was just reading some eastern philosophy and I've been trying to understand what they're saying for years. It seems to involve mainly mind-games, shifting around known phenomenon only to have it re-lodged in the same place, and sifting through abstractions which are always just out of reach, and so brings people down-tone. They might have techniques but they don't try to popularize them.

I like the blog, it's a breath of fresh air.
# Silvia 2013-02-22 13:19
Jim thank you, that helps many of us . auditors or other Independent Scientologists - know that we are not alone and that things are ocurring around the planet thanks to the communicating of and about Scientolog. I am sayiong around the world as I just found out, as an example, that in Germany alone there are more than 4-5 operating Independpent Scientologist´s groups...in which auditing and other activities occur. Lets carry on..
# SKM 2013-02-24 08:10
Jim, thanks for the great quotes again.

"Now, just at the fact that you exist between auditor and preclear as an auditor brings some hope -- just that, no more. That you are communicating is beginning to as-is a lot of the problem."


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“As the only crime in the universe seems to be to communicate, and as the only saving grace of an awareness of awareness unit is to communicate, we can readily understand that an entanglement of communication is certain to result. What we should understand – and much more happily – is that it can now be resolved.”

L. Ron Hubbard
Dianetics 55!, Chapter Nine
Two-Way Communication

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