By Bernie Wimbush
It has long been a principle of auditing that you do not evaluate for the preclear. Apart from the fact that the PC is suffering from far too many evaluations, you might just be wrong.
One of the hazards of listing and nulling is that at the end the auditor calls the item: “Horse! That is your item!” Tone arm will come down with the blowdown and F/N. (It might do that on a wrong item because a false stable datum in a confusion will lessen the confusion.) Now if the PC says “Nay, nay, that’s not my item.” Guess what? It is not his item. If he accepts it, he will dramatize it. 
Also if he buys the wrong item, he will go down tone rapidly. The apathy of out lists!
In my role as review auditor at Saint Hill, I saw a few of those, but generally auditors were good with listing and nulling.
I remember my first run in with Ethics. Here I was working my butt off on starvation wages and out of the blue comes this ethics order declaring me in Doubt. I protested violently, but that was taken as conclusive proof of the condition. I was doubting my senior. That shut me up. I struggled with the formula. I think it took about 5 goes to get it accepted. The truth was I falsified it. It was a masterpiece of BS. I left staff a few weeks later on my own determination, not really understanding what was going on. I was doubting the org and my senior, not that it was that clear to me then. I just felt so bad that I had to leave to get a job to survive. I had convinced myself, given an acceptable justification and moved on.
Fast forward to 1983 and my SP award. “An SP never believes they are SP” and “You must have committed some pretty big overts to pull that in.” Oh they were good at convincing me.
One very productive Class VIII dragged his tail home and fell into the apathy of out lists. 
Why doesn’t this follow the laws of listing and nulling I wondered? I was surrounded by well trained people who didn’t care about the declare. They even talked to me. One was me Mum, Eileen Wimbush (who passed away at 92) but did just about every course known.
The declare was obviously wrong. Every bit of tech and policy I or others could think of, told me that. There must be something wrong with the organization, I concluded. Once I sorted out the subject from the organization it brought things into perspective.
But what about this huge overt I must have committed to pull this all in?  For some time I wondered what had I done to upset them this much. Talk about a cleaned clean.
LRH pointed out on the Class VIII course that the overt motivator sequence was not in fact real. It was a learned response. It was possible to be hit for no reason. He pointed out that the first overt was committed against someone who hadn’t done anything wrong. We are taught from an early age that if we are not good, Father Xmas won’t come or the Tooth Fairy won’t leave a coin.
And the reverse, one can do something wrong and not get caught. Motorists would have to be the best example of that. Glad they don’t catch me for each and every transgression!
They got me with the element of truth trick.  “Look at all the overts you wrote up in your OW write up.  You must be SP.” One part might be true but the second doesn’t follow. It is a well used mechanism for convincing a being of an illogic.
Some must have a real problem controlling people, and wrong declares must be the solution. Funny, in all the organizations I have been involved with, I haven’t found it necessary.
The one thing I did learn from all of this was:
The org is not the subject -- Scientology is alive and well -- it has simply jumped the fence.


# steve 2013-02-19 05:04
You are right about jumping the fence Bernie.
Call me impatient if you like. But I'm
hanging out for some of your stories about the life repairs you ran on people in stc. What were the processes? What kind of wins did you get with those processes? Did you use objectives in those life repairs?
Bernie Wimbush
# Bernie Wimbush 2013-02-19 16:33
Hi Steve,
I plan to put up some of the miracles I produce, but at life repair stage most clients have no idea of just what can be produced and so are thrilled with the results.
The most used process would be 2wc. That alone would account for most of the millionairs I have made.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-02-19 21:52

Hi, I'm pleased to meet you! Thanks for sharing a tad bit of your journey, and
your determination and success in breaking out of that other determinism scenario, to take back your own life again!

I totally get your take on the various
mind/thought control mechanisms that are
still used so broadly and "successfully"
to invalidate , dominate, and force
beings into abject subservience today.

This is the oldest trick around employed
by suppressive elements, and will continue to be, since it works "so well!"

If you were a slave maker, wouldn't you?

Any how, here we are, wiser, older, with a little more wear & tear, but hey, so much happier, hey?

BTW, did you know Ken Banfield, from South Africa? We were good friends, when he was still here.

Best, Calvin.

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