By Mark Shreffler
When you set out to disseminate you’re setting yourself up for a loss.
If you have to “gear yourself up” or prepare yourself for the experience, you have already lost the plot. Your attention is more on your tools than on what you want to accomplish with them - and you were born with all the tools you need!
The truth is, dissemination describes an activity that trees do naturally with their seeds, and the birds and the bees do without giving it a thought.
Isn’t it true that when you just allow things to happen, they go so well?   How many times have you been chatting with a new acquaintance who suddenly started talking about an issue that was really bugging him?  
Suddenly, you got the idea that “OK, I need to DISSEMINATE to this guy!”  In that moment, the whole thing became robotic and unnatural. You suddenly had more attention on yourself and what you were doing than on what your comrade was going through. You had a power comm line going, and then changed your operating basis!  D’OH!
This was the move from Interest to Desire on the DEI scale - the moment when you went from a natural outflow to a desired inflow.  This was the source of your failure.
“Outflow is holier, more moral, more remunerative and more effective than inflow.”
Let’s face it, the thing that naturally permeates your every impulse is to help people.  It is the Basic Purpose we all have in common.  It’s probably true that at some time in your life you have tried to help someone and failed.  Later, when you find yourself in a situation where you can introduce someone to Scientology, you back off because GOD FORBID you should screw up their chance at freedom!  The pressure is immense.
So here is a viewpoint that may assist you.  In Scientology 8-8008 Ron makes a comment that above zero on the Tone Scale you have the thetan plus the body, but that Homo Sapiens is chronically below death on the tone scale.  I mean, have a look around. The world today is all about controlling bodies and worshipping bodies and eating and so on.  Botox is consumed like breakfast cereal.
(As an interesting side note, by the way, we actually determined some years ago that by promoting refreshments at an event - and even putting a picture of food on the promo piece - you would increase your attendance by a factor I won’t mention here because you wouldn’t believe me! Positions with “eating” on the tone scale.)
OK, so here you are wanting to disseminate to a guy and give him a shot at freedom, but you’re concerned about screwing it up and damaging his chances.  Hey, the guy is already dead!  You CAN’T worsen his condition by at least extending even a faulty attempt at help.  Go for it!
In fact, this concern has crept in to my universe from time to time and I would solve it by just going out and wasting a few people.  From this I have learned an important point of reality:  I never try to get a person on service.  I intend only to help this person to get his wits more completely around his issue, and then offer a suggestion of help.  I honestly and without shame do not concern myself with whether he arrives for the service or not.  That is up to HIM.  His demand for improvement will compel him to take action, and your natural interest is the flag he will follow as a stable datum.  You simply stay out of the way.
The most dramatic recollection I have of this was a day in San Francisco when I was a little off my game - which I could always tell when I started to think with my stats. I was the public reg for the San Francisco Mission through the 80’s, and I decided on that occasion to just waste the next guy who came in.
I had his OCA, the most incredible contact tool that was ever devised and which can still be found in its unaltered state here in the field.  He did have real issues.  He came in  to my office for his evaluation and I told him that he didn’t need to sit down, that this would not take long.  
He was a bit surprised.  He stood there while I gave him a twenty second evaluation, and said I was very sorry but I would not accept his case for services, but thanked him for coming in.
He stood riveted to the spot, stunned to silence.  I went on to say I was sorry to give him this news (which was, by the way, an accurate evaluation - albeit abbreviated) but that his case was such that I did not want to take it on.  Instead of leaving, he slipped in to the chair in front of my desk and asked if there was anything he could do about it.
I told him it could be fixed, but it would take a lot of work and he would be a real pain in the ass as a client and, frankly, our operation was not geared up as a coddling service.  This was all quite true, by the way, which made wasting him a more confrontable task.  I felt for the guy, but the purpose of this cycle was to rehab MY position on the Havingness Scale, not to sign him up.
It is very useful to have the idea that you owe this technology to no one, and that you are in it for the long haul - not just the next cycle of action.  I have wasted many people, and successfully handled thousands.  A worthy trade!  
The coincidence of this particular interview was in the fact that my withdraw was pulling this man in like fleas to a rabbit.  Hard as I tried, I could not waste this man.  The more I withdrew, the more he wanted it.  
I hit him harder with each salvo. I said that in order to take this case he would need to purchase, in cash, enough service to get him past these issues.
“OK,” he said.
This amount of money would run to the thousands of dollars.
“OK,” he said.
He would have to sign a waiver against refund, and if he gave ANY trouble to ANY of my staff at ANY time, I would throw him out and he would get no refund.”
“OK,” he said.
I was despondent!  I could not take a win on this guy!!  On the other hand, we really did save his life, and when I opened the door to my office to get the waiver against refund, half of the staff was hanging in the doorway listening in.  They spread like cockroaches when the lights come on, but my friend Lynn Irons, the Mission Holder, stood there picking the paint from one of the door jams like he had been running an inspection.
He later told me that he thought that was the most brilliant reg cycle he had ever heard.  I never told him that I was trying to waste the guy!
So the lesson here, my generous and good hearted friends, is that you must be as willing to talk with people as you are NOT willing to talk with people - about anything. 
And never fear to hurt another in a just cause.
Then just do what comes naturally. Waste a few here and there.  It keeps you frosty, and we’ll pick them up later.
If you got something from this little ditty let me know, and please share with me here any successful actions you have had as a disseminator.
And so forth...


# steve 2013-02-18 05:31
Inspirational. Thankyou very much.
# Silvia 2013-02-18 06:17
Mark, thank you. I can think with this and what I see is that you got such a clear understanding about that piece of tech (scales) that you can use it at will to improve what you choose to get better. Thanks again, I will see how can I apply all this myself.
# Silvia 2013-02-18 06:19
Thank you - I can sse that you had an excelent grasp of that tech on scales and consequently you can use it as best fits. I will review how can I apply this data myself, but sure makes dissemination easier.
Martin Gibson
# Martin Gibson 2013-02-18 07:53
Thank you.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-02-18 14:40
I love this! Give and take in action.
# george 2013-02-21 23:59
Great Post. Out of interest, when on staff, how did you reconcile wasting some people against the Big League Sales data (as I understand it) of no failed sales and any failed sales the rege involved was to be crammed?
Mark Shreffler
+1 # Mark Shreffler 2013-03-03 17:35
Hello George,

Thank you for your question. Our mission was the world champion in 84,85 and 86. I was the most productive public reg in the world for those three years and some of the surrounding ones, and I will tell you now that I got one chapter in to Big League Sales and put it down. I refused to finish the course and my stats were so high noone would force it on me. My skill was with the OCA and with my genuine interest in the person in front of me and the comm cycle. I would never even think of selling people things as it says to do in that book - with all due respect to anyone who does. Also, the notion that you will close 100% of your prospects is suppressive. I ran at 92% and my public was a very well set-up public. Also, these stats were kept by other people at our mission and no one ever mentioned them to me until we collected the prizes. We were driven by PURPOSE and the stats be damned - though we were usually in affluence very early in the week. I was crammed one time for going off post to go fly-fishing for four days, though my stats were up. (You had to be there!) The following six weeks were affluent trending and a mission directive was issued that every 6 weeks I was to go fly fishing! We don't need no steenking Les Dane! L, Mark

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