By Tara
OT 1 Success Story:  I'll first start by saying that I arrived here Clear and jumped at the first  opportunity to return to LRH I found, back in 1987, and joined staff  immediately to become an auditor. I accomplished that and much much more during my stay of 12 years before leaving in 1999. During that time, I  did manage to arrange my CCRD in 1989 and then arrange for myself  (through great auditors we hired at our mission - I was OES & everything I held from above almost) to get all of my Grades done and during my training to Grad V (plus some), some 100 hours of M-1 from a SHSBC student and KTL/LOC. On each and every process I've ever run, I milked it  for every single bit of charge I could get (something you can do when money/hours are not a consideration)!
But I could never go OT. And that's where I was supposed to go. I'd gotten through OT Preps twice in that 12 years but for some reason, I just couldn't move on (besides the money factor of being a staff member).
 Today, I am grateful that I never went further in the Cof$!
So, fast forward to today. I attested to OT1 today! For me, more than just a small accomplishment deserving of a fancy certificate - but a monumental event, to say the least! I actually moved UP the Bridge to Total Freedom!
 Solo auditing as an experienced Grad V is truly a piece of cake. NOTHING  to be feared. Easy for me. Surprisingly easy. I approached OT1 as I did my prior auditing, wanting to get at every bit of charge from any place it could be found. And I did.
After just a short time period, I was completely blown out with a persistent F/N regarding a lifetime worth of charge with my sister. The timing couldn't have been better, because we had a 4-day vacation coming up and I got to hang out with her with my new awarenesses and evaluate the changes. Very very cool to be there in this new state of being. I was very
different. The way I perceived things with her was very different. Her "reactions" were very different. Nicccccccce.
 I came back home and continued on OT1, experiencing win after win after  win, culminating to the new abilities, as stated in the 1970 Grade Chart for OT1. There it says under Ability Gained: Extroverts a being and brings about an awareness of himself as a thetan in relation to others and the physical universe. Under Inability Lost: Freedom from inability to identify self in relation to others and the physical universe.
Amazing that I never before realized I had that inability! But I did. But I don't anymore!
 Extroverted and aware of myself in relation to others I got to play with too.
 Never before had I realized the separateness of myself and one friend I spent some hours with. Amazing to see that for the first time live. And great because I could remain extroverted and myself and help her with those things that were uniquely hers at that moment - Uplifting her.
 Not to bring down the mood, but I had some "bognitions" too. When one truly achieves/accomplishes this, you get the responsibility of OTs that LRH talks about and you most definitely would not use these abilities to cave in other beings. In fact, you would do the opposite - use your ability to key them out! Yeah well, not so with the OTs I knew who are still in Cof$. I totally get why an SP would NOT want ANYONE to actually accomplish any OT level, even OT1. Hence, we see what we see in Cof$ today.
Back to the high side! I am always in absolute awe of LRH's accomplishments with the tech. I am a being who has been walking this spiritual path for a while now and only in finding his tech have I truly been able to move UP the spiral of life. I am more than grateful to people like Mark Rathbun and Steve Hall and the many others who put a path for sanity into our third dynamic again by offering multiple viewpoints so that we can untangle the confusion the Cof$ put us into. A place to meet like-minded beings, wherever we or they may roam. And a big thank you to Silvia Kusada, who not only helped my children, but believed I could make it to OT, even after all those years and has guided me through thus far.


calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-02-17 14:23
Tara, you beauty,
This is absolutely wonderful news, indeed!
There....you have taken that massive step
into operating as an OT! So glad you are able to share this win with us.

Wow,I'm actually feeling your elation, how's THAT for duplication, huh?

And super to see you on this new pro LRH
blog too!

ML, Calvin.
# Max 2013-02-17 16:20
Hey Calvin,

I lost your email address when I dropped my yahoo account. Drop me a line when you get a chance.

calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-02-17 19:51
Hey Max,
absolutely, friend. great to see you here too.

Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-02-17 14:38
Wow!!!! What a wonderful success story. Thank you Tara:-)
Lana M.
+1 # Lana M. 2013-02-17 14:47
Thanks so much! The Ability Gained that you quote ("Extroverts a being and brings about an awareness of himself as a thetan in relation to others and the physical universe") is something I personally experienced when I did the level. I had never read the "Inability Lost" statement before however, ("Inability Lost: Freedom from inability to identify self in relation to others and the physical universe). THAT, to me, sums up even more the gains I experienced -- and that continue to be amplified as one moves on up.
Thanks so much for sharing this! Just awesome!
+3 # KFrancis 2013-02-17 15:18
"I am more than grateful to people like Mark Rathbun and Steve Hall and the many others who put a path for sanity into our third dynamic again by offering multiple viewpoints"...Tara

Exactly!...they both SERVE others if not always in the same way and that's ok.

What a great success story Tara...you hit it straight out of the ballpark with the attending LRH fans on their feet applauding!
Lana M
+2 # Lana M 2013-02-17 15:40
Thanks very much for your input. Since the creation of this blog 3 weeks ago there has been some inference by a few that a)there is a schism in the Indi Field, b) that some have "disconnected" from others, c) and that there is some sort of "us versus them" occurring. These lines were initially coming from ESMB, but seem to have spread since then to others.
From my perspective -- and I AM the person that decided to create this community blog and the person administering it -- the above could not be further from the truth.

This blog was created as a safe space where those who enjoy applying LRH technology can share with others. All are welcome -- including articles, stories and successes from ANY independent Scientologist. There is no "club" here and certainly no war faring going on. Focus at this end is on training and delivery of LRH technology.

Hope that clarifies for you and the many others reading.
+2 # KFrancis 2013-02-17 16:54
To your point Lana and the recent suggestions of Declares and Disconnection amongst some Independents, I would just offer this from LRH:

Attitude and Conduct of Scientology (4th London ACC, 3rd November 1955) …. LRH:

“…the arduous lesson along this line is that no-communication lists, revocation/suspension of certificates, court action of any kind whatsoever within the realm of Scientology and so forth, is not only difficult to do but does not work. That’s just the end of it. It just doesn’t work. It’s for the sea gulls. That might work in Gestetner Limited or Westinghouse, but it does not work in Scientology. Got that?

“It’s because they are people of good intention. And by saying that these people are not fit to associate with us anymore, we have told a lie of magnitude. This is not true. It’s never true. You got it?

“Our inability to understand the actions of other Scientologists has a very fascinating barrier. The limitation on our understanding is simply this: we say they have bad intentions, and that is a lie. Got it?

“So the whole situation is liable to enturbulate around that postulated bad intention. That’s what enturbulates the situation. That makes a lie.

“The situation then becomes unsolvable. Because we’ve entered a changing factor called a lie into it.

“The most valuable asset we have, actually, is our ability to understand, to do the right thing, to be kind, to be decent.

“Well, I hate to unsettle a very stable datum, if it does unsettle it. But the only way anything ever does resolve is by letting your own kind heart reach through. That’s the only way it ever does solve.

"And it never solves by being tough.

“What do we really have of value in the organizations of Scientology? The only thing we have of value, actually, is Scientology, an understanding of life, increasing ability to communicate, a good concept and grip on reality and the ability to like guys. That’s all you got."
Jim Logan
+1 # Jim Logan 2013-02-17 17:10
That is a wonderful quote, and very familiar to me. I might add, the only "disconnection" I've engaged in of late is to disconnect the charge cord from my meter after delivering an auditing session. It was fully charged and ready for the next one :-)
# KFrancis 2013-02-17 19:31
Ha Ha…...good one!

Now all we need is to have Steve (Thoughtful) jump in here and confirm that peace is breaking out all over the land!....(Though it was never really missing in the first place-And there is the irony)
# Thoughtful 2013-02-18 00:13
I never disconnected. Someone is mocking up motivators.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-02-17 19:43
Lana, K, and Jim,
Let me be perfectly honest about this issue, disturbing as it may be, for some.

I would ask you first though,would you be
of a frame of mind to visit a place where
you KNOW you're NOT welcome? Seriously?

Sorry, but as an artist,like Steve Hall, "vibes" really communicate clearly, and mean a lot to me, personally!

I am happy to say I TRULY "feel" welcome
and at home on this blog.

Fortunately, there is no tolerance for
divisive, judgmental postings or enturbulative comments permitted here, and therefore persons of goodwill, will
just naturally feel more welcome here.

Three word summary; I'm happier here!

Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-02-17 20:07
I understand completely about the "vibe" one perceives. Honestly, the subject matter at hand in this posted SUCCESS, OT I, opened up a tremendous reality for me on peceptions, and mistaking another's emotional states, for one's own. Differentiation is key.

I'm happy you're happy! I look forward to the insights you've often posted into the applications of Scientology to the world around you and yours.

Jim Logan
# KFrancis 2013-02-17 20:40
To answer your question Calvin, no, I wouldn’t be as inclined to visit such a place.
I do know what you’re talking about. I saw the thumbs-down you received for example that were completely uncalled for considering what your message carried. It was odd.
I guess I still appreciate many of the folks who visit there. Les Warren, Defender of Theta, Oracle and many others do make great contributions and I don’t want to put them out of reach though I haven’t posted recently myself. I do know though that to participate I have to be prepared to have my head handed to me one in awhile.
Calvin, you should know that it was recognized that you were no longer participating. I noticed you had gone and one fellow just several days ago even made an open appeal for you to come back. So know you do have supporters as well.
Lana M
+2 # Lana M 2013-02-17 21:04
To be real clear to all -- the purpose of this blog is about application of LRH tech and there is no "us versus them" existing.

Anyone posting on this blog is welcome to post elsewhere.

Any independent Scientologist posting elsewhere, is welcome here if they stick to the basic guidelines and purpose of the platform.

I know there is quite some noise being generated (on other channels) and my view is let it drop. The more attention we grant this, the more solid it becomes. It ain't based on truth, so it requires constant creation to keep it there. Thus -- we should all just move on and the noise will drop away.

I want to hear some more success stories like Tara's!
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-02-17 23:39
Jim and K,

Thanks for that, glad you understood,but
totally behind Lana for the last word.
To be clear, I like that originations are
ACTUALLY handled on this blog, so people can return to proper focus.

Now THAT's what I call great TR-4!!!

Well done Lana! How's that for a quick
little "solicited" success story?

Ronnie Bell
# Ronnie Bell 2013-02-18 01:14
Lana, all I have to say, is that you've created a wonderful meeting place. For me, it's got just the right vibe and orientation. In a nutshell, it's theta, and just what the C/S ordered :-)
Ronnie Bell
# Ronnie Bell 2013-02-18 01:18
Tara, that's a terrific win. It especially resonates with me, as OT I is my next Bridge step. Reading the 'abilities gained', and the 'inabilities lost' sort of set me back in my chair. Those things indicate very much to me, at this time.

Thanks for sharing with us. You've given me some much needed inspiration to get through my Solo course and onto the level.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-02-18 04:58
I'm really glad to hear you're going on to the OT Levels.
Chris Mann
# Chris Mann 2013-02-19 13:17
Well, I tried a little to clean something up. I'm not sure if I improved things, but sometimes I just have to communicate. I will drop it as I get a little frustrated and possibly make things worse. I think there is missing data or third party.

I think I have some success stories I could write. I'm getting an idea right now.
-1 # Jan 2013-02-18 08:14
How come the link to Marty Rathbun's blog is buried at the bottom of the page under "Whistle Blowers" then?
Lana M
# Lana M 2013-02-18 10:36
Jan, Thanks. Go to the links tab at the top of this page (and every page on this site) and click on it. A list of site links are revealed, including a picture of that website. Moving on up a Little Higher is top of the list of all blogs listed, and has been since this site was created.
Please stop trying to put something there that is not. Lana
# Jan 2013-02-18 21:09
Thanks for replying Lana. I stand corrected regarding lack of prominent links to Marty's blog. My assumption was (given the popularity of his blog), that it would qualify for "iscientology community" quick-links criteria. Perhaps I'm reading too much into your layout. Cheers for the clarification.
Best of luck with the blog too, I've been enjoying reading it :)
+1 # Max 2013-02-17 16:16

Thanks so much for sharing such an inspirational win with us!
# Silvia 2013-02-18 06:23
CONGRATULATIONS TARA!!! And carry on your journey up the Bridge. That is why it was biul for - for you and others to achieve what is there to be found.
+2 # Thoughtful 2013-02-18 09:57
Tara, This is a beautiful and inspiring win for everyone and I think will really serve to help motivate people to get back onto the Bridge after a long, cold winter of out tech and suppression. Funny how so many people insist "there are no Clears and no OTs." While it's pointless to argue with blind people, there is an element of truth to that in that inside the Church, everyone is PTS. And PTSness prevents case gains.

Additionally, with wholesale invalidation of Clears and OTs — making them do rundowns twice, interrupting the No Interference Zones for lengthy sec checks every 6 months (which is 100% squirrel) and other forms of out tech, such as 3-swing FNs, it's a wonder anyone could make it to Solo NOTs alive. However, Solo NOTs used to be part of the NOTs rundowns that were delivered after OT III, but before one did the actual OT levels from 4 to 8. The OT levels were then removed from the Bridge line up in 1985 after years of successful delivery... and never put back! As insane as that is, the Solo NOTs was correctly reclassified as a "pre-OT level" since it's still about removing barriers to OT, not actually enhancing straight OT abilities.

Thus the only real OTs made since 1985 have been in the field since the Church of Scientology is no longer in the business of making OTs — not since 1985 anyway. How crazy is that? So, your first step on OT I is just the beginning of a long remarkable ride upward for you.

I hope your inertia and wins will rekindle the failed purposes of many others that total freedom is available for the first time on planet Earth.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-02-18 12:48
Thank you Steve,

That was a superb job of rekindling!

ML, Calvin.
# SKM 2013-02-18 13:37
Hello Tara.

I am happy for you!

Thank you for sharing this win with us.
Inspiring indeed!

Lana M
# Lana M 2013-02-18 14:12
Great to have you here SKM! Thanks for popping in.
# SKM 2013-02-18 16:44
Hello Lana,
thank you.

I was posting already here on this site before.
I just missed the installation of the Blog - there was written "comming soon" or something of the likes.

It's great to have this place.
*thumbs up* for all who make this platform possible.
Thanks for your time, Lana.
# Scientoblogger 2013-02-18 15:42
Congratulations Tara ! I am really happy for you. I am on the Solo Course, so your success story is particularly interesting for me.
zenith apollo star
# zenith apollo star 2014-12-30 02:28
it is great to find a place where so many idiots spend their time invalidating something they know nothing about. I love to read success stories about the tech! please keep up the good work.:)
Zenith Apollo Star
# Zenith Apollo Star 2015-09-18 22:55
All the bad remarks are gone. Nothing like wonderful clean space. I cant get enough of peoples wins ! It makes me feel great ! Great work Tara ! :-)
Zenith Apollo Star
# Zenith Apollo Star 2015-09-18 22:57
Could you please remove my remark about the idiots. Thanks
No longer needed
Love ARC

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