By Steve Spargo
At High School my physics teacher taught me about this thing called Conservation of Energy.   It says that the Physical Universe always keeps its energy and mass.  Nothing ever disappears.
So I was pretty amazed when I learned that Scientology didn’t believe this was true.  It said that if a person could see something the way it really is (as-is) it would disappear from the physical universe (Axiom 16).
Not long after I read a success story in an Advance Mag where some guy had an accident on a fishing trip.  His friend gave him an assist with Description Processing while he was helping trek out of the woods.  
That intrigued me because I had studied that process in Creation of Human Ability (R2-34) but hadn’t seen how it could be used as an assist.  So I reviewed the process and thought it over.  Anything you can use as an assist while carrying someone on your back through the woods was worth knowing. 
When describing the process, Ron said it was the single most powerful process in Scientology.  After using it a few times, I totally agree with that.
First Blood
Soon I found myself at a party thrown by the Van Der Wals in Redfern.  Talking to a guy, I think his name was Ron.  
He was telling me about this head splitting migraine he’d been experiencing for the last few days and I asked him if he had considered getting an assist.  He replied very respectfully that he knew Scientology can do a lot of wonderful things for people who believe in it, but he didn’t think much could be done for his headache.  
He was a bit reluctant and he’d also had a couple of beers to take the edge off his headache.  Nevertheless, he shouldn’t have waved a red flag in front of me like that.
So I said “OK, come with me!” and led him into the laundry, still with his beer in his hand. “I’m going to give you an assist.”   There were no chairs so I decided to run Description processing.
The Big Problem
I asked him to describe his headache for me and I ran smack into the big problem with Description Processing.  Apparently, High School physics teachers have done an incredible job selling this Conservation of Energy thing.  People really don’t like to look at things too closely – they might disappear!
He says “Well, you know, it’s a headache.  Like a migraine….. I think it’s because I had a fight with my girlfriend 3 days ago …”
Very cleverly, I asked him to tell me its location.  “Well, in my head of course.”
So I had to get pedantic.  “In the side, front or back?”   “Right side.”
“Is it on the surface, or an inch under the scalp?”  “About half an inch under the scalp.”
“What shape is it?”  “It’s long and thin and goes to the back of the head.”
By this time I’d given up on the “Describe” command.  So I asked him if the pain was sharp or dull, whether it throbbed or stayed constant.
Finally I asked him how it seemed now?  And he said, yeah, it seemed a bit better.   
Since we were getting TA action, I decided to do it again.
Asked him to locate the headache and suddenly his beer was totally forgotten and he was really in session.  I could see him looking round inside his head, puzzled about something.  Finally he hesitantly says it’s over on his left side now, deeper than before and now it was throbbing.
Well, we chased that headache all over his skull for about 20 minutes and we were both slightly disappointed when the thing finally disappeared.  It had been such an intensely interesting process for both auditor and pc.  
I’ve done quite a few of these assists since and I can tell you that more change occurs per unit time on this process than any other process I’ve used.
People Will Not Directly Observe
If you ever wondered why it takes people so long to learn things or why they can’t handle changing circumstances well, this process will go a long way to answering your questions.  People are absolutely determined not to directly observe something.  The reason is that it violates their underlying desire to have things survive.  
Per axioms 17 and 18, a person uses alter-is and not-is to make things persist (survive).  And you see it clearly on this process.
Running it on my Mum, I ask “Do you have any other somatics in your body?”  Answer = “No”
But she had been hit by a car a couple of years before and I knew she was riddled with them.  So I do it like this.  “What about your right foot?  What do you feel there?  Your left foot?  Your right knee? Etc.”
“Oh, yes, there is a bit of a pain there… but it’s not that important/major/relevant/… (not-is).
So I ask her to describe that pain and I find “yes, it started 5 years ago when I kicked the …”
Interrupting, I say “OK, but what does it look like NOW?????”
“Well, it’s ok right now but last week it was a bit painful.”
“No, NOW, what does it feel like NOW?”
It’s a struggle to get someone to look directly at something right now.  But it can be done and when they get the idea things really start to move.
The whole thrust of this process is getting people to directly observe their condition and tell you about it.  If you are good at it, they will look and those somatics will start to melt away.
A Better Rendition
A non-Scientologist friend of mine told me about a demonstration of description processing he’d seen.  It made me realize that I needed to use all my knowledge of the mind when running this assist.
Next time I did one of these, I had a lot more directions for the pc.  Are there any masses in the area?  What color are they?  Are they solid or mushy?  Are there any pictures associated with this?  Any thoughts?  What emotions do you feel?
After that the assists started getting really, really interesting.  The pc’s had lots more to look for and they tended to get fascinated with what they were finding within themselves.   They find all sorts of emotions and pictures and feelings.  Things they had suppressed.
The funny thing is though, as fast as they find them, they start to DISAPPEAR!
This is definitely the most interesting assist you’ll ever run in my opinion.  I remember one night the Sydney Foundation C/S was not feeling well and she asked me to do a quick assist.  Next thing you know she was describing all her internal organs to me.  Pretty interesting for both of us.  I had never heard someone describing their own internal organs before.
Basic Idea
If you want to run this assist you should look up R2-34 in the book Creation of Human Ability and understand the axioms behind it.  Then all you have to do is work out a patter designed to get the person to look at something right now.  
You will find they will look once and then want to replay what they told you last time.  Just get them to look again. “Is it still the same color?  Is it exactly the same shape now?”
This assist works on absolutely anything.  Sore legs, depression, problems and husbands.
As with any assist, your main aim is to get some improvement, have the pc more in communication with the injured area and feeling better.  It’s easy to forget that with this assist.  Don’t get too carried away and try to as-is your friend’s husband completely.
The process is about getting the pc to look right now and say what he is seeing right now.  If you remember that, you’ll love running this process.   I use it for assists and rudiments – and it works great in coffee shop situations.  If you add it to your armory of processes you will never regret it.


Bernie Wimbush
# Bernie Wimbush 2013-02-16 17:10
Hi Steve,
I too have used that process with magical results on all sort of situation. I found that by keeping the PCs attention on the malady using questions. it would eventually blow. The hardest part was getting an agreement to even start. I once advertised to cure migrains, but only got one client. I charged $250 and guaranteed that if it came back I'd fix it.
# steve 2013-02-17 01:42
Hi Bernie. Shame you only got one client. YOu could have made a fortune.

Anyway, it does work a treat on migraines. It's a really great process.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-02-17 16:33
This is one of those "in your back pocket" processes that is so utterly simple and effective that anybody could use it. It's the application of looking at something as it is and poof, it's gone.
# george 2013-02-22 00:18
Very interesting, thanks!!

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