By Chris Black, Class VIII independent field auditor
I've been itching to post this success story as I saw it coming and I knew it would be good. And also, because I wanted a vehicle to post my wins as the auditor. So before I introduce you to a very wonderful and big being (and his success story), I want to say that there is nothing finer than auditing NOTs and NOTs actions on pre-OTs. My own personal space has increased dramatically; I communicate across distances with ease, and if I didn't have a body, I'm sure I'd be able to leap tall buildings in single thought (LOL). But seriously I feel totally privileged to provide a safe space and in-ARC environment in which to audit my pcs and pre-OTs. It is a beautiful thing.
Ok, so Max had been off the Bridge for over 10 years. He didn't think he'd get any further on it and had....well, I'll let him tell you:
"I’ve had fantastic wins during my repair auditing with Chris. One important thing that occurred is that it changed my viewpoint on being able to get up The Bridge.
It’s been many years since I have had standard tech applied to me. My last “auditing” at Flag In 2002 was truly a dog’s breakfast and I had resigned myself to not making it this lifetime.
On top of that, last year I found out the truth about the CO$ and I was in despair. 
As I acquired more data I was encouraged by the fact of an Independent movement that was still delivering the real deal but wasn’t certain that I, personally, could still move forward. 
Chris Black’s auditing and Greta Alexander’s programming and C/Sing changed all that for me. 
I now know that I can make it; I just have to do it. 
It’s been such a pleasure having Chris here with us. He’s made a big difference for 4 of us in the short time he’s been here. Needless to say, it’s been totally different from what I’ve experienced in the CO$ over the years. 
I would recommend to anyone who is sitting on the fence about continuing with their Bridge to get some standard tech like I just did. I’m sure the same thing will happen to you!
(My thanks and gratitude to the C/S as well, for her caring and excellent C/Sing. Thanks Greta.   - Chris)


Bernie Wimbush
+1 # Bernie Wimbush 2013-02-15 17:56
A fantastic result and is't t so normal.
One thing I noticed about auditing our of theCorporate scene is everything works so much better and easier. There are less prblems or corrections and the wins seem to be greater. The difference between free and suppressed. No one is going to advance by compromising their integrity eh?
Hallie Jane
# Hallie Jane 2013-06-04 01:49
Congratulations everyone on keeping the true purpose of Scn. alive. As-isness!
I too recovered from some horrible reverse auditing I had at flag, with a safe, unstressful, standard review. It restored my hope and arc with life. I want to encourage people to reach for real auditing. Don't accept the shoddy substitute! Great job!!

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