By Michael Moore

In an article in Ability Magazine in 1957 Ron Hubbard pointed out that,

“The isolated practitioner who hung out his shingle, and sought its work all alone would have to be a “one-man band”.

He went on then to list the basic hats such an individual would have to wear. Including:




Ethics Officer


Case Supervisor


Review Auditor

Public Relations Officer”

He continued,

“If successful he would spend about 5 hours a day auditing, 2 hours eating and 8 hours sleeping. This leaves 9 hours in which to do the remaining “hats”. Of necessity one or more would be neglected. On that point he would tend to cave in as a “one-man band”.”

We also know from policy that it takes about 2 Admin personnel to keep a tech personnel going.

“Even a group of auditors, trying to make lots of money, usually try to do nothing but audit. It is not that they have case failures. It is that they fail to wear the essential hats.”

So, as well as being standard, the best auditing results are obtained from teamwork.

But when you’re alone in the field with pcs banging at your front door (hopefully) and OSA banging on the back (unhopefully) how do you hold your space?  How do you ensure you are delivering the right tech?  What happens if an error creeps in? Who do you turn to?  You are auditing one preclear and another is demanding you audit them. Meanwhile their face is twitching uncontrollably and you don’t know them from Adam, or OSA or the psycho down the street?  You are also getting those curly questions you dread and really have no time for? And as for email, well forget it!

How do you handle all those posts listed above which Ron indicated are really on everyone’s org board (Tape: Org Board and Livingness).

There is a solution.  It is called teamwork.  Firstly do you have a standard C/S you can rely on?   Second, what happens if your preclears dry up? Who is doing your marketing and promotion?  Sure you can take a few hats, exams, Cashier, even reception if you’re not busy.  If you have a bunch of preclears, someone needs to hold reception and keep them in order as you cycle through them during the course of a day.

At what point do you realise you are going to need another auditor and so the beginnings of a group begin to emerge.

A group that is in the background can help. It can be a team member, helping with your marketing and promotion, ensuring you have a great and on source standard C/S. Assisting with technical issues and somewhere to send those curly questions! Help you with OSA and psychos and perhaps even some of those emails you really don’t have the time to respond to.

In course you may be in a group that does and has all of that.  That supports their auditors with all the needed admin to ensure the auditor can get on with his or her job. Well, if that is the case, thank them very much and it’s back into the chair.

Groups such as the Association of Professional Independent Scientologists are here to assist those auditors in the field who are alone, as well as supporting those groups who are keen to link up and network with other groups.  They provide valuable assistance with technical quality as well as promotion and resources to help get groups started.

As Ron says:

“If Scientology is ever to travel; it will be accomplished by groups.”

Let’s start some groups!



Lana M.
# Lana M. 2013-02-15 03:22
Thanks Michael!

I recently reread HCO PL 28 April 1982 THE RIGHTS OF A FIELD AUDITOR, in OEC Vol 6. I had not read it in many years.

The PL lists ten different rights of a field auditor, including; the right to respect for his training and experience; the right to respect for his certificates; the right to have and to hold his certificates without cancellation by anyone forever; and the right to communicate Scientology and to bring about civilization for mankind.

Interestingly enough, the first right, on the list is the right "to his own group".
# KFrancis 2013-02-15 08:45
Hi Lana,…..I am receiving auditing in the field with a terrific auditor. Each of the points you listed from the PL you referenced were violated as regards my auditor.
OSA showed up at his home one day, stormed into the waiting room (while a session was underway) and proceeded to take down all the certs, disturb a session, and take all the PC folders. When my auditor appealed to these DM jack-booted soldiers that he had ethics protection because of many years of high production and results he was told, “We don’t care.” He was declared an SP as well even though he had been given his certs from LRH personally.
“We didn’t care" may be the epitaph that is written on the headstone of the C of S when it all finally comes crashing down.

1. A stout military boot that extends above the knee.
2. A person who uses bullying tactics, especially to force compliance.
3. The spirit sustaining and motivating a militaristic, highly aggressive, or totalitarian regime or system.
# KFrancis 2013-02-15 09:41
…..to leave this story on a brighter note…...

My auditor has an extremely successful field practice with PC's lined up to get on his scheduling board. I have witnessed PC after PC come out of session glowing and winning as I waited for my own session. He is loved.
Lana M.
# Lana M. 2013-02-15 10:51
KFrancis - thanks so much for sharing.

The disparity between what occurred and what is in LRH policy, shows how far Miscavige has departed from Source. LRH states clearly in many Div 6 policies that orgs cannot survive without field auditors. They are a vital part of an active field.

I was formally in RTC as a staff member )for 6 years in the 90s) and I am embarrassed at how I toed the line and never questioned the off-policy actions, nor the jackboot approach in forcing in DM orders.

The good news is your auditor held his/her integrity and continues to audit.

Your story prompts me with the desire to post the policy letter on the rights of a field auditor in full -- for all to read - as a separate post and thread.

Do me a favor and ask your field auditor to share some of his/her successes, views and story - as I for one, would love to hear them.

At this time, and moving forward, field auditors are a VITAL part of the indi field and I feel it is important that they are a)acknowledged, b) supported, and c) provided with groups so they can continue to deliver standardly and win.

If you and I are the life blood of independent Scientology -- then the field auditors and C/Ses are the vital veins that keep as moving up the Bridge and going where we want to go.
+1 # KFrancis 2013-02-15 11:34
Lana, I have sent him an email with a copy of your request to have success stories.

BTW...I am one of his successes! I have been off my auditing on major wins(just couldn't go on)but I am heading back very soon to finish L-12!
Michael Moore
# Michael Moore 2013-02-17 22:52
Thanks Lana,

Quotes from the field auditor issue can be found at:
independent-scientologists-ass ociation.net/.../
calvin b. duffield
+1 # calvin b. duffield 2013-02-15 11:43
Hi Lana....First and foremost, congrats on taking up the cudgels for STD LRH Scn, and
your new role as Administrator for iScn blog. This development was inevitable as a result of the hostile, Ridgy, poor affinity
blog, where I tried to find acceptance with
the host for over a year, without success. The cold shoulder,abruptness and
lack of ARC, finally came to a head, when
I realized "THE ATTITUDE" was not going to change! This meant that I'd better make a "change myself" So, to make more
issues about that "ser fac" blog is a
waste of theta energy. like Steve Hall, I
have also been a practising artist throughout my life, and cannot function in the "cold chrome steel" environment,
which is quite indifferent & stulting to the emotional inputs of a creative artist. I am looking forward to a fresh
start where artistic persons are at least
WELCOMED, appreciated AND even if only occasionally, actually ACKNOWLEDGED, for
the role they play in the big scheme of
communicating to a wider audience.
Please take a bow, Lana! I respect you
enormously, for taking on a huge hat, for
it surely is. With the humility of vast
wisdom, as exemplified by our mutual friend and teacher, L. Ron Hubbard, you
could not find a better mentor, Anywhere!
ML, Calvin.
# KFrancis 2013-02-15 12:01
Calvin! Missed you and noticed you were gone.

I totally got your, I-have-had-it vibe and that is why you were absent.

Good to see you have resurfaced!
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-02-16 00:53
Lovely to see you here too K, Yes, it was indeed sad to "move on", in that I miss the comradery, such as yours. I coudn't care less though, for the hostility, suspicion and abruptness left behind!

Here's to a renewal of friendships, based on openness, ARC and a mutual love of LRH
Lana M.
# Lana M. 2013-02-15 14:14
Absolutely a pleasure to have you with us Calvin. Missed you.
Lana M.
# Lana M. 2013-02-15 14:22
For you Calvin:

"A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists." LRH

Each of us is an artist Calvin -- Jim, Steve, Dan, Tom, Haydn, Mike, Shreff, et. al. I think we would be hard put not to find an artist in every person that is reading and following this blog.

We are creating the culture, into the future -- and I am thrilled to have your dreams and visions as part of that.

Any story, article or success from you is always welcome for inclusion on our blog. Send to .
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-02-16 00:18
Lana, Your comm makes the connection you intended. Thanks so much. And you're so right about an assumption about the artist/blogger connection! Perhaps the newfound freedom to deliver Scientology, without all the uspicions, hostilities, and ser-facs, can carry on where it left off, prior to the take-over by "organized suppression" some 3O years ago.

ALL those enormously talented and gifted people, who came aboard, with love, care, and nothing but devotion to helping others, and thereby themselves, to reach for heightened awareness, wisdom and happiness, will not be forgotten, for they REALLY DID make a difference, at least for someone, somewhere.

So here's to a FRESH start, from where we all left off, (getting side tracked!)

Here....is where WE CARE....right?

ML, Calvin.
Lana M
# Lana M 2013-02-16 00:33
Hi Calvin,

As moderator I can do my best to make this a safe space. I cannot guarantee we will all agree on various topics - and if there were no contrary positions and viewpoints then it would be pretty boring and not something I would be drawn to.

I did 17 years in the Sea Org based on my purpose to help and because I care. And I am sure 98 1/2 percent of those reading and posting here have the same basic purpose.

The purpose of this blog is open the comm lines of the independent field, and help people get Scn tech applied, in the auditing room, the course room, in the home, at work, in the schools and across the dynamics. And I think that is something we all do agree on, and that we all care about, to some degree.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-02-16 01:16
Beautifully said, Lana! And the common thread
to all of this? The AUDITOR! (the CAUSE point in an embattled world, group, and individual!)
# Silvia 2013-02-18 06:51
Michael, what you have communicated is absolutely true. An auditor is so valuable that you can´t allow for him/her to go on alone; as the time goes it will reduce his real hat- audit. In other words, as time goes by the auditor hits confusions, tiredness, lack of materilas, no one to talk to about his own questions or situations, WHs build up as no one is perfect while auditing..mistakes occur here and there and sooner or later his clean, direct and honest purpose to deliver the tech gets tarnished with ruds out, life situations and to that degree he gets weaker in his purpose and eventualy, who ends having less standard tech is the pc; that is not fair. So, for the sake of the pc, then the auditor and then our comrades out there yes, lets join a group and strenght will follow.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-02-18 14:09
Silvia (Lourens?)

I just love your reply, and also real kudos to Michael! Truth be told, although an Auditor truly is - one of the most valuable people on the planet, it can be a very lonely road if one does not avail themselves of the return flow due to them
as well.

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