By Lana Mitchell
Welcome to our new home!
As part of a consolidation action -- and to help create a cohesive and integrated group -- the WordPress iScientology Blog has moved here to iScientology.org. 
This move was always planned  -- however as Steve Hall (Thoughtful) had a pressing workload, we went ahead and set up the blog on WordPress initially, until Steve could get work projects completed and make room for us here.
As with any relocation, things get moved but getting everything back in the same place is not instantaeous. You will find all the existing articles here in our new home, but the existing comments will be moving over in the next day or so.
All future articles for this community blog will be here -- at www.iScientology.org. All new comments are welcome here -- and the WordPress blog has been closed for comments.
For those following the old WordPress blog by email, my apologies. We do not have that set up yet, but will in the very near future. In the meantime you will have to favorite us and just check in routinely.
Sincerely -- Lana


Ronnie Bell
# Ronnie Bell 2013-02-18 01:48
Lana, I was thrilled to see the announcement tonight that the iScientology Wordpress blog had moved here. I had no idea that it had always been planned to do so. What a perfect match!
Lana M
# Lana M 2013-02-18 02:16
Ronnie, Great you are pleased. It was something planned from early on, which is why I had originally called it iScientologyblog.org. Now I will be expecting some articles, stories or successes from you -- including your SOLO Course completion (in the near future)!

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L. Ron Hubbard
Dianetics 55!, Chapter Nine
Two-Way Communication

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