As a note, for those who don't know, in 1982 DM launched a massive take down of the Scientology Mission network, crashing the 1982 Mission Holder's meeting like something out of Nazi Germany. CMO Int staff raided the meeting and began verbally declaring Mission Holders left and right — per Policy people can only be declared by a Committee of Evidence. But with "New LRH" at the helm who needs Policy? Anyway, these same missionaires from CMOI went on an insane rampage and one reason for destroying the management of Kingsely's mission was because they were allegedly involved in a squirrel practice called "de-dinging." Nevermind the fact that this same mission was huge and successful and moving a huge number of people up the Bridge. This was all published in a snow storm of electrifying Ethics Orders. That is what this post is about. In retrospect, it seems that 1982 was when HCOs were subverted by DM to be his personal mouthpiece for propaganda (black PR) against his enemies. — Thoughtful

By Bernie Wimbush,  February 12, 2013

I have been asked so much about this process that I thought I would try and explain what it is.

It all started from an eval Kingsley did. I don’t recall all of it but the Why turned out to be along the lines that staff didn’t WANT their product enough.  

Want is killed by suppression of one type or another, and when looked  at, external suppression is more likely to be taken as a challenge. When the coach of the opposition team says you’ll never win, the reaction is more like “You want to bet?” But what f your coach says “We can’t win this week, the opposition is too far up the ladder.” The result is deflation. But he is unlikely to say that. But if one of your team points out that you are bottom of the ladder and the opposition is top it has the same effect.

So we started with asking staff how they felt about Clearing the Planet we found that they generally felt apathetic about it. It couldn’t really be done.

Next we asked about ideas that would conflict with that goal.

Once we had an idea, we asked where did you get that idea.


Earlier Similar?

This is simply false data stripping.

Or you go to the reges and say “Any ideas that conflict with you getting $100,000 this week?

False data strip any conflicts, negative ideas etc and see what happens. It sure sharpens up the intention.

And then train and drill the action of sales.

The result was, staff shot up tone. Up tone people are a bit mischievous and said we were taking the dings out of their beingness. The de-dinging process.

If staff couldn’t perform, we investigated what they didn’t know about their hat and trained on that. Standard cramming stuff.

Then there was the overt subtle suppression, like yawning at meetings or not contributing at planning meetings.

Theory was if you took the charge off and trained a person how to do their job they would do it. And cramming wasn’t meant as punishment.

But I am sure someone somewhere will have done something different but it is all there in a HCOPL called Chits I seem to recall. It is just that False Data Stripping gives a tool for handling it.

So google it and have some fun with it. I started with false data stripping a friend on the subject of money. Got lots of stuff and his money stats picked up, and I learned a lot about the process and what it could do.



Tom M
+1 # Tom M 2013-02-13 07:10
Thanks for your explanation. I was a Sea Org missionaire into STC right after Kingsly went back to Oz. What I found was disturbing. I interviewed the remaining staff there and this is what I found out: Kingsly had a bell over the door of his office and he rang it whenever he felt he was "dinged" mainly by non-compliance. The penalty was money and the execs had to pay him for non-compliance. Kingsley started to make a bundle each week from this process. It was rife down the org board too - if a registrar had to spend an extra fifteen minutes regging someone he would charge him an additional $500 for "dinging him" because it was sure that his senior the Dir of Reg was going to fine him as well. This was rampant up and down the org board and it was all about money that went into the pockets of the ones "dinged". I found that public, who "dinged" staff were made to do staff laundry and wash staff cars and so forth. Lastly the Treas Sec told me that Kingsley diverted, to his own pocket, LRH royalties for his books. That ain't right. Now, this is what the staff all told me. I declared Alander for recycling clears - undeclaring them so that he could reg them for more money. While STC was big and fat it was going to go down the tubes eventually because training and auditing became the by-products of making money. I agree that the handling that DM and the boys took was off the rails and suppressive. They went in with blood and guts mentality and crashed all the missions in the bay area. It was bad.
What you are describing was the de-opression rundown. If it would have stayed as you described then it would have really boomed the mission, but it did turn into something else. Also, there were plenty of tools available from LRH to get staff to "want" their product. In fact that is the name of a specific HCO PL on staff wanting their product in the "Name, Want and Get" AKH series. There was no need to invent new tech. To the staff that remained there at STC, de-dinging was squirrel.
Please get back to me on the above. I would like to get this all claified once and for all as I was on the "other side of the coin" and I might have been given a lot of false data myself on what de-dinging was. SFO mission was really rocking with it and causing a real ruckus with public on it. Anyhow, your take on my comments?
ML Tom M
Chris Mann
+3 # Chris Mann 2013-02-13 13:14
At this point I feel like a Scientology historian and to have the actual guys who were there talking about these areas of Scientology history is pretty cool.
Lana M.
# Lana M. 2013-02-13 13:48
This will be a great conversation. As a note for all reading -- Tom M is located in the US, and Bernie in Perth, Australia -- so there is a vast difference in time zones, which may add some delays to each person receiving and answering questions.
Bernie Wimbush
+1 # Bernie Wimbush 2013-02-13 23:40
Hi Tom,
The first reply I sent you seems to have disappeared into cyber space. Here goes again.
Firstly, what you report sounds nothing like what I experienced while I was there. But that was the data relied on and I thank you for the opportunity to answer my critics. I have no doubt that what you reported is what you were told. But what you were told was not true.
Lets establish the scene back then. Steven’s creek was a struggling mission, as many were in the early 80’s. We were working hard to make $20,000 per week and the staff were being paid peanuts as usual.
Kingsley does this eval. GI goes to $40,000 the next week. Had been cramming Kingsley on his evals, and I took this as a good indicator. It is blur in history, but the GI kept going up. $60,000, $80,000 $100.000 and kept going week after week to $160,000 the week before the Mission Holders conference. Try keeping that quiet. I had just completed and investigation into Refunds and found that most refunds came from PTS type II being send to ethics as Type A. Once corrected, refunds dropped to about 3%, so we were keeping the money. Everyone in the Mission field wanted to know what we were doing. All non-LRH tech the Orgs decided. Quite a compliment. You mean we had discovered an unknown tech that could boost Mission income by 800% and pay the staff a decent wage? Were they saying we were smarter than LRH?
Was Kingsley’s eval out tech. He’d done a few before that didn’t work and I crammed him until he got it right in tech. What about GI and Want? You’ve given the reference there, what about snide remarks etc suppressing an org. The reference is CHITs, you’ll have to look it up. And what about suppression causing want to go down. And how do you handle this type of suppression, have a look at the prepcheck buttons. They can be used in 2wc can’t they? And there is FDS for the really believable ones. Guess the Old Man had been there before us.
But many mission holders wanted a quick fix and jumped on this wagon and without fully understanding what had gone before decided de-dinging was the answer.
What had gone before was:
1. When I took over Senior C/S I found the reges had been told to be very careful what Scientology could handle. I blew them out of the water by promising the tech could handle anything. I promised to train the auditors and C/S to do that or I’d do it myself. You can imagine how the reges reacted.
2. New names was worked on with a vengeance. We trained our front line people 4 hours a day and drilled them until they could get OCAs out in volume. We sold comm. Courses in volume so we had a good public.
3. We crammed reges that missed sales uti they could.
4. We handled the internal suppression.
5. We focussed the staff on Clearing the Planet and LRH as source.
Now can you see how that would work?

Now to the data you found.
1. Kingsley didn’t return to OZ. I did and continued to use LRH tech and policy to boom many businesses.
2. Does the book account pay royalties? When you bu books the royalty is in the price of the book. If the Tres Sec was being pressured to do something wrong, why didn’t she report it to me or ethics and get it handled?
3. As for money penalties. Ever tried it? Punishment rarely changes behaviour. It de-motivates people and that went against the whole eval.
4. If there was a bell I was unaware of it.
5. We were a training organization which made a lot of money by sending public up the bridge. We could make more money by sending someone to flag than by auditing them ourselves. How Alexander could make more money by undeclaring a clear doesn’t make sense to me. But it could have been done. I hear strange things about him in PT.
6. The staff worked long hours and were generally well trained. They didn’t need to be there and they were doing the public a favour in being there training them the miracles of Scientology. They were encouraged to assist staff and they willingly did things for staff. It like the voluntary organizations that are associated with churches, hospitals and schools.
7. I had a Liquidator of Companies as a client and he told me of a phenomenon he ran into. When the execs had left, he would get alarming reports of illegal goings on, but when he confronted the accused there was a different story and he couldn’t raise a prosecution. There was no evidence. He called this the scapegoat syndrome.
8. Perhaps if the perpetrators of the alleged incidents had been confronted at the time you cold have got time place form ad event, but I only see generalities.
9. I was involved in reg cycles and some took long times and some didn’t come off. No one ‘fined’ me or criticised.
I am sure there would have been things to correct, but that was my responsibility not the Sea Org.
Wasn’t there a policy about why organizations stay small?
Just a tip, you don’t make money by focussing on money, you do it by focusing on your product.
Hope I have cleaned up some of your questions.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-02-14 04:34
The description of what you were doing Bernie appears to me to be simply spotting a Second Postulate and rehabbing a First Postulate so as to blow off the opposition introduced to an initial purpose.

What it became, well, who knows.

Having had some really positive comm with you personally, your KRC as a Class VIII for the material, and your facility with it, is as plain as could be.
Tom M
+4 # Tom M 2013-02-14 09:32
Thanks Bernie, that does clarify a lot.
There is no doubt in my mind that STC and the rest of the missions in the bay area were very well intended and were with LRH for the most part. Alander was the real idiot and I did get him to name and confirmed around 23 thetans he did undeclare clear so he could re-reg them for FPRD. But this is the kind of thing that happens when you get that "off-beat practice" thing going. But it would have been quietly handled, I am sure, if one thing not happened 8 months prior to the Mission Holder Conference 1982 raid by CMOI and if DM were not at the helm.

I'm going to blow your mind here a bit (along with everyone else reading this) with what I was doing 8 months prior to the mission holder conference of 1982. I was on the rollback mission to GOWW and one of the things I found out was that the GO had a "plant" put in MI-5 by GOWW who was put there for the expressed purpose of giving the GO data on "Snow White". It turned out that everything he gave us on Snow White was false, but we kept him there because he was giving us good info on everything else. For example he told us that there was going to be a mission holder conference in November of 1982 in San Francisco and it was mainly going to be a meeting held by Alan Walters to take over Scientology from Management via div 6. MI-5 had gotten this data from the FBI, which was disturbing in itself. I forwarded this info to CMOI HQ and what ensured was the "raid" by CMOI.
I was invited to the scene 2 days after the raid and the first thing was for me to go find the program. I did find the program written by Alan Walters in one of the missions and sure enough, it was to take over Scn. All of the missions were reportedly involved (Walters said this in his program). That's why there was so much force by int on the missions in the bay area.
So when we found the de-dinging and the royalties it all went sky-high ballistic. Oddly enough Walters was tipped off about the raid and stayed clear of San Francisco.
I am not justifying anything the Sea Org did, I am just giving you the earlier beginning. What the Sea Org did there was disgusting and suppressive and set Scientology back 50 years. I was one of the Sec Checkers in that infamous photo with a mission holder on the cans while DM or Mithoff were screaming commands at the pc over my shoulder. I am not proud of it at all and in fact it was, in my mind, more squirrel than anything I had seen since.
LRH said to leave the missions and field alone. This was DMs first brush stroke in a long history of painting a Salvador Dali-type mural. Had I known what was going to happen with the info from the MI-5 plant I would never have passed it on.
Bernie, there is no doubt you are a good Class VIII and there is no doubt STC was a good mission with good delivery at the time and there is no doubt that the Sea Org killed that mission with DM dancing and playing the fiddle as it all went down.
It is my hopes that two guys like us work together to put it all back together the way it should be. Deal?
ML Tom
+1 # Thoughtful 2013-02-14 10:42
Hi Tom, You are running out — by definition — an important part of the 30-year group engram that killed the Church of Scientology.

Do I have my dates wrong, or is it not amazing that in 1982, even after the "Scientology 9" had gone to prison for infiltrating government agencies, the GOWW still had a mole in MI-5.

You should consider telling what else you may know, in the interest of telling people what actually went down and why, which clears up mysteries relating to past events.
Tom M
+3 # Tom M 2013-02-14 12:40
Hi Steve, yes, he was in MI-5 as of June 1982. I sent him his "Burn notice" in June 1982 via mail to his office at MI5 to let them know that we knew he was "turned".
We are giving, now, time, place, form and even of DM's insanity. Isn't it funny that all major 3-D engrams go back to DM? I had no idea the info that I had passed on would be used the way it was.
You know, all this stuff is so buried deep in me because it was all "top secret" it is hard for me to dig it out and tell all. But i will as time goes on. My auditor can pull all these "imposed implants" off of me. Help Haydn! I know there is more there. But i am all willing to do that Steve, I just need to make sure what I pass on is real and not false as i don't want to drive the engram in deeper. The above is right on the money. Klaus might be able verify the above as he was "The Guardian" at the time.
ML Tom
ML Tom
# Thoughtful 2013-02-14 13:53
Amazing. Do you remember the MI-5 agent's name? Can we publish that?
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-02-14 14:39
This very large penny dropping ties in to the handlings that followed. This data brought out to the light of day, and the open comm on it is exactly what is needed to run the earlier beginnings of that 3D engram.

At that time, stable data were put in place to deal with that particular confusion. They have been HELD in place and are now backing up, dam like, that confusion. This is the nature of a fixed solution that though it may have served at one point, is inapplicable later and begins to take on the difficulties of a Service Computation.

The remedies exist. I'm in on that deal to put it right.
Tom M
+3 # Tom M 2013-02-14 16:20
Steve- no, I really can'remember his name. I'm sure it was an assumed name. In the UK the spies there used akas from soldiers killed in WWII.
I knew I was on the scent because Interpol paid me a visit one day at Brookhouse (berthing house at St Hill) during that mission to let me know that I was walking on some other peoples feet. They really did well to back me off by telling me I was dead meat - literally told me that.
I just now realized that all of this spy crap reared its head when DM started exerting his power. Right after he put LRH on the road and chaffed him with the "dangerous environment" real-live spies showed up. We had Jimmy milligan, who was the controller of the C of S and he wrote me a letter, just before the blew, that he was comprimised by the FBI and he was real sorry, but they had him by the short and curlies and he had to do what they make him do. I found him as the real ring-leader. the other plant that I found was Paul Klopper, D/G Legal USGO. He was in charge of all the legal cases and they were all going south. He was also working for the FBI via paulette cooper. Sure enough he was sabotaging them and r/sing while he told me about it. He was paid handsomely by the FBI. Then there was Don Alverzo - He was the one who showed everyone how to break into FBI offices. He told me that he was being run by a government agency but couldn't and wouldn't say who because his family was in danger. Other than those few I don't know of any other plants that were in Scn at the time.
1982 was like 1968 all over again - a crack in time. It was really spinny.
Ya, the Mission Holder Conference raid was the coming out party for DM. I think he loves that photo of himself declaing people. After that he moved like lightning to remove any and all possible obstructions to his master plan.

Jimmy, thanks partner. I found an auditor who is one of the best auditors ever on this planet. his name is Dave Wester and he was trained by an auditor from FCDC by thge name of John Gillespie (RIP) who learned how to audit without a meter after the raid on FCDC. He told me he can L&N and asses BPC lists without a meter because he had to learn how to. anyhow, we are going to use guys like Dave to train auditors by the legions. All we need is some energy and we are off and running.
ML Tom
Bernie Wimbush
# Bernie Wimbush 2013-02-14 16:58
Hi Tom and others,
This blog and Lana's support has got me back from the wilderness so to speak. I am with you Tom, to revive Scientology. We won't do by altering tech and/ or policy to justify crazy actions.
I can still boom organizations, I do that for a living. Rather take some Scientology orgs and do that.
As you say Jim, we are runningout engrams and other charge. That is powerful and who knows where it will lead.
Perhaps if DM had looked at what we were doing right that boomed the stats and applied that overall, the world would be a beter place. But we have time. We have forever, but it would be nice to speed it up a bit.
+1 # KFrancis 2013-02-14 23:02
Wow...thanks to all of you on this fascinating and educational string of comments....Amazing data!
Karen LaPorte
# Karen LaPorte 2013-02-15 18:13
Bernie and Tom, thanks for your input. Tom, I have heard you tell about what occurred at Steven's Creek and I couldn't agree or disagree as I was not at the mission at that time. But it was not what I experienced at Palo Alto shortly after that. I have never heard Bernie's account and found it quite interesting.

As Jim Alluded, it changed...quite a bit.

Just to give a little back story, around May of '82 I had been wrapping up a leaving staff RF, which was going very smoothly when suddenly I had been gang chitted, and received a very strange, over the top ethics handling which resulted in my immediate removal from post. It was so extreme that I went numb on my own defense.

I went home, realized that this was not my condition and I wasn't going to apply it. I was supposed to get married (to another staff member) the following week and worked on that instead. (An aside to show differences in culture, everyone on staff came to the wedding.) After that I sort of just went off lines.

Fast forward a few months and my husband asks me to come in to talk to the EO. I agreed but insisted that I wasn't in lowers and would not do them. Before I could say anything, the same EO who assigned the lowers
apologized and indicated the assignment was made in error. Right indication, I blew done everything was just fine and back to normal in my universe.

I was then brought into a room with about fifty people who were twinned up and they were de-dinging each other. They twinned me up with someone who proceeded to fish for motivators. I told him that I didn't have any and that all my upsets were handled. I was not interested in continuing and left. Now granted, I came in after the event had started and I only stayed a few minutes but what they were doing was nothing like Bernie mentioned above.
Bernie Wimbush
# Bernie Wimbush 2013-02-15 22:57
Hi Karen,
As I hear more of the handle, I am realizing that a lot of people including Mission Holders grapped one part of Kingsley's eval, assume it applied to their mission, and tried to put this into place without understandig it and without the staff understanding it.
Today I would do it differently, but what a wonderful teacher hindsight is?
Tom M
# Tom M 2013-02-16 20:06
Bernie, that actually makes sense. I think that's what went down on the missions ends but the Sea Org end was a lot more off-source in their handlings. Of course, it would be DM behind the major off-sourceness. Anyhow, I hope this blows a lot of charge for a lot of you. I would love to hear more from the field on sujects that we would know about (I had a hand in just about anything that went down from 1982 to 1993 in Sea Org Senior management) so let me know.
ML Tom
# Jeff 2013-03-20 04:34

Thank you for this comment, As someone who was on lines at SC at the time, I've for over thirty years I have wanted to hear your side of the story.

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