By Bernie Wimbush,

A long time ago, in a far distant land, my world came crashing down. It was at Steven’s Creek Mission in San Jose California. I had been declared SP with a rider on it that said that I was never to be allowed back. My brother Kingsley, the Mission Holder had also been declared with that same rider, never to be allowed back.

Now I am a Class VIII C/S and have done the Org Exec Course. I knew I couldn’t be declared without a Comm Ev and the rider was clearly off policy as the door must always be left open even if it is only a crack.

I was the OES holding Qual and Senior Case Supervisor posts from above. I had straightened the tech out to the point that I told the Registrars that our tech team could handle anything and I had promised the tech team that I would train them on how to get those results or I would do it myself. And the Registrars loved it. And the public got the results and the income flowed in and staff were getting paid well for the first time. I trained the staff in false data stripping (later called ‘de-dinging by the RTC) and all the stops were coming off.

And I was declared?

This was not the Scientology that I knew and loved and had followed since 1959.

Kingsley demanded a Com Ev and later the members (after they had left) confessed that they had all been threatened that if they didn’t find him SP they would all be declared and that none of them had had the guts to stand up.

And I was still going through the legals of getting my Green Card to work in the USA. So unemployed and with none of my friends talking to me, we packed up and we left for the land of OZ where I was allowed to work.

The plane landed at the Perth, Western Australia International Airport, in the heat of summer, and trust me, it gets hot out here.

But what job to take? For the past 10 plus years I had been producing the miracles that Scientology does produce. And they wanted me to teach higher maths to kids who couldn’t count and weren’t interested.

In ’83 there wasn’t much support for an ex. Materials were not available and the only road to total freedom seemed to be via the out tech off policy org.

But how do you toe the corporate line you don’t believe in and move up The Bridge?

Answer is you can’t. We know what is right. Pinching a paperclip from HCO is so irrelevant, when we take dedicated able beings who have made incredible contributions to Scientology and invalidate the hell out of them by declaring them SP.

I made my decision — that I would not go along with the travesty. I would not cut communication to my friends. I might be prevented from going up The Bridge, but no one, and certainly not the squirrel corporation I had run into, was going to make me violate my own integrity.

I am not going to waste the tech I have learnt, or fail to help others with the knowledge I have acquired.

No one can make me do something I think is wrong. I don’t go around committing overts. I’ve done my last out tech OW write up.

That was back in 1983. My stance hasn’t changed, but the journey has been fascinating. But more of that later…

Bernie Wimbush, Scientologist.


Tim S
# Tim S 2013-02-12 17:14
Not the story I was told at all Bernie. Good to hear you stayed true to yourself. Looking forward to more of your posts.
Lana M
+1 # Lana M 2013-02-12 17:15

When I first got to speak to Bernie last year I had only information from what I had been previously told when I worked in RTC — and it was not good. The picture painted was of the Wimbush brothers (Kingsley and Bernie) being integral to the “power push” of the mission network. They were “squirrels” and their heads were put on pikes and left out in the sun for all to see (by David Miscavige).

The actual truth however, when relayed to me, step by step, by Bernie, was incredible. How their mission was booming. How they had a huge Communication Course with hundreds attending. How they were delivering Life Repair in such quantity that the mission income was far over anything Class IV orgs were producing. And they were applying Data Series to continually evaluate and find right Why’s and continually improve and build more on this. They were delivering real Scientology. The L.Ron Hubbard version.

They were hung out to dry based on false reports from Miscavige to LRH. But Bernie, 30 years later, still has to be one of the most dedicated, knowledgeable and active Scientologists I know. Just an amazing man. Can’t wait for the rest of his story to be published to the world.
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-02-12 17:16
When I first met you at the airport, and we drove back home, I can say this; in your presence I was not just at ease, but became more aware, had cognitions, things as-ised. I had met a truly wonderful, KRCful, able being, an auditor in every sense of the word. I’m so happy to have finally met a real Scientology celebrity having heard your name for all those many years. Love, Jim Logan
Trey Lotz
# Trey Lotz 2013-02-12 17:16
Hi Bernie,

Boy, change the names and a few details, and it is a story many have experienced, including myself.

But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. No more social reasons for being a Scientologist after something like that, either you are or you are not based purely on your own integrity. The fact that you made the decision you did, gives us all heart and makes us all stronger.
Bernie Wimbush
# Bernie Wimbush 2013-02-12 17:27
Hi Trey Lotz,
Yes it was written to really validate those who have stuck to their integrity, and a reminder to those who have “bought” lies about themselves to accept their own truth. It is the trick of the element of truth. You stole a paperclip from HCO therefore you are SP. True you nicked it, but the therefore doesn’t follow, but in the heat of the moment it is easy to get caught.
His weapon is our willingness to go along with the lies and invalidation, but our strength is the truth and our integrity. He is on the wrong side of history.
# Joe 2013-02-12 17:28
I was in Lake Tahoe at the time and the Mission Holdr and my auditor went to learn this “new Tech”. I did not think much of it when he ran a bit of it on me. My question was it was not sent to LRH and tested and there was not an HCOB on it so I did not use it. There was not even an Eval done on it per the Policy “Proper Format and Correction”, which is the way LRH developed it, which works.
Lana M.
# Lana M. 2013-02-12 17:29
Interestingly enough, the issue on False Data Stripping came out as an HCOB and also an HCOPL on 7 August 1979. There are several other basic processes/applications that have applicability to what was being done as “de-dinging” originally, too. Bernie’s next article (being published on this blog in the next 24 hours) gives more specifics and will hopefully clear up some confusions, mysteries, etc. from long ago.
# Joe 2013-02-12 17:54
Thank you for the data Lana. I am aware of the HCOB and the HCOPL that came out in 1979. I was staff in the FSO when it did come out.. I even had some of it done. It was not mentioned at all in Tahoe as being the basic on the procedure of this so call de-dinging.I look forward to more factual data on this
Bernie Wimbush
# Bernie Wimbush 2013-02-12 17:56
Hi Joe,
The eval was done on Steven’s Creek with a staff of over 100. False data stripping may not have applied to your situation. It has not applied universally to businesses I have coached as they all have their own why.
# Joe 2013-02-12 17:17
Very well done Bernie in staying true to your Code Of Honor. They tried similar things with my family and I. We did not listen either. Keep right on expanding! L= Joe
# Eagle 2013-02-12 17:18
Thank you, Bernie, for sharing your story, which highlights the fundamental, fatal error of the Co$: Spiritual Freedom cannot be attained at the cost of one’s integrity. Simple as that. Thank you for staying true to your integrity, Bernie.
# Steve 2013-02-12 17:21
Bernie, yours is a great story of ability and perseverance. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you soon. Especially want to hear more about those Life Repairs you boomed the Mission with.
# RC 2013-02-12 17:24
I was at a booming mission in the Pacific NW during this time until the Wimbush de-dinging spread to the mission I was in. Initially it worked to get suppression of the lines, to realize and vocalize a so called suppressive comment someone said to you that gave a person a ‘ding.’ It did work initially, and you felt freed up to go full force into whatever you were producing, but it was squirrel, and where I was at it spun totally out of control where there became witch hunts and long time loyal staff getting kicked out and even public getting kicked out because of out of control de-dinging meetings. If someone felt someone had ‘dinged’ them, or felt someone had made the slightest put down, even if truly they never had the intention of suppressing anyone, – in-turn and without using the normal LRH policies but sometimes even using gangs of staff to gang up on someone and toss them out of Scientology. This turned into Nazi type of actions. During the same time period I recall the Mission holders conference when many of the mission holders of the fantastic booming missions were declared, and around that time the finance police coming into the missions demanding more money to be sent up lines etc. and the same time period of Scientology getting taken over. Thousands of good loyal Scientologists were kicked out or left because of everything going on. I understand that the de-dinging, the finance police, and the missions holders conference, and Scientology getting taken over were separate, but I can say from experience that the de-dinging was squirrel and it ran way out of control as squirrel actions do and ended up creating the opposite effect of what it started out to accomplish, then on top of that all the other going on. I remember the day the de-dinging was implemented into the mission and using it myself as instructed by the ED of the mission, and at that time all the staff starting to use it. Yes, in the beginning you could feel the suppression getting off my personal lines, but this action spun out of control at the mission and became an extremely suppressive action to use by the staff, saw gangs of staff ganging up on other staff because someone felt ‘dinged’ and the power went totally out of control. I saw the booming mission go down the drain with all of the above situations going on.
Bernie Wimbush
# Bernie Wimbush 2013-02-12 17:26
RC, De-dinging was simply the false data stripping procedure used to locate any stops encountered in getting the job done. Guess it just goes to show anything can be corrupted.
My date might be out on RTC but it was a few years ago.

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