By Jim Logan,

The descriptive term “decompression” has been used to describe the adjustment a number of people seem to go through, having left the environment of say the Sea Org, the Int Base, public on lines, and possibly the general environment of more or less active participation in the Church of Scientology.

Another comment made is that these people, now find themselves in the “real world”. This remark is made generally for those who spent a good chunk of time in the Sea Org at various places. It presupposes that the “world” of the Sea Org is somehow less “real”.

I’ve recently been studying a tape series, the London 4th ACC, from the fall of 1955. This tape series is covering in depth, and in practice, some of the Scientology Axioms.

In that examination, the subject of “time” is being discussed and on one tape, Base Time and the Time Continuum, from 7 October 1955, the phenomena of different rates of change is gone over (time being mechanically, the rate of change of particles in space, and being basically a consideration that particles in space will persist, which is mechanically manifested by change of those postulated particles in space).

Briefly, if you are in an environment where the agreed upon rate of change of particles is moving along at a speed, then you find yourself shifted to a new environment where the agreed upon pace of living is markedly different, either faster or slower say, then you may find yourself out of agreement with that pace, either mentally, or since consideration takes rank over mechanics, the actual physical motion of your pace of living may be out of agreement. It can manifest as “out reality”. Your “clock” is ticking at a different pace than the current environment you are now in. You aren’t “adjusted”.

Back in Scientology 8-80, there is a section describing the action of “facsimiles”, those 3D motion pictures we all take, and record on a “time track”.

“Life is a static, according to the Axioms. A static has no motion. It has no wave
length. The proofs and details of this are elsewhere in Scientology.

“This static has the peculiarity of acting as a ‘mirror’. It records and holds the images
of motion. It even can create motion and record and hold the image of that. It records also space and time in order to record motion which is, after all, only ‘change in space through time’.”

“A ‘facsimile’ brought into play by a moment of intense activity may afterwards,
when the being is again producing only normal energy output, ‘refuse’ to be handled by the lower energy. This facsimile then can trap the energy of a being and turn upon him the pain, emotion, and other things recorded in the facsimile.” LRH

In order to get along with others in an environment, then the pace, the rate of change of that particular place, is going to be more or less agreed upon. If you shift from one that’s moving at a tremendous pace, to one that’s moving at a much slower rate, and personally do not make the shift, but continue to operate at the former rate of change, that environments “base time”, then you may very well end up in an “out reality” of the particles and spaces and “time” of that new environment.

The “real world” that is mentioned as something that Sea Org members aren’t in tune with for example, is a misnomer. It is a different rate of change of particles. An agreed upon “reality”, and if you aren’t in agreement then it can be kind of “unreal”. Sticking to one speed, the one you may be accustomed to, when it doesn’t go that way in the new place, can put you “out of step”. In addition, as covered in the book 8-80 (a portion is above), the facsimiles, the memories, the recordings of the speed of the previous “rate of change” or “base time of that environment” may not be able to be handled with the slower pace of output to deal with the new environment, and one may experience nightmares, upsets, and all the mis-emotions, lack of “realities” that go along with this shift.

There is a fundamental “rate of change” of this agreed upon physical universe. We agree to it, participate in it on “automatic” and so perceive the particles and changes of them in space along with all those other beings creating and moving this whole present time universe along. Each environment can have its own particular “rate of change” of the whole thing, and give the apparency of a different “clock”, the tick, tock, tick, tock of that agreed upon pace for that place. The country clock ticks along at a different pace than New York City for example.

Different people move along at different rates too. It’s all a question of the rate of change of particles in space, and one person can move stuff along briskly and have “loads of time” whereas another may move nothing and have “no time” the fundamental mechanics of time being change. A slow motion would give a longer “moment” and with hardly any change in an environment, it may even appear “timeless” that is, unchanging.

If you are having trouble with “compression”, perhaps you’re still in the “rate of change” of the former environment and “decompression” is simply being stuck in that “base time”, with facsimiles unhandled due to the change of output of energy.

The taped lecture mentioned above, and the techniques described at that time, including the raising of one’s tolerance for different motions, can help to get one unstuck from one time, and able to move along in another, or at any pace one chooses, able to “adjust” at will, and not only that, enjoy the heck out of it all instead of battling with those pictures and that portion of the time track.


Chris Black
# Chris Black 2013-02-13 03:45
Good article, Jim. Perhaps as well the change deals with randomity level as well. Perhaps the “outer” world is a plus or minus randomly level, or the SO was too much (or too little?) a randomity for the person. Either way, technically it could be a protest against that difference in randomity from that level of randomity earlier. Or one isn’t in a state of optimum randomity. This, of course, in addition to what you posit above.

Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-02-13 03:49
Chris, it isn’t just that context, the Sea Org one, that this data applies. In the tape there’s an example of a marriage going awry between “plodding Joe” and “artsy, exitable” wife. Two different rates. You’d have to listen to the material fully, extrapolate from it, toss it around, get data of comparable magnitude (examples) and such to get just how far this phenomena extends into interrelationships. It’s about as basic on aberration as it could be – time, the primary source of aberration. Yep.
Les Warren
# Les Warren 2013-02-13 03:51
Good points, Jim.
“Plus and minus randomity alike are aberrative.”

One funny thing I’ve noticed in viewing that datum is that there are also harmonics. My wife runs at close to double the speed I do. But we seem to harmonize on it rather than op-term on it.

Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-02-13 03:55
When I was tossing this around the room, looking at how would be, wouldn’t be and running it down for myself, I looked at integral multiples (or close enough) and how they would work. Harmonics. There’s one part of this tape where it describes “multi-verses”.
Linda McGinley
# Linda McGinley 2013-02-13 03:45
Very nice article, Jim! Certainly takes a degree of frustration out of dealing with different people’s rate of particle flow. Thanks!

Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-02-13 03:46
Exactly, and this tape is referring to the Axioms, including the ones on “optimum” randomity. It also has to do with confusion and predictability of particles. If one is used to a certain speed of particle, then one moving slower, or faster is less predictable and so can be confusing. Confusion is the common denominator in all sorts of aberrated conduct, including O/Ws, Ser Fac/Computations as solutions, the manifestations of the problem, and PTS/SP case issues, et al.
# chrismann9 2013-02-13 03:54
For sure. I got a little off topic. I love LRH data on time. I also like the idea of becoming aware of fixed ideas. For example- doing X takes atleast 30 minutes. Does it really, or is that just what everybody else says? So this guy you are talking about runs into people in his new surroundings and he might conform unknowingly to their fixed ideas on how fast he should be moving, thinking and doing. Or he fights it and doesn't know what is wrong.
# chrismann9 2013-02-13 03:47
I think different people might mean slightly different things when they use the term. I think to some it means that you settle down out of all the craziness and become an “average human” again or something. Or maybe I’m thinking of the onion layers example. After all your onion layers are gone, you find yourself drinking a beer in a bowling alley complaining about your desk job at Globex Corporation

What you brought up would definitely apply to guys who were deep in the SO for many years. Actually this LRH data is good because it could help you be in control of this instead of conforming to someone elses ideas of how you should be.

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