By Lana Mitchell,

In the last few decades, there has been growing trend for the Church of Scientology to not answer people’s questions.

There are many examples of it:

- Like questions from the media and from community groups.

- Like why a person has been declared a Suppressive Person (as they don’t even issue the Golden Rod declares any more)?

- Like what are the statistics of the Ideal Org, and if they are down – Why?

I have had many personal experiences with failures to answer questions —  such as in 2005, when I could not get a straight answer on why I was offloaded from the Int base? I finally got that answer years later from an RTC staff member, who informed me DM had ordered it.

Again, in 2010, when I had Mike Sutter and Marion Pouw sitting in my living room with large binders of documentation to “dead agent” Mike Rinder, Marc Headley, Dan Koon and Marty Rathbun. They would not answer my specific questions of “What Watchdog Committee Members and International Executives are actually on post?” And, “Are Marc Yager and Guillaume Leserve still locked up in The Hole?”. And, “Is there any basic management of Scientology occurring at all?”.

Fact is, each refusal to answer a simple question simply builds up the bypassed charge, continues a mystery and hangs people up. It is Reverse Scientology.

After much study about the power of communication, I have found over the last several years, that I can talk openly about Scientology, the technology and the organisation (and its faults)to anyone. This applies to parents at the school, neighbors down the road, local opinion leaders in the community, work colleagues, and of course friends and family.

It is simple. I just answer their questions — and they generally have MANY of them.

I have also observed that where there is a CUT communication line — where there is an intentional avoidance to take up the subject of Scientology – the question is STILL THERE.  To tip toe around the topic, to simply not bring it up, is not a solution. It is just aberrative. The only solution in my view is to get that conversation going, and to get the questions asked and provide the answers as best you can. It is amazing the results!

A classic example is with my father — who I had been directed to disconnect from back in the 90′s as part of a botched PTS handling.  Over the last several years I have managed to talk to my father about Scientology, in depth and in detail. I have answered his many questions, no matter how painful some of them were for both of us, and the result is that I have the best communication line with my father that I have ever had this life, and that is something I will treasure from this point forward.

LRH covers it in HCOB 18 June 1957 PEOPLE’S QUESTIONS:

“A congress M U S T

“An organization M U S T

“Answer people’s questions.

“This is the primary public complaint – that Scientologists in the organization,or out, won’t answer directly questions asked about this or that.

“Understand it, answer it, make friends.”  LRH


# Shreff 2013-02-13 04:20
Dani Lemberger
# Dani Lemberger 2013-02-13 04:21
Totally true and well written. This blog is a meeting point for us all. Thanks, Dani
# Silvia 2013-02-13 04:27
Lana, this is correct. Communication is one of the very basics of this science- C -as we do know- is part of the ARC triangle.
Mishandle one and down the others go and, as you noted, it is easier to just answer the question; complete the comm cycle and maintain ARC. Silvia
# chrismann9 2013-02-13 04:28
It seems if you are out of the Church and you can do this that people dont really have a problem with Scientology. This is probably a big part of it- why family and other people object even if silently. There is an enforced non-communication. Mothers, friends, family know you don’t want to or are forbidden from communicating and answering their questions and they accept that and work around it which just shows they care for you IMO. When you finally can break that wall of silence it’s a relief and really does open things up. In the end I think one will find that people and the world at large are not against Scientologists. I think there is a lot of objection and ridicule of the Church in the media and that makes a member feel like they are under attack which is not the case. They are just connected to an organization that is creating antagonism and problems due to inept PR and continual violation of the above Policy.
Michael Moore
# Michael Moore 2013-02-13 04:30
The more one violates the communication formula the less affinity and reality one has and the less understanding thereby. Excellent article Lana!
# Bluebonnet 2013-02-13 04:34
Such sanity! The blog post and the handling of responses. I like it!
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-02-23 04:02

.....Here it is!

The succinct identification of THE correct item that has unwittingly had me at effect for so long, it was becoming PAINFUL, to put it mildly!

You wrote above, (8 paragraphs down)"Fact is, each refusal to answer a simple question simply builds up the By-Passed-
Charge, continues a mystery and hangs people up. it is Reverse Scientology."


Thank you Lana! With that little para.,
you managed to release a container ship
worth of BPC, I had built up, and had
become resentful of the person primarily
responsible for it. The charge is still
coming off, (in torrents,btw,) as I write
this. I finally realized that I was having REVERSE SCIENTOLOGY applied to me,
and did NOT recognize this for over a full year! Now at last, thanks to your
correct indication -- everything i have
been perplexed about (holding down the bpc,) has finally straightened out, and I can finally let it go.... and like I said earlier -----I'm happier here.

Thank you Lana, for your willingness to
be responsive to ARC, and in particular,
your willingness to care (NOT "just about the person in front of them,") but about the sincerity and goodwill of the person
trying to communicate with you.

ML and appreciation,

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