By Haydn James,

If you were in the church for a while you probably came away with all sorts of ideas that are potential barriers to starting an auditing or training practice in the independent field. As an auditor, C/S and Senior C/S in my last fifteen years on staff I certainly built up my fair share of considerations, not to mention the arbitraries that were pounded in on me, such things as the definition of a floating needle and the extreme ethics action (punishment) carried out on perceived tech flubs. I use the term “perceived” because often one was declared guilty of practicing standard tech, on and on. It is a wonder any of us are auditing out here at all.


So when I looked at auditing and delivering again I first had to straight-wire reasons why I shouldn’t and had to get my Act One in on auditing as a whole. Having built a successful org at which there were auditors, C/Ses, trained ethics terminals, cramming officer, Qual Word Clearer, examiner, supervisors, specialist auditors, you name it, during a time when the idea was pounded in that one should never, never, never audit without all those terminals present, I had to look closely at the whole issue of auditing out in the indie field. What I realized made complete sense. Policies that talk about all the posts on a full org board apply to a large or very large practice or org. But, and it is pretty big but, there is a huge difference between running a large org and a small or one-man-band field practice, a huge difference. Just dig up the LRH policy references on field auditors and missions and you will see that he viewed them quite differently. The overriding policy for field auditors was simply that they should audit PCs and their management was use PR, no heavy ethics. Why? Because heavy ethics squashes and destroys field practices and makes people shy away from ever wanting to open or work in one. And of course that is exactly what happened in the church. I don’t have my OEC volumes to hand but please don’t take my word for it, dig up those references and see for yourself. Superior Service Image is, if I recall correctly, just one of them.

And having spent years at management level in the church and having M9 word cleared every LRH management reference both Sea Org and non-Sea Org, I can tell you as an observed fact that Scientology Orgs failed and withered on the vine in large part because they did not have tons of auditors auditing away in the field. So many Class V orgs struggled over the years and still struggle – the majority. A lack of field activity is one of the main reasons “fixed-location” Scientology failed in the church.

I do not yet know what full form Independent Scientology will take but I do know that it will be built on field practices, auditors and others delivering in the field.

So, step one is examine and handle any and all reasons and considerations why you shouldn’t audit or train people in the Indie field.


The next step, if you need it, is to brush up on anything you feel weak on. And if you don’t have a place you can go to do it, a course room, grab the materials and do it at home. I had my wife help me when I needed a twin to drill with. As bright professionals who can study out here in the big wide world, we really do have to get over the idea that study can only be done in an “official course room.” I guess my point is: don’t fail to do it just because a course room is not available to you. If you are already trained to some degree you are simply carrying out a Qual action on yourself and as a lone auditor, if that’s what you will be, get used to it, get used to trusting yourself and trusting that you can correct yourself when needed because you are going to have to do that to some degree from here on out. And if you need it there will always be someone with more training and experience you can go to for correction.

A brush up on materials also confirmed for me just how arbitrary the church had become. It was very enjoyable to note how easy it was to study outside the church and watch the laid-in falsehoods dissipate.


The next thing I did was work out what I should charge and this came down to:
1. What I needed in order to make a living, and
2. What the market would bear.

A great many people could not afford to go up the Bridge in the church because it cost too much. This was in part due to heavy overheads. It is hard to support large buildings and those extra staff. I do not have that problem so it was a joy to be able to make auditing affordable to people. In short, I found a happy medium between making a living and making auditing affordable.

I found that I needed to travel to PCs. I’m in the United States, a large country, and there was a demand for auditors to travel to where PCs lived. Some auditors have great success having PCs go to them, they are fully set up for that, but I found that many PCs who were short on available time were happy to have me go there and audit them so I made sure they also paid the modest expenses involved.


I found there is a high demand for auditing among Scientologists who want nothing further to do with the church. And please note, since I am not in competition with the church, I only ever audit PCs who want nothing to do with the church. It’s the only real qualification I thoroughly check. But anyway, I often found that leaving the church seemed to rekindle their purpose for auditing and training. There is quite a demand for auditing and training in the Indie field. Frankly, I have been unable to keep up with the demand in a certain regions of the country.

When I started auditing again I simply found a PC who wanted nothing to do with the church but wanted auditing and audited them to Clear, doing the very best job I could. Without asking or prompting, the PC posted his success story on a prominent blog and word of mouth built from there. I began to find that when asked if they knew of an auditor in the Indie field, some people began to refer such enquiries to me. But I firmly believe that such word of mouth comes from doing the very best job you can for PCs.

On the occasion I have down time I wear the Letter Registrar hat and simply get in communication or maintain communication with prospective PCs. I find there is little to no sell or close needed. I don’t even require money up front and yet have never even had to ask for the money at the end of the auditing period.

I try to give as much auditing in any given day as good tech will allow, especially to lower level cases. I know some auditors charge by the hour but it works for me to charge by the day and do my very best for the pc during that day. Some pc’s have even been known to ask that I audit both them and a friend for the same daily fee. And I sometimes agree to that. Sure I work my ass off for no extra money but so what? I’m in a distant town so what else am I going to do with my time? After all, it is all about people going up the Bridge. Don’t think I mean to imply that an auditor should be a pauper because I do not. I love money but I don’t work for money, I work for the job satisfaction and there is no better job than auditing when it comes to job satisfaction. And it is not just the tech wins. While in the church, over decades, I saw people crying out for the Bridge but they couldn’t afford it or had other logistical problems that got in the way. Now I get a real kick out of solving all the money, travel, distance, time or other logistical problems and delivering the Bridge to people who otherwise might not receive it and at the same time I can earn a living commensurate with other professionals, perhaps less sometimes but only by way of my own self-determined choice.


I am not saying that the above is the only way to deliver auditing in the Indie field but it works for me so I thought I’d tell you about it.

Good luck!

Haydn James


Ronnie Bell
# Ronnie Bell 2013-02-15 23:55
Wonderful advice, Haydn. I’m a lot of auditors will blow charge just reading your post.
Ronnie Bell
# Ronnie Bell 2013-02-15 23:57
Excellent article on starting up a group! Highly recommended. Here is a way anyone can start up. and step by step too!
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-02-15 23:57
Absolutely perfect and I couldn’t agree more or write anything to add. If somebody needs some help getting a Qual action, write to me. I’m busy helping get auditors back auditing, and even doing lots myself. It is real. YOU can do it too!!!!
# Thoughtful 2013-02-15 23:58
Great article, Haydn. As you and I have discussed, we need to really pump up auditing and training as a viable career path.
Les Warren
# Les Warren 2013-02-15 23:59
Hayden, I’ve had a couple of people ask if you are “reliable” and I said yes, and he sometimes goes to you. I don’t travel anymore because we chose to establish a courseroom so we could train other auditors as well as do our practice.
I think it is great that an auditor can establish his own method of operation and operate that way without anyone breathing over his neck about the way he runs his own practice.

One thing I will tell you, though. I’ve found that if you establish a stable location, people who can move to where you are, will move. We’ve had 9 people actually move into our area so they can get training and auditing from us.

One thing I’ve found is extremely beneficial is ensuring that if you find yourself with questions or confusions, that you seek help from a more experienced tech terminal and keep yourself sharp as an auditor. Jim Logan is very knowlegable, Chris Black is amazing, Trey will sometimes know a reference that others aren’t familiar with.

Right now we’re fortunate to have five experienced auditors with two LRH trained C/Ss right here. Anytime I feel weak in an area or can’t locate a reference to help a PC, someone here seems to always know where to look. Keeps us all on our toes, which helps us help our PCs. For a while I didn’t have a regular C/S and I was getting a bit slack but now I have my work C/S’d all the time, so I stay sharp. Everyone wins.

I hope that as we move forward with the tech, that we’ll keep comm lines like this going. We have billions of people to clear. The negative PR always handles easily with honest comm and good results.

Les Warren
# Haydn 2013-02-16 00:07
I agree Les, one hundred percent. In fact, a fixed location looks like it is coming for me out of the work I have done travelling, so much demand for auditing and traning is building up in one place it looks like my wife and I will have no choice to set up home there. And I agree that training is better done in a fixed location due to the length of time involved. But with the growing demand from ever increasing numbers of Indies spread far and wide I think there is a need for travelling auditors, especially those who can’t set up facilities right away. They can do initial work with a pc and can always then refer them to your pratice, for example. I have glady done just that as you know.in fact, anyone who has told me they would rather go to a fixed set up and mentioned you guys in particular I have told them to do just that. I also failed to mention in the article that I have audited PCs at home if they could get to me. Also, for some PCs, being audited out of their home environment is sometimes a blessing, even a must, as per LRH.
# chrismann9 2013-02-16 00:00
I feel I want to do something like this. I was on staff, but as Admin and dont have much tech training. I went to Flag at one point and did up to the final practical on the Metering Course, but I couldnt finish because some things were just wrong, although I hadnt put it together yet (EM9 film showing incorrect reads and verbal tech on 3 swing FN’s).
I have a Quantam meter and I think I could set aside an hour or so each day and talk my wife into drilling with me.

I’ve been thinking lately about social media and the internet and how it is becoming a new form of social interaction and communication. I feel like “Skype auditing” is not something I would be into, but what about a “virtual courseroom”? Students could do stuff like submit videos of drills for sup pass and receive communication and direction from a supervisor.
It seems like that might be a step up from just studying and drilling on your own. I know a sup would not be there to spot bad student indicators, but I’ve done Student Hat and M1 and I think I can take care of myself. Maybe not an ideal scene, but I’m not able right now to go to CA or FL or wherever there are Indy Courserooms.

I started studying on my own again and I gave someone an assist yesterday. I know thats not a big deal, but I felt good about it. I felt a lot more relaxed a natural than before. I used my TR’s, but it wasnt robotic (Flag Pro-Trs style). We laughed and I handled originations and comments as myself instead of how I was trained at Flag. I can see how that would make for better auditing, so I think I could do this.

I don’t have the red vols though. If I download the Level 0 checklist how do I get the references to study?
Lana M
# Lana M 2013-02-16 00:03
Write to me (), and we can sort out materials for you easily. They all exist outside C of S — including checksheets with full references as a PDF. There is also support that can be provided for you in setting up a practice.
# chrismann9 2013-02-16 00:04
Ok, I just sent an email at 9:06PM Central time.
Scott Campbell
# Scott Campbell 2013-02-16 00:05
Hey Jimmy, Is this your blog? Karry told me you started one.
Lana M.
# Lana M. 2013-02-16 00:06
This blog was created as a cooperative effort by about 20+ independents (an ever-increasing number actually). Content (articles, success stories, etc.) are always welcome.
# Haydn 2013-02-16 00:08
Chris, My article is really talking about the already trained guy. But you are a ways along in your training so what I suggest you do is study all the theory you can at home, on your own time, drill with anyone you can for now and then book some time with someone trained who can drill you and get you auditng. You will really learn to audit by auditing (that’s what LRH says). I think on-line visual Scientology courses will come in the same way people take a degree these days but even they go to classes over summer or some such and I think that will be the way it will be for us. But it is a pattern you can follow right now. It is asdditional drilling, supervised auditing and correction that you will need an expert for. And choose what you want to study. If you want to learn to deliver NED first as opposed to Grades there is no reason why you can’t. This is not a comment on the grade chart it is just that a lot of people need NED at lower level too.
# chrismann9 2013-02-16 00:11
OK Haydn. That sounds about right to me.
# bluebonnet 2013-02-16 00:13
Such sanity! The blog post and the handling of responses. I like it!
# Steve 2013-02-16 00:10
Don’t worry. We are working on it. Virtual course rooms coming up.

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