By Chris Black,

The following completely unexpected success story from a pc who recently began Grade II, really shows how much gain is there to be had from the Grades. It’s also very rewarding knowing you have helped bring this about.

“Success Story

“Tonight I feel a peace I have rarely felt, the peace that I can (ul) confront or begin to confront anything completely on a gradient. Do you have any idea how peaceful one feels when you get that knowingness completely? Wow! PENNIES FOR DIAMONDS! That is what you get with simple and standard Scientology done very right. It is worth everything, yet it costs so little.

“I know many people who would sell their car if they could feel the tranquility I feel today – if I could bottle it, I would be rich because everyone seeks this. No worries, no stresses, no figure-figure. No enturbulation, no evaluation or invalidations by myself or others. Imagine being thrown a problem at you and you look, analyze and it vanishes – it’s not easy to explain because it’s magic.

“I have a list of things that caused me worries and stresses and I am factually confronting and eliminating the BIGGEST ones first – LOL! Not the small ones. The BIG ones are the ones I am tackling – problems of long duration with me, my family, past love interests, my body. They are all disappearing and Grade II so far (O/Ws) is absolutely (ul) the best thing after Grade I.

“I mean, you confront a lot on Grade I, but on Grade II I am now tackling not the indecisions I made, but the wrong decisions or the least pro-survival ones. I am more focused on my future and my present than my past. We always look at our past in auditing but only so that we can as-is things and then handle our current and future lives. That’s the beauty of auditing and Scientology – you CAN (ul) be better and you can be HAPPY (ul).

“I am not jumping off a couch like Tom Cruise – I write this slowly and deliberately on my bed. I assure you I prefer it that way for now. I’ll jump some other day. Twenty years I have been waiting to do Grade II and I am on it. It causes one to reflect and to enjoy the happiness inside.

“I reached my first goal – finally.



Michael Moore
# Michael Moore 2013-02-15 23:51
Wonderful success story. This shows the sort of results one can expect when standard tech is used by the book. no fancy alter is, no change or ‘improvement’ Just the tech delivered as LRH intended.
Congratulations Chris and to your PC for the achievment and for sharing and … ok, continue!
# Eagle 2013-02-15 23:52
What a beautiful success story! And yes, you can tell it is *genuine*, unlike the enforced, canned stories one had to do in the Co$ in order to attest. This is a success story which reflects how beautiful auditing in a free and safe environment (outside the Co$) is. Congratulations to both!

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