By Jim Logan,

Toward better results, I continue to study and practice the materials of Scientology and hone my skills as an auditor.

Recent study of the 4th London Advanced Clinical Course has given me an insight into the upward gradient of sphere of influence and how control and non-partisonship are so closely linked. It is truly such a simple but powerful datum in the auditing room, as well as in the interactions of plain living and concourse with beings in life.

The reference is a taped lecture, SMOOTHNESS OF AUDITING, from October 1955, and is one part of the 4th London ACC series. I recommend studying the entire lecture.

“Now, there would be an upward gradient of sphere of influence. See, we’re just raising it up. And we get more and more control, but we get less and less partisanship. So control goes down as partisanship sets in. And the more partisanship we have, the less control we have. And that’s one of the answers to influence. All right.

“Let’s get very practical now. Let’s take the auditor who is sitting there totally unwilling to be that preclear. What is his sphere of influence over the preclear? He is protecting his own reactive bank from restimulation. He is hoping the preclear won’t breathe on him again, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. What’s his influence upon the preclear? It’s pretty low; it’s pretty low: At this moment, he expects and intends the magic spells, called techniques, to somehow or other unravel the bank of the preclear without any intervention of his own.

“Now; a little bit above that, perhaps, he’s in there trying. That’s a lovely word, you know; trying. To intention, you add force and you get trying. So, he’s in there trying to get the preclear up there and he’s adding that to techniques. What do you know; even that’s a little bit better than just sitting there and, you know, “I don’t want to be this guy. And if I just utter these magic incantations, preferably back of my vocal cords, not in front of them, why, I will then have a sphere of influence here.”

“Oh, no! You know where that sphere of influence winds up? Shooting the preclear! You know if you start in that line-protecting your body as an auditor-and if we more and more protect and if we fend off more and more and we depend more and more upon MEST communication to do this thing for us, the end result is getting mad at the preclear, getting peeved with him, deciding he’s no good anyway, deciding you really were at fault, you didn’t want to do anything for him. In other words, we get a decline of sphere of influence.

“Now, if we’re processing him and we’re quite relaxed about the whole thing and we’re not busily protecting ourselves or our reactive bank so it starts to fly to pieces, you know, kind of the attitude, “So what!” You know? We are not directly monitoring or puppetizing the preclear, but we are just relaxed. And we are using speech to relay our meaning to the preclear. Hmm. Now we’re getting a difference, aren’t we?

SMOOTHNESS OF AUDITING, London 4th ACC, 5 October 1955.


# Eagle 2013-02-15 23:11
Lovely, thank you, Jim. Going right to the heart of what matters. “An auditor is the most valuable being on the planet”.
Mark Shreffler
# Mark Shreffler 2013-02-15 23:12
Brilliant reference. I’ll definitely listen to the rest. Thank you, Jim!
Jim Logan
# Jim Logan 2013-02-15 23:13
I can hear this in Ron’s Model Auditing tapes, it was that “x factor” for me. Applied to life takes some practice, and I’m busy doing it, what with all the stuff that flies at ya every now and agin’. As they say in Cape Breton for a difficult task “she’s harrrrrrd, b’y, she’s harrrrrrd”. (B’y is the vernacular for ‘boy’).
# chrismann9 2013-02-15 23:15
Ok, cool Jim. You’ve inspired me to locate my materials. It turns out I have a full set of books, Congresses and other lectures on bookshelves right behind me in my office. It had pretty much disappeared. I had a nice set of the books and lectures from pre-GAK that I wish I still had. I left them at a friends house who is still in the Church and he “cant remember” what he did with them, or my e-meter. I should have retreived it before I came out I guess, but I was in a different state.

I did something like 1/2 of my “Basics” (I think the PDC was my next one), but the lack of mass and application was killing me. I don’t know how people can sit there and just study through all that with no doingness or application of the data. I may have to figure out where I was doing well with it.

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