By Michael Moore, January 30, 2013

For many people currently trapped within the church of scientology life can be a nightmare.

Oh it started OK. LRH was around and the atmosphere was high toned. There was a purpose and people were happy and winning. People knew they were doing the right thing and, although some might have slipped occasionally, there was a technology to pick them up and help them on their way and it was ok to pick oneself up and continue on the high purpose line. Indeed, there was camaraderie, a sense of ‘let’s pull together’ and let’s get this planet out of the mud it thinks conceived it.

After Ron Hubbard ‘passed away’ or was apparently off lines, there were subtle changes in the air. Ah well, a few changes this way or that probably do not matter. We are, after all the only group with the route out of this mess. But the changes become more and more oppressive. It was not a case of we pull together anymore. It gradually became a case of you do what your told. Don’t think, just obey orders.

Some people saw the writing on the wall and quietly left. Many were booted out and it probably did not occur to many people within the church to question how come there were so many “SPs” including people who had worked closely with Ron in the early days. In fact it became policy NOT to look at the media, and later, internet as there were so many SPs around. The church, for its staff and parishioners, gradually become the ultimate nanny state and enforced blinkers became the order of the day.

But people get inured to things and it was always a stable datum that orders from the top must be obeyed at all times and they must know what they are doing. But as the situation deteriorated it was becoming more and more difficult to justify the obvious injustices occurring more and more.

Many people in the church now doubtless feel they are stuck between a rock and a hard place and they are not quite sure what their next step is.

It can be very difficult to reconcile the fact that what you have followed and believed in your entire life has suddenly turned around and become the very antithesis of what scientology represents and it takes a lot of confront and courage to face up to what has really happened. It is easy to see from the outside and ask, “why don’t you see what is going on?” But when you are on the inside and immersed, it can be difficult to gain an exterior viewpoint. ESPECIALLY when it has been impressed upon you for many years, a life time in some cases, that this is the only path for mankind while, at the same time, the pathway changes from something wonderful to something uncomfortable and dark spreading like a cancer over all you hold dear.

It takes great courage to take that big step to leave, not knowing what one would find outside or, indeed, if one would find anything at all. There was no turning back if one does decide to leave.

The Conditions which LRH has researched and pointed out are not invented conditions. The discovery of them is new but the fact of the Conditions are not. In these circumstances the conditions apply just as in any other and many people have been forced, by circumstances in which they find themselves, in a condition of doubt as far as the church is concerned. Sometimes that condition is clouded and the philosophy and technology is merged with the organisation and its leadership and it can be a difficult upheaval to see so much wrong and yet have the stable datum of so much right with scientology. It can become very difficult to apply the right condition then, until one has been able to isolate the philosophy and technology from the church. How does one reconcile that? Sorting out the difference, especially in the space of one’s own thinking, can be a daunting task.

In addition there is the willingness needed to confront the fact that the leadership has gone evil and evil is always difficult to confront. Especially when one has been in a sheltered environment for so long. It is difficult to accept that it is possible for the leadership to go wrong and then reconcile that with the technology. “This was not supposed to happen!” After Ron left, we were supposed to continue expanding and spreading theta around, not become a down-tone fear filled enclave, an isolated group, a cult.

Exteriorising from this dark shadow is usually something them must do themselves. Perhaps some encouragement may assist but in the final analysis they are responsible for their own lives and they must take that one step themselves. For many it is done out of desperation. For others it is a gamble. But eventually each person will have to come to the conclusion they will have to take that step. The conditions will enforce that, especially when it becomes more and more impossible to reconcile or justify what one sees with what the philosophy tells them. When they do it will be like a cloud lifting from their eyes. Their purpose and joy will fill their heart and they will know that freedom is still here and available as it simply moved out of the dark shadow the church has become. They will be home again.

The future then will become bright for them, however long it might take for the individual to take that step to reach for it. But when they do there is plenty of support and a bright road up The Bridge waiting for them.


# Eagle 2013-02-12 03:49
Beautiful article, thanks, Michael! We really appreciate you.
calvin b. duffield
# calvin b. duffield 2013-02-25 11:04
Hi Michael, just like to flow you some admiration for putting out such a beautifully articulated piece of work.
You manage to pull this off sans the usual temptation by many of us to go into a rant of some description.

To me,this speaks volumes about where you
operate from, and I can really say, I like that place very much.

ARC, Calvin.

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