Scientology will decline and become useless to man on the day when it becomes the master of thinking. Don't think it won't do that. It has every capability of doing that.

— PDC 20 Formative State of Scientology. Definition of Logic 1982 version


 by Thoughtful

In the 1970s a great Love Train left the station and was speeding down the tracks. With NED, we were making auditors and auditors were making hundreds of Clears. I was one of them.

And that's where the math came in.

It didn't require that many Clears to vastly improve the survival potential of mankind.

And that was the point of "Clearing the planet." It didn't mean forcing solutions on people. It meant enabling people who wanted to be Clear, to get there, and achieving what Dianetics was put here to do: increase our chances of surviving the atomic age.

Think about what happened just three years ago. Not much right?

The first article on Dianetics was published just three years after the red-hot ovens of Auschwitz had burnt their last humans. Some 13 million people were slaughtered in just a few years. If Hitler did that with bullets and gas, what would he have done with atomic bombs? From the first paragraph of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health,

A science of mind is a goal which has engrossed thousands of generations of Man. Armies, dynasties and whole civilizations have perished for the lack of it. Rome went to dust for the want of it. China swims in blood for the need of it; and down in the arsenal is an atom bomb, its hopeful nose full-armed in ignorance of it.

Dianetics was a solution. And based on observation, just a few Clears in a group catalyzed a remarkable change. That was the basic calculation underlying the concept of Clearing the planet. It could solve the problem!

A Tragic Parable of Danger and Woe called, "Death Train"

trainAfter NED came out in 1977, the Love Train on Track 21 was really gathering speed. So everyone leapt on board. Exciting!

But somewhere along the way a uniformed Conductor (who was unnaturally short) said to the Travelers they needed to paint the windows black to prevent "distraction and noise." Since we were "almost there" no one really cared. But weeks turned into years and then decades. And eventually riders on the train were really suffering. Suddenly the train filled up with smoke!

The strong ones bashed out the windows and were astonished to see the train was on the wrong track! Instead of traveling to a higher lush plateau, the uniformed Conductor On Board (COB) had taken them deep into The Wilderness of Death. It was a Death Train in disguise!

But the sly COB said, "There's nothing out there but wilderness. You're only safe on this Love Train with me caring for you! Trust me, would I bring everyone out here to die? I'm the one keeping this whole thing going. The higher plateau is just ahead. I've got a hidden data map! This IS the route. And I told you not to look out the window — this was why." And to emphasize the point, he punched several of them in the face and declared everyone on the train to be vicious Suppressive Persons.

All the travelers on the train heard the commotion including some really grotesque creatures. One of the nastiest, was sort-of-a half-wolf, half-zombie called a "Jenny Linsen." It lurched up to the front where it stood on hind legs. And through a clenched teeth the Jenny Linsen addressed the COB saying, "Yes Sir, you're exactly right Sir, so we took down the names of everyone who looked outside because they're Suppressive Persons for sure and they're going to get handled."

But the strong ones said, "This is bullshit!" and leapt out the windows of the speeding Death Train to take their chances in the wilderness with the snakes and bears and wolves and quicksand because anything was better than sitting on that train for another second.

Of course without a map they were lost. Some wandered north, some followed the river, and some just followed their heart. And three years later walking by light of the midnight sun, someone stumbled on the old steel rails of Track 21.

Eventually quite a few people made it over there. Once they got there, they just walked along independent of any trains. The Conductor's Union and the Radical Train Manufacturing Corporation hated that and so left piles of glossy brochures along Track 21 saying how much faster to go by train.

But the Independent Travelers just continued on foot and said, "Not where we're going."

THE END (and new beginning)

Wilderness Map

Dear Readers,

I sincerely apologize for interrupting this article with the previous tale of sad woe. I have no idea what it has to do with Rebooting Scientology. Now I was just about to go back to the thread of this article when I received a flash news report. Apparently there is an addendum to the previous story and a map has been created to help people get from the wrong track where they left that Death Train to the correct track where everyone is freely walking along and discussing making Clears and OTs again and chatting on facebook and getting on with life which also moving up the Bridge and making some auditors.

Okay, now it's difficult to read these tattered notes. Apparently this map has been used by virtually everyone. What's that word? Oh, it's organic. Actually it says everyone has been using the same map. It's got 7 parts.

A popular spot for jumping off the Death Train, but always kind of desolate at first.


The first step after the person comes to their senses and gets off that train is to stop supporting and condoning that Conductor On Board and all the people who stayed on the train. Apparently that is likely to produce a sizable case gain, right there. In other words, as soon as you withdraw your support a person should feel much better which explains why people were able to get to their feet so quickly after jumping off a moving train. Apparently the painful thing is staying on the train, and it stops hurting the moment you jump off. That's interesting. But aren't you already doing that?

Next, at the proper time, they recommend explaining to your friends and family why you got on that train in the first place, what happened after that basically bringing about full transparency and being really honest about what the Conductor On Board did, because that helps people to understand the source of the group engram. 'Cause it's not just you that got the group engram, it's everyone you know. Others just got it on a different flow. Wow, that's easy! I bet you are already doing that!

Next is to get the exchange in because life is all about exchange. In your case, since the Conductor On Board tricked you, you might want to make them pay you back. WOW! You could get money. How easy is that? I bet you had already been thinking of this.

Next is the most fun, because here you get a license to do anything you want to do in the name of goodness to fix things up, especially you get to fix anything or anyone that was harmed by getting tricked into sitting down on a Death Train. And it's so easy to do. I wonder if you aren't already doing some things? Just today I talked to a man who escaped the Death Train six months ago. He is spending time with his son who missed him terribly. How hard is that? Not hard. Isn't it strange how everything on this map is so easy? It's like it's the natural things you are already doing without even thinking about them. Why, when I think back to the things I did on this step it fills me with pride. I did some things that are among the best accomplishments of my life. When considering the weight of any damage, that can be more or less for people. I know of a Super Power registrar and an IAS registrar who took money from people that they otherwise could have used to go up the Bridge. They might have more fixin' to do than someone who just got in for a while but didn't bother anyone. Me, I was a marketing guy that brought a lot of people on board the train in my day. So I had a lot of fixing to do. Marty Rathbun and I were the first two people to speak out as Scientologists against the corruption. That was some pretty serious amends I did, but I did it to satisfy my own sense of right and wrong and justice. Not because anyone else told me to.

See, confidentially, everyone is responsible for their own condition. And when everybody accepts responsibility, everyone wins. I gave the world Scientology-cult.com, rediscoverscientology.com, freeandable.com because to me, I felt I made a mistake by sending people into the Church of Scientology for those years I did. Each person has a responsibility to watch out for others — warn them of danger. You don't invite people into a place where their trust might be betrayed. I was duped, like so many others, but what alternative did I have? Here's the alternative: leave and start a completely new brand of Scientology that breaks their monopoly and enables people to move up the Bridge safely and that is exactly what I and so many others have done. That is doing it the right way and in Scientology Ethics, that is called the "optimum solution." I had to dream it up and I did.

Step 5 on the map has to do with your understanding of Scientology. Apparently if you know Scientology so well, then how come you got on the wrong train? ...Oh, what's that you say? I think I hear you by ESP. Some of you are saying it didn't start out as a Death Train. Good point. ...What's that? Oh, right — and the Conductor On Board was lying about the scenery as you went along. Well maybe you just got some false data to clean up. Heck, maybe you ought to consider anything and everything that Conductor of the Board ever said to you, huh... at any meetings, or event speeches, or Golden Age of Tech briefings, or anything about F/Ns swinging three times... the list goes on. Just examine that and spot if you were ever given any false data that made you feel like you shouldn't or couldn't apply what you know. You know the effect of false data — it makes it so people can't think with the subject, and stop using it. I mean just yesterday someone wrote to me and asked if it was okay to practice Scientology since they had jumped off the train. I had to remind then that it was a Death Train so who cares what they say. But I would just bet you have already been thinking of this.

Step 6 is to keep notes or keep track in your head or whatever of your progress. But I bet you are already doing that one too. For me, besides creating those websites I mentioned, I got people started on the Bridge and I helped get a ton of people off the Death Train and into the safety of the wilderness both in person in Dallas and online around the world. I did some amends projects of awesome proportions and it was all of my own design. I didn't ask anyone's permission on the Death Train, you can believe that.

I mean they used to have someone on the Love Train called an "Int Justice Chief" who's job was to help people get through these steps. Like I'm doing right now. But it was probably never as caring as what I'm doing now. And after it turned into the Death Train, well there was nobody home except for sly Conductor On Board who secretly micromanaged all correspondence to the "IJC." Some people don't know this, but there is not a single hat being worn on the Death Train. They don't wear any of their hats, not a single one. Don't bet money against me on this one, because you will lose everything. That's why they lost all their power.

But it gets even better — when someone doesn't wear a hat, it becomes everyone's hat. So guess who wears IJC for you? That's right, you. Just put the hat on. Besides Ethics is a personal thing.

Now of course the last step (7) is to recognize when you are done. I will wager that you will know. I will wager that you will know because you will be filled with joy and love in yourself that you didn't even know you had lost will come flooding back in. That's what makes this map so great. I said it's the map back to the Track 21, which stood for old Department 21 which was LRH's department in an organization from where the tech came. Yep, apparently per what it says here, your love for yourself will expand enormously to a new heights. So that's the 7 steps you are probably already doing.

Woops, shoot! This map was smudged for being passed hand to hand. Those aren't numbers, they've got it lettered: Step A, B, B1, B2, C, D and E. Okay so that's A to E, on page 316 of the current Ethics book. ...Okay, now I'm totally confused. Is this is the same A to E Steps that the Death Train is wanting people to do? What's that? It is the same reference! ...Oh, but they want people to apply it as if THEY were the ones bringing death to everyone and not the Church. Well, that would be kind of crazy. Seems like that would harm people and send them right back into the Death Train. Well, I guess that's just another example of how they apply Scientology in reverse to degrade them. Thanks, that is much more clear.

Love Train

Sometimes when I get to the end of an article I see such incredible truth, it hits me as hard as it hits you.

I was hearing that powerful song from the O'Jays. And I suddenly I could see it, the Love Train. I could feel it riding along. And what surprised me was it was there all along on Track 21. It's all around us and we're on it. But it's transparent. It's Clear — the whole thing. It's a new kind of train. Y'all sing. Sisters and Brothers, join hands.

People all over the world (everybody)
Join hands (join)
Start a love train, love train
People all over the world (all the world, now)
Join hands (love ride)
Start a love train (love ride), love train
The next stop that we make will be soon
Tell all the folks in Russia, and China, too
Don't you know that it's time to get on board
And let this train keep on riding, riding on through
Well, well
People all over the world (you don't need no money)
Join hands (come on)
Start a love train, love train (don't need no ticket, come on)
People all over the world (Join in, ride this train)
Join in (Ride this train, y'all)
Start a love train (Come on, train), love train
All of you brothers over in Africa
Tell all the folks in Egypt, and Israel, too
Please don't miss this train at the station
'Cause if you miss it, I feel sorry, sorry for you
People all over the world (Sisters and brothers)
Join hands (join, come on)
Start a love train (ride this train, y'all), love train (Come on)
People all over the world (Don't need no tickets)
Join hands (come on, ride)
Start a love train, love train
Ride, let it ride
Let it ride
Let it ride
People, ain't no war
People all over the world (on this train)
Join in (ride the train)
Start a love train, love train (ride the train, y'all)
People all over the world (come on)
Join hands (you can ride or stand, yeah)
Start a love train, love train (makin' love)
People all over the world ('round the world, y'all)
Join hands (come on)
Start a love train, love train


Oh yeah, almost forgot this article's title suggested something about "rebooting Scientology" like it was a computer or something. Or maybe a corporation. Or maybe a system of buildings with heating and cooling systems and lighting systems and hallways and signs and sheetrock and displays with $250,000 of audio/visual equipment. Or maybe it's a command structure with charts and boxes and arrows. Or maybe it's gold braid and commander bars. Or books — not what's written in them but just the paper! Or maybe it's events with attendees and a tiny shrimp standing on a stage of 35-foot-tall phallic symbols. Or maybe it's a photo standing next to Tom Cruise.

And that's the mind-bending problem with Corporate Scientology. What David Miscavige doesn't get, is Scientology is NOT something physical. That's not what is valuable. He doesn't have a clue what Scientology is!

It's the living, emoting, loving PEOPLE moving on up a little higher. Is there anyone reading this who doesn't understand this?


And there's not a thing he can do about it.

Less than four years ago we had nothing. He had everything.

Today, we have everything and run everything, he has nothing and runs nothing.

 — Thoughtful






Kay Rowe
+3 # Kay Rowe 2012-10-12 22:33
OMG Steve! What a masterpiece. I luv it!
Boy does that indicate and yes, I have been doing all these steps as a natural progression. There's no stopping us now to being totally free beings!
Class IV Auditor
# Class IV Auditor 2012-10-15 12:51
Good for you Kay! You were always my favorite IAS rep.
# dirk 2015-10-19 23:24
LRH was a God send and the freezone is a refreshing phenomena. good job to staying true to LRH's legacy and his intention for scientology.
Scott Gordon
# Scott Gordon 2012-10-12 22:52
I'm riding it and it feels good. What an inspiring article, Steve.
# burnedbutnotbitter 2012-10-13 01:25
Again,Steve,you ARE so thoughtful....thanks for your recent email,I had no idea you were finishing up this website and wrote me back anyway-Jill
Susan Crane
+1 # Susan Crane 2012-10-13 11:53
Fantastic write-up!! Great analogy that anyone can relate to. We ARE Scientology!
I Scientology.
Gerlinde Mantey
# Gerlinde Mantey 2012-10-13 14:43
Beautiful and true. We are Scientology.
Class IV Auditor
# Class IV Auditor 2012-10-15 12:50
Great analogy and use of ethics tech. It's not an easy swallow that we who thought we were high and mighty are the ones who were wrong and need to make amends for all the damage we did in the name of "clearing the planet." May a new age truly dawn upon those that have the guts to swallow this pill and "move on up a little higher."
# Craig 2012-10-15 19:39
Awesome article. I am so happy that the reformation is coming together. Scientology is something the world needs, individuals need.
# JJ 2012-10-23 16:07
It would behoove you to not forget those that jumped the train 30 years ago. 4 years ago... no sorry, there were many that preceeded you. I suggest you open up and be more inclusive and give credit to your fellows that long predated your jump from the train.
# Thoughtful 2012-10-24 02:32
You are reading something into this article that is not there.
# 1984 2013-01-07 00:07
30 years ago, the writing was on the wall. Some noticed a disturbance in the force (theta) around 81 - 82 (ARC was dropping out). I fought it for 10 years, and decided that it was viral, and withdrew.
Felicitas Foster
# Felicitas Foster 2012-11-09 15:19
Hi Steve,
great article - and you are a great writer - it communicates so well the thruth. :-D
Rachel Lambert
# Rachel Lambert 2012-11-11 00:59
I am so glad to have found you. I was told by a friend and then found someone living in the same state is an Indie, there might be others
# Ronn 2013-04-30 22:45

And there's not a thing he can do about it.

Less than four years ago we had nothing. He had everything.

Today, we have everything and run everything, he has nothing and runs nothing.

— Thoughtful


Wonderfully said Steve!!! Great article.
Hallie Jane
# Hallie Jane 2013-05-27 02:17
Great article Thoughtful. Thx so much for all your work on the websites. I finished L12 last week so you can count me rebooted!
Tom Nielsen
# Tom Nielsen 2013-07-23 09:44
Wow. I feel 100 feet tall and bullet proof. Haven't been out of my head in years. Many of us withdrew but didn't confront. Sorry for that and that will require amends. Acts of omission. I will read this again as it is very very powerful. Thanks to huge thetans like you Steve.
# indie8million 2013-11-30 23:42
Wow, Hallie! L12!?! Congrats! I'm very happy for you. I hope to be doing them soon.

Steve - Yes, great illustration re: the Death Train. You are right. We were all happily doing it and, as free beings, getting more free. I laughed at the part of breaking out the windows and seeing we were on the wrong track and at the "I'm taking notes on who looked out the windows because they MUST be SPs!" ROTFL

Yes, I do agree though. There was a first flank ahead of those of us who are newly aware of the death train. They did their parts too and came out when there was hardly anyone there to welcome them. Hats off to those theta thetans, too.

The way to win is inclusion, as Ron said. Glad to be included.
Bill Dupree
# Bill Dupree 2014-06-14 09:29
I concur, a wonderful article you are showing signs of being a sage, keep it up. ARC Bill Dupree
Per Schiøttz
# Per Schiøttz 2014-11-14 18:00
You know, I went off the Death Train in 1982 where I could see it went the wrong way. All that time since then my Love Train has been picking up speed and entered the most wonderful landscape you can imagine. Just the other day I thought we had run into a heavy fog and bad visibility and blindness for a while. As soon as I looked at that it cleared up and went below my viewpoint and then I realized that it was clouds, the Love Train is flying...
EverLove, EverFun
Jere Lull -38 years
+1 # Jere Lull -38 years 2018-11-19 15:11
Somewhat sadly, I noticed the disturbance in 'the Force' in 1979-1980, leaving CW in August 1980. What's 'sadly' is thate the 'net didn't exist and ex-members didn't find each other to get organized for a few years. As I see it, conditions 'in' the organization got worse as quickly as my own conditions got better, so it was a while before I thought to look up some of the friends I left behind, thereby finding out what I'd missed (nothing good). Had iScientology existed when I left, I might have 'contributed to the motion', but by the time I found it, I had no interest in anything having to do with Scientology or 'Tubby'.

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