teenage-wastelandWhoa, thought it was a nightmare, low, it's all so true
They told me, don't go walkin' slow, the devil's on the loose
Better run through the jungle
Better run through the jungle
Better run through the jungle, don't look back to see

Thought I heard a rumblin', callin' to my name
Two hundred million guns are loaded, Satan cries, "Take aim"
Better run through the jungle
Better run through the jungle
Better run through the jungle, don't look back to see

Over on the mountain, thunder magic spoke
"Let the people know my wisdom, fill the land with smoke"
Better run through the jungle
Better run through the jungle
Better run through the jungle, don't look back to see

Facing down the Thunder Magic

Most of the people who survived the Church of Scientology have shocking horror stories and more than a few scars. David Miscavige waged psychological warfare on everyone around him 24 hours a day. But one man who factually stood up to him was Tom Martiniano, a veteran Sea Org member and #119 on the Indie 500 list.

Long before he met David Miscavige, Tom learned what real war was about. He is a veteran who survived some of the most brutal battles in the history of warfare.

Let me repeat... in the history of warfare.

John Fogerty's song touched upon that incident. Tom was standing on a hilltop looking "over on the mountain" when the thunder magic spoke.

Courage? You are going to get an inspiring new understanding of what courage is from a man who was caught in the middle.

Vietnam – The Teenage Wasteland: A Hippie In A War Zone, tells the story of Tom run through the jungle. This is a man who somehow survived the heat, the hopelessness, the insanity: the millions of bullets, grenades, exploding mortars, shrapnel and three surface-to-air missiles fired in his face — which when fired directly at you appear as the trademark "black dot surrounded by an orange glow."

The book is helpful to read not only because it will fill you with pride to know that Tom is an Independent Scientologist, but because the challenges he faced were so monumental they put all other challenges into perspective. He heard the thunder magic. He lived through the smoke. He walked and crawled and fought through the dirt and blood in the sweltering valley of apocalypse.

It is NOT hyperbole to say this story is one for the ages.

Vietnam was not "Tom's" war. He did not enlist. He was drafted against his will and thrown headlong into the fire. It is a story about honor. It is a story about what to do when you are trapped, when every single possible solution has been exhausted and the hot fangs of death are biting into your face. How do you survive that? He tells you how — because he's been there.

Through the pages of this book you will run — without food, without sleep — through the jungle filled with smoke. You will hear the thunder magic speak with the devil on the loose. And against all odds you will bring people out alive.

It's not bragging to say someone is a hero when they are. To call the author of this book a "decorated war hero" doesn't cut it. Doesn't even come close. His story is one of "were it not true, no one would believe it." More outrageous than fiction. No doubt one day this book will be made into a movie. It will be a blockbuster and it will all be true.

Buy the book: Vietnam – The Teenage Wasteland – A Hippie In A War Zone.

See Tom’s Declaration of Independence, here.


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